The No. 1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily

I’ve been able to spend millions of
dollars improving myself with mentoring with some of the most amazing men and
women on health, wealth, relationships, hacking my business and really taking my
life to a whole new level. And out of everything that I’ve learned, out of
everything they’ve taught, there’s one secret more profound than any. One that
leads to gold medals in the Olympics. Another that leads to billionaires
crushing it in business. And today, I want to share this singular secret with you. You want more out of life, right? Like you
want to figure out how I manifest that bigger house for my family? Or I’d like
to drive a nicer car. I really just want my business to succeed or I want to find
love, right? I mean all of us are going through life and we want stuff. And we
want stuff that we’re not getting. And it would be so easy to look at what we’re
talking about here and call this whoo whoo science. But the reality is that the
number one skill that has more power to change life than anything else is your
ability to visualize. I mean visualize the way that your
Olympians use it to actually manifest gold medals. I’m talking about some of
the world’s most successful individuals are practicing visualization. And before
you write this off it’s some weird pseudoscience. I want you to understand
something. Every single second, your brain is
processing 20 million bits of information. But your conscious brain can
only grab on and understand a couple hundred those bits. So, which ones are you
noticing? Which ones are you seeing? If you didn’t have a filter system called
the reticular activation system, then everything would come in and your brain
would like melt or explode or implode. Something would happen. And so instead, we
have a self defense mechanism. We have to program what we see in our world. And
with 20 million bits of information every second, everything you could want
is available. But you can only process a little bit of it. And what you’re
filtering comes down to decisions you’ve made about your belief system and also
the people around you have also helped do that.
So, the problem is your reticular activation system, it is a filter that is
made up of a bunch of neurons that have made decisions about your life. And what
they do is they activate your confirmation bias. So for example, if I
was in third grade and Miss Bohanon told me, “That was stupid.”
Or at least that’s what I interpreted from the bad grade on my spelling. Then
my confirmation is now bias it’s good to go through life and look for examples
where my intelligence is limited. It’s going to look for proof that I’m not good
at reading or I’m not good at spelling I’m not good at this. And we
need that bias through that filter so that we actually block certain
information and know what to allow in. The weird thing is that a lot of us are
blocking good things and we’re letting in bad things. So, visualization is the
process for retraining your reticular activation system to actually allow your
mind to start using confirmation bias for the things that you want that you’ve
never really looked for before. Now, the good news is that this is actually
really simple to do. And I’m actually giving you a free copy
of this book while supplies last. We ordered a big truckload of this. This
book is called Limitless and it is a compilation of all the science that
really helps you understand how visualization is real and how it works.
It’s called reclaim your power, unleash your potential, transform your life. And I
wrote this book. I didn’t dedicate it to my wife and my children. I dedicated it
to you. I dedicate it to anyone in pursuit of living a bigger more
meaningful life. So, if you want to get the deeper science, you’re going to find it
in here and this book. I’ll actually give it to you for free, just click the link
below. But let’s talk about the 2 steps is how you actually perform a super
effective visualization. First of all, as corny as it sounds, you’re just you’ve
got to stop and you’ve got to close your eyes. Because it helps you block out all
the stimulus to help quiet the mind. And what you want to do in your mind’s eye,
you want to actually see yourself in possession of your goal. So, if your goal
is to feel more love in your life then you’d see yourself surrounded by more
love that would be people loving you or you loving people or doing acts of
service or charity or whatever that looks like. If your goal is to make a
million dollars, then in your mind, you would see yourself with a million
dollars. In fact, you would see yourself surrounded by whatever you want as if
it’s already happened. And that’s the first step is you’ve got to actually
visualize and see yourself in possession of what you want. Because the mind, we’re
actually building neurons in your mind around the thing that you desire telling
your brain to build a bias to look for this information and let it in and at
the same time block other information that would be getting in its way. So, I’m
programming the mind for let’s call it a million dollars. I worked
one of my students. In 27 years had never made a million dollars. The most you
never made I think was 120, 140 grand. He said, “Kris, every year for 27 years, I’ve
I’ve wanted to make a million dollars.” And they taught him this one technique.
9 months later, he made his first million dollars. And how he did it was
step 1, he visualized himself in possession of his goal. The second thing
that he did is that if you want to activate neurogenesis and actually get
your neurons rapidly forming around this new concept and the new construct, is
that you need to add a motion to it. Now, you’re an emotional genius. You have the
ability to manufacture emotions and command them. So, if you see yourself with
a million dollars, how do you want to feel about that? Joy? At first, you’re
going to say, “But Kris, that’s fake. I’ll feel for real what it’ll feel like when
I have the million dollars.” Dude, listen. Is that the chicken or the egg? Because
you’re not going to get the one without the other which means you’ve got to actually
believe it if you expect to see it. I want you to actually feel those emotions
as if you were in possession of that million dollars. I’m asking such a simple
thing of you and yet that’s why so many don’t do it. There will always be what
Jim Rohn calls the magic in the mystery. Everyone can, not everybody will. In fact,
most won’t. So, I’m going to invite you to not be one of those. If you know what you
want, you’re really clear. And for me, I always have goals in three areas in my
life. Part of having it all means I know in my health what I want, I know in my
relationships will go on. And then on my wealth what I want. And as I’m growing
and developing myself at all three of those areas relationships being me, money
my ability to produce and create and health. How I actually treat this temple
and leverage it from my gain. In all three of those areas, if I know what I
want and I do at any given moment, I know what I’m working on you should do. That’s
what you’re visualizing. You’re closing your eyes, seeing yourself surrounded
with the circumstances as if they’ve already happened. And then you’re
actually allowing yourself to feel the authentic emotion. Which you can
manufacture. And if you do, you’re going to trick your brain into altering your
filter and now saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. We are looking for information but we’re
looking for something new now.” Mr. Krohn knows he wants to lose 20 pounds of
20 pounds of muscle. Mr. Krohn now knows that he wants to drive this car. Mr. Krohn
now knows that he wants to increase his income. Mr. Krohn now knows that he wants
to feel more loved in his relationship every day.
And if you live there here then your exterior world begins to reflect it.
Because now I got 20 million bits of information coming into the optimal
nerve. And all of a sudden, my confirmation bias is saying, “This is the
information that we’ve been waiting to interpret.” And all of a sudden, I
course-correct, I move in a different direction.
Doors are possibly open. I meet new people, circumstances, resources become
available. And here’s the crazy part: It was always available. But whether you
allowed your mind to be directed to it or not, that’s what you’re fully
responsible for. So, the purpose in making this video is I want to put this book in
your hands. Don’t just add it to your library. Read it. This book has now
changed countless lives. It’ll teach you how to harness the power of your mind to
be a conscious creator and create the life that you want. It’ll also show you
how to eliminate the blocks and limiting beliefs that are hurting you from
actually getting the life that you want. Thank you so much for watching today.
That is the number one rule. And connect further with me. The links are below.
Learn about my events. Come experiencing something life-changing. If you haven’t
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