The Living Wage Makes It Harder to Make a Living

hey I have a project that I don’t have time to complete but it should only take a few more hours of work would you mind if I paid you 50 bucks to take care of it sure I got nothing better to do what fifty dollars you can’t live off vets [Music] how can you pay this person anything less than a full-time liveable salary when they’re working for you well because not every service we might exchange money for requires a full-time salaried employee for example I have a client who’s paying me two thousand dollars to create a short animation I’ve spent the last month putting it together but now I’m finding I won’t have the time to complete the last five hours of work there’s two possible scenarios I can find someone who’s willing to work for me and let them earn a bit of money assisting me and deliver a product to a happy clients or you can shut me down for not paying a quote living wage unquote in which case my project won’t be completely I’ll miss out on my hard-earned money my reputation will be damaged the person willing to help me will miss out on 50 bucks and the client won’t get their product seems pretty unfair that you’d be able to make everyone’s life so much more difficult but that’s just greedy you only feel that way because you’re getting a living wage I’m okay with it plus I need some rent money quiet you actually virtually none of my clients pay me enough to live off of most of them can only afford to hire me for a few months out of the year for a fraction of the average salary but fortunately I’ve been able to accumulate enough clients so that my combined earnings are enough to support myself but if you told each of my clients that because they weren’t paying me a full-time salary they shouldn’t be able to hire me I would never have been able to build my career or pay any of the private contractors I work with that would be unfair to everyone huh well I guess that makes sense for part-time work but a lot of businesses pay low wages to workers who with them full-time well according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics most minimum wage workers are young people working part time only 1% of full time hourly wage earners make minimum wage or less compared to 6% of part-time hourly wage earners and of all hourly workers earning minimum wage or less half are under the age of 25 despite the fact that people 25 and under only make up about 20% of hourly wage earners these are often high school and college students working jobs in the summer and during the school year people with other sources of income just looking for extra cash and a lot of people who’ve not yet developed the skills or experience needed to command a higher salary but most people don’t remain in low paid positions their entire lives as they get older and gain more education and more experience they move up an income in well.look whether it’s myself Shamus or someone working at a fast-food joint it’s good that you want people to earn a fair wage but what’s most important is for us to be able to have a job in the first place the way to ensure that is to lower as many of the barriers to getting a job or becoming an entrepreneur as we possibly can not to put more in the way exactly are we really going to cut the people who are just starting out or people like me with multiple employers out of the workforce yes police can’t always count on people to be reasonable hey at least you’ve got walls hey folks thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video and one of you more similar educational content please check out feed org thank you

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  • Look, right now we're in a sort of wage limbo. What you're saying is true, but only if minimum wages are removed from the picture. It's basically a situation where if we picked a side, we'd be alright, but as it stands we're in the middle. We have minimum wages, but we haven't kept those wages in line with inflation, which has led to quite a few workers depending on a wage that does not support them.
    I personally believe we'd be much better off with no minimum wage at all, now that the market is stable. That said, if the left refuses to give it up, we'll have to make concessions. (That said, 15/h for unskilled work is retarded. We need to raise it, not fuckin double it. 9.50/h is fine in most states, and in the expensive states, 10.50 covers it. ) Again though, we'd be much better off if it was abolished.
    Oh, one other small thing. You skewed the statistics. I doubt it was on purpose, since depending on political leaning, most "reports" on it are b/s. These are actual statistical facts though: 14.8% of people live in poverty. Of that, around 50% (or 7.4% of the general population) are people working min wage jobs full time. Now, upping min wage wont fix it, but it would be a start (as long as the liberal don't push it to $15.. in that case half the small businesses in US would go under, n there'd be A LOT more poverty).

  • And then the guy walks into a store and wonders where all the employees are to assist him…

    Gee… I wonder what happaned to them?

  • The socialist in me desperately wants to disagree on principle but I think you're right in some ways that the minimum wage is actually a pain in the ass to getting hired. I am a huge risk for an employer to take on when hiring, I have no experience and no references so to them there's a pretty good chance I'll be unreliable or a bad worker, the minimum wage means I can't take a lower income to mitigate that risk on the agreement that if I prove myself I'll get a fair salary. But the problem is that thing a fair salary, it's not easy or necessarily possible to have equivalence when pay is not just based on work done but has all these other factors built in. If me and Bob do the same job at the same speed but I was hired as a risk and he came in with 5 years experience even if our work is objectively the same we might end up getting paid differently, long-term I could end up getting paid the same amount for more work and responsibility because I need to climb the pay scale to that comfortable level faster than Bob. And in an economy where there are literally hundreds of people applying for every job as an employed person the life-line of wages is also a ball and chain, I cannot risk losing it and so if my job is awful I can't leave and expect to find a new one.

    And this is where the socialist in me comes in, UBI would necessarily solve the equation, if every person is given the minimum to live on just as default and any extra money is for their benefit then wages become what they're meant to be an exchange of value, if I don't think I'm valued I can leave and it won't cost me everything but at the same time if I want to work and the amount of money I get doesn't really matter because the value I get is experience I can transfer later then that's fine too.

    The living wage I feel is just there to fulfil a gap between reality and the way the world should work, in reality, there are things like greed and objection to taxation and all sorts of other things, but I think everyone wants to live in a world where food, water, shelter and a few other things are basic human rights. And given that corporate entities have emergent greed that can do worse to employees collectively than any individual manager would allow we have to protect people from effective slavery. Maybe minimum wages should apply to companies/work agreements between employers that have more than x people to manage and their employees. In that case, you as a freelancer are working for yourself, you take only the jobs you want or think are worth-while and you decide how much to compensate yourself and if you want to hire another freelancer they can make that decision just as well as you, you don't strictly hire the individual you hire the company of one. And those dead end jobs that only the young and vulnerable end up taking are still protected at least until the world works better

  • Your straw man arguments is just like this wage argument.

    No one is happy when living expenses dwarf income rates. And nothing cheapens living expenses like people having enough money to buy them.

    Whats the point in making people so poor no one can buy what your making?

  • I still find it intriguing that the Minimum Wage ideal is based around a 40-hour work week — that's basically a 5-day-per-week, 8-hours-per-day job. I mean, even if I assumed that $X/week was the bare minimum needed to survive, why couldn't this same amount get earned over 56 hours (8-hour days, all 7 days per week), or 50 hours (5 days per week, 10 hours per day), or 60 hours (6 days per week, 10 hours per day — or 5 days per week, 12 hours per day)? The current Minimum Wage setup doesn't allow these possibilities for hard-working but low-skill or low-value employees.

    If the base Minimum Wage were $12/hour for a 40-hour work week ($480/week), then it should be reasonable to allow for a 60-hour work week at $8/hour ($480/week) — you'd make the same amount over the course of the week, and thus be able to support yourself, but more positions would be open to you even if your skills were low. Assuming a reasonable amount of breaks (both short breaks and proper meal breaks), it shouldn't be unreasonable for some workers to sustain this workload for some amount of time… for example, as they gained skills or experience toward jobs that gave that same amount for working fewer hours.

    We get so used to our amenities that it seems unreasonable to have to do more than the basic job (9-5, five days a week, two weeks' vacation, whatever) in order to make a living, and that's just not a logical position to hold.

  • Lol sometimes these videos are such horseshit.

    No one is complaining that independent contractors aren't getting paid fair wages, it's the hourly rate jobs that people have to have two of just to get by.

    Also, the ACTUAL ratio of teenage workers to 25+ is about 3:2, meaning there's a much higher percentage of workers NOT in high-school/first time earners than your video purports. Source, the BLS.

    The reality is, people DO actually need a living wage to live, unless you're fine making people work 80 hours/week, with no options for overtime, 401k contributions and employers who routinely skirt the "employee or independent sub-contractor" line for tax, insurance and liability reasons, as well as simply making much more money than they legally should be able to.

    When you then add in big business who provide a large contingent of available jobs lowering wages/laying off in favor of cheap overseas labor and production as well as skyrocketing profits compared to the '50s through '80s (with no commensurate raise in wages and COLAs) you get a situation where 80 million people are sick and tired of a 450:1 wage gap.

  • In Australia there's this stupid rule that you can only claim the tax-free threshold from 1 employer. So if you have more than 1 part time job you automatically have to pay tax on any income you make from your 2nd job, even if your total income from none of your jobs individually surpassed the threshold.

  • Look the real problem here is that my boss isn't legally allowed to keep me in a cage in his basement. If you'd allow him to do this, I wouldn't have to find a place to rent and I'd never be cold or hungry because he'd throw scraps of food through the bars and also keep a space heater by the cage. Dude, every one of your videos I've watched is garbage.

  • So much hyperbole.

    Firstly, this scenario doesn't even apply to minimum wage arguments. What we're seeing here is a commission and not employment. The FLSA's definition of what defined employment is pretty clear. An employee is someone who is economically dependent on the work provided by the employer. Unless the narrator is providing regular and steady payments to the animator he hired and that is their form of regular income, it's not the kind of employment which requires a minimum wage. In these cases, the contractor can negotiate their own pay. It's specifically designed this way.

    Secondly, it also completely skews information in favor of the conclusion the narrator wants to draw. Like putting up a graph of 100 people to highlight 2 as people under the age of 25 who make exactly minimum wage (Note: Not just all people who make below a living wage). That makes it seem insignificant and petty, adding to the argument that most people who make minimum wage are very young, when another way of presenting that information is that about 50% of minimum wage workers are over 25. Meaning that they're fully grown adults, not kids trying to make a quick buck.

    Which doesn't even matter because minimum wage wasn't designed for teenagers in the workplace. Teenagers absolutely did work when minimum wage was implemented, don't get me wrong, but no one was writing laws to decide how much pocket change they should make at their weekend gig.

    Minimum wage was created to revitalize the economy and combat income inequality. It was created because very large businesses could intimidate workers into being paid far less than their labor was worth, forcing them to work more hours than was safe, and leaving families economically vulnerable when they still couldn't afford to survive. These laws were designed to protect workers because on both a human and economic level, letting big entities take advantage of desperate people is not a good thing. On one side, horrible business practices spring up when workers aren't protected, and on the other recessions and depressions tend to follow periods of heavy income inequality. It makes sense why. When a massive chunk of your economy can't afford to survive day to day, they can't contribute to economic growth.

    Which is why minimum wage should more or less reflect what a person needs to survive when working a full work week. Otherwise we have the same issue of a growing lower class, a shrinking middle class, and an upper class with all of the resources.

  • Yeah I’m sorry but your first argument completely misrepresents your opposition. No one is saying contract work should be illegal because everyone should work full time. "A few hours of extra work" is vague but 3 hours would be 16.60 which is more more then the proposed minimum, 4 hours would be 12.50, 5 would be 10, and 6 would be 8.70 which are all still varying degrees above the minimum wage. Even so contracted work is set buy an agreed to price before hand and even if minimum wage were to be raised wouldn’t be effected, a contractor has to estimate there own time put in and take the loss if if they end up putting more time then expected. I’ve done this myself with free lance work, ending up working for less then minimum wage because I miscalculated what it would take to finish the project to the clients satisfaction (I also was not paid at all and the promised money was to small to take to court but that’s another matter). Point being if you are going to make an argument make it against a point that someone is actually making. Any one can make themselves the voice of "common sense" if their opponent is a made up straw man with no basis in reality.

  • What's the message of this video? People who defend the minimum wage are narrow-minded and get angry when you contradict them? I guess it's not that, but that's how it appears.

  • "As they get older and gain more education and more experience they move up in income as well". Not really, this is definitely not a hard and fast rule. In fact I'm willing to be a lot of the animosity towards wages is exactly because this isn't true. What actually happens is young people are told this constantly, particularly while working their first jobs and in university. Then, when they enter the work force they find that all the positions they might move up into are filled by people who will hang onto them for dear life. They can't move up and can't start higher elsewhere because everyone else is more experienced than them. Isn't this why the whole livable wage thing started? I'm not talking about minimum wage complaints either, maybe thats a different thing, I'm talking about these 'educated and experienced' workers who are in an over saturated market with nowhere to go looking to make a wage they can live off. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

  • As someone living in a country with the highest minimum wage in the world, this argument is bullshit. 1. There will always be a minimum level of employment required. You can't outsource all the jobs overseas despite it being cheaper to do so. 2. Companies adapt to the higher level of salary by automating and streamlining, increasing the productivity of the nation as a whole, hence the country becomes wealthier. 3. Employment at the very lowest level of skill level are disappearing, combined with government subsidy on education, this increase the productivity of the workforce as a whole, which is, again, better off for the nation 4. Companies that can afford higher wages, but not forced to do so, ended up paying their CEOs and management and in some cases shareholders more. It is less about the deadweight loss in the economy, but the division of profit. 5. Nations with an unlivable living wage are privatising the profit, but socialising the cost since in the end, these people need government subsidies to survive despite working 40-80 hours week.

  • Here is a question . Why is asset inflation GOOD inflation but wage inflation is BAD inflation when both are dependent on a rising money supply where money is loaned into existence and created out of thin air at interest by the commercial banks ? Why is it that there is no such thing as "too much money" as far as how much a business can make but only workers can make "too much money " especially if they are hard workers and are getting paid a piece rate . What usually happens there is that the employer tries to negotiate a lower rate per piece so the worker gets "an acceptable" rate of pay . Essentially the employer wants $1 worth of labor for 50 cents . I've seen this many times and the employer cries he can not afford to pay more . What a crock . Maybe asset inflation is GOOD inflation because the wealthy make most of their money through capital gains while the rest of us get paid wages Other than the good President Donald Trump the wealthy don't want that . They and the big Corporations want readibly available cheap labor and lots of CORPORATE WELFARE . Business – especially Big business LOVES filthy SOCIALISM which is bigger than the amount paid out to social welfare recipients .That's why I laugh when a business owner complains about lazy welfare bums when he is probably a bigger welfare recipient than the bum is .

  • Who is disliking all of these videos at the same rate. I wonder. They all have around the same number of dislikes. Its almost as if either there not listening to the videos and just going from vid to vid disliking (because thats what they got paid to do) or hmm maybe theyre unpaid interns asked to do this by some political party. I dont know. Lol.

  • This is stating the Difference between sole-proprietary business ownership and full time employment.

    The argument applied here is a bit of B.S.

    A better argument is to get rid of Occupational Licenses.

  • At least half of the USA is fundamentally built on slavery, so I can imagine there would be more championing it. The North South battle was ridiculously close to a 50/50 fight.

    Pharoahs in Egypt would also champion this idea. Just pay enough so that the masses have enough for bread and maybe one beer. Everyone can still "live" in a slavery system – its just that they might not be as happy, or have any potential to improve themselves.

  • This idea would make sense in a more utopian economic system. As is right now, rich people tend to do things like "bread price fixing" in Canada – where they know that they have cornered the market on mass produced bread – so they pretty much charge what they want right up to price of bread that someone produces and kneads by hand in a wood-fired stove.

    In order to afford a $5 loaf in Canada, one pretty much has to be paid enough caloric intake to survive a -30 Celsius winter. So unless the rules are changed at the other end of the economic spectrum – minimum wage is an absolute necessity.

    Of course if you live in a state in a country that gets first hands on any printed money – of course minimum wage is going to look bad. California is definitely an outlier to survival everywhere else in the world. Anyone who lives in California and gives economic advice to the rest of the world should be immediately ignored IMO

  • Where do I find source material for the wage statistics you cited? I would really like to see those numbers for myself. Thanks.

  • I have a love hate relationship with libertarians.
    On one hand I love how they are against the government screwing me but on the other i hate how they are fine if a private entity is screwing me.

  • What it actually would have gone like
    Manager:heyyyy so I need this done and I was wondering if you could do it for free
    Employee: well-
    Manager:You're fired

  • Looking at the well thought out discussions, one could almost start thinking economics is complex and nuanced or something…

  • This strawman falls apart rather quickly when you're trying to make it sound like anyone would be upset by the proper use of commission agreements. How about you try to justify shady employers using the same commission agreement to employ someone full time to bypass the minimum wage and grant zero paid leave or sick paid leave on top of it?

  • Isn't it funny that the real issue is that the prices are very high due to government regulation (Ever noticed that there is a hyperconcentration of #fightfor15 in the big liberal-leaning cities?)

  • The only problem I have with this is that there is a growing number of adults who have gone to college who can't find a job that can pay them enough money for their work (either because the job market in general is oversaturated with workers or their skills are not in high enough demand) and as a result, these people don't have any other choice but to work low income earning jobs, such as working in fast food. Quite frankly, a living wage for them would be great. Nice video otherwise, just didn't show the full picture.

  • eliminating the minimum wage sounds good in theory but in practice it would cause a total chaos, you have to assume companies pay because they are forced, they wouldn't pay you anything if they could. without a minimum wage on the next day companies would reduce paychecks to $1 so they can say "hey, we pay, it's not free work, it's all legal" and they would get away with it "if you don't like it you can quit".

  • People need money… if that dude is happy to work 5 hours for $50 then let him, he obviously needs $50 more than he needs the 5 hours. Lmao why would anyome get in the way of that

  • Comparing apples and oranges, most people are working whatever work they can get. And your stats are wrong, from my own experience, most part time workers are actually older and can't get full time. The problem is most of our current economic growth is part time, or under employment jobs. What makes these part time jobs so bad, is most refuse to do set scheduling. This makes picking up that second job to make ends meet incredibly difficult.

  • 2:08 what about the fact that the average age of a college student is 18-24 which would put them on the under then 25 statistic. Those students need to pay for rent, food, college textbooks, and other basic necessities. Getting all of this stuff is incredibly difficult when you’re getting paid minimum wage.

  • Living wage propaganda is basically the government seeking to regulate wages and a push for central planning. Adam Smith's invisible hand is being replaced by the very visible fist of the government.

  • I began my work life after highschool making only 400 dollars a month now I'm making 4,400 a month well above my cost of living and costs for wants. I'm even well behind my original career plan due to unforseen events of which I easily was able to afford because of living within my means and investing my time experience wisely all on a highschool education. Unfortunately I won't be able to semi-retire in my early thirties as originally planned but I still will be able to retire far earlier than most.

  • "Will animate for food…" Nuts to that; with the boat I am in, it's more like "Will write for EXPERIENCE!" Because damn it, people would turn me away even if I literally work as a volunteer! This job situation fucking sucks!
    I want to know if there's an incline with part-time work, a decline in full-time work, and maybe a long-term trend of jobs in general totally going away. We might be able to find out with 10 more years of collected analysis.
    Plus, being an entrepreneur doesn't matter when everybody is selling but nobody is buying.
    In conclusion, yes, the lowest rungs ARE getting taken away from the workforce. With the way I see trends going, it's kind of like a rising tide or flood: the bottom rungs are the first to become eternally submerged (since those like me just starting out have contributed the least to society, since "potential" doesn't count for shit, so those are the first to go), but don't worry…it'll reach the highest peaks of the corporate ladder, eventually…

  • Don't forget the government takes 30% of your money before you even get a chance to spend it.

    To put it another way you work minimum 3 months out of the year just to pay taxes for money you never get to see.

  • I don’t know were this was made but in Ontario you need to pay people living wage by law if there working at a store like McDonald’s

  • If all of this makes sense on paper why are so many people getting screwed over by minimum wage laws and only being able to find part time work?
    I'm all for not jumping on the band wagon of blaming employers but what's wrong with the current market if the current employee schemes work in on paper but not in practice?
    What about the people who have been in the low income job forever and can't afford to educate themselves for a better income job?

  • One issue here, I was working at Target for a year at 8 cents above the minimum wage which at the time was $13.50 in my area, would I be on that scale of workong above minimum wage? Im currently working at $15 an hour which is the new minimum wage of course, but during that time, I would've been considered working above it. Im not complaining cause now I'm working as a Technician at $20 an hour most days, but it should still be taken into account that places like Target give raises that small. Again, I earned that 8 cents compared to my coworkers who earned 50 cents, so its my own fault.

  • Let's just abolish the minimum wage and go back to how things were in the 1800s. That was great, none of those pesky laws. Why did we pass them in the first place? Oh yeah, because the business owners refused to pay their workers jack shit.

  • You literally had the guy say "I need rent money" as a reason against having a living wage, what? If he did have a living wage, he'd be able to afford rent without needing to take on extra work for a lower pay.

  • Pretty good, but you forgot one of the best arguments for why Living Wage is a bad idea….runaway inflation. Every simulation and economic model demonstrates that living wage= runaway inflation. Maybe do a part 2? With campaigns for 2020, we are going to need to educate people all over again

  • How many high-paying jobs do you think are out there. I only need so many of certain positions and then after that you may just be odd man out

  • he's completely ignoring the people who do not move up and are not young, but still earn less than a living wage and actually cannot make it through the month with what they earn whilst working full-time on an hourly job.

  • I'm not sure about America but here in New Zealand the minimum is lower than the living wage and alot of people get stuck on it or 50 cent above minimum because this is all that large corporations are legally required to pay and alot of people get stuck in a trap.

  • THUMBS DOWN! I think you should be shut down for promising what you can't deliver! Did you bother to think ahead or plan for the future? NOPE! Seems pretty unfair that you made a promise you couldn't keep. That is what greed depends on; promises that have no value to anyone except the one making the false promise. I'd take your sorry ass to court and make you pay, whichever side I was being fu**ed from by your lying ass!

  • i agree with this a lot, i (today) went out to find a first, part time job i can do over the summer to get some cash for savings and other things, and every place i went to (fast food places) said you have to be over 16 to get a job there….which is not fun because that means i have to wait an entire year to get a job! (15 years old as of this post)

  • In fairness I've watched 5 animated videos from this uploaded, so I can't speak for all their videos. However, from what I have seen, it is extreme oversimplification and almost as if the animator is avoiding or "dumbing" down what could be an opposition. That's not how you make or win arguments. I wouldn't call this an educational or fundamentals of anything. This is a political push. It's done by using one or two statistics to infer knowledge, but little other research is shown and then using the opposition as an emotional and nasally sounding character to seem more disagreeable to the public. This kind of media is no different from propaganda that has been used to sway an uneducated public for decades. It's not that you don't have a point, but if your not able to make the arguement, you shouldn't bother with a microphone. I'd have understand if it was tagged as comedy or just animation in general, I wouldn't have said anything, but this isn't educational, it's destructive.

  • If I had employees who had those stupid Homer Simpson eyeballs, I'd be pressed to pay them at all. Your point is that idiots don't need to be treated fairly, since after all they're just losers. Isn't there an old saying, "A society should be judged by how it treats it's MOST vulnerable citizens.". I was a freelance illustrator/designer for some 20 years, and I earned more in a day than what these guys would in a month. You seriously can't buy your own twisted line of crap.

  • “Liberals seem to assume that, if you don’t believe in their particular political solutions, then you don’t really care about the people that they claim to want to help.”
    – Thomas Sowell

  • Have people noticed Walmart going out of their way to avoid hiring lots of people via automated stocking robots, and an abundance of self-service check-outs? To avoid paying customers higher wages, they implement technology to replace a large amount of workers to save profits. The smaller buissnesses that can't afford to pay higher rates out right have to raise prices to balance it out, which is bad for consumers. This impacts finances for the buissness, which causes it to inevitably go bankrupt, and everyone employed there is then out of work. Implementation of technology isn't necessarily bad in itself, but the big corporations like Walmart are cutting jobs at a large rate simply because of minimum wage. Minimum wage is not good for job opportunity without experience.

  • When I worked retail, our bosses kept us below 30 hours a week so we wouldn't classify as full time, and therefore be obligated to give us benefits.

  • funny thing is, last time I checked, when an 'employer' controls and pays for entire livelihood, it tends to be called slavery. They should make a deal where if you want a living wage at mcdonald's, you have to sign a contract that you will never move, never ask for anything extra, and have to work every single day for 12 hours a day for the rest of your life.

  • Horribly misleading use of these statistics. The Bureau of labor statistics says that 2.3% (still not 1) make at or less than the FEDERAL minimum wage of 7.25 (in 2017). Do you know how many workers make minimum wage in states with a minimum that is higher than the federal one? A lot. Do you know why the minimum wage is higher in those states? Because cost of living is higher. Less than half the states currently have their minimum wage at the federal level. Among these are some of the least populated states in the country. So what you're describing applies to very few fucking people and isn't an accurate model of the reality in this country at all because you're only describing the minimum wage situation in rural states with low populations that don't have minimum wage laws. The reality is we have tons of adults relying on minimum wage jobs as their main source of income. You try "becoming an entrepreneur" or "gaining skills" when you have kids and a mortgage. Lets see the real demographics please. Or better yet everyone can just do their own damn research:

  • Edited to let you know that I do eventually get to a relevant point. Trust me.

    I tell people that I'm willing to pay more for goods and services to ensure immigrants are not being taken advantage of by those who seek to exploit Undocumented Workers for cheap wages and related labor costs like workers comp. insurance. Something that bugs me (and is frequently overlooked) is that those who pay wages "under the table" aren't even providing basic employee protections for those "working in the shadows" such as workers' compensation! Of course, this is at the expense of Documented Workers, but some see political strategy in the exploitation of Undocumented Workers and the cheap labor they provide…it's an incestuous relationship between some dirty businesses and politicians that I guess seems counterintuitive to some. Politics make for strange and DISGUSTING bedfellows, am I right? These things tend to make me rant, and i promise to get to the main point, but I truly believe that vetting and documenting immigrants through a legal immigration process is NOT racist, but rather, it is a commonsense protection of citizens and those who will ultimately become citizens.

    Anyway, all that leads me to my point:

    BUT I ain't going to pay $12 for a Big Mac so people just starting out and getting experience in the workforce, like high schoolers, or those who have their own priorities, as illustrated in the video, can make $15/hr. …but that's just me. Feel free to disenfranchise those who are willing to work, which would happen, btw, but can't find it because the cost of production is too high. Ok, so that last bit was sarcasm; it's obvious no one should be disenfranchised, but unfortunately, sometimes humor has to be explained.

    Anyone tl;dr?

  • you dont have the right to a job. If you don't want to work for a certain amount of money, decline the job. Minimum wage shouldn't exist.

  • The only thing I disagree with is not so much with what you're arguing but rather with the fact that many jobs require higher education instead of simply training the person out of high school to do the job. Why do librarians need a masters degree??

  • It's important to create jobs,but not by lowering barriers at the expense of the less fortunates,or soendung less on security or not givong people enough to live

  • Add on top of all of this, that so many people simply refuse to EARN more. Take this one friend I had as an example (had because I got sick of his complaints on various issues without effort towards improving) who struggled financially. I make good $ now but was looking for a dream job, essentially. As you can guess, none of them lined up with the criteria I had. Usually, that issue was pay though one was close yet required giving up more family time than I was willing to sacrifice. Anyways… my point is that most of these were great opportunities for my friend. Having struggled because I wasn't aware of other opportunities before, I sent him lists of these offers. He was making minimum wage (or pretty close to it) getting offers that would double or triple his income. "Pass, pass, pass." Then he complained that the minimum wage should be higher. Excuse me?

    Now… I'm not going to be sympathetic to your plight if you insist on wallowing in it. (Another issue that kept coming up was dating… provide more value or shut up).

    Raising the minimum wage was another major annoyance because I decided to start my own business. I'm trying to supplement my income so that I could take one of those other jobs and, hopefully, eventually transfer to just my own business. I'm not a "greedy capitalist pig", just a guy trying to take care of his family while spending some time with them. No, that wasn't acceptable. It didn't matter if I showed how his argument would force me out of business because there was no $ for me (just the employees) after all of the risk. I broke down the math, every dollar coming in and going out. There would be NOTHING for me if I was forced into following his ideas with the current price. I pointed out that I would have to raise the price to compensate thus canceling out the whole point of the raise in minimum wage… also, obviously not acceptable. Sure, raise the quality to make more income. That requires investment which would be crippled under that system.

    So… I take all of the risk, do most of the work, can't grow, and keep struggle so others can prosper? Why bother? Why not just become an employee myself when there's more reward and less risk there?

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