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In 2370, the border conflicts, rival territorial
claims and brushfire wars that had defined the relationship between the United Federation
of Planets and the Cardassian Union for over a decade finally came to an end. A series of treaties established a new demilitarized
zone and redrew the border between the two powers in the hopes of establishing a lasting
peace. Instead, the treaty fostered a deep resentment
and failed to heal the scars that the conflict had left on both sides. Even among the highest levels of Starfleet
Command and the Federation Diplomatic Corps, many believed that any type of appeasement
would only be seen as weakness by the Cardassians. Hardest hit however were the hundreds of thousands
of Federation citizens whose colonies were suddenly on the wrong side of the border. The situation in the DMZ quickly deteriorated. Colonists were forced to either abandon their
homes or remain under the unscrupulous governance of an authoritarian state. Food replicators were sabotaged, armed mobs
were organized, and the newly installed Cardassian overseers began a systematic policy of repression
and harassment. Time and time again the Cardassian Union was
found to be abusing the trust of the Federation, but in each instance, Starfleet restrained
itself rather then let the tenuous armistice collapse back into war. Abandoned by their government, Federation
colonists began taking matters into their own hands and standing up to the Cardassians. They were joined by disillusioned Starfleet
Officers who rallied together under the belief that the price of peace was too high and that
the basic principles of the Federation had been betrayed. When they announced their intentions to the
galaxy, they were branded as misfits, renegades, criminals and terrorists. The name they chose for themselves however
was one used centuries earlier when another band of resistance fighters dared fight back
against oppression and terror: The Maquis. Pursued by both Starfleet Intelligence and
the sinister agents of the Obsidian Order, the Maquis were organized into a series of
decentralized cells, managed in such a way that the capture or destruction of any one
cell could not threaten the greater organization. Cell leaders were often former Starfleet Officers,
whose training and experience made them exceptionally well suited to evading capture and formulating
effective tactics and strategies. Many of these personnel were combat veterans
of the Cardassian Wars, fuelled by memories such as the indiscriminate use of gravitic
mines or the massacre on Setlik III. Accordingly, some Maquis exhibited a great
deal of xenophobia towards the Cardassians, often referring to them derogatorily as “spoonheads”. The nature of the movement also attracted
mercenaries and cutthroats and the more idealistic elements of the Maquis were forced to work
alongside those who were simply looking to kill as many Cardassians as they could. Unable to act openly, even on friendly worlds
in the Demilitarized Zone, the Maquis instead operated across the Badlands, a region of
space widely avoided due to its intense plasma storms and gravitational anomalies. This disposition, echoing that of the Bajoran
Resistance in their own campaign against the Cardassians years earlier, prevented even
the most advanced sensors from locating hidden Maquis worlds and strongholds. Black market weapons and munitions had flooded
into the demilitarized zone at the first opportunity and these stockpiles were quickly acquired
by the Maquis and transported to hidden depots across the Badlands. Unable to engage Starfleet or the Cardassian
military in open battle, the Maquis instead adopted various forms of irregular warfare,
including ambushes, raids, bombings and hit and run tactics. Their ships were well suited to this type
of mobility based warfare, often obsolete and decrepit civilian freighters or patrol
craft retrofitted with military grade hardware. Over time, the Maquis fleet would expand to
include ships recovered from forgotten anchorages leftover from the Bajoran resistance, and
even captured Starfleet shuttles and fighters. All across the Demilitarized Zone, the Maquis
fought an underground war against their counterparts within the Cardassian colonists. Despite the best efforts of both sides, each
rival paramilitary group continued to obtain more armaments and resources through neutral
third parties and backdoor channels within the Federation and Cardassian Union. Each government would accuse the other of
purposely arming their respective group although these allegations were never conclusively
proven. Maquis attacks grew bolder until even Cardassian
warships were directly targeted by Maquis raiders. These strikes humiliated the Cardassian Union
while the Federation was likewise forced to contend with the embarrassment of the continued
flood of Starfleet officers resigning or defecting from their posts to take part in the conflict. Maquis sympathisers within Starfleet did tremendous
damage, even managing to briefly assume control of the USS Defiant and use it to attack targets
deep within the Cardassian Union. Attacks such as these should have given the
Cardassians all the pretext they needed to launch a renewed invasion into the star systems
of the Demilitarized Zone, but the conditions on Cardassia Prime was far graver than was
widely known. After the near complete destruction of the
Obsidian Order during a disastrous preemptive strike against the looming threat of the Dominion,
the Cardassian dissident movement overthrew the military juncta known as the Central Command
and placed power back into the hands of the civilian Detapa Council. In 2372, the Klingon Empire launched a surprise
attack into the Cardassian Union under the belief that their provisional civilian government
had been infiltrated by Dominion Agents. Cardassia was beset by both inner turmoil
and foreign invasion and the Maquis were given an almost free hand across the DMZ. Additionally, the Klingons were more than
willing to provide the Maquis with clandestine support, which included a great deal of material
assistance and even a supply of cloaking devices. The stage was set for the final phase of the
Maquis’ campaign. On the Federation station Deep Space 9, sleeper
agent Michael Eddington engineered a brilliant operation in which he obtained 12 industrial
grade replicators intended as part of a relief shipment for the beleaguered Cardassian people. Under Eddington’s leadership, the Maquis
used these new resources to engineer a biogenic agent deadly to Cardassians, but harmless
to most other species. The bioweapon was deployed on several Cardassian
colonies paving the way for the Maquis to reclaim them. While Michael Eddington was eventually captured,
under his leadership, the Maquis had achieved the impossible. The DMZ had been liberated, and the Cardassians
were in no position to interfere. On Maquis worlds, preparations were made to
declare their colonies an independent nation, one that would allow its citizens to finally
decide their own destiny. But this new era was never brought to fruition. In desperation, the Cardassian Union agreed
to become a client state of the Dominion. Reinforced with powerful Jem’Hadar warships,
within three days of the announcement, the Klingon Empire was forced to retreat from
Cardassian territory and every Maquis colony within the demilitarized zone was destroyed. Even the Badlands could not provide a safe
haven for the remaining Maquis, advanced Dominion sensors cut through the interference and despite
a valiant defense, the organization was no match for the Jem’Hadar. The dream of the Maquis that so many fought
and died for was never realized. Across the Federation, it is dismissed as
a misguided folly, an organization forced to pay the price for its own recklessness. But as a Starfleet Commander once put it,
“On Earth there is no poverty, no crime, no war. You look out the window at Starfleet Headquarters
and you see paradise. Well, it’s easy to be a saint in paradise. But the Maquis do not live in paradise. Out there, in the Demilitarized Zone, all
problems have not been solved yet. There are no saints, just people; angry, scared,
determined people who are going to do whatever it takes to survive.” The Templin Institute investigates alternate
worlds and realities. If you’ve enjoyed this video and would like
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  • As a whole, the Maquis were the good guys. Eddington was an his cell were not, ie the bioweapon, but the other cells just wanted to be free.

  • And like other groups before them, the Maquis went from being people with a righteous cause to hooligans looking for excuses to kill.

  • "Client state"?
    More like the Cardassians became 'willing slaves' of the Dominion, which is now known to be the Federation's counterpart.

  • This situation was directly the fault of the Federation, specifically the anti-military factions.

    After the Khitomer accords and probably even much moreso the Tomed Incident (wherein details are scant, but Starfleet clearly started a serious incident with the Romulans that forced the Federation to give massive concessions), and perhaps other hitherto unknown political events and influences, the Federation deemphasized the military aspects of Starfleet, and this went so far as claims that Starfleet, the Federation's only military, wasn't one at all. Fleet modernizations came to a grinding halt. The Federation continued to expand ship numbers (registry numbers did continue to climb hugely), but new ship designs weren't forthcoming and didn't see widespread use in a Starfleet that had become completely dominated by woefully obsolete Miranda and Excelsior class ships – the Excelsior wouldn't actually see its replacement, the Sovereign (per Rick Sternbach) until the 2370s, almost a century after it had first launched. Policies clearly matched the deemphasis of military capability.

    The results of this particular experiment by the Federation were nothing short of disastrous. The Federation, which had not been challenged in open warfare once in its entire history following its founding in the wake of the Earth-Romulan War, was challenged over and over and over by local powers in the span of a few decades – the Tholians, the Tzenkethi, the Talarians, and the Cardassians, not even counting the Dominion, all disrupted Starfleet's long period of total peace (sans the Federation-Klingon Cold War) with a period of near-constant conflict, some very serious. Amidst these failures, it would be hard to definitively identify one so complete as the Federation-Cardassian War. It's apparent that Starfleet could have walked over the Cardassians in a week. The Klingons did it, and as we saw in episodes like TNG "The Wounded", Cardassian warships were simply no match for Starfleet vessels. True, the Federation had not yet fielded the mass span of designs seen from the 2350s onwards (per both registry numbers and design features), new heavy cruisers like the New Orleans and Springfield or later ships such as the Akira or Nebula, but the Cardassians, likewise, were not fielding a fleet of Galor Type IIIs, let alone Keldon class ships. Instead of a quick and decisive victory that would have protected its citizens, Starfleet dragged the conflict on, year after year after year, until it was forced to sign a concession-laden armistice. This was most certainly not military-inability, even if indeed that did characterize Starfleet through much of that era, and so was almost certainly due to political constraints placed on how Starfleet was allowed to deal with an open aggressor.

    Starfleet's failures under the management and meddling of Federation politics carried on a costly war for years longer than it ever should have proceeded, and in the end left its own citizens decimated and defenseless, marring the entire region for decades. Furthermore, the Federation-Cardassian War had completely bankrupted the Union. Federation "restraint" had had the unintended consequence of inflicting immeasurable harm upon the Cardassian people. These failures would come back to haunt the Federation and the DMZ colonists during the Dominion War on many levels.

  • Politely requesting;
    Decepticons (Transformers)
    Cybrids (Earthsiege/Starsiege/Tribes)
    The Gorn hegemony (Star Trek)
    The Empire of the Hand (Star Wars Legends)

    Admittedly I'm worried asking for the Decepticons might be a bit out of your depth, no offence of course.

  • Good video and I'm happy to see more star trek on here but the maquis? Tal shiar, obsidian order the orions? Any of those would have been better and i don't think you've done any of them.

  • The Cardassians are one of my favourite sci-fi species. So many great stories that included them. DS9 and TNG were absolutely amazing!

  • Hey there! Cool Channel you have. I am currently trekking across the whole of Spain for a charitable foundation aand would love you to have a look at my video clips and also subscribe. I dropped you a like for this video too 😛

  • Most fiction writers shouldn't write groups or people like the Equalist (The Legend of Korra), The White Fang (RWBY), the Cystal Gems(Steven Universe), Meteora (Star Vs the forces of evil), or even The Maquis (this video)

    Why do I say this you are asking? Because they are written by people who have never had to struggle enough to reach the point of fighting back against the status quo. Those writers don't know, and don't care. They are better off writing ISIS clones, and not give them no nuance, then to give them pseudo nuance, to pat themselves on the back.

  • Please cover The high republic of Heldon from Iron dream by Norman Spinrad and Lord swastikas by Adolf Hitler

  • i'd love to hear you talk about

    -the Volunteer Feline Detectives (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
    -Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil)
    -Kirijo Group (Persona)
    -CEDA (Left 4 Dead)
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    -The IMF (Mission Impossible)

  • Hi, i know that this world is not common in know, but can Templin do some video about Coraabia? There are a lot of cool worlds, organisatons and so, that want to be found (as a America 😀 ).

  • "On Earth there is no poverty, no crime, no war. You look out the window at Starfleet Headquarters and you see paradise.

    Well, it's easy to be a saint in paradise. But the Maquis do not live in paradise. Out there, in the Demilitarized Zone, all problems have not been solved yet.

    There are no saints, just people; angry, scared, determined people who are going to do whatever it takes to survive, whether it meets with the Federation approval or not."
    – Commander Benjamin Sisko

  • Would love something from the Battletech or Heavy Gear Universes. There are a bunch of factions in each that could be worth covering.

  • Fantastic bookend to this video: The then Commander Sisko's speech to the then Major Kira when he came to understand the realities of the lives of Federation citizens living in the Demilitarized Zone.

  • I love when you are using the Ultramar theme in the background great job Templin institute another excellent video !

  • Since Day One, you cannot trust the Cardis!!!! Sisko and the rest of the Federation wasted valuable time and resources in protecting a Nation that is just persistent in dominating the universe.

    The Bajorans and Klingons have said, "I Told You So"!!!

    The Marquis had to be sponsored by Bajor and Cro'Nos as the two planets hates Cardassia!!!

  • After the Dominion surrendered and Kardashian Was Defeated what ever happened with the brain equipment are they allowed to go back home they never punished for the crimes they committed for interfering costing how many lives

  • And how were the Klingons and romulans compensated long with the Federation in the Jordans after the fall of the Dominion and the Kardashian Empire

  • I always thought it was funny how in one episode of Voyager where the Maquis gained control, they put on their awful looking clothing/uniforms. Like they're trying to prove so much that they're the underdog that they wear clothing that's made to look like rags. Such awful designs.

  • This reminds me so much of the IRAQ WAR. Sunni former military joining AQI and other insurgent cells when they were thrown out of power and fired.

  • I'm quite puzzled as to why and how so many people like the Maquis. They were textbook terrorists. They had the option weren't forced to relocate. They had other colony planets they could have gone to and remained Federation citizens. Instead they elected to fall under Cardassian rule. If you think for one second they were gonna be treated well you are just as naive as the Maquis were. Oh yeah and before anyone asks YES! I would have left. No way I'm staying to become a Cardassian servant.

  • This is an interesting video. Any chance there could be a new Star Trek video about Section 31?

  • Please do more Star Trek races! The Maquis are not even close to the most interesting of Star Trek factions. Not that they weren't an interesting idea, but in practice they were more annoying than interesting.

  • Great video really enjoyed! The Maquis were a fascinating group, its a shame the federation and Starfleet did not help them when they could have. I dont know if you have already done this but if not a video about Section 31 would be amazing!

  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine Was a Really Awesome Series. It really shattered the Federations Peaceful point of view and not only that it made The Federation create Military Warships like the Defiant completely making the Federation break their Only Scientific and Exploration Star Ship Doctrine No Warship Path Imagine. once the Dominion War Started Poof a Prototype Defiant Rolls off the Shipyard and Improvements soon after. These small Corsair size Ships Quickly Making their Galaxy Class Ships look like Cruise Liners (well they kinda are).

  • I know that I’m late to your channel but I wanted to say that you guys do an excellent job and I thoroughly enjoy watching your videos..the backstory on different sci-fi topics are well thought out and put together..please keep this going!

  • Sadly in the year 2373, most of the Maquis would eventually get wiped out by the Cardassians when the Cardassians formed an alliance with the Dominion, a political power from the Gamma Quadrant and with the help of the Jem'Hadar sodiers, killed most of them, but a few survivors, some in Federation prisons, Cardassian prisons, and some who are crew members of the U.S.S. Voyager, a Federation starship that was stranded in the Delta Quadrant for 7 years.

  • The Marquis are a mixed bag depending upon the people involved:

    In many ways the Federation officers like Chakotay who sided with their homes and family over the Federation and Starfleet were little different than those Southern officers who resigned from the US military and joined the Confederacy to defend their separated States and homes during the American Civil War. There is no dishonor there, even if one cannot agree with the goals of the Marquis, or the idea of leaving Starfleet and fighting against it, at least Chakotay didn't commit acts of aggression against the UFP or attack colonies, merely defended his home from what he saw as an invasion either from Starfleet runabouts or Cardassian warships.

    A guy like Eddington who used his position to steal industrial replicators and then betray his friends before showing his true colors was nothing more than a terrorist. Frankly a person like him would deserve to live under Cardassian law. He was an arrogant, self-involved narcissist who saw the whole thing as a game with him playing the part of the white knight and The Emissary as the part of the antagonist. He used bioweapons against colonies of Cardassians, many of them also settlers who probably had no role in their government's actions and were just as much victims of the whole affair as the Marquis themselves.

    There is no black and white here, too many shades of gray — Garak would probably be more than happy to tell you how many over lunch at the Replomat.

  • Bullshit. Feds offered to move them. They could have gone anywhere, set up shop on Risa maybe. They have no one to blame but themselves. Dominion gave them exactly what they deserved.

  • Sometimes acting in the greater good causes only greater harm. A sad reality we live in, and one that the older Star Trek series wasn't afraid to point out.

  • Honestly, while I sympathize with their reasoning- their colonies being taken away because of a treaty, I cannot say I would support them. In fact, I kind of despise the Maquis- their homes were not taken by invasion or annexed, but were given as concessions to prevent future conflicts. While it would be horrid to have one's home suddenly be in hostile territory, if it means that possibly millions of lives could be saved by doing so, it'd worth it. They could have moved, as callous as that sounds, but it's true. But the fact is that they knew what they were getting into and complained about it when what they knew would happen, happened.

    Then they proceed to start conducting terrorist attacks on Cardassians, simply because the majority of them are, and let's be blunt, racist xenophobes, lacking in any sort of ability to see the nuance in their situation, and with no empathy for those that they are terrorizing. Stealing needed supplies for now impoverished civilians is simply morally wrong. Imagine if the French Resistance stole the entirety of the supply cache to be dropped to the people of Berlin in the Berlin Airlift after WWII (hypothetically), simply because they are Germans and their country occupied theirs a couple years earlier. Hell, even though Germans committed terrible war crimes, their civilians do not deserve to suffer for it. That would be inexcusably wrong.

    Then they used biological/chemical weapons on civilians. Honestly, this is where they lose any sort of legitimacy that they had. No matter what happens, using these types of weapons on civilians is not excusable, especially when one is not at total war with another faction, and even then… there are reasons that it's against the Geneva Conventions. There is a word for this: Genocide.

    Honestly, they deserved what they got when the Dominion came in. Maybe not all of them, but those that supported this aforementioned action, did.

  • The Maqis were wrong, and they died for it. For the aggression and "integrity" of a few people, they sentenced millions of civilians to death. I'm sure the women and children did not get a say in if they stayed and fought.

  • The Maquis represents how Humanity would really react to Alien life. FUCK THE XENOS. If they wanted it, they should have showed up first. SUFFER NOT THE XENOS TO LIVE!#

    Fuck the Cardisians, fuck the Klingons, fuck the Romulans and most of all, fuck the Federation.

  • That speech at the end that Sisko gave was one of the best speeches in all of Star Trek history in my opinion It explains everything about the Federations, why they design their ships the way they do, why their captains and admirals some times go nuts, and why they are so resented yet loved at the same time. DS9 was the only Trek show that forces the franchise to take a look at the so call paradise it had made and see just how everyone else would view it.

  • I remember searching the web about the maqui thing,
    I bet they should make a movie about it, and name it
    "Star Trek, Legends of the Maqui",

    And tell a back story about themselves and probably a twist of the federation not knowing the full truth because the maqui can't tell them,

    Infact why not chuck in some celebrities and minor movie actors,

    Like the dude who plays Samwise Gamchee from Lord of the rings,
    And get him to play one of those blue boys that Bolion what ever it's called,

    And that dude who does Harry potter to be a Vulcan,

    And maybe even what's his name to play one of those bajorons things

  • One of the things that bugs me about the Federation turn around was how fast it was. It thanks years or even decades to get the wheels or any broad change of philosophy or sweeping action turning in real life. The Federation just changes so fast it was like they wanted this from the beginning. The Federation may be small compared to say the Imperium of Man or the galactic Empire, a fairly good sized "State" within the nation. Even with their communication technology it should take years, especially from members stalling, push back, or simple refusal or inability to comply, to make any real systematic change.

    I know… Plot.

    Still TIME was not taken into proper consideration. It could have been easily explained away as to say, Starfleet and the Federation had a plan in pace if they ever needed to turn on heel like they did. Call it "The Marcus Doctrine" after Adm. Alexander Marcus. Basically "If war breaks out; what you do now. You open this, you shut up and do it." At least this way Starfleet had a near turnkey solution to the Dominion war the Borg and so on. There are still parts they have not yet touched like a Professional Soldier Corps, Marines and their support and deployment.

    NO I understand they still needed time. But somehow they could have done more and/or better than just a fist full of new classes that mostly can not function without each other one that almost blew itself up just firing up the engines, and one that was an unmitigated success that was never elaborated upon or its like duplicated for any other class of ship.

  • It’s easy for people to say the Maquis where antagonistic. But it seems as though it was mixed with revolutionaries on one hand the other where xenophobic terrorists, against the Cardassians.

  • Somehow, "doing everything in order to survive" automatically nullifies all the monstrous sins you commit while "doing everything in order to survive". What is the point of survival if you end up no better, nay worse , than even your most hated enemy?

  • Abandoned no they chose to stay there were other planets to colonize and all the maquis did was threaten more death for selfish reasons. And the fed officers that defected had no stake in the fight but only wanted to kill.

  • I know the Maquis where fighting for freedom, but Eddington’s strike on Cardassian Colonies was an act of genocide and extreme insanity.

  • I hope the dream of the Maquis will be resurrected, and the strong idea of freedom and to stand up against oppression.

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