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DeraBugtiChannel Pakistan Occupied Independent Balochistan by force Occupied Balochistan THE LINE OF FREEDOM Aim Nasir Baloch Nasir, Can you hear me? Please Say something Rasool’s body was brought back for burial yesterday i spoke to his mother
offered my condolences his little son is not taking get well you will be home soon, Nasir your friends are waiting for you Please tell us, what happened? Who did this to you? 3 days earlier What happened brother? Why they killed him? the third this week the others were student and a journalist Qambar Chakar and Ilyas Nazar thats the 10th of body found this month no, they haven’t said anything, they never do oh no, two weeks ago they said the deaths are due to foreign powers they are so full of shit hey Everyone in Pakistan knows who is doing this Sorry, that was just my dumb friend the body, no no
He wasn’t a Freedom Fighter, He was just a protester* Totally innocent and the worst part they attached a note on his body An Eid gift for the People of Balochistan tell your friend
these punjabis are sick men, bloody bastards and that man was tortured,
his eyes were taken, his genitals were cut and they put acid on his throat it’s upon a site now but you should really show press this again tell the World what is going On I know they are not listening, but lets tell them anyway Hasten to the prayer Se,, thats what happen when you talk too much Abid, i have never seen a worst player in my life You know what,
i seriously think you need to get your glasses checked again its fluking, all you doing is just throwing ((door knocks)) Listen to me boys If anyone lies to me
i can immediately feel it in my soul that he is lying So, Please tell me How many Punjabis have you Killed? What? No, there must be some mistake i haven’t done anything What about him? Please
as God is witness We haven’t killed anyone you lying you are the enemies of Allah
and his Prophet you are killing Punjabis But, we are here to protect them If any Baloch, Kills Punjabis
He will be Punish like this you want to Free Balochistan We can torture you, Kill you
Keep you here forever No one Can Save you Nasir Rasool Tell the Truth Now Who are your friends in Panjgur? I am a student You are a terrorist I swear, i am not. I have nothing to do with those People I go to University. Why did you attended the Protest last week? for Baloch Student Rights Is that a Crime? If So, then i am guilty? Who is your Commander?
Where is your Camp? I have not done anything,
if you don’t believe me then you will just have to kill me I agree You cannot kill all our People The more you Loot, The more you Murder us and Torture us, The more you strengthen our Resolve Who is your Commander? Go to Hell May be they will Let us Go now We are the Army of God These Balochi men are infidel Balochistan is Pokistan and always here remain our Land Killing these People is serving God, serving our Holy Land Pokistan Aim Fire I remember the bullet hit center in my body then i passed out thought i was dead i don’t understand how i survived i woke up in hospital, i don’t know how i got here you were shot in the neck, but you didn’t die, you are a lucky guy Lucky? they tried to kill him they thought they had ‘Gull’ We have to tell the Police No Hani What? Why Not? We have to Report this Police, ISI, Army they are the same thing then get it in the Pepers We have to tell the whole World
what’s happening here What these butchers are doing I said No, we can’t tell anyone I am alive because they have thought i was dead If i sell my story to the Media, they will find me and they will kill me for sure this time He is right I just want to forget Live my Life The ISI won’t have to ever worry about me again 4 months later Pass the ball Pain Killers? in here you got the bus tickets? My job What about the hospital… ? ? ? Don’t worry i have got it i managed by myself for 2 years, i am sure i can do it again and, He has me to Help now sister
Come on… I don’t like you going the way again If i don’t go i’ll lose my leg, the doctor told us you want me to lose my leg? Quetta has the Best doctors in Balochistan It’s the best thing to get this thing fixed Call me the moment you get to the City i will be fine too Hani

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