The Path to Prosperity Budget: Your Country. Your Future. Your Choice.

Americans have a choice to make a choice that's going to determine our country's future will it be the future that looks like the America we know when a greater opportunity greater prosperity or more of what we're seeing today debt doubt and decline Americans not Washington should decide in 2010 voters asked for an alternative to the direction that government was taking the country last year House Republicans responded by passing a budget to control government spending and we're back with a budget that offers real solutions again make no mistake years of empty promises from both political parties got us in this mess today but when it comes to the federal budget the democrat-led Senate hasn't even proposed one in three years they continue to spend but there's zero accountability the president has proposed a budget but it calls for more spending and more debt despite imposing roughly two trillion dollars in tax increases on hard-working taxpayers the debt still skyrockets under his plan and it will put us on par with countries like Greece that will mean sudden cuts to benefits sudden tax increases and really a fundamental change to the American Way of life as we know it this doesn't have to be our future instead we've shared with Americans a specific plan of action that cuts spending pays off the debt and gets our economy back on the path to prosperity real specific reform is needed to strengthen the health and retirement security of seniors and the economic security of all Americans we've shown how under the president's health care law Medicare goes bankrupt and we've exposed how his law takes control away from current seniors and gives that power to a board of 15 unelected bureaucrats our plan includes no changes for those in a near retirement instead of government bureaucrats puts patients in control of their health care decisions we proposed tax reform that's common sense a plan that lowers tax rates and closes special interest loopholes so our tax code is favored simpler and more competitive that's how we'll create a healthier environment for businesses to hire and expand the common thread here is that our plan takes power away from Washington and gives it back to the individual because it's the American people not be Eric rats in Washington who make this nation what it is now it's up to the people to the band from their government a better budget a better plan and a choice between two futures the question is which future will we choose you

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