The Official Credit Card of NASCAR® and Kyle Larson Surprise Fans at Daytona

– What’s up everybody, I’m Kyle Larson. We just got done with practice here. Our Partner, Credit One Bank, has recently added some
cool new perks to the official credit card of NASCAR. So we’re gonna head out to the campgrounds and surprise some lucky
fans with some cool stuff. – What’s up? – [Fan] What’s up? – Want some free stuff? – [Fan] Yeah. – What’s up? I’m Kyle Larson. – Nice to meet you, man. – Nice to meet you. – What’s up? – Hi! – Kyle! – How are you? – How you doin’?
– I’m good. – Unbelievable. – I see you were flying my flag. – Yeah. – So yeah, here’s a year subscription to the official NASCAR members club. – We got you a pit boss grill. – It’s Kyle Larson. – Oh my God, hats.
– Yeah. – Some hats. That’d look good on you. – Nice. – Just wanna say thanks for being a fan. – This is the best day of my life. – No doubt.

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