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this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot-com Wow went old-school with that musical
bumper I just I feel like there’s gotta be some fans of it out there and I don’t
want to go too many weeks without satisfying them really so that wasn’t
based on the news that wasn’t based on anything if it were me it would all be
new yeah okay then why I’m not new it’s why even have the intro old as a
shortcut because it works well when I got here it was the only intro I believe
it was what you guys used all the time that’s what was that like four or five
years ago yeah for 500 episodes ago and now I don’t know I just assume that
there are fans of it and they they need that every now and then just to keep
them coming back mm-hm okay well thanks for coming back listeners all right
those that was Jeremy Jeremy welcome thanks norm and two Shores here as well
I’m rocking a constellation shirt I like that shirt you know what age does like
is short sleeve button ups is that a thing now I feel like but I see a lot of
people wearing a short sleeve button now it’s been a thing yeah
good thing is it’s my climate change adaptation mmm I’m wearing more short
sleeve button up shirt I’m more of a rollup
me too I like the long sleeve button up and I roll up the sleeves not all the
way to the elbow just past the elbow that feels like that’s the proper way to
go but I see a lot of people Drock in the short sleeve button up when you get
a lot more in shirt you can get away with more fun and interesting shirt
designs when you were a challenge accepted here comes I’m complimenting
your shirt I was saying you could get away with more I think you are already
wearing I’m pretty interesting show Steve button-ups never go shopping it’s
not that time I changed up to change up the Wardrobe
anyway here goes the best question you love you guys love how was your weekend
I went to Santa Cruz which is our my family’s favorite getaway this past
weekend okay it’s people don’t live around here it’s probably what it’s like
an hour and a half south of ears exactly don’t know how yeah you take Highway one
it’s probably one of the most beautiful drowsy minutes it’s one city’s length
highway one down from San Francisco to Santa Cruz is one of the most beautiful
drives I’ve ever done I love doing it I’ll do it as often as my family wants
to go my nine-year-old daughter we just discovered that she is a
tilt-a-whirl girl and so that’s why we went cuz we did it tilt the world in
other amusement parks you want to get back to one that is the one that’s not
the boat that raw you don’t know what a tilt-a-whirl is I don’t know the names
of these things all I know is the fear I know I see the tread when I get on them
it’s so foreign to me because my family’s been all about the tilt awhirl
roots and they can’t imagine your not knowing what one is okay the tilt awhirl
is the amusement park ride where it’s like it’s sort of like teacups where all
the cars go around in a circle but the cups spin on their own you don’t grab a
so be literally the teacup ride at Disneyland no dude they spin on their
own and they spin much faster than the teacups so like it’s you get sakes
but this concepts the same it’s the two mystics are totally different because
it’s faster no because they spin on their own the teacup ride Disneyland the
individual teacups don’t spin mmm dude no you have to grab the middle and you
have to spin the thing in the middle and make your car spin
yeah oh man so it’s it’s tiny circles within a big server you don’t know that
either good true tilt-a-whirl
although that’s not the one that that is that santa cruz got alright there’s a
very low res picture whatever reason that what a santa cruz is uh no way why
are you dragging me now picture loves the tilt-a-whirl yeah well my whole
family runs this huge thing because she’s only nine and she she was we made
her go on the tilt-a-whirl when she was like seven and it made her cry it’s a
scarier I could imagine being scared you don’t even know what the tilt-a-whirl I
can imagine and it was traumatic for her but more so for me because I was the dad
who said she’d be fine on it oh so this was cathartic for everybody now she’s a
tilt-a-whirl girl all right we had a good time good good weekend then Santa
Cruz any didn’t interesting food good food oh yeah your food yeah wonderful we
used to be a Zachary’s family going to Zachary’s it’s a deep dish no man boy or
does not say no it’s a breakfast spot it’s like this if you look up best
breakfast in Santa Cruz it’s gonna be on the list and it’s good they do a new
coffee cake every every morning Wow but we discovered the harbor cafe
it’s past time and we I think we like that more there you go
yeah you’re Santa Cruz recommendations Harbor cafe yep results world world
alright – sure I was traveling for work hot take airports suck yeah yeah weird
goodbye where’d you go I was in North Carolina this week mm-hmm did you have
sweet tea no do not care for it too sweet
there’s one place that makes a good sweet tea in San Francisco um the car
barbecue place yeah cat head cat heads barbecue I’m delicious I think it’s a
brown sugar they use it’s whatever they use it whatever sweetener they use it’s
it’s real good all right what do you do out you’re gonna outdo us you always do
this well what’d you do I did the top story this week Oh top story this week anyway to choose you
know they honestly we’ve if we were really being if there were more details
top story this we would probably be ps5 but were not by that intact but toss the
one top story will talk about New York comic-con that’s what I did just past
weekend he feels like already I was there like it feels like it was a month
ago but it was only three days ago four days
ago oh wow so we heard on still untitled
some of Adam’s adventures with like Incognito’s and stuff but I think that
left out a lot of just like the experience of being at the con and you
had some fantastic shots on Twitter of cosplayers yeah well we did a whole
thing and the videos will come out but later but a whole series of interviews
with cosplayers that that were ranged before hands we met up with some people
we knew you know Beverly and down in I’m done
and creative and melissa ann who’s not technically cosplayer but she was in her
like second cosplay and she makes the bloomin cluster armors and and then a
bunch of customers we never met before but who were the girlfriend cowboy
crunchies right yes oh they were incredible incredible and and names
escape me now kwame hem who was amazing Mysterio yep
yep and then well sks props so great so the let’s back is so Beverly down and
you talked about this briefly on still entitled about she may look a casual
hella cosplay and if you follow her on I will not call it a casual I’ve got an on
I mean she’s not wearing a helmet without the helmet although in the movie
the helmet is only there for like three scenes so I thought it was like hella
cosplay no gotcha you can actually fall if you follow her on Instagram you can
actually see the build process of doing the cricket technique and it’s really
fascinating watching it and like watching her like mess up and like it’s
just constant ironing with that technique of printing it out on the
cricket and transferring and lining up everything and then also not only just
for the the body super the entirety of the costume like the even her boots her
shoes got that that same treatment and she talked at him and explained and
it’s all on him as well but how she you know pinned that fabric and got it said
hero for the complex curves of the shoes yeah and you can just physically watch
her in the IG the story is doing that pinning I want to talk about Melissa
ings mask yeah which is just it she had made that mask a long time ago and it
was like I don’t even know how to describe it it’s oh it’s like Japanese
inspired but not like our stuff is like gothic fantasy yeah and this and the
mass stuff I think she’d died before she had done the gauntlets stuff so there
was a compliment the body armors like the dreamer regalia armor she’d done for
Felicia Day and she’s a whole line of mass and actually the test vo series
when we went over to her studio to interview her and have her show her her
body of work she always masked behind her everyone’s
different some of them have like articulate and fold out but they’re
they’re like poorest in some way like they’re they’re lots of like little
negative space and so it’s all through the design and the fabrication is
casting or or 3d printed and then her finishing makes it look metallic the
paint job is just incredible on this because I think this particular one if
I’m not mistaken like she had made a while ago it’s actually her Twitter
profile image but it had never been painted like this mmm it looks like
something out of a Kubrick film I mean a little bit but also looks like a
fantastic take on Doctor Doom because of the box is the armor the armor yeah in
the hood and a little bit of the cape she’s wearing yeah it’s gorgeous
beautiful beautiful armor and then you know again we talked about insulin title
but we went to the met early on a Thursday morning and a beautiful
wonderful museum if you’ve ever if you ever find yourself in New York yeah
they’re a bunch of like it’s like New York is a massive city in a six and a
half million people but there are so many museums right there are small
museums big museums and the big like institutional museums there’s one on the
west side of Central Park which is national
mr. Museum long with the planetarium and that’s the the one that Neil deGrasse
Tyson is the director of and then on the east side of almost right across the
park is the Met and the medicine free Museum Naturalizer is donation base so
it’s technically free but the Met has just it’s just massive it’s it’s where
the the big fashion gala is done every year so that setting for oceans eight
and there’s just a mix of like lots of historical art plus a lot of modern art
so highly recommended the last night was the exhibit we went to and we spent like
two hours there so it’s just not a one exhibit and then like the six room is an
exhibit so we’re excited to get get that video out can you tell me about toys oh
you want to hear about toys uh what toy which toys it did you see anywhere yeah
yeah like it was really a kind of a short trip to New York as we got there
and New York comic-con is four days just like San Diego’s Thursday through Sunday
all of Thursday we were not on the floor we that’s what we did the met that’s
went to North Bergen High School which is incredible and super inspiring but so
we’re only there really Friday and Saturday and the team and I actually
flew back out Saturday night so we even stay till Sunday so I got maybe like an
hour after everything wrapped to walk the floor and take photos of toys a
sideshow her booth there and they had new hot toys figures for the mandalorian
so the man Lauren himself has a six scale posable figure from Hot Toys and
that one looked really good plus the new Droid until not ig-88
everyone thought it was ig-88 but the Mandalorian
and droid is i G what’s the number what is the designation it’s the same model
IG 11 same smile yeah basically it’s a mando that I have up on the screen yeah
this is I just same kind of looking droid you know the looks like LEGO
pieces connected together I thought that we thousand that’s a pretty good model
yeah yeah that’s a mom yeah so that’s the that’s what I was that sideshow what
else mezco had some nice tiny vintage carrot
that the adventures at man but the one I liked was the Max Fleischer Superman
figures and so I took some photos of that
that one looked really good Dark Horse had some cool stuff now I like all these
companies are getting into collectibles that typically aren’t like book
publishers but they have obviously the license for these things so dark horse
head stuffed we saw at Comic Con the star Starcraft they had the Yamato
battle cruiser that the Hellboy ape Sapien figure they had some stuff came
Thrones and then oh I do have a video of this coming out it’s company ego mas
they do they’re a publishing company so their line of things hero collector
basically they do magazines Plus subscription base they do all the Star
Trek ships right they have like over like a couple hundred tiny plastic chips
or diecast ships but they also have a subscription model kit coming out for
the ecto-1 it’s 1/8 scale after one they had the prototype in person it’s diecast
so it’s like it’s solid it’s heavy and it’s gonna be one of those like you get
a new packet of parts and on week for two years and then you build it after
140 issues and you get I love that idea this giant model like a book club for
builders yes and then you get like with every issue because they are technically
a publishing company you get a little magazine with some instructions behind
scene photos backstory that and people use that you
know and collect those as well but it’s really about getting that ecto-1 they
did it for the DeLorean I want to say couple years ago and I hadn’t built that
one but they have two one maybe one I want to get into does the same group put
on New York comic-con is San Diego no New York comic-con is run by Reid
and technically they’re the same people who run packs as well they bought packs
out and San Diego is run by CCI comic-con international everyone read
pop also runs Star Wars Celebration yes and c2e2 I think in Chicago leave you
are correct yeah so like the big day they’re called big convention copies
three pops one of them Wizard World two other one see and Comic Con runs
WonderCon comic-con alternative press Expo I think that might be it comic-con
sign yeah but it’s a whole different flavor like we what New York 1sd really
just because of the one yes because of the cities right like Adam allusion
alluded to this like the influence of New York comic-con does spread a little
bit into Midtown but largely if you walk two blocks and they’re long blocks than
your admittedly two long blocks away from the job at Center in New York you
are just in New York and you may see Oh in Times Square there’s someone dressed
in a costume that you know stayed in a hotel in Times Square that’s going over
its the comic-con but it’s gonna be mostly 95 98 percent tourists and New
Yorkers and people going about their day-to-day right like unless you’re at
the Javits Center that like kind of one but where the traffic is terrible and
everything’s blocked off and people are kind of hovering there like the the
hundred thousand plus people there from New York comic-con are at New York
comic-con as opposed to San Diego where almost entirety of San Diego especially
downtown the Gaslamp District is is a is consumed by San Diego so that my
comic-con my comic-con so that I think it’s a different flavor that way because
you can enjoy the city obviously food is much easier to get to in New York right
you can scope couple blocks take the subway and you get some great food and
San Diego it’s tough to get food but not only that and like the way the city
works with the convention but demographics are so much different and
it’s a little more of an East Coast feel definitely more diverse it’s ghost feel
and III think I like the fans at New York more than the fans San Diego I feel
I feel like the you know I didn’t go this year
but I went to New York last year it feels even though there’s
this there’s still more and a growing Hollywood kind of component to it San
Diego feels dominated by entertainment industry New York still feels like a
split while it’s a growing segment and so you still get like elements of fan
what I really enjoyed about New York last year especially you can see like
cosplay as a growing oh yeah New York comic-con if you think of a
proportion of attendees who cosplay many more it feels like many more attendees
cosplay in New York even if it’s just a casual cosplay so let me bought off the
shelf but people love dressing up and really relish in it and it’s not Dragon
Con levels but it like there’s no big day in New York where I feel like this
is the cosplay day like it is in San Diego like every day in New York tons of
people are and people just hang out cuz that the Javits Center the convention
center itself has this giant multi floor atrium with these big glass windows and
people are just hanging out there and in that in that sense it’s a little bit of
that Dragon Con fuel there’s I think the corporate element is still there it’s
definitely a little more arame but it’s less it’s still less of a industry of it
yeah yeah yeah totally you know there’s no Eisner Awards there’s yeah there’s no
masquerade is different but yeah it’s expensive to get to and it’s expensive
stay in New York but if you’re in the area you can take the train there I
highly recommend it have you were Adam ever given like some thought as to why
fandom and these events have become such a profitable thing for these companies
now versus in the 80s I mean I was a Star Wars nut and I had a trash can like
that was how I expressed that I don’t think it was even an opportunity to go
to something like a Comic Con and you know well I think that’s when I came at
the opportunity it’s about awareness and about the internet and about people I
think the internet must be a big part of that like I think people like being a
part of a group and the Internet has allowed them to find their group and
then they go and express that yes yeah and and of course it’s become less of a
subculture than it is just culture yeah you can’t take out big businesses impact
on this to like I feel like like when companies like Disney have grown in the
way they’ve grown they’ve added an an accelerant to it that is showed up in
mainstream media in in their investments because they see it as a growing area of
demand well the commerce side of it 100% like
back then if you’re a saucepan you had a limited number of in Kenner and that’s
about right you could get the license things and you could be a completist now
because it’s easy to manufacture because companies big and small can make great
things there’s just so much more for fans to consume and these are places for
people want to spend money they want to they want to get physical things and
they can get them in person here yeah so that’s New York Comic Con recap we
got a lot more videos coming out Oh anything else I’m missing uh I met one
of my designers for Heroes so New York Comic Con for me is also a big appetizer
for designer con designer cons end of November Anaheim high decrement if
you’re in California if you have a chance to go it’s its massive designer
toy our toy convention and designer toys is like a small corner of New York it
used to be the five points festival is the other big like it’s the East Coast
designer con and they use called the block in New York where they have like a
few boots a lot of artists who do poster art and custom Dino toys and so I got to
chat with the retailers I like and some of the artists I like but one oh yeah
that wasn’t there in New York but yeah that’s one of those I’m showing some
pictures from Norm’s twitter twitter feed yeah of some designer toys from an
instinct toy Japanese come a Japanese company I want to say that’s from a
Japanese artists this is my favorite one you oh that was originally an art print
the picture is Winnie the Pooh and in a squatting position kind of squeezing out
a tiny Winnie the Pooh its pooh pooh that’s right and that was an art print a
piece of flat art that they could have turned to a designer story anyway
that’s like the weird part of design the toy scene and there’s some like lots of
like derivative works and riffs on popular culture
a lot of original stuff as well and every year at the Five Points Festival
which happens in Brooklyn I think fun by juxtaposed magazine for
ket exactly one of them one of these art magazines they award like the designer
tour of the year so front of the site Jason Freeney is one designer tour of
the year with his right behind us actually we have the one designer turn
of the year the the skeleton the the dog one yes the x-ray of the balloon balloon
dog and you can see the skeleton that was design a tour of the year one year
actually a lot of stuff behind us if you’re watching a video is from the
designer toy scene and I think two years ago the one that one was artists named
James Grohmann who would briefly worked on like the mad ball stuff and he had
this figure called the king corpse which was his take on a King Kong inspired
giant ape except was like a decomposing ape so like this the flesh and the bones
were revealed and it’s great paint scheme and those go actually for like
thousands of dollars on eBay if you can find one like you can’t just readily go
it’s it’s it’s it’s all almost more like like high art then then Thai art but I
got to meet him and and had an interview with him and I was definitely like
starstruck no well we’ve all been there norm some people have been there with
you well mufon’s allotted letter a lot of fans at high so thank you for saying
hi as well all right let me know play the music yesterday alright so rolling with the New York
comic-con theme there were a bunch of panels there and a bunch of things
revealed there so you know what this could have also been the top story this
week we got more picard emma has the countdown not only is it the countdown
to a card on CBS all access we now know when the countdown will end we have a
premiere date that’s right in January January 23rd 2020 I believe and and as
well as Star Trek discovery season 3 which I believe is the fall of the year
so they’re kind of staggered releases how many episodes of picard are there
good question I don’t know ok I want to say six might be eight okay but no
series alright yeah yeah although that I think they are they are open to doing a
season two I gotta tell you the production values on this teaser trailer
it’s not even teasers it’s it’s a whole trailer but we’ve got a San Diego was a
teaser trailer pretty high yeah so how much spoiler talk to one it’s
because they’re like the San Diego teaser gave away so much I don’t know
what’s more questions I don’t feel like this gave away anything yes yeah yeah
what well okay if you don’t want to know any details about Picard get a skip
ahead about five minutes yeah alright let’s go for three to five minutes about
the trailers are fair game trailers fair game
yeah okay but yeah just skip it if you don’t want to know
so we’re gonna talk about it you had a lot from the first teaser first teaser
of course you saw up of cars retired he’s in the shot supercard he’s making
wine he has a dog number one it’s great and his past something in this past
comes to haunt him we don’t know why though he retired from Starfleet and why
is he living on earth right where was himself why was he go
back to Raisa why did he go back to the planet in insurrection when people were
staying young he promised you’d come back yeah we knew Jeri Ryan was in it we
knew it we knew the writer wasn’t it yeah we knew that we know there’s some
gook that he’ll go for uniform is in it there’s a girl that he wants to help
yeah needs a self-critical character and we
know that a lot of the plot involves not only the Romulans potentially but also
what happens in the world where there is a Borg cube that’s being this text is
being harvested by nefarious forces maybe Starfleet of it mm-hmm so there is
a mystery not much of that mystery is kind of elaborated on in this trailer
and it definitely feels like a expanded version that first trailer it’s like a
character centric like yeah character character character character but on the
Picard state of mind right he has we have a little more sense of where he
sees data quote-unquote data and it’s definitely a dream sequence they’re both
wearing next-generation uniforms and data’s painting a picture with a
character with no face so don’t know don’t know who that is he’s a guard if
he would like to finish it yeah the card says I don’t know how and data
says yes you do yeah so there are some inks there there’s obviously some regret
we saw in the San Diego trailer that Alison Pill was a scientists working
pretend but presumably on androids has in a drawer the parts of potentially
hazardous or before yeah not exactly don’t know it’s definitely a new class
Android and then we see more of those Androids this is true in this in this
trailer I did I think the crucial thing is the feeling of regret Picard has
around data something is still like eating at him well not just data there’s
some failed mission there yeah – and the theory in long structure fans is that
that failed mission was the destruction of Romulus as portrayed in the prequel
the the prequel comic series leading up to Star Trek 2009 I think that’s spun
off the Kelvin universe right was the structure of Romulus cuz the the star
exploded oh you think he’s gonna be filled with regret for something that
we’d never seen yes yes yes but we don’t know that’s exactly the case because
like one of the big themes in next generation was unification like he using
a carry on Spock’s lifelong goal which Spock never achieve
which was unification of Vulcans and the Romulans he was going to be the peace
broker and the car the Ambassador was gonna carry on that
legacy and obviously failed Spock obviously failed as well as with
the destruction of Robby list a shared DNA yeah spoken Picard
no no Romulans and fun well yes they share elated yes Spock apart didn’t mind
meld was that Sarah Cooper car so do they come from a common planet do their
academic art yeah did they ever talk about that uh I don’t know it exactly
the there’s separate planets Romulus and yes I’m aware of that but do they come
from a common planet I mean if you go back to that episode of Star Trek next
generation of Picard’s archaeology professor we all come from the seeds of
DNA from one Africa well some space Africa yes so what else we get in this
in this trailer well we get Jeri Ryan kicking ass dual wielding phasers she
seems like a bigger part of this story that I initially thought I thought she’d
be like some sort of cameo yeah I think we’re getting hints that she might be
more involved in the story you see her mourning over a fallen friend theories
are could the speech coat a button probably not it looks a little too young
so the other prevailing theory each app Oh each empathy chip each ebbs the worst
Egypt like I hope it’s EJ let’s get some time thank you for asking the question
Jeremy yes let me know you started some theme music there’s a whole subplot in
Star Trek Voyager now not only in Star Trek Voyager was that about there
marooned ship and the crew of Voyager and the crew of the Maquis ship on in
the Delta Quadrant trying to make their back home but they also pick up a bunch
of kind of strays one of them of course is Neelix the main character last of his
race but then also 7-9 being a big character brought in who is a rescued
board right seventy-nine originally was the Ambassador that the poor Queen sent
over to be the liaison on Voyager and then right before the Borg tried to
betray them Janeway anticipated it and then cut off seven of nine from from the
collective and then then rebut back her and even individuality Anika was certain
Hansa Annika Hansen right and and then so one of the big themes about
Voyager going for especially with 7/9 character was than her rediscovering her
humanity as well as then encountering other Borg who may have been split off
from the collective as well two of which were humans that were assimilated one of
which is a boy named EJ he wasn’t human he was Brune ollie
oh okay and like there is some story about like he was maturing and there’s
some virus on the Borg ship that gets out and only the kid like immature
drones get out so basically it’s rescued and he’s sort of like a going through
the process of rediscovering his humanity like two years behind where
seven of nine was so he was almost like her like you know impatient pupil trying
to rediscover it and so you remember when Wesley was a real pain in the ass
yeah I guess that that he was was that Wesley of Star Trek Voyager yeah so I
hope he gets it other things the Picard trailer we should talk about the big
reveal which we were expecting what it’s all we saw one oh is that a reveal if
everybody knows on Twitter that these people are in the show Shana the Frakes
and Marina Sirtis after San Diego revealed that they would be part of the
show yeah and they said they didn’t want to do the show it was just gonna be a
reunion show isn’t Frank Stephen directing he is directing yeah and so it
really feels like it’s a cameo appearance for maybe one episode maybe
two episodes who knows who knows it’s part of the they’re not the main crew
right they’re not gonna go on a space adventure with the car Picard has a new
crew a new ship that he’s he’s not even the captain of the cast he seems like he
recruits them so he does willing to go out on the edge when compared to maybe
break a few laws yes yes and are they flying that old rotten man warburg that
TOS era warbird with armor on it who knows but of course yes he could salt
his number one not the dog Riker and so he goes to a lake house yeah settling on
earth now last we saw a Riker last we saw Riker and Roy both left an
emphasis to command the Titan and that was 20 years ago so 20 years of command
settling down they have a son mm-hmm they have maybe maybe more kids and you
see right there tends to yell at his son yeah
Riker is also a cook go max is doing dishes in the kitchen there’s a reunion
and then there’s a heartfelt talk on the pier about the lake it all felt very
Avengers endgame did it felt very happy Hogan Tony Stark’s to me I love it it’s
fine I rather like that males I really like that moment where the sons like
jean-luc Picard’s here and Riker looks up I look forward to open yeah a lot of
embracing live good feels so one thing to temper our enthusiasm
I thought Patrick Stewart look kind of old
I mean he’s old he is old but it like it made me a little less enthusiastic yeah
I have no problem with that you know because I’m hold and we’re all getting
this but I do think that data looks different and I have a problem with that
because if he’s supposed to be a figment of John Luke’s imagination he should
look the same that’s the only thing just just in terms
of the story I mean Star Trek’s makeup has always
been a reflection of the the makeup technologies at the time yeah right so
the Klingons being a prime example of that
and I’m sure they didn’t want a D H data completely digitally they wanted to
allow Prince minor to act but certainly not for lack of budget because the
effects in this trailer look like a movie how is this even possible I mean
it’s the ABS Alexa has has special effects just gotten more affordable or
has TV budgets gotten two movies I think both levels both yeah your expensive
shows I mean you look at Game of Thrones those are 10 million dollars an episode
yeah and if they plan far enough in advance and are judicious with their
effects budget then they can they can kind of balance that amazing I mean
they’re spending their money and the space battle is not necessarily on the
skyline of San Francisco or sorry don’t they’re not just the space battles it’s
the interfaces you know it’s like the hologram
stuff that easier to do that oh is it it’s much easier I mean terms of
tracking they’re not grotus coping these provide right it’s true it’s true it’s
all it’s all digitally tracked it but it just blends so well it doesn’t it looks
like something that exists in their world
I mean youtubers have done this stuff as well create a holographic device yeah
it’s like you you it’s it’s accessible and it it’s not about like you don’t
need a Pixar level render farm right so my LM class on render farm to do those
effects it’s more about the design work and the time takes just to conceptualize
in it is a 10-episode run oh thank you that was great news that good research
very good and good news so that’s Star Trek Picard coming out early next year
they’re excited countdown resumes they had a big poster for CBS all access like
a big ad and outside New York comic-con like there was a the big you know
marketing campaign and took a picture of this I’m so I gonna pick it up and it’s
a big fate it’s it’s Jean Luc’s face and the tagline is stevie is all access it’s
odd and I said what should it be it’s so yeah right yeah make it so yes naked son
made it so engaged Oh made made it so made it so engage it’s so make it so and
it’s so it’s on you can’t put that next to his his face cuz it makes it sound
like he’s saying it right and you that doesn’t really I mean you could have put
anything there you could have been Earl Grey high and people like it’s on the
kettle is on the kettle kettle oh great hot it gets well done you saved
it other TV stuff lots of TV New York Comicon law TV stuff expanse season four
that’s gonna look good and so the entire cast was there so definitely expanding
like the planets they’re going to it feels like is the theme for season four
very good and then Star Trek discovery season
three as well now I definitely don’t want to talk about this because there
are spores if you haven’t caught with season two discovery I didn’t watch
season two discovery and watch this trailer I was like oh something
happening things are different yeah so let’s let’s not talk but if you
have if you if you didn’t like the direction that discovery took and maybe
season one and part of season two season three kind of feels like it’s gonna
twist things around a little bit there are short tracks so these are the short
film kind of interludes but that were released between the seasons and the
first one for discovery called QA the setback in on the enterprise with
Captain Pike and number one there it’s and I leave tribbles that’s been
released we could watch that on CBS all access there is gonna be a short trek
for Picard explaining the with the scenario I’m giving you back so my per
card left Starfleet still looking forward to that
other TV show trial a buncha stuff on FX there’s new Alex Garland sci-fi show ABS
Garland’s guy who didn’t lhn and ex machina and it’s his first TV project I
believe it’s called dev and it’s it’s a black mirror esque show best best I
could tell His Dark Materials that’s HBO so there’s new trailer for that that’s
the golden going chump going Golden Compass I’m sorry
Danika calls it to Colton Sean pass Golden Compass I actually thought this
trailer looked pretty good it’s it’s it’s darker than the movie if you watch
the movie and people said it’s much more consistent to the source material yeah
and they’re going to spread it across multiple seasons so it’s not like
they’re cramming all the books into one season Watchmen is coming out in like
this a month less than a month and they did screen the first episode at in your
comic land and it seemed to be well-received
really so I’ve been very skeptical and I watched the trailer and it’s like
showing up in commercials on HBO now and I’m like man that’s good to hear I guess
I I will try to be optimistic about this one
and then also in terms of movies Ryan Reynolds TECA ytt
and with the kid from stranger things was there to promote a free guy oh yeah
this is free guy a gone levy comedy about a bank teller Ryan Reynolds who
spank its robbed regularly until he realizes he’s an NPC in a video game and
then it has to break free and in a GTA style open-world video game and he has
to break free and apparently they showed footage which is not online but if this
was very well received at New York Comic Con this is him just leaning into being
Deadpool well you feels like Rhino Reynolds being right yeah breaking
fourth wall and kind of self-awareness so do they talk about why he’s able to
like to have sentience words don’t know other embassies what don’t I don’t know
that’s what I want to know yeah I hope they answer that technical question
well Taika Waititi is in the movie as an actor and he plays the game publisher
he’s the villain okay you play the game publishers Dylan fans can get behind
that yeah of this world there was that movie
that came out last year called serenity okay and not not the Firefly movie but
this is a move of twenty percent on Rotten Tomatoes directed and written by
Steven Knight starring Matthew McConaughey and Hathaway Wow Diane Lane
Jason Clark lots of famous people it’s garbage about 20 percent but it is so
high concept and it reminded me of free free guy reminds of it there’s a
ridiculous twist that no one sees coming which I can we be spoiled for you yep
yeah 20 percent your boy ever said you’re gonna watch it all right if you
don’t want to know the twist go watch it I think is on Amazon Prime it’s absurd I
do not regret the 90 minutes I spent watching it it starts off with Matthew
McConaughey as a fisherman yeah in on an island a name Island and he’s having
trouble catching this giant elephant oona called justice it’s his moby-dick
and he goes out he’s a fisherman and he and he’s hired by tourists to help go
fish catch giant tuna alright he’s also an alcoholic he has an affair with Diane
Lane and then one day his ex-wife and Hathaway appears out of nowhere on the
island and it’s very like no are like femme fatale like lots of overacting and
they have some like they have they have some baggage about you know a son that
died or something or no a son that’s left at home and she she’s being abused
by her new husband and she pays him ten million dollars or offers ten million
dollars for Matthew McConaughey to take her new husband out on this boat ride
they don’t know who he is and then kill him right so it’s like this like big
conspiracy overdramatic thing yeah but what about the tuna well and and and
also they want to catch the tuna he wants to catch some tuna right good and
that he has like this crazy like he’s conflicted about it he’s getting drunk
he’s going crazy and and everything’s like super weird like what is what what
is this movie is it is it new or is this a crime thriller it’s this weird thing
where are they and then it is revealed halfway through the movie are you ready
for this I was ready for a minute ago that they are actually characters in a
video game that their son has programmed now and they are slowly becoming
sentient and the Matthew McConaughey character is a dad that died I recreated
him and his son has recreated and his video games give him peace on this
island and because the son hates the stepfather is reek is telling the story
about his wife or his mom and it’s his dad trying to kill his stepfather well
my house it and norm it doesn’t it doesn’t really end like he becomes aware and then hits an
existential Christ you can a sick game you’re stuck in he’s stuck in the game
he like lives happily ever in the game base okay
but the game is written so that they get to they kill they kill the via the the
stepdad Kiki he goes against his programming which is the go for the fish
the game world tries to get me to continue hunting for the fish Wow
because those are the rules of the game but he breaks her programming and and
kills the stepdad oh good and and then the kid in the real world
it basically is him killing the stepdad in the real world it’s like that black
mirror episode happy ending kind of like a black mirror it’s kind of sounded like
the Callister yes Callister upstair it comes out of nowhere
so really no way and watching this thing looks like a like a weird fantasy noir
yeah like and then suddenly the kids like type on his computer then
programming yeah yeah anyway that’s what I mean the free guy talk to me me must
have read well like as a screenplay because those are some high-caliber
actors I I think everyone just wanted a vacation on an island without this map
it’s my guess it’s weird and absurd and I’m it’s an original story so I’m glad
y’all like what’s making original stories I guess last bit of pop culture
news John look there’s a spin-off coming out this is it’s about the dog no no no
it’s gonna be about a female assassin I think it’s called the ballerina wave it
when you say spin-off like are you saying there’s a character in John wick
worth spinning off well there are many characters in John reports many there
are yeah I would say the Continental uh the
whole Berlin Lancer etics character or what’s-his-name who runs the continent
all remember the Deadwood yeah like Ian McShane like his character
is worth spitting off the whole mythology I do a lot of world assassin
library yeah any of the assassins that he fights right it was worthy of a scoff
alright I would say less so Laurence Fishburne’s character of the like the
hobo king right down the ground King yeah yeah but
Halle Berry’s character and John wick 3 he’s worth spinning off but this is not
about her this is gonna be about it’s written on a spec script actually and
it’s gonna be a female send in the vein of La Femme Nikita and
it’s gonna be 1990s or or no it’s gonna be stylized like Quentin Tarantino or
Lucas song which actually does not give me a lot of hope for this and it’s gonna
be directed by Len Wiseman who did underworld so while I’m excited to see a
spin-off of the John wick universe I’m less excited that the creative team he’s
kind of like just your standard director or like underworld it’s gonna be
underworld rehashed the John word universe like we’ve seen John wick kind
of inspired movies come out there was a ultraviolet there was a Charlize Theron
one what was it called there was Lucas all did one and it’s
those were not that great okay anyway I’m excited for the universe and
the games John would hex game apparently it’s coming out this weekend it’s very
good hex what’s a hex game uh do you know this no
I’m like it’s called John wick hex a licensed game yep and it’s a strategy
game set in the John wick universe where you kind of think of it almost a
turn-based adventure based action game it’s in a board game or is it no no it’s
a video game yeah it’s on it’s on it’s a turn-based war game like hex hexagonal
it’s called topic X because it’s inspired by hex pace yeah like
turn-based gaming like we’re gonna form base X comp right like XCOM yeah right
where you take you have your number of moves per turn yeah but the twist here
is it’s John wick so it’s action basically about where you use up your
actions to kind of attack the enemies and yeah and engage them in martial arts
but it’s happening in real time along as opposed to turn my turn you turn them
enemies move then you move it’s happening in real time in slow motion
along essentially what looks like a video editing timeline and you’re
dragging and dropping moves on the timeline as the actions playing out no
weird for user for John wick to do these to counter and react to the enemies you
know and so right it’s still kind of a
strategy game where you need to choose the right moves move in the right places
but the enemies are moving at the same time as you so they react to them and
kind of think ahead and the cool thing is once you beat each level of the
strategy game you could then play back the action in real time
so you’re basically directing a John wick action scene I could play that in
real time and so I think it’s almost like it’s super hot yeah except it’s you
know isometric you’re looking at it from a third-person perspective and if it’s
kind of happening the slow motion as well
I wonder if that’ll be well-received that’s interesting it’s been well
reviewed because it’s not an action game no no it’s not your standard
third-person shooter yeah interesting yeah so that’s it for the pop culture
news awesome oh so well before we continue on our next segment I’ll let
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week’s episode and let’s move on you know the one regret I have or the
one disappointment at sporting thing about John wick X’s I don’t think it’s
on mobile devices it’s gonna be on steam and in other and consoles but I love for
that game let’s be on like Android or iOS have you subscribed to Apple arcade
yet yes I have but he said that was my segue oh and on my flight back from New
York six hour flight I played a bunch of Apple arcade game alright are you on
board I’m on board for at least a month every month yeah but it’s $5 after that
I know but like we talked about before like how much if if I’m not playing the
games like regularly yeah you know a couple times a week yeah then I don’t
know if I want to spend the money and I did like I enjoyed the sampling of these
games because just as everyone is written and reported and reviewed the
games are not microtransaction games there are high quality games are
different their eclectic no advertisement this team there no no
advertisements they from you know I’ll work on iPhone and some of them work
very well on tablet and some work very well on on TV so I download about ten of
their 100 games so let’s go through some of our favorites cool we wanted to talk
about F arcade for a couple weeks and I wanted time to actually play through
some of them so Jeremy we can kind of go back and forth what are some ones you
like uh my favorite the only one that I really go back to regularly and this is
not the only good game on there this is the one that I’m hooked on is bleak
sword oh I love bleak sword oh you played it I played it yes I’m surprised
you didn’t say the golf game what the damn what taking away the fire oh that’s
it’s an important game Baron to leave there okay so bleak sword is its people
tell me it’s like Dead Souls or whatever Dark Souls but if ever you just die
constantly have you do to stock on I’ve never played Dark Souls because I don’t
know maybe I’m not masochist so I I can’t tell you if it’s
like that or not but the the combat is very well defined swipe and tap and hold
based controls and it’s it’s extremely challenging so it’s when you mess up you
feel you’ve messed up and that’s the trick like they’d it’s really well
designed that respect aesthetically it’s not even like 8-bit it’s like it’s two
colors well three black white and red and pixel pixel art very low res pixel
art you have a sword and other weapons and you like said the swipe controls
work very well for moving with one hand and then what hacking so you’re doing
the two finger I am mode I I’m trying the one finger mode and I find it to be
you know maybe in that since I figured that was the default maybe that they
were pushing me in that direction so I’m like that mmm played on a tablet as well
so yeah too favorable make sense yeah so you’re moving around this kind of you
know square environment enemies are coming at you you can slash them and you
or you can parry and so it’s about timing yep it’s about agility moving
around the world dancing around the traps that they may lay down but it gets
very difficult very quickly yeah its timing like a one-level you’re on a
horse and you can jump the horse by double-tapping but you can lead the
enemies into these obstacles and then jump over them yourself yeah it’s it’s a
ton of fun and the music is great I want to say the music is by the guy who did
the music for indie game the movie Jim Guthrie oh and it’s a it’s just I’m
loving it like it’s stupid challenging but it’s it’s got that really quick game
loop so I can play it for five minutes and then put it away yes yes okay I’ll
go with what the Gulf yeah I mean that seems like the clear winner of the of
the announcement of the initial games is a game
it’s it’s weird it starts off as a pop-up game so it is mini-golf and you
are swiping to move to move the putter to knock up a golf ball into a hole and
then every level after that is completely different yeah and that’s I I
know it’s it’s so full surprises and the way they surprise you at every level is
not just about how far away the hole is and reaching par and you do what I want
to reach par for some of these but every level conceptually is a twist
subversive take of the level before mm-hmm and it’s lot filled with
videogame self-referential trivia and well Easter eggs yes yes
so that one it’s surprising the light the whole way through like it’s not just
my fear for these games or you play like a couple levels and you get the sense
for the whole game and I don’t unless you just want to pass the time there’s
no reason to continue playing for the surprise and delight both bleak sword
their new mechanics introduced later on and also for what the golf literally
every level and repeating the levels when you play them hope we’re going to
get through stars is different right so how to play building what you were
saying every hole has three different versions of itself yes yes all right
next Jeremy another one um well um I think
that uh us assemble with care is really like that’s that’s a game that’s a chef
kiss of a game exactly exactly I could imagine it’s not gonna appeal to you
know everybody but it’s fantastic like it’s one of those games where you start
it up and it says recommended to play with headphones because they’ve taken
their audio very very seriously and it’s great like the voice like the voice
acting all of the little interstitials have text and illustrations and they’re
read to you by professional voice actors which is like a step that didn’t have to
do like they didn’t have it they didn’t need to do a voice acting at all for
those things most people probably just gonna skip them because it’s just you
know it’s a it’s pushing along the this plot this storyline and people probably
just want to get to the gameplay in some respects but if you take your time with
it and really appreciate the details that they we’ve this this game together
with it’s fantastic it’s it’s about love of objects and parent objects yes and a
classic objects from cameras to is that player you don’t buy the game itself
yeah so you you get various things that you have to repair you’re you’re you’re
special you’re some sort of repair person and the first thing you have to
repair is I want to say it’s a tape player and you have to spin it around
and on so you have these array of tools and you open up the battery compartment
take the batteries out replace the batteries flip it back over like you
have to fix the tape yeah that’s one thing that I enjoy it’s like I’m naughty
kids would know how to do that are you like get a pencil yeah yes yeah yeah
it’s as I said it’s graphically beautiful but if you take your time with
it and enjoy the narration and the storytelling it weaves together a
beautiful game speaking of beautiful games one of the best looking games I
played it’s called where cards fall and it’s a puzzle game where you’re kind of
a kid adventuring through the world but you have to unpack these stacks of
playing cards that are in the sizes of all the worlds constructed basically
like playing cards textured playing cards and then you build platforms that
let you then traverse and pass obstacles and so it’s it’s a it’s a puzzle game
but the graphics are unbelievably gorgeous really in this game it’s the
visual style it’s it’s far away looks like one of the best you know at least
for the bed outs yeah switch games better the art styles
on an iPad or iPad pro is jaw-dropping the floor is lava is pretty stunning
looking too that’s more traditional style like where you it’s more of a guy
platformer and literally is a platformer I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s
hard to play and like on a mobile describe describe the floors blah blah
it’s well it’s basically it’s like a first-person shooter
except it’s not a shooter it’s platformer first-person platter first
pressure that’s a fine and so you’re running
through a world where the floor is literally lava and you have to jump from
platform to platform you can grab parkour style bars and swing across to
other platforms you can land on trampolines to get higher and it’s all
first-person so like I think it probably plays best with a mouse it’s best the
gamepad I played gamepad on the phone and I it was like I just couldn’t look
fast enough to where I needed to look and people also play using the gyro so
looking at all the gyro yeah I’m tapping the screen to do the
grapple moves the aesthetics of the world is one of the big novel parts of
it where they are kid playground environments you know they are your
living room it’s everywhere where a kid might imagine playing the game in their
head the floor is lava except the floor it’s
quite literally lava in like your school environments and your home environments
right a grindstone is kind of a match 3iq no it’s the bejeweled style puzzle
game although it has a wonderful little like cartoon aesthetic to it and this
one is a swipe you know draw the pattern to connect the dots to then have their
character slash through its if you like those type of level by level puzzle
games where you’re like doing these kind of match match similar like things and
finding the right sequence of patterns and getting the combos it is the best
version of that because it also has again no microtransactions you know no
ads and every level feels very challenging very satisfying quicker
through the ages you got to play that if you have a buddy next to you especially
where you can do multiplayer it is a physics-based cartoony it’s kind of a
sports game it’s but it’s really just like learn the mechanic of this funny
battle or sport their physics physics ragdoll game yeah moving your ragdoll
characters left and right and beating enemies and as you progress through the
sequence enemies you’re also then increasing it going through time in from
this cave age to moderate it’s funny because you’re trying to do these
trivial things like you’re trying to kick a soccer ball like that’s it and
it’s hard and it’s like you you know you can do it but you can’t do it and you’re
playing with somebody who’s trying to do the same thing next to you and you just
end up giggling the whole time there’s game called pinball wizard I’m not nuts
about it did you play it I did it’s a little hard like I guess I’m losing yeah
I don’t think a pinball game on a small screen is always gonna be a chaplet an
iPad and so it’s it’s the conceit is that it is technically a pinball you
have flippers and you are knocking a character as opposed to a ball round but
to your it’s a adventure game like a Zelda style dungeon game but you move
through the world by flipping your character and it’s physics base so
you’re kind of each each dungeon level you’re knocking down enemies you mean
there’s flippers and you actually are flipping you are actually the characters
ball yes yes you are going through these dungeons and
the strong enemies and getting a potions and life not by d-pad but by the physics
of pinball it’s the concept is great that they took the term pinball wizard
and they ran with it and quite literally that song uh yeah I love it but I just
felt like the actual physics were just difficult
like I couldn’t aim as well as I wanted to right right and then so it’s very
easy to die like I couldn’t ya get very far
I’m not gonna recommend any other games like that I’m sure there are more on
there but I have not found them I’ve played probably ten other games and I’ve
just been kind of okay on them really yeah oh but I do feel like the Overland
I’m not even I didn’t play that oh that’s go full Flay I mean I won’t take
$25 on on other devices yeah based radish game yeah Stapleton I was talking
about playing that when it came out and he was having a real hard time with it
so that’s why I didn’t try it it is a game we to be very patient meticulous
view like those again it’s gorgeous is a beautiful graphical style but it is
your classic kind of turn base on a on a small platform each level you have to
get out of level find you know evade the enemies in this post-apocalyptic world
find the gas for your car get NPCs to join with you and it is a very deep game
much deeper than your click and play yeah sword this one feels like a true
like console game that’s ported over its iOS Ocean horns on there too that seems
like a pretty massive game play that one I haven’t either but it’s it’s like a a
RPG adventure one more game I will recommend neo cap this one’s really it’s
it’s interesting definitely unique it’s a story and narrative based adventure
game choose your adventure almost where you are it’s it’s it’s cyberhood game
you’re in a future where you our character driving an uber style cab in a
world where AI the big corporation that runs the world has almost supplanted
humans driving cars because now Thomas cars have taken over and so humans
driving cars is a rare a rare trade in a where business be in but you also get
the benefits of not being tracked so the
people you pick up don’t want to have their routes being tracked and so it’s
like the game because there’s a whole backstory of you moving to the new city
what’s the game’s friend you are there’s a map your view of it is you looking at
the front seat look in the first-person perspective yeah I’m looking in the rear
view of you’re seeing your passing passenger and you are in dialogue trees
it’s a totally a dialogue driven you’re making choices having conversations it’s
like govern more of the world Havers please yes and na and then and then kind
of unraveling your relationship with your best friend who you move in the
city with but it’s all cyberpunk themed likely one of your passengers works for
the corporation it has like these a are like Holograms in front of them and you
throughout the conversation you slowly realize and they’re fishing for
information from you and filling out and checking boxes on a survey that they got
to they’re getting paid to ask you in the real world and then and you have
this like mood-ring mechanic where as your character gets angrier yeah like
your mood ring changes color and your dialog options become more limited
because the dialog that the more like agreeable options disappear or on yeah
unpickable so it’s a really interesting can you win its know just like exploring
story oh it’s like surviving and it kind of yeah it’s it’s it’s a totally
separate base so can you never well you can run out of it’s a lecture car and
you can run out of power uh-huh and it’s though it’s a game that
gave me a little bit stress because I totally got range anxiety
yes playing the game right because you have to go charge up and huh
the conversation I do and I mean I know that there’s Apple can be a divisive
topic and you’re charging money for a subscription-based gaming service is
gonna be a divisive topic I seriously have like just gone super
sour on mobile games over the past couple years because everything has gone
microtransactions that’s just the market like people aren’t paying for games
they’ve never played before they download the proof the free version and
then the only way to make money on that is to do you know incentivize like
microtransactions I like buying coins or in-game currency in that kind of thing
and I and I hate that trend I bet it’s just we’re we’re mobile
gone and I feel like this is a turn for the better like this I I get that like
you have to pay a subscription but I feel like this is a way for game
developers to make the games that they want to make once again like I we
haven’t seen game developers have this kind of freedom on mobile in years but
if only if the business model works those developers oh absolutely I’m
counting on that like hopefully it does I I have a feeling this initial batch is
taken care of right but that’s the app Apple investing like yeah heavily right
going into the red this les initiative right – – I exclusivity which is self
extremely divisive like if these games were put out there and put on Android
app on iOS and put on steam i could developers work more money all right the
exclusivity is only on the mobile side yeah yeah all right but I just as far as
I’m concerned like taking this as just the launch and seeing games like this on
mobile again is super refreshing like I just love the fact that game designers
can make a game and not have to be tied down to Marta microtransaction mechanics
in order to you know make the game practical and commercial I wonder if
apples it’ll allow these games eventually be sold a la carte you know
$15 right that’s the problem no one’s gonna do that like that game designers
can’t do that anymore no one’s gonna pay for games that
they’ve never played before out right like if this is the exception like $5
for unlimited access to all all these games my point is the buzz right if
people are getting extremely excited about leaks or no interest in that
Barcade right right would Apple allow the big store developers to put their
game out for 15 $20 oh I see what you mean because of the buzz generated by
apple arcade yeah do you think they have contracts where they have exclusivity
wrapped up forever or is it just a oh no one knows
amount of time no one knows how long the exclusivity is no one there was how long
like what the release cadence is gonna be so if we got really excited like
we’re thrilled them you know we feel like there’s a lot of value in the free
month for sure right if you’re an iOS device and you want sign up for that
free month you’re gonna get a lot of free game
value let’s say a year down the line let’s say you get through the hundred
games and like there let’s say quarter of them generously are hits for you and
you’re getting 25 amazing games that you’ve paid now $60 for or $55 for for
the year that’s still you’re still coming on top right you’re still
averaging less than four or five dollars a game that you’ve really enjoyed and
but what’s gonna be the release schedule how how long has Apple 1 been working on
secure locking up these yeah the game developers it’s question and – how what
are the what’s their next face is it gonna be five games every month
that it comes out it’s gonna be a quarter release yeah like what’s what’s
that plan because game domain is not a it’s not a short it’s it’s not like no
even mobile yeah right it’s not something that can be knocked out in six
months just because the money is there it’s true it’s true we’ll see but I got
to tell you like I am nowhere near unsubscribing because especially
especially because of my kid kids yeah I having my kids be inundated with
advertisements in a game for just crap every 30 seconds is driving me crazy and
it is rotting their brains and I I’m so happy that this is here cuz I can now
say kids go to the arcade section any game you won there just get one and then
and that is refreshing as a parent all right speaking of video games the other
big story in the video game world this week was the confirmation of PS 5 coming
out all day well 2020 well yes but also K confirmation of the name
Playstation 5 like that’s news why is it that surprising yeah come on no no it’s
not surprising not at all but it is news so the release kind of announced the
leaking or the slower release of PS 5 info is very weird on the Sony side why
does there’s there have been there’s in there they’ve talked about already in
the past but we go ahead of this before this week kind of the hardware they’re
going for about the fast load time they’re going for you know an 8 core or
AMD CPU all right they day and they know like it really feels like
that this is all coming out because the next generation of consoles is gonna be
fighting against cloud computing cloud cloud gaming and mobile games oh you
think this is against stadia this yeah okay maybe and really too but I don’t
think it’s it’s not even think the next generation right the PS six is gonna be
the one that really has because right I don’t think stadia in this generation is
gonna be a serious competitor to to hardware based consoles right no we’re
just gonna have physical game or you know whatever like locally but they do
want to address the you know the benefits of cloud gaming is instant load
times and play anywhere and and so and and you know Xbox Microsoft has made
investments in cloud gaming and streaming and them reassuring the core
gamers quote-unquote that they’re gonna have some real interesting features that
you can only learn and get by buying a physical console plus are also gonna
address issues like low tide by going with really fast assess these like that
is that’s gonna be that’s that’s essential it’s just I don’t know why
they’re doing a slow release as opposed to do it that’s a big event and it’s
putting it all out there it’s also early yeah they’re talking about what like 18
months from now yeah yeah so the things that was on delivered with the
PlayStation Blog you know a wired article about this was controllers will
have new to new features mystic feedback what does that mean no it’s awesome
they have these like in the as we all know like rumbles has always been in the
two sides of the controller Xbox Playstation
but this is gonna be a new form of haptics based on sound waves yes so I
like looking into this so the old haptics was just literally a motor that
would rather yeah and this is a voice coil actuator where you have like a
solid-state magnet inside and then a coil around it and so it can it’s not so
much sound waves but you can direct the motion based off the strength of the
current that’s going through the coil outside of that magnet do you use any of
these voice coil actuators they’re using a really precise movement no and I think
that’s why the haptics are so much better is that you can control with so
much precision down to like you know microns movement Wired says highly
programmable voice coil act actuator yeah located in the left and
right grips of the controller which also more tactile responses than the
DualShock 4’s Rumble motors can do hmm also an approved speaker and they talked
about so it affect what can it allow you to do when you have this haptic when you
have well who knows like we gotta wait until we try it but it’s just it’s
they’re saying that they’re focused on haptics and that excites me from vr
standpoint so but not not in the same type of haptics that you would get
necessarily in in vr though so cuz you’re still playing things like check
it out one example check it out wired reports that a modified version of Astro
bot rescue mission yes offers realistic feelings for the surfaces the player can
run across including soggy mud bouncy wooden bridges like resisted the
communicators are you the feeling of the controller here’s how I think it works
so if you’re like sliding on ice let’s say I think the actuators are gonna go
in the direction of motion and feel like the controller that like resists that’s
force feedback that’s not how that’s not just like tactile optics yeah I hop
ticks of light I get like bumps as you go on you know muddy or like gravel or
something if you’re talking about actually changing on the thumbsticks
changing the amount of resistance you don’t know no not that that’s different
though and I think it’s gonna have stuff like that it the triggers will have
active resistance though because there’s all my adaptive triggers yes so that
will be a thing we’re like if you pull your triggers there can be resistance if
you’re like pulling a bow versus pushing that’s cool pushing a throttle okay
so I’m hoping that they can then like release that resistance at certain
points to to give you a sense of like firing or something like that yeah
they’re like clicking okay um so I I’m just psyched for that from a VR
standpoint because no one else seems to be talking about haptics in right in the
VR space and this is happy that’s not about motion controls either no not
about like those they’re still using shortcuts for the actions you’re still
pressing buttons yeah still moving thumb sticks and that’s it’s fine
but because psvr preserve a big part of PS 5 for games like Astro bot or games
that still make use of dual shock that you see in in VR one of the best parts
about psvr that would be that’s that’s wrong did you go to that
a brush talk about like half dome three and it was what it was a far the keynote
and so when he was talking about the motors that move the focal length of the
screen these are the same type of motors these actuators is mostly inaccurate are
the same doughnut gotcha rendering is gonna go a KTV
support 3d audio that looking forward on a GPU level there’s gonna be ray tracing
that becomes you know obviously it names a control of paper a chasing more
relevant the optical drive will play one hundred gigabyte discs and double as a
4k blu-ray drive tell you be able to play 4k blu-rays oh you got on your PS 5
finally is that a finally thing like yeah do you want a 4k blu-ray player I
mean for blue Krait every blu-ray is 4k but not playable right now on ps4 well
so DS ps4 right now play oh yeah nice yeah
so how play 4k are you gonna be buying 4k blu-rays
oh yeah I still do you do buy for Gibbler yes really yeah get the best
best quality on no doubt but I have not done that I don’t know it’s one of the
reasons I have the Xbox one X this is a reasonable feature to have no III think
so – I’m just surprised that physical media still thing for something totally
okay yeah I’m all digital at this point mmm look what the quality is there and
also those special features yeah you have much more special features with the
for clip blu-rays so ps5 i’m of course there also the expectation is a new Xbox
maybe next year as well so this really feels garlotte yeah the end of the the
end of this this generation wait what would you want to launch at launch for
ps5 a you know awesome psvr like a done right psvr
and then whatever exclusive titles they’ve done they’ve done a great job
with with their titles for psvr yeah in terms of the traditional games obviously
the there’s gonna be now play your Last of Us part – yeah last minute – yeah
that stuff is all designed for ps4 well you know what I can be stuck but if it’s
gonna be faster and they can use some of these yeah yeah undoubtedly but they’re
I’m I’m still going to wait for what’s gonna be the PS 5 exclusive gotta you
gotta have a new console to play I yeah I bet GTA 6 is gonna be up there like
that was reloading time it’s been so long well speaking of GTA Red Dead is
back in the news because the weight was not so long for red dad to get ported to
PC right and so it’s good it’s a year after release Red Dead which is much
shorter than how long it took for GTA 5 to come out on PC but uh Red Dead will
have a PC released and I think it’s not on Steam and in comes a month later okay
okay so it’s on Epic that’s what it is epics first and it’ll be on Stadium
whenever stadia launches as well so great opportunity to jump in if you
haven’t played it over a dead and obviously it’ll include the Red Door
online stuff and all the other DLC okay more console stuff oh not good news for
Ataris yeah new console the VCS yeah that their lead engineer has quit I
guess he was a contractor and Atari he claims that Atari has failed to pay his
last six months worth of invoices so he says he’s out Atari says don’t worry
arms his Ark is done our neck is in the mail what our success is not dependent
on any one person that’s terrible a great response no I’m a little nervous
I’m sorry for your t-shirt yeah oh yeah yeah well fingers crossed
yeah it’s tough to be in the hardware business right yeah okay it’s trimming
news had the streaming wars are escalating hey I think Disney Plus has
that like big three-year deal back until I think October where it comes out to be
like a month or something oh my dollars a month I can do that now I believe so
Wow I saw it on a Gizmodo post about it so I think gooda was only 23 23 I think
you know I don’t know if it’s on d23 you have to Google don’t even sure do the
research I get it but netflix i mean obviously should be concerned and disney
has even gone to the point where they are bad
ads for Netflix on any of the Disney related surfaces except ESPN just so you
can have Netflix has done ESPN all right I don’t like the sound that that’s just
weird that’s just like the kind of thing that
attracts government anti better to baby or antitrust stuff yeah shouldn’t do
that yeah oh this news just came I remember the
essential phone oh yeah though that was Reubens phone right Andy Andy Rubin yeah
who of course a lot of controversy any Rubin left unceremonious he left Google
and you know a lot lots of reports maybe misconduct but anyway he’s still
working on his essential and their new he’s there are some photos that
essential tweeted out of their new phone and it looks funky it looks like a half
the size how about the width of a phone that’s theirs yeah MA and the back has
these vibrant like huh your Desson colors all ghost people are calling it a
candy bar phone yes but very shiny I I think they’re the called gem okay so
it’s a sequel to the first essential pH one and even though the pH one was a
decent decent Android phone yeah this one that’s that’s a funky whole new
looks like a remote yeah or or a voice recorder yeah it’ll get lost just wear
your Apple TV remote will be yeah same deal yeah oh no III don’t know how web
pages are her look how things like does it run Android Maps it runs in first man
George huh yeah yeah I wonder how difficult that was I’m sure
not that difficult that’s all new ratio yeah that’s better I mean Android app
through well yeah I’m sure they need custom apps let’s make it work Mac OS
Catalina is out yes every story I read about it though is be careful because
you won’t be able to run 32-bit apps anymore and when you go to actually
install it thankfully it does give you a list of all of your apps that are thirds
of it won’t be compatible mmm and you have a bunch of neat updating the one
that I that kept me from updating is sound board oh so I don’t I
it do I have approval from the tested management to install Catalina and no
longer have access to our sacred soundboard app is this is gonna kick sir
good no yeah yeah we have a fallback alright then I have seven port stowe
yeah but are so you’re not gonna install can’t lean it
we’re not buggy why not cuz that I always wait the only feature I think
that that’s cool and you can do this with thirty party apps like I know
already but you can make your iPad a second screen yeah I mean isn’t that’s
neat I don’t know just eaten up third party features some native features yeah
although there is a feature that’s supposed to supplant shot box that won’t
get released till all next year it got pushed out what I mean like a
centralized Reith repo yeah really like airdrop but
with a centralized hub it syncs I mean look at different name of it that’s
interesting but I was 13 still really buggy in what way it’s just like apps
crash hmm you you’re up to date yeah thirteen point one point whatever yep
yep huh Apple TV’s getting the twitch app finally mmm-hmm so this is kind of
that back and forth relationship Apple has had with Amazon previously you could
not get Amazon streaming apps on iOS devices but Amazon Prime’s on there now
and now also twitch you know YouTube TV just came to Amazon devices it came to
Amazon fire and it’s great really I’m glad to see the thawing of this of the
apps because if that’s what the streaming wars results in every other
consumers are just gonna lose em I’m just seeing iCloud drive as being back
yeah that’s name of it it was announced in 2014 no no there’s a new one okay
something huh something’s coming something’s coming all right that’s a
mystery let’s jump to the last bit of news well there’s there’s some speaking
of twitch there is a little bit of controversy in the eSports world
especially related to Blizzard and its players and hearthstone players and
commentary on what’s going on in Hong Kong this is an international incident
it’s just it’s not just like I’m just gonna keep calling it that
I don’t know what else to call it wait the NBA story is much more of it
like an actual international incident right like that’s that’s has
far-reaching yeah the NBA thing is a bigger deal in
the sense that we have politicians weighing in on it and there’s much more
dollars at stake but this Blizzard thing is not small potatoes either III I I
find it shocking and disgusting I’m if I played hearthstone I’d probably stop all
right so why don’t you talk about the stalling it our people and is there a
huge backlash from there is there’s my class yeah I so I don’t I just I read
about this after the fact I did not follow her stone I don’t I didn’t know
about this but thanks for clarifying yeah but one of the one of the pro
players in a live broadcast came out you know in support of the protest services
protesters in Hong Kong and he said you know you know I forget what the phrases
that he said but it was and he put on a gas mask as a simple solidarity
solidarity and apparently Activision Blizzard’s stripped him of his winnings
and it was only like 10 grand and was not like only 10 grand like no I mean it
was a large stone player like this it’s a totally a lot of money but it’s not
like it’s to blizzard it’s not a lot of money right yeah and they said and I
guess their reasoning was like and they have this in their contract is that if
you cannot say anything that will offend a large portion of our audience so it is
so anti freedom of speech yeah and this is not even large portion audience
they’re talking about like the audience in China as opposed to the Chinese
government but where’s it’s coming from well I guess they consider their
audience to be worldwide see I understand that kind of language in a
contract from a perspective of like not saying like racist and misogynist and
like you know just generally I guess that would be a spirit of that yeah yeah
but this doesn’t seem to be the spirit of that rule no I mean senators have
weighed in on this too like Ron Wyden put Blizzard on blast on Twitter so it’s
this it’s a crazy situation has Blizzard shoot any statement about it I don’t
think so they’ve been there have been other players on hard sort of kind of
voice of solidarity for the hearthstone player and blazers shut it all down
turning off broadcasts turning off these these just cancelling interviews okay
here it is he shouted in Chinese liberate hong kong revolution of our age
and he donned a gas mask and i guess that the two announcers who were
commentating the livestream laughed and joked with him about it and they were
fired yes yeah it’s right there was um I mean there’s a big college championship
circuit that they host for hearthstone and one of the teams from American
University held up a sign saying free Hong Kong during the broadcast and they
cut the broadcast mm-hmm like this is like I mean here’s the
other thing you go back to the NBA thinks that what it probably has more
awareness and that ties to you know of course the Blizzard decision is tied to
the money right it’s like the fall the money Blizzard it makes a lot of money
and within Asia generally and we don’t know how much they make from China sure
but they they feel like they make enough money that they want to restrict the
speech of their players and create these kind of these guidelines so that they
can maintain their business interests which is exactly what the you know the
NBA has contend with and other big corporations including Apple because so
much of the revenue comes from from Asia from China and in the NBA’s case you had
Dale bori who’s Jim for the Houston Rockets team tweeting some support for
for the protesters and on a platform on Twitter which is not accessible in China
and that got him backlash and that got even like ESPN reporters who like that
tweet backlash from from China’s mom and and that’s that’s I don’t think the
Blizzard thing is gonna move like it I don’t think blizzards gonna back down
I do think the NBA will not will back down from this from the censorship
because like NBA makes a ton of money in China I don’t think he’s like
the people had to choose between basketball and the tweets of and you
know hurt feelings from the tweets of a GM they’re gonna choose basketball I
don’t know so it’s so we have to acknowledge how
complicated this issue is like in terms of the politics of it but the NBA has a
big money TV deal in China and I heard an analysis said that like each team may
lose up to eight million dollars if that TV deal gets cut each each team each
team may lose eight million dollars you know for these billionaire owners they
they’re dating get to be billionaires because they don’t like money they like
you know they they’re running these businesses and I think there’s thirty
there are thirteen mba chinese based business partners like officially signed
on eleven have canceled their deals with the NBA so you think the money will
speak in their i mean call me cynical but i think I do think the money will
carry even though the NBA is really positioned itself to be like on the side
of social issues being out front on that because the thing is there’s no one in
the NBA that’s going to stand up for this the players want the money to and
like where is the push at least on the blizzard side the players are pushing
back against the company that’s why I think Liz ERDs gonna lose this battle I
think though that the audience in China won’t stand for it if they’re not gonna
broadcast those games in China the love of basketball is a lover NBA if you all
actually convince the audience to push to did I don’t maybe have the government
back down just a little bit I don’t know about that I think what the the gaming
thing you know if nothing happened if Blizzard just didn’t strip the money
and just didn’t say anything that would have just probably gone away it was the
act itself of stripping the money that has caused this uproar to happen also
Apple has removed the Taiwan flag emoji in Hong Kong nothing to see here
oh my god move along Wow yeah yeah I mean it’s it’s these so many so many of
these big companies rely so much of on their income on on China
I mean I’m manufacturing not just income right the business relationships it
makes it very complicated anyway you didn’t listen to this podcast for our
politics talk so we’re gonna move on from the tech talk but before we get to
our next segment I won’t let you know that this is only a test is also made
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more about casada at Lutron comm slash test that’s Lutron LUT ro n comm slash
test now it’s time for a moment of science
okay it’s Nobel Prize Week and we’re gonna talk about the Nobel Prizes
because the three that have been announced by the time we’re recording
this are all really important discoveries are really push science but
before we get there a moment to editorialize the Nobel prizes are
outdated prizes and it’s mostly because of the rules associated to the prize one
of which being that you cannot award the prize posthumously and there are all
these brilliant people that have passed away that have done a lot and we’re
gonna talk about one momentarily who contributed a lot to this but they can’t
receive the recognition there’s also a limitation that only three people can
get their reward which limits the fact that most science is done by enormous
teams now and so you should take the prize as almost a recognition of work
that thousands of people have done feel live of a field more so than the work of
individuals and it’s certainly out of the the three science awards that have
been awarded this year nine of the risk that there are nine recipients total of
these three words all men all white all from like high earning countries I knew
we’d have our day and it reflects like the it reflects a moment of time in
science that still kind of carries through to today but in that sense like
the Nobel Prize is not sort of reflective of where science is now and
where science is going in the future that being said let’s celebrate the
actual work that was being conducted physics let’s start there physics was
awarded three people two different projects one the first one watch two dr.
Peebles who works at Princeton his his official title even though as a
professor emeritus now is the Albert Einstein chair of science at Princeton
and that’s like that is like one of those things that’s like a no joke like
a lot of professors carry like the titles of people who donated money to an
M you know endow money to that lab this is one of those that’s like no joke like
it’s some really incredible physicists have held
that chair including you know Albert Einstein at Princeton his work has
spawned three different Nobel Prizes like for other people so he’s a
theoretical physicist that first came up with the idea that like we can’t explain
the size of the universe as is like there’s something kind of funky and
wrong with it and so a group out of Berkeley like Saul Perlmutter and some
others actually reasoned from that theory were able to actually test
experimental a that the universe is actually accelerating away and they went
a Nobel Prize for that ten years ago and is based off of the theory that people’s
had also peoples had this idea like based on the Big Bang that just because
of how some of the math is associated there’s something called the
cosmological constant that we’re going to see some noise some some sort of end
some clustering of that noise of energy in the in the universe and that ended up
being used to confirm there’s something called the Cosmic Microwave Background
like a gentle hiss that’s just occurring in the background of the universe this
leftover radiation from the Big Bang and that it clumped in particular places
that gave rise to galaxies and and stars and and all of those things that was
based off of his theory and so a lot of this work that he’s being recognized for
with the Nobel Prizes all of his theoretical work that underpins these
advances but the one that he’s most known for is he took a phrase that
Albert Einstein used this idea of cold dark matter and really started to build
theories around it and it led to this idea in this understanding that there’s
this dark matter that pervades this universe that we don’t understand what
it is but it makes up a huge percentage somewhere in like the you know 20%
region of the total mass of the universe and we just can’t see it we don’t know
what it is and his work was really fundamental in getting us to that point
of understanding that this stuff is out there it will say the
person that really did the most around dark matter was Vera Rubin she was a
astronomer that passed away in 2016 heralded as a great person asthma as
much as a great scientist and her work really pushed for our understanding of
dark energy dark matter in a way that in terms of if you were gonna single out a
single person that has done that it was her but because she passed away she
didn’t get this award and like this is the award that recognizes a lot of the
work she did the other half of the physics prize we’re not even through
like a half of the physics re goes to two astronomers I’m gonna get there I
got to get their names right sorry one second it’s related to discovery of an
exoplanet and why didn’t I write down their names
it’s a Greg cemento no no that’s the yeah biology one huge this is Mayor and Queen lives they were studying this idea
of like in the early 90s of why we haven’t seen any planets beyond our
solar system and they looked at a star called 51 pegasi that’s about 50
light-years away from us and they had built this instrument to understand like
what’s going on in that star and they found a planet basically due to like
dimming of That star that was the size of Jupiter but it was going around the
star about every four days I thought they measured the gravitational pull of
the planet on the Sun yes ray I mean but they built the instrument that did that
that’s cool and so they actually thought the
instrument was broken when they first attack so frequent well because there is
this no understanding that a that planets existed around other stars at
the time and there is no understanding that a planet of that size that orbit
would be that close to the Sun it has a four day orbit around its star it’s much
closer than mercury right yeah and so there’s this really great
interview with Quay Lowe’s like a couple years ago where he’s like he he said he
was so embarrassed by the finding he thought the instrument was broken and
didn’t publish them the findings for like a year
so that was the other half of physics the other two chemistry was for
something that we all know and love we’re using them right now it’s for
lithium ion batteries yeah and there’s three different scientists that were
awarded that prize what’s awesome about this work and it goes back to the 70s is
they didn’t initially start with lithium liquid lithium ionized lithium they
started with locks of lithium as as the anode and like lithium blocks are
completely unstable when exposed to water or air and they had built a design
that was essentially they had a block of lithium and then on the other side I
think it was uh what was it something disulfide magnesium disulfide something
like that and like actually power like built a battery that way and then
another scientist came along and improved the other components and – and
so their work like 4050 years ago gave rise to the lithium ion battery now but
they started in pretty much the most dangerous way you could imagine possible
finally the biology prize went to three scientists that were studying
essentially low oxygen environments in our body which is typically called
hypoxia the reverse the normal oxygen levels is one of my favorite terms in
all of science it’s called nor Marcia nor Marcia so they were studying how
oxygen environments the cells especially red blood cells they interact
differently depending on oxygen levels and they found this hormone is now
commonly referred to as EPO it is the hormone that Lance Armstrong Lee used to
dope himself related to the Tour de France that this EPO hormone was being
activated in low oxygen environments they were able to actually train a track
that hormone to specific sections of DNA nearby that were coding for that hormone
process to be released they took it a step further and actually looked at the
RNA that was deriving instructions from the DNA in that segment and building
proteins to help regulate this and they understand we understand now based on
all this work how these proteins specifically regulate pathways for
oxygen both in normal oxygen environments but also under low oxygen
these stressor environments it’s led to everything from how athletes train to
our basic understanding of how cells function that’s Nobel Prizes in like a
brief recap I have one other story that I wanted to talk about that I thought
was fascinating heard about deforestation in Brazil and in South
America and how that is deeply concerning in the context of climate
change well a study came out from three researchers that have been studying
deforestation patterns in Central and South America and they found a kind of
surprising link they found a link between deforestation patterns and
cocaine trafficking ah cocaine trafficking groups who are trying to
circumnavigate you know law enforcement in different ways have been buying up
land by investing in cattle farmers who then clear-cut areas of land that they
can now traverse because they have a relationship with them and so all these
farmers have been clear cutting land in a pathway sort of up towards the u.s.
that is being used as a network of cocaine smuggling and that deforestation
has a legitimate effect on the d4 it’s like it’s not the primary driver but it
has a significant effect in the deforestation that’s happening in South
America to me like you can dig into the report and all the analysis and whatnot
I think what’s really interesting is like we have to look at deforestation
not this like singular thing that’s being
driven by ranchers and food production but if there’s a complicated economic
ecosystem around it that even touches upon things that we wouldn’t think like
the drug trade on that really uplifting note that’s it for a second you know
that GTA 6 is rumored to be a narco since mild inspired game takes place
down there mmm that sounds like a game the VR minute
virtual reality this week all right so I’m just I’ll talk about in VR let’s
have my sorrow Hardware first HTC cosmos is out people have it yeah we’ll have
the review hopefully soon I can say right now is now we know why the
lighting in the room that we did our demo at when went to visit HTC was so
bright is cuz it needs a lot of light it’s a lot lighter needs a lot of light
all right they have patched an issue where the
sensor was very sensitive and people would get lone low light warnings too
frequently and that’s been remedied but the trekking needs a lot of light to be
to be so so how does it fail does it fail with warning messages or just
affordances lost tracking both yeah yeah okay so and then relates to the vive
cosmos they did announce there’s gonna be the compatibility adapter for the
wireless pack and that will be $50 now that might sound awesome because like
$50 get Wireless but that’s not actually the case
this is the adapter which is more about power feeding to the wireless adapter
that you still have to buy yeah separately right what do you buy us when
hundreds of dollars yes yes so and that adapter to get the wireless adapter
working the compatibility adapter is coming late October okay so that’s it
for the cosmos stuff but let’s talk about some
games game so many games one Asgard’s wrath is coming out is by time to listen
lists will probably be out already that’s right yeah that big special i
think the only time they’ve ever released at midnight so they are
releasing at midnight well 12 a.m. Thursday morning PST this is the oculus
exclusive from sensory games that is a Norse mythology inspired
action-adventure game now it’s a big flagship title for VR Loki plays a major
role in it and I didn’t know lucky from mythology I knew him from Marvel really
what I mean I am NOT a mythology nerd I wish I were uh do you enjoy the writings
of Neil Gaiman um I have yes that’s not saying I’m kind of serious but yes
there’s a book called North’s Norse mythology and and the audiobook is quite
good he narrates it but it’s about all the funky unknown Norse gods that we can
some of them some of whom we only can infer from because they’re only appeared
on text but in pictures and like that one’s a really good book and probably
we’re complement to at scars breath so Sanzaru previously did Marvel hours you
know it was United as well as sports let me just say like saying that is not a
good introduction to this guess what my all is my point my point was that based
on those past titles I was not hyped up for a scarce wrath yeah but based on the
buzz reviews are out we don’t have a review because we just started playing
yesterday he played for a couple hours but based on what other people have been
saying this is the second coming of VR like this is supposed to be at 17 a 50
hour game s no not 17 I’d only think you could finish if you did the main
questline I don’t think I could finish in under thirty some-odd three hours at
least with though that that’s no SciQuest no SciQuest yeah I mean it’s
and no yeah like there’s straight-up RPG crafting elements mm-hmm you’re
collecting resources throughout the game based on parts that fall off with bodies
things you find in barrels you’re smashing every barrel you come across to
hope there might be some gold or some wood
there you’re collecting herbs and plants as you walk through the world that this
is not zelda sir still kind of level based it’s fairly
linear yeah yeah but yeah I’m just I’m saying like that stuff compliments the
main game the main game is much more of like combat your commanding characters
that you as a god turn into humanoids from animals and then they assist the
human that you are basically controlling understand the big appeal right now is
the combat is fantastic comment so there’s a lot of physics based combat
games out there like Gorn and sorcery this is not physics based so they went
with a more architected you know Prince of Persia style like Perry at the right
it’s a timing game but it’s definitely full body motion so you’re yours you’re
looking for that special move you’re pairing that and then you’re smacking
they get their spit their armor off but you don’t even really get to the intense
combat for a couple hours like for a while you’re just learning how to manage
your creatures that you’re creating and you create the first two that you create
are a shark and a turtle and they can add their special abilities but man does
this game reek of quality like the graphics in this it’s an 80 gigabyte
download so you’re talking about its asset heavy very acid heavy 80 quick
switch unpacks and 130 gigs is that right yeah and it is the min spec is not
970 anymore min spec is 1080 mm I’m playing on a 1070 I wonder why that’s
why I’m getting some weird load times okay all right but you frame weights
good while you’re in a game it’s it’s fine when it’s when it’s running but
often times I will come up to an NPC and the game will pause while it loads in
some assets and then it Reno starts playing again mmm and you’re also
playing on a CB 1 right you’re not I am I’m playing a high resolution on that’s
true yes although 80 FPS but yeah it’s the the
combat is is good but there’s also like I said this whole role-playing element
where you’re building things you go from world to world you can you are a god and
you can do whatever Thor does to get back up to Asgard he runs what is that
called the rainbow world the rainbow the rainbow bridge yeah he
there’s a rainbow bridge in the beginning of the movie but you who warps
from the front world the world oh yeah what is it
Frost what’s called for sure you guys don’t knows right no no no no yeah you
you you use that I suppose and the effects are awesome when you do that I
get everywhere you walk in this world by frost by Frost
yes honestly like you just look around and the wall textures and the the things
you’re opening that it’s like the chests that reveal things inside the effects it
just all feels so good looking like II I’m not used to this level of quality in
VR certainly not at this scope either like you I played for two and a half
hours and I can see like on the one world that I’m in and there are many
many worlds in this game I’m not even ten percent through it yet
like there’s just so much game here I mean it’s one of those things that I
don’t know how long it’s been in development but we yeah yeah right
VR iteration we quite fast and even games that we saw previewed announcing
Medal of Honor from from respawn you know two to three years in development
and we’re curious about how much assets like how these teams compared to the big
triple-a yeah teams that are make console games or PC games and then this
feels like based on number of assets and different types of heroes and characters
involved like it’s it’s up there when I forget who was who got up in announced a
medal of honor at octopus Connect six but they said this is the first of the
next generation of VR titles and I feel like they understood this one like
because it was so close to oculus connect maybe there’s they’re more
excited about that and that will be a unique game there isn’t it like a
narrative first-person shooter yet and that will be I’m sure that will be a
good game too but this feels like something that doesn’t exist so a scouts
wrath of course storm land coming out Searle is next month
yes that’s what about Storm Lake you you got in the next year
Medal of Honor like big games in VR $40.00 game which sounds very reasonable
totally reasonable I think a lot of people might be waiting for oculus link
to play this on quest yeah I would like that too that’s coming out next month
and definitely want to have a good PC to play that yeah yeah yeah that’s
that’s something I I’m gonna play through some and rift s but if if it’s I
get really into it and I might wait for oculus link just to get the full full
resolution see I want to finally try revive oh you want to see if I can do
this on index yeah because I feel like the index controllers are much closer
analog to touch controllers so maybe there’d be a better compatibility so if
anybody has played a skies wrath on reverb and it works well I yeah sorry
reviled let me know on Twitter because I want to I want to know somewhere on the
HTC reverb or HP reverb sorry HP reverb yeah revive software exactly a lot of
Reve words yes thank you there a couple other games announced a predator VR game
coming on Steam there’s a trailer out for that looks like a fairly standard
shooter you could play as two humans the commandos or the predator and there’ll
be some multiplayer so this wasn’t a New York Comic Con there was a predator game
being shown in your comic-con but prior VR from phosphorus studios and published
by Fox next that is gonna be sometime next year we think and then I think we
iron man VR has a release date this is the psvr exclusive and that is the
webpage no well while you look lit up but also was announced is the voids next
game experience location-based experience and this is in partnership
with alum X lab again and what they of course did the Star Wars void experience
there was no Ralph bricks internet one and this is gonna be a Marvel one an
Avengers themed avoid experience it’s called Marvel Studios Avengers
damage control and it’s gonna be in locations like Glendale is gonna have it
I think Vegas right Vegas will have it San Francisco will not have it Anaheim
is not gonna have it I see available locations huh and Hum
will have it Anaheim Santa Monica sorry Anaheim Santa Monica Atlanta Las Vegas
New York Minneapolis and Plano Texas Glendale will not have it
you think it’s gonna be good I hope so I like what ILM xlab is put out so far and
the screenshots the trailer doesn’t real too much but the screenshots show like
Iron Man type armor and so ok I imagine you can use the hand tracking and you’re
gonna be an Iron Man suit I’m curious what they’ll do in real world stuff like
what kind of haptics like are they are you gonna touch surfaces or you gonna
feel like heat like you dad moves too far I don’t know that kind of stuff the
story is that cheery from Wakanda has created prototype armors combining
wakandan technology and stark technology so if you and three other people four
people will go in put on the armors and you fight alongside got a strange wasp
ant-man and you know blast some enemies I love less than enemies yeah um
Iron Man Viera hits February 28th ok so that’s a later a little bit later and
then going back to beginning at New York Comic Con one of the things I also got
to play was the walking dead saints and sinners he says one out of two different
Walking Dead VR games this is not the one from servio so this is the one from
skydance skydiving are active ok and full fledge game i got the play for like
40 minutes there seems to be a lot of game here in what kind of game
so it’s an adventure RPG mm game where you’re in The Walking Dead universe it’s
not based on it’s based on the comic book stuff TV show and you’re in New
Orleans and when I saw you travel from different parts at different maps and in
different maps they’re different factions that I’ve control and so it’s a
lot of it’s gonna be kind of telltale style adventuring where you interact
with with NPCs humans right so you chat with them they’re dialogue trees that
you you can navigate and you can set on missions to hunt and rescue people from
zombies or from other other factions but you could also play the game and just
shoot everyone if you want and just try to survive okay you’re navigating
through the free locomotion and they have a thing in this game to
try to give you the sense of weight so and also have stamina so you’re picking
out let’s say you’re holding a two-handed weapon right and you’re
swinging if it’s a very heavy weapon then the weapon may lag behind you
you’re ghosting at the hands kind of like in low neck oh yeah just to signify
that the weapon is very heavy or if you’ve used up all your stamina because
you’re doing all these melee moves and can you know stabbing zombies in the
head with these knives you also then kind of disembody a little bit didn’t
was that successful did that work that the weight mechanic the weight totally
feels like you know the thing feels more laborious to move I’m not as nimble huh
right like and the same with like two-handed rifles this has a little bit
of that kind of sim feel where you’re reloading by you know pulling the the
magazines out and yeah putting the back in and the recoil also is there so it’s
all about judicious management of your ammo and interactions with the human
factions and with that looming zombie or this case the walkers kind of always in
the periphery you know going through these towns that you’re in are these
parts of Louisiana these parts of New Orleans seem like it’s a really big game
they think it’s gonna be you know 15 20 hours there’s a lot of like rappeling
and climbing through the world as well and crafting so all the weapons break
like in Zelda so you use the knives enough and they will break and then you
can like collect parts and and go to your home base and craft and build new
weapons and and their big thing is also inventory management so you’ve a big
backpack and you store food you store bandages and so you gotta keep yourself
alive in this world single-player only I was gonna ask ya look at would be a fun
game to play co-op but that I’ll be able to get the dialogue stuff okay the NPC
interactions there but well a video on that soon hopefully with footage and
more impressions and I think that does it for this week’s podcast
hotdogs anything else we’ll go over no you yeah yeah more science no
more science no I’m just reading papers over here not being useful Picard comes
out January 2020 what’s the next thing you’re looking forward to mando like TV
shows listen I’m on next month yeah yeah Disney Plus just sir generally yeah I’m
subscribed let’s get you out link for the night I send it to okay is it what
is for people out there who want to get in it was I think it was a like you have
to go to a special website like founders
and there’s a code and there’s a code for a three year pass called parks past
three years parks past three years is that code
founders at Disney bless calm there you go and I think available till October
11th so yeah and a it gets you pay $170 for three years which comes out to a
little less than five dollars a month that’s not bad I bet I think I’m looking
forward to storm land more than Disney Plus mmm really yeah interesting
that’s after ass courts wrath though right yeah easily till storm land right
yeah and then storm land and what else come in Luigi’s Mansion three baby I am
very excited about that game and that’s coming out at Halloween yeah Esper one
is the other one I’m excited for that they keep slippin it is it is being
pushed I wonder yeah what’s going on stell also health robot game Halloween I
don’t he’s gonna be a little fun three weeks
yeah that’s coming up oh so much my kids are stressing out about what they’re
gonna be oh my god a big big decision minions are you making another staff
like a making oh yeah I’m a wizard every year it’s very easy
your wizard Jimmy there we go alright we’ve an outro we do yeah I don’t think
we apparently like we did a double up right come here
like last week I think I can’t tell if this wasn’t is one that we’d played
twice or never before does shark eyeballs sounds familiar to you guys
does not sound familiar to me alright let’s check it out
oh you know what I’m gonna do a couple things
and are you building Halloween costumes do you know what the Miz
this will be our first year with the baby and you know there are a lot of
kids in our neighborhood and we want part of the point of having a baby’s
dress in a month right we I would love suggestions we have a few ideas that
we’re excited about but nothing that we’re super thrilled about I think you
all dress up like like rip like your dog no yes
I’ll wear dog outfits that the mech is the ultimate baby like the baby in the
harness who’s in the mech in the whose control you’re talking about from alien
X yeah it’s like yeah yeah that’s the ultimate baby costume I love that but
it’s a lot of work that’s a lot of work a lot of foam and so I mean is a lot of
work to like walk around in that kosher sure yeah comfort first yeah comp def
that’s where the wizard started it was a wizard of comfort yeah it’s I it’s I
that like obi-wan Kenobi would be like the Jedi version of the wizard and super
comfortable you know space wizard all right here we go you might notice if you’re watching the
screen that this shark is glowing redo so we did rewind when we didn’t do that
one then yeah okay this is the fresh one then okay um we’ll Hawk released this
yesterday black hole VR ooh I want to show a visualization this is a
famous picture of a black hole black hole I’m gonna hit play on it black
holes warp space and time what’s the interstellar look familiar
360 degrees around the black hole what we’re seeing right now is sort of
looking head-on at the black hole but because of the way the black hole warps
light bends light we’re seeing sort of the bottom of the black hole reflected
on top when we spin around it you’ll see it goes sort of flat two-dimensional but
there’s a ring in the center there’s a photon ring there of light that just
gets trapped and is spinning in a circle all around until it finally like
releases out to towards us this would be so much more effective in VR it’s crazy
in VR I’m sure so good when he stops making these I quit oh wow that’s a
threat too good mohawk they’re too good we’ll see you next week

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