The Occult 222: Pagan Contentment

all right everyone it's time for a little bit about contentment from sort of a pagan istic perspective more or less a little bit of an occult perspective here because you've got to understand them as as an occultist in pagan who believes in established biological fact as evolution and so forth when I look at the world and essentially the way in which progress occurs is through struggle it's through competition it's through the you know one thing succeeds does well enjoy something usually to the detriment of something else now there's mutualism there's only you know within food chains and so forth but ultimately how evolution has structured the biological world around us the pragmatic physical realm that we look around us and see essentially the way that works is some life forms the gathering energy from you know non biological sources essential even the Sun and so forth they're producing there they're reproducing and doing their thing other things consume them and then some of them consume one another humans being related to the the primordial ancestor of chimps essentially be better if we were closer related to bonobos the world would be a less violent place although then maybe we'd still be in the Stone Age because again lack of competition now bonobos by the way they have orgies in order to solve their differences chimpanzees rip each other apart so which one are we probably related to now look into a nuclear facility and you'll be able to tell pretty quickly ultimately though I would say therefore your life will have struggle this struggle can be either overcome or it will overcome you in some cases it's something minor it's like well I have to walk up this hill oh you get a little bit winded but ultimately you don't die you know if you fail to walk up the hill you can go back down I guess what do you take a car maybe because if your chimpanzee ancestors understood the idea of an opposable thumb or a chisel very interesting in the pagan sense though I would say one part of it and this is most common in sort of the European pagan tradition the idea of struggle being a good thing especially for for males usually the sort of the warrior mentality the idea if you die in battle that's like the surest way to paradise and stuff like that there's an appreciation for struggle an appreciation for harshness within and without nature sort of in the human context as well the other part is a stoic acceptance not stoicism and maybe the more pure sense I'm an epicurean I believe that joy is the highest pleasure I just keep it simple and think it should go along with the NA P for moral reasons for ethical reasons related to my understanding of philosophy more or less but there is an element of stoicism to it as well simply accepting that there will be struggle for instance you'll get sick at some point well you know you might get better you might die it's not a whole lot you can do necessarily under all circumstances you might get cancer maybe you get cured maybe you don't maybe you don't even seek a cure like well the treatment is worse than the disease I got 10 years to live where I can get this chemo I got a 50/50 chance to fucking die anyway and I'll just suffer for the next year and linger on and then keel over anyway which do I want to do maybe you just don't want the treatment at all maybe you're already in your 70s or something you're like what the hell am I gonna do the chemo kill me faster than the cancer will in some cases by the way usually the case with men with I believe it's prostate or is it colon cancer one or the other is so slowly usually slow slowly progressing appears later in life so they don't even bother to treat it half the time like unless it's a freak case happens before 6065 I can't remember which cancer it is but within the pagan model though there's no attempt to avoid like conflict is a good thing it's it's not bad it's good to compete it almost fits in greatly with the elements of capitalism if you read a might is right which was the primordial document from which the Church of Satan's Satanic Bible actually came Lovaza Satanic Bible it's very pagan istic there's an element of sort of the the heathenism the appreciation for that struggle there's a libertarian element the more political sense it basically is a political document if you read it properly and so this all fits in with the pagan and certainly within the occult I understand Satanism is not necessarily the best example to use because there's no occultism in the Church of Satan by the way everyone the Church of Satan is an atheistic organization they don't believe in magic in the literal sense it's psychodrama it's Shakespearean some of it is symbolic or it's meant to evoke a psychological response and others that's how they understand it as a psychological Cybil I go beyond that into the more of what they would call the spooky realm but that's what they believe in essentially in an atheistic order and vaguely apolitical at this point they don't do the activism thing now is levain and Boyd rice and some of them trolling for the most part but it's good to be content it's good to have that sort of stoicism deal with the fact that sometimes life is going to hand you things that are a little aberrant even even well laid plans are foiled and so forth but it's good to just say not just a sort of fucking deal with it but enjoy the struggle if you think that you can overcome something you should try generally speaking unless you don't believe in yourself maybe someone else can do it for you it is possible to have others step in and aid you in things sometimes but you should be happy with the situation as it is is it tolerable think about it for what it really is sometimes we overthink things we get like weak panicky start thinking too negatively we're like oh my god there's like this thing I can't deal with it people fucking flip out and stuff don't bother that's just a waste of time don't even waste any time thinking like that just think of ways around it use your brain and if there are no ways around it yes you might have to deal with something that you consider negative or or maybe it's tolerable but it's not quite what you wanted maybe it's like well you know I wanted this car but I can't finance it so I have to get this one I like it well you're still getting a car deal with it maybe can you get to and from work is it really that bad is is there anything particularly immoral about the situation sometimes it's an element of firstworldproblems but you know that meme about people you know my toaster didn't come out right they ran out of locks at the cafe and I couldn't get the smoked salmon and on my bagel I'm really really upset they ran out of the latte machine wasn't working properly oh my god what am I gonna do I have to drink drink regular do I have to go to Dunkin Donuts get a regular fucking coffee the kind Denis Leary always wanted okay I'm sorry for your loss it's a really big problem but you know you're gonna have to deal with it the cappuccino machine's broken they ran out of LOX again is some of these little things some people over think of to get all upset and then it distracts them from other things they could be being productive and they could be looking for ways to maybe they they innovate if you see a problem you can also innovate your way around it potentially it is possible there's a great deal of knowledge out there there's an inventor inside of everyone sort of waiting to get out anyway it's just a matter of the willpower and then this fits in with sort of that idea of like the iron will or will to power sort of thing in the more loose sense of not timing maybe the blood and soil sense but in the more loose philosophical sense human willpower is a great thing the will to struggle through things and survive has built the world around us look at the technology I'm using right now to talk to you whoever you are and whatever platform you're seeing this on was it there 20 years ago could you have done this then no it took a lot of willpower to build all this shit nerds in cell nerds in their basement with their long-suffering parents tinkering around with some crapple computer back in the mid 90s you know that's basically how the internet came to be at least in its modern form people that were considered obsessive and weird and you know kind of maybe societal outcasts a certain time now the billionaires well that's a lot of willpower some of them struggled for decades some of them they they lived off ramen and redbull for a very long time and then all of a sudden they became millionaires and now the world leaders so you've got to think of it that way and sometimes this goes along with be having confidence as well if you have no self-confidence it's harder first you have to admit the fact that you can succeed don't even some people cut their own nose off to spite their face they start something and they're like well I don't think I can do this well that's not how you want to approach something I think I made a separate video on that topic first admit that you can succeed start trying then allow yourself to do so it's not always going to work but then you have a chance you have zero chance if you operate from the the perspective that you'll fail it'll never happen half the time you won't you won't put in your full effort even if you do try half the time you won't even allow yourself to try I use the example of my singing it took me a very long time to have the confidence to put my voice on the internet in a non satirical fashion the response is usually positive I may not be God's gift to the world as far as my vocal abilities but I can sing and now I don't have to worry about being on my deathbed and saying well I wish that I'd put music out there when I was younger you know when I when I was young and beautiful so to speak when when my voice wasn't all crackly from my throat cancer or some shit like that it could happen well I take the risk take the plunge and do what you need to do and then be content with the result it's a good way to live your life and be an epicurean – like you should enjoy little things it's a lot easier to attain that like sports cars and mansions and all that bullshit the amount of effort it takes to upkeep that kind of lifestyle isn't even worth the pressure for a lot of people you'll end up making yourself more miserable you'll keep seeking more and more things to make you content so you I collect shiny rocks gems are selling well I want more and more and more and eventually it just floods your life I want to collect you know you know plushies or something like that by the way plushie is coming never link in the description to my website however that's about all peace out

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  • As a former bonobo I can confirm that the females form coalitions in order to harass males that were rude to one or more of them. Or for no reason.
    They either reduce a male's status or wage war on him and violently drive him off. It works 100% of the time.
    If an infant dies, after a period of mourning, or perhaps during … well they don't let that meat go to waste.

  • Yes, I only ironically worship Satan.

    Reminds me of the "I was only pretending to be retarded" meme

    Empty headed nonsense

  • If you ask God for a Cadillac and you are given a mule, you better take the mule! A gem of wisdom that i heard at my first A A meeting Lol😃🎆

  • I'm a bit late to this one, but it was very helpful, especially with the things I'm going through recently. Thank you.

  • I could talk about several different aspects that you mentioned here that are 100% true, but because of what I'm personally going thru, at the moment, I will add that sometimes things don't turn out the way you want or maybe even life shits all over you. If you know you're following the true call of your heart, then know that this shit storm is not happening to you, it's happening for you, and you just can't see the fruit it will bear, or the hidden truth, or the bigger pitfall you were spared by having this temporary catastrophe happen to you. There's also another thing I'd like to add… sometimes you are in the right place, but it's not the right time. It may be YOUR right time, but not other's right time. And since we are so interconnected and others need to become involved in order for you to achieve certain things that are beyond your singular capacity, you will have to wait for the universe to clear that path, open a heart or a mind, that will facilitate your path forward. That's about all… peace out! Lol!

  • Bonobos are incredibly violent. But rather than the violence coming from the alpha males directed towards the females and beta males, the violence is from the alpha females as a means to control the alpha males and dominate the beta males. The females will gang up on the nonconforming males and bite their dicks off, beat them, or expel them into exile from the tribe.
    And now you know why feminists and the big-brained lefty sociologists pine for the "utopia" of a bonobo-like society.

  • Alright everyone
    Dunkin Donuts is trash
    That’s about all
    Peace out ✌🏻

  • The way i have modelled my life and ideals, and this is after a near-despair period of time, is that the point of focus should always be cost to benefit analysis. I've got a problem with especially abrahamic religions where hedonism is frowned upon. I believe hedonism can be a good thing if it's not reaching levels where it turns into narcissism. Having appreciation for the pleasures of flesh is perfectly fine because the more you repress it the more violent and absolutist it tends to make you.

    No, cost to benefit is the best way, because it takes everything into account. Nobody is born equal, and everyone has an affinity for something, albeit some are truly useless and have no special features at all but it sure can be cultivated to some extent. This means you have to give some things in life, things that you're not compatible with and are clearly training our time and money.

    Me for example, i had to give up on relationships because i have consistently failed to attract the opposite gender, so after getting bumbed out i decided to cut my losses, take the L, lick my wounds and move on to do something else. Now, i could've become a bitter incel who spends all his time raving about everyone that is more successful than me in dating and love, but that would be a literal waste. Learning where your line is, is very important. Observe and adapt. Maximise benefit.

    This is the rule i follow. If you're good at something, focus on it, if you're not good at something, try for a while and see if there's any hope, if there is, focus on the remedy, if not, cut it off and move on. Simple eh?

  • Intellectual thought doesn't mean shit until you take a walk on the wild side and observe and join in on people who dont live like you. Its the only real education.

  • When I was doing studies with cadavers alot of them were found to have prostate cancer, but apparently it was asymptomatic and the doners died from something else.

  • .. your an epicurean? i need to look into things like this more often… i wonder what other kinds of that system are there…

    >Introduction of Cuckstianity to crush the Roman Empire.
    >Introduction of the plague to kill half of Europe. (ADMITTED BY JEWS ON TRIAL BACK THEN !)
    >"French" Revolution to kill of the nationalist aristocracy and replace it by Jewish bourgeoisie.
    >American Civil War to use the blacks against Whitey.
    >Hollywood to corrupt society
    >Women Rights to break the family and lower the wages by doubling the labour.
    >Judeo-Bolshevism to kill off Russians.
    >Destruction of Deutschland on two occasions.
    >Both world wars to break the Western spirit and build NATO/EU/UN/Federal Reserve.
    >Immigration (invasion) Act to replace us.
    #NeverForget! 😤

  • do a video about how venezuela is f*&king all of its neighbors with refugees mainly trinidad a country that had 1 million last year & now have 150k venezuelans

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