The new credit card I am getting (and why)

all right so I’ve been getting some
questions about the credit card that I used since I created that video about
how we travel for free using the credit card points and over the last five years
I feel like we’ve developed a pretty good system that helps us to get a whole
bunch of points without having to do much work we don’t have to open tons and
tons of credit cards and do all the bonuses to get points although you can
do that and really get more points but we just haven’t done much of that the
last five years and we’ve really found the two cards that worked best for us
and I’m just kind of stuck with them I haven’t really done much else but
there’s a new credit card offer out now that I’m really excited about and I’m
going to be applying for and so I just want to let you know about this as well
just in case you are kind of tracking along with me and all this so now I’m
just gonna assume that you watch the other video I’ll have a link to it up
above so if you haven’t done that check that out first because some of us might
not make sense to you if you haven’t seen that but this Chase Sapphire
Preferred has been our go-to card this has been the main one they’ve been using
that has been generating most of the points for us so we’ve been traveling
with and it’s a fantastic card it’s a really really good card it wins all
kinds of awards and it’s just really great all the perks that it has and
everything else like that you know with the Chase Sapphire Preferred we get one
point for every dollar that we spend and so that’s pretty good and that helps us
out and got a good amount of points but this new offer on the Chase Freedom
Unlimited which is a different Chase card it’s three points for every dollar
so they advertise this as a cashback card rather than a travel card in which
you can do that with either one you can get cash back on either one or you could
use the points or travel on either one but what I’m excited about is this 3% so
this means we’re going to get three points for every dollar that we spend
instead of one so we’re basically tripling our earning power and this is
just for the first year up to 20,000 dollars spent but that’s a lot of points
that we’re gonna be able do a lot with and I’m really excited about that and
then even after that first year is done you’re still getting 1.5 points which is
a little bit better than the Sapphire which is one point now the Sapphire has
some other perks with it that make it a little bit better of a travel card but
this one the Freedom Unlimited has no annual fee which is nice most Chase
cards have like a ninety five dollar annual fee and this one doesn’t have any
which is great and it also has a 0% intro rate as well so you can get 0% for
a while that’s something you are looking to do
but bottom line with this car this is an offer that you do not see very often we
didn’t get three three times points for every dollar spent that’s just a really
really good deal so I’m gonna be jumping on it and taking advantage of it and and
I’ve also gotten a good amount of questions about the business card that
we use and I’ll go ahead and tell you just a little bit about that as well
just in case you have a business and the card that we use is the Ink Business
Preferred credit card and again this was one where you can earn three points for
every dollar spent on online advertising so if in your business you’re doing any
online advertising so Google ads Amazon ad Facebook Ads whatever any of that all
that’s gonna qualify for three points for every dollar spent and again you’re
tripling your point generation speed which you know that if you haven’t done
this before that might not mean much to you but point is is that you can get
three hotel nights for the price of one you can think of it that way and this is
a card that was recommended to me by a friend a couple years ago and I
immediately opened it and I’m really glad that I have because we’ve earned a
whole bunch of points just by having this card to open because we don’t do
tons and tons of advertising but we do enough that having this triple kind of
point thing makes a big difference for us we’ll have links to both of these
cards down below in the description below and if you use those links it
helps support our channel so appreciate that in advance if you decide to get
either these cards and just because I want to make sure that you are winning
and benefiting by getting either one of these cards do not do this if you’re
carrying a balance on your credit cards this is not for people who are carrying
the balances for people who pay them off every single month because again the
points it just it doesn’t matter you’re going to lose out on any benefits you
would get from the points if you’re paying interest charges each month so if
you’re carrying your balance this just isn’t for you right now wait till you
get your cards paid off wait till you can regularly pay them off every single
month before you do this for the first few years our marriage we had to get rid
of all of our credit cards because we were carrying a balance and it wasn’t
helping us was hurting our financial situation so you need to know yourself
and know if this is something that you actually can do and use responsibly and
if that’s the case you can benefit from it but if not just skip it and wait till
you can alright so if you have any questions hit me up in the comments down
below I’m happy to answer any that I can and have a great day be blessed to be a
blessing and I’ll see you soon if you haven’t already head over to so you can get your free email course from
us on how to master your money using biblical principles so that’s all for
today have a great rest you day adios

29 thoughts on “The new credit card I am getting (and why)

  • I just finished one of your courses and watched bunch of videos of yours lately. I just wana say that I'm just glad you started your blogging and YouTube channel! Keep it up. It's helping this generation and the future generations! Mahalo

  • When it comes to the chase Sapphire Reserve, how many points does it take to stay at a nice hotel or to use for a flight? Sayfor example, I wanted to stay in Washington DC for 3 nights. How many points is that and how much work I have to spend to earn the points?

  • Do you know that you can also transfer the points from the Chase Freedom Unlimited into the Chase Sapphire Preferred account and take advantage of that 25% boost when you use those points toward travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal? So that 3% in the first year could be 3.75% if you use it toward travel.

  • ✅ If you are interested in signing up or learning more about the 💳 Chase Freedom Unlimited:

  • Hate to be the old fart in the room, run a small business and totally resents having to pay 3% when receiving payment from credit card. It's only 2 to 5% of you guys that know how to work it and not get yourself in the financial trouble. I personally only have debit card only no credit card

  • I've had the chase freedom gor a while. It didnt cone with that offer, and has no fantastic offers 🙁

  • I'm a new subscriber, thank you for your videos! Wanted to share that I closed my Chase Credit Card accounts over a year ago due to their Anti Christian views. I included a link below. As stewards we also have to be aware of the companies we support. I do understand in certain situations our options are quite limited. It's not an all or nothing approach, I just aim to be wiser with my choices. My husband and I switched to Christian Credit Union for our savings and credit cards, but I still use my local bank and link them. The points do not pay as much on all items but they do double your giving charges. You can choose what area of support your card gives to, ours supports mission trips around the world. God's Blessings!

  • Why do you keep coming on my phone I don't want you and you keep coming back it's wrong I leave my job on public transportation and my phone is dead I can't dial 911 leave me alone😈😈

  • I used the link to Chase and applied for this card, I’ll be getting it next week. 🤗👍🤗

  • What do you mean got rid of all your cards you closed all previous credit cards or stop using them once you got them back to zero balance?

  • Hi there, 🙋‍♀️ I used the link you provided and got the card, but when I actually received it, it’s only 1.5%. ☹️
    Any thoughts on why this would happen???

  • Is the 3% permanent or only the first year? Citi double chash card will get you more money by your 4th year than chase will with a special offer.

  • Numerous studies have proven you spend 12 to 18% MORE when you spend with plastic than with good old fashion CASH. That 3% is an optical illusion, a Joe Camel Cartoon Ad designed to help you smoke that financial cigarette.

  • I don’t like credit cards that offer points. You can get 1 million points per dollar. However, the credit card company redeems it at whatever exchange price they want. At the end, controlling the value of the points. I prefer percentage cash back, money talks.

  • It’s 3 points per dollar up to 20,000 in the first year. So basically if you spent 20,000 dollars in the first year you’d get 60k points. Your better off signing up for the preferred and spending 4,000 in the first 3 months to get 60k sign up points. It the old bait and switch there pulling just changing some things around to make it look like a deal.

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