The myth of American democracy

hi this video is about the myth of American democracy now when we were children we were taught from our earliest memories that we live in a democracy that is governed by majority rule we saluted the flag we were conditioned to that and this is examining whether or not that's true I wrote a book I'm a psychology professor and I wrote a book called duped delusion denial in the end of the American Dream a delusion in psychology means that you suffer from a false idea now nations also suffer from false ideas for example we once believed that saddam hussein was developing nuclear weapons and we went to war at least in part on the basis of that false supposition that's a delusion and when an individual suffers a delusion he's just one step closer to mental illness can you say the same for a nation well we're taking on a big task here and that is whether or not we really do live in a democracy governed by majority rule for the last 236 years ah there's a problem with that and I think the problem begins with susan b anthony she was an assertive woman from new york who in 1872 said i'm going to vote for the president of the united states in new york state except that susan b anthony was arrested for trying to vote she was charged with illegal voting because she was a woman and women were not allowed to vote and yet we still go around saying that we live in a democracy governed by majority rule well if 50% of the population cannot vote that's not majority rule is it so in 1920 the 19th amendment was passed allowing women to vote so you could really say that you've lived in a democracy for 92 years since the time that women could vote but this this video could also be called hold your horses because here's another hold your horses and that's called the United States Senate here's the problem take a look at California population 36 million it has two senators Barbara Boxer Dianne Feinstein every state has two senators there are a hundred senators so little tiny Rhode Island that has a population of 1 million they also have two senators Wyoming with a population of a half a million they have two senators now just imagine that the people of California said we vote for assisted suicide but the people of Rhode Island didn't want it and the people of Wyoming didn't want so that's four against two in favor except that it's 36 million in favor and a million and a half against are you following me how can you have majority rule when you have a system like that you know from civics classes and government classes that no bill can become a law in the United States unless it's passed by the house passed by the Senate and signed by the president so if it doesn't make it past the Senate it's not going to become a law 50% of the United States Senate is elected by 16 percent of the population hmm now let's take a deeper look at the US Senate all right let's do a random sample of the United States of America and this is what our diverse multicultural country looks like 50 percent of our population ours is made of women 13 percent are black 14 percent are Hispanic and less than one percent a three-quarters of one person in this sample of a hundred is a millionaire okay let's compare that profile of America to the profile of the United States Senate in the United States Senate instead of 50 percent being women oops only 17 percent are women instead of 13 percent being black oops only 1% are black in 14% of Hispanic in the country only 2 percent are Hispanic in the Senate and less than 1 percenters are millionaires in the in the population but 66 % of the US Senate are millionaires in fact they're not just millionaires they're multimillionaires okay Diane Feinstein California is worth a hundred million dollars rockefeller is worth a hundred and twenty eight million John Kerry three hundred and eighty eight million senator Kohl 245 million Senator McCain and his seven houses 20 million Mitch McConnell you see him on television all the time 20 million dollars they're all smiling aren't they well that's not a very representative picture of the United States of America now there was a photographer who took all hundred members of the Senate and made us composite digital photo of the average senator in the United States and this is what a composite photo of all hundred senators morphed into one looks like one smiling white guy who is in fact very very rich in fact the average u.s. senator is white is male and he's worth 14 million dollars now that is a very important number because 14 million dollars is the exact amount you need to qualify for membership in the top super-rich 1% of American society so the average senator is in the top 1% so let's think about this no law can be passed without the approval of the sitting millionaires in the US Senate let's try that again another way of saying the same thing if the Senate is made up of the top 1% and no law can be passed in the US without the approval of these millionaires just how far do we have to go before we say that no law can be passed in the United States without the consent and approval of the top super-rich 1% it's a little deep of logic but it's not that far so what kind of a country do you live in it's better described as a plutocracy a government by the wealthy where a controlling class is made up of the wealthy now let's pretend we really did have a democracy with majority rule just a guided fantasy well if the popular vote the majority had their way marijuana would be legal that's true the Republicans don't favor that the Democrats don't favor it but that people do so both of their major political parties do not support what the American people support this goes on assisted suicide would be legal these are all based on real recent polls the Republicans don't support that in their party platforms and neither do the Democrats but the American people do we would get out of Afghanistan right now nah not for the Democrats not for the Republicans gay marriage would be permitted a slight majority of Americans now favor gay marriage that's not on the Democratic platform it's not on the Republican platform children of illegal immigrants could not attend US schools that's how the American people the majority of the American people feel so on I have in my book something like 30 items 30 items where this is what the American people want and the Democrats support about eight of those items and Republicans support about six of those items in other words the majority of things that Americans want are represented by neither of our political parties and we still go around saluting the flag and saying we live in a democracy governed by majority rule conclude I already gave this conclusion I'll give it again the majority of things the American people believe in and want are supported by neither political party so let's take a few little exercises I remember John Stossel always used to say give me a break well majority rule give me a break here are a few examples you know what insider trading is it's a person who finds out that a drug company for example did not get approved for their drug and their stock has been soaring but the FDA has said this drug is not effective or it's dangerous so there's going to be a mad rush to the exits to get out of this stock before you lose your money insider trading based on inside information so that you can get out before the rest of the people get out that's illegal okay now Martha Stewart she did it she had a friend and a drug company who said we didn't get approved by the FDA Martha sold her stock before other people heard about it and Martha saved about two hundred and seventy four thousand dollars of her own money except that that was illegal and Martha went to jail all right so there is only one group in the country that is allowed to engage in insider trading and that's senators and congressmen they can hear about something and sell their stock before their constituents can sell their stock or they can buy it before their constituents can buy it and they can make a pile of money or save a pile of money so do you really believe that if you lived in a democracy with majority rule that you or the people of the United States would allow their senators and congressmen to engage in insider trading and have an advantage over their own constituents give me a break there's a remember Obama won and the Senate was all democratic and the house was all democratic you thought oh my god he's going to really push through the kind of things the American people want and one of those things was health care and the idea was to get single payer healthcare like Medicare for everybody okay that would save the country money lots of people wanted it in Arkansas something like 83% of the Democrats in Arkansas favored the public option or single-payer medicare for everybody in theirs it and that was their senator her name was Blanche Lincoln she was a Democrat and she voted against it why would she vote against her own constituents 83% of whom voted for her well she received 300,000 dollars from insurance companies and special interests and she voted no and that's why we don't have single-payer health care joseph Lieberman came from Connecticut 68% of the entire population of Connecticut favored the public option there's majority right there but Lieberman said he absolutely opposed it he would filibuster against he received two million dollars from insurance companies and special interests and he voted no so we have a country that's governed by majority rule john stossel where are you give me a break so a final example here is that Agent Orange was used in Vietnam and there's a few ingredients in Agent Orange that are found in a herbicide extremely powerful herbicide called Roundup then made by the same company it's a distant cousin of Agent Orange so when when you spray a roundup on a field it's just about kills everything so we thought when we were going when we originally were idealistic about recombinant DNA technology that they were going to take wheat and change the genes so that we could be watered with ocean water but that's not what happened when agribusiness got in a got their hands on DNA technology they created a soybean that could resist being sprayed with this toxic herbicide it's called Roundup Ready soy there's Roundup Ready cotton there's Roundup Ready other things to corn so they spray the field something like four or five times everything dies except the soybean 90% of Americans soy products are are basically Roundup Ready which have a gene that has been spliced into the bean so that it's resistant to Roundup now the question is if you have a baby and you want to feed your baby soy infant baby formula do you really want to feed your baby soy formula that where that beam was sprayed by a cousin to Agent Orange four or five times during its growing season or would you rather do have the knowledge of saying no no I don't want my baby to be having that stuff that's Frankenstein food I want my baby to have organic soy that has not been sprayed by an herbicide like like that okay ninety-three percent of the American people favor labeling genetically modified foods talked about a majority that's been true for 15 years but it's never become law special interests Monsanto plutocracy Senate millionaires do you have that picture okay so here's a quotation that I think is extremely true by Edward Dowling the two greatest obstacles to democracy in the United States are first the widespread delusion among the poor that we have a democracy and second the chronic terror among the rich lest we get it thank you very much for inviting me you

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  • Greeks clearly outlined well I shouldn't say all of the Greeks but one Greek in particular a famous philosopher outlined how he believed democracy to be a very negative poorly run type of governmental system. I'm happy to see a professor who doesn't seem to let his political bias he's or his own opinions get in the way of facts and the truth. Would be a pleasure to be in one of your courses thank you for making these videos free on YouTube

  • Another depressing bit of information about how our government and big business are shafting us royally. I think the American people are too complacant and passive. We need to take our country back somehow! Another awsome video from Jerry.

  • How we got our Constitutional Republic. A history of societies dealing with monarchs.

  • Why we aren't a Democracy but instead a Constitutional Republic.

  • Would it be an insider trading violation if the following happened. If you knew world peace would be a certainty in two years time and you bought all the stock in Viagra, is that a crime.

  • This guy is a liberal/socialist and against capitalism . The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic with laws which also has capitalistic economy . In a capitalistic society there is no such thing as a free lunch , some one pays for it either through had work or taxes .

  • I don’t think majority rule is a good idea. If it were, all the hardcore liberals in LA and NY would have power over John Doe in Kansas who minds his own business. Mob rule isn’t good.

  • @Jerry Kroth
    Perfect example: the night LBJ quit, precisely because he (commander in chief of all the armed forces) & the American people, neither of them, wanted to fight the Viet Nam war – from which I take his plain implication, which he pauses over, and at which he eyes the camera, directly, that the war was a conspiracy. If not, that he had been installed as President by this conspiracy.
    Anyone can watch & listen today: LBJ says he's taking his ball, and going home – he at least acts sorry that the anti-war opinion of most of the US, across all demographics, (unaware still of Operation Phoenix, My Lai, Air America heroin traffic, more than 100 officer fraggings by enlisted men refusing war crime orders,, or plans for Cambodia to come) is not relevant. Within 9 weeks the 2 leading anti-war voices for November are shot, A neutral observer would wonder whether LBJ for that reason refused a possible winning platform IE get a deal in Paris, our Tonkin reaction is failed.

  • I'm a bit skeptical of "organic" labels being that it can be food which was still treated with pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics, just lesser amounts or types that which have been approved by the fda. And then theres the farmers with truly organic fields, the wind blows from the gmo fields, and next thing you know its all the same.

    Think of Switzerland. Think of the wars they’ve not fought for over 150 years despite its location in Central Europe. Think of their prosperity and their overall sensible approach to life in spite of the difficulties imposed by its mountainous terrain.
    The Swiss have “Direct Democracy”, the rest of the “Democratic” world have “representative democracy”.

    In Switzerland, citizens elect legislators( like all other democratic countries) but if 100,000 Swiss citizens create a petition within a set number of days that proposes to 1) create a law or 2) overturn a law created by the Swiss legislature, a vote of the Swiss citizenry must be held within a specified time frame and the results of the vote are binding and final.

    Some people scoff at that and claim its unworkable. The Swiss have managed it for almost 200 years. “But there would be never-ending votes”! Not so, the elected legislature is going to be much more reasonable and agreeable if they know their legislation can be easily struck down. In the rest of the world, legislatures only pay attention to petitions if they feel like it and referendums are bestowed on the citizenry if it’s convenient for the government.

    The fact is! Unless you live in Switzerland, you are at best, living in a dictatorship that is limited by legislation requiring a new dictatorial-like elected government be installed every 4 or 5 years.

    I’m not proposing any type of political partisanship, but the imposition of a workable democratic system that does not become a plutocracy .

    Are you truly happy with the form of government practiced in your country?

  • I wasn't taught that this was a democracy. I was taught it was a republic. that there was only 2 types of government. A Republic and an oligarchy.

  • As a Scot, our brand of "democracy" is even more hopeless than the US form.

    The UK parliament has 650 seats, Scotland has 59 representatives amongst them, which includes Scottish versions of the same UK parties, so the real figure is even lower. The majority of Scots (in Scotland), have, often, voted against the rest of the UK. However, we've never achieved anything we voted for, as It's impossible to win against a parliament where the democracy game is so heavily rigged against you.
    The situation is even worse for the Welsh (40 seats presently) and Irish (18), people. Or, put another way 117 seats against 533 English constituency seats. Although I recognize that it's not as simple as that.
    All three of these countries, that make up the UK parliament with England, even if we combined our votes for radical change, wouldn't alter anything, as we're still outvoted by the majority English vote. English parties (with the aid of their Scottish etc counterparts), makes a complete mockery of any semblance of democracy.

    We do have devolved parliament's now (these never existed when I was younger), however, those devolved powers are watered down and, mostly, useless. Dumbed down democracy is even worse than the US and UK versions.

    Of course, we have created the illusion of democracy better than most, but the reality is that change will only come if more referendums take place (or a revolution). Given the, deliberate, shambles of Brexit this is unlikely.

    Love your books and your channel.

  • You have my respect with Kennedy UFO’s. You just lost me with your starting premise of majority rule. America is a Republic. It was formed to provide protection for a numerous states that had majority rule in their state only. They had to come up with a way where the large states could not overwhelm the smaller states and still have a collective union of states. States rights are what we have lost through the overwhelming power and money of the federal government. The government is now corrupt for sure and the only way out is let each state decide its laws.

  • I love how one video is the delusions the democracy of the American people live with in their minds from the MSM and all the lies, then in this one we end up with what the deluded American people want not becoming law. Can't have it both ways Jerry !

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