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the doctor turned to us and said I'm sorry but your chemo failed at that point I only had a few months to live we all kind of associate cancer with end-of-life and that was my first obvious concern they said the treatment was so aggressive that I wouldn't be able to have children miracle for cancer patient is getting up the next morning and seeing the family and being able to relate and do normal things with them they are not a cancer patient they're a person who happens that cancer that came to City of Hope and when they turned to me and said we contrive I was given hope again because City of Hope offers options that other hospitals don't it's not just treatment but it's also research so you have the best of both worlds right there so many major advances have been produced there we're now able to go into cells and actually change the genes that are already there we're talking about things like treating the immune system to fight cancer we're talking about targeted therapies that are very personalized some of the best scientists in the world right now working on those things are here we estimate our discoveries benefit 100 million people a year really is focused on taking what we discover in a laboratory across the street for somebody who's in a bed suffering from a disease that we want to cure we're actually able to formulate drugs to develop the clinical trials and then actually take it to patients so I've come to realize the importance of the setting in which they receive care an oasis a place that they're coming for care but also healing our job our goal is to get them back to fire-fighting playing baseball whatever they want to do in life leaving their cancer behind the city of Hope is more than just medical treatment they have to put you back together on the ground up when I have my Christian it was definitely worth fighting we take that patients hand and we don't let go my name is Gus Perez come on make down Christine Ferreira Jim Murphy and I'm a miracle I'm a miracle I am a miracle at City of Hope we combine science with soul to create medical miracles

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