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if anyone knows what this shirt means I love you the pack is a new horror film the open and limited release it's also on Amazon for rental which is where I watched it it's about these two sisters and they hate their mother they hated their childhood her mother treated her poorly growing up they go to her house because she's passed away and they're going to go to her funeral the one sister gets there first though and has a night alone in the house she starts hearing things seeing things she starts investigating then we cut to when the next sister gets there the next morning and there's nobody there there's just random things spread throughout the house that looked like some kind of star will happen she starts hearing stuff in the house weird things are happening things are moving sounds are being made she doesn't understand what's going on so she starts to investigate what happened to her sister and what's causing this strange disturbance and our mystery begins hi babies can you see mommy can you see me now baby now as you guys know I love scary movies but I also hate the way that they have been treated so lately in cinema cabin in the woods was a great example of what should be going on in horror movies and it just makes fun of all the cliches that horror films provide and it heard a lot of things about this movie going into it a few my pals saw it said it was really suspenseful really scary a good horror movie and then I saw a lot of comments and reviews from people like on IMDB just writing worst movie ever like in all caps and I should just listen to my friends in the first place because this was a really clever horror movie and it wasn't just the horror movie that you walk into it and there's blood and guts and nudity and everything that they try to throw at a lot of horror movies nowadays to mask the fact that the movie actually sucks this was a quiet movie with a lot of tension built up by really good directions the director did a really good job of using pans and zooms just slowly coming in on whatever the object is you're supposed to be afraid of and you're like oh just whatever is about to happen just happen already please I'm really worried about your coal hey Nicole Nicole really good use of tension in this movie I was very impressed this is a really creepy movie it's actually one of the more suspenseful movies I've seen since insidious which did freak me out a lot actually one of the things I really liked that the director did was that he didn't let the tension fade away by using countless jump scares because what jump scares do really is let the tension that that scene was created let that evaporate a good director who's making a scary movie wants to keep the suspense in tension all the way through you don't want to have it all released you know in various corny jump scares like somebody put a hand on someone's shoulder or you turn around and there's a face or just you know just stupid jump scares like a cat even though there are a few jump scares in this move either place at just the right points the director did a really good job of keeping tension really built throughout a scene you keep thinking that something is about to happen and sometimes nothing happens and the scene just ends and you get to the next one you're like wow so the tension is still there it's in the air and that's how you make a good suspense movie you keep the tension going through scene to scene to scene without letting it all just release in some corny jumpscare like a bird flying at you like there were some times this movie where like a character would be looking through like a tiny peephole in a wall or something whenever that happens in the movie you're always expecting somebody just jump out and go and I kept expecting stuff like that to happen but it didn't the director found really clever ways to continue the scene this is not what I thought because I really honestly I've watched like a lot of horror movies I don't review all the ones I see I get a lot of stuff from rental places and everything and I'm used to the corny horror cliches that are so prevalent in films today and this movie didn't do too many of them the acting was pretty good in the movie – I liked the lead actress and one of the things I liked was it kind of pulled of psycho where it introduced you to an actress and like okay this is who were going with but then no actually we're following this girl okay I call that a psycho I don't know if anyone but I like the LIA grow up thought she was talented you did a good job in the movie now one of the things about this movie is that it does have some cliches in regards to the story noises at night and weird creepy photos that maybe are a clue to something you know we've seen this before in movies like the ring but the fact is whenever a writer or director in this case the same person wrote and directed this movie Nicholas McCarthy can take a story that does feel cliched and does have some of the horror movie tropes but make it in a way and present the material in a new way or a way that is not cliched then I love that because it's like yes I can take a story that you might read and sit down and say yeah that was interesting but I've seen that a thousand times like I like a director you can actually sit down and say okay this story yeah this is kind of familiar but I'm going to make it in a way that's different I'm going to show that I have passion for this material and this direct did a really good job with that I know I'm talking about the director a lot that was the thing I was most impressed with this movie was the direction this is one of those movies I want to and you to come when I go to IMDB and like see what people are saying and yes this movie is kind of ambiguous and it does leave a few questions but if you honestly pay attention during this movie and if you actually think when you're watching this movie I know most people who pop in a horror movie don't want to think they just want to be bombarded with violence and sex and stuff that doesn't really matter if you watch this movie you're going to have to pay attention and if you're bothered by sometimes things being slightly ambiguous or not entirely explained you might not enjoy that in this movie I like when a filmmaker is able to do that in a way that doesn't feel lazy like he just when I can't dabbe whatever just end the pack scared me it did I was very suspense buy a lot of scenes in this movie and there were times when I was like oh wait I don't know if I want to look right now it was actually a very intense well-done horror movie I enjoyed the pack very much it does have some cliches it does have a few plot points that seem familiar and it's not like a movie that you're going to leave and just be like wow what an experience that was it's just a surprisingly good horror film a little film and I think if you can find it on Amazon or if it's playing in a theater near you you should check it out I'm going to give the packed a B+ and as always guys if you like this review you can subscribe to my channel and get stuck mine eyes

35 thoughts on “The Pact – Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

  • came here from the prodigy review. I saw this movie a few years ago but couldnt recall what the name was. thanks for reminding.

  • Agree 100% with your review on The Pact, and your assessment on current horror films in general.
    In a nutshell, concerning horror, the film industry is driven entirely by the Cash Cow brand of horror, meaning, mindless and forgettable movies full of silly jump scares aimed squarely at an audience who craves and pays for this type of junk.
    Meanwhile, there is a different type of audience … one who enjoys intelligent, well made, well written and well acted horror films, and yes, we are many and we will also pay to see these films … often times repeatedly. See the box office results for The Exorcist, The Shining, The Omen, Alien, Aliens, Halloween 1978, JAWS, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, What Lies Beneath, Frailty, etc. etc. Quality and satisfying horror films WILL make money, but the industry much prefers making the low budget, outrageously stupid flicks with jump scares to make a lot of money real fast. They usually put more money into the advertisement than the film itself, and those trailers always promise to give that particular audience exactly what they want.
    The sheep responds and the cash cow goes moo !
    Perhaps some intelligent and gifted director will make a horror film about the precisely calculated state of new millennium horror films and how the gullible audience that appears to be brainwashed is responding to it.
    Call it, "The Cash Cow Massacre."

  • This movie made me drop my jaw. That hardly ever happens. And I thought the invisible being tossing people around was good.

  • I never saw the Pact, but the Thumbnail screams "I ripped off scenes of the first Nightmare on Elm Street!"😮

    Edit: still, your review made me curious! I haven't seen a scary or at least a slightly creepy movie in a while, so color me surprised that you managed to interest me in a recent horror flick…

  • Had wanted to see this on netflix for a wile, looked awfull… checked out your review, watched it; loved it never seen your old reviews, youve lost weight good for you! Anyway thanks for making me watch it!

  • i just watch this film, it was freaking awesome. almost M Night twist ending at the end. i was surprised in the end.


  • There's also a sequel to "The Pact". Sadly by another director and not nearly as good as the first one. But Chris, maybe you can review the sequel, too? Would be interested in your opinion and how you'll compare the second movie to the first. 🙂

    Greetings from Germany!

  • Glad you reviewed the pact! Your reviews are always top notch. I reviewed this movie as well and I started a Netflix review show. Would LOVE to get your thoughts!

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