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NBS frontline welcome back from that trigger let the debates now begin let me start from the far left honorable mau no but he just returned from obedient we missed you last week you're most welcome back to the show maxi Baku mister of 100 pondo now or more busy people say is not a spokesperson easy may tie today and the yellow one not that nice 100 you're most welcome back to date time Omega G weapon through every Jew good the man who is now called the spokesperson he is a spokesperson for people power mr. Joe Wilson uni Joelle you're most welcome made an appearance last week you were somewhere this week you're somewhere else whatever I'll do most welcome to the show yeah yeah thank you I'm happy to be here good good it's good to see you doctor what kita Patrick his team leader of research world international limited research entity in town is them man who is you know ruffling feathers political feathers at that in town you're most welcome doctor is this your first appearance on the front you know I've been here oh good good good to see you buddy Thank You honorable Justin Lumumba nrm secretary-general this lady needs no much introduction but you but you must welcome back to thee and I had no but Mao elated the saying that you look it's matter in green good finally Andra bow Pro scovia Salaamu Zumba she is the FDC vice-chairman and also prime minister of the People's Government you must welcome back good that from we have two topics that we are going to be looking at so we need to do it a little faster so we can you know cover more area we are going to start with the one that is causing more talk in town this reports research report that has ruffled feathers everybody disagreeing with it I will find out from Joelle shortly whether he agrees with it since they are the new kids on the block but starting with how do you feel doctor when you do something you passionate about and then the results is the results are trashed by all the major players FDC says you concocted it they knew about it another MCS this is his own you know for Jerry if this if this report was not disgusting then it will be useless I remember the report which made Don lose his job at monitor which they say it was forged it was actually discussed probably half-day the fact that this is being discussed it is very significant and for us if you ask me have you achieved the objective because one of the objective is to was to provide a way through which people can discuss yeah using and inform the position and and that has been achieved so you achieved your objective yes let me Joelle your candidates andhra bhoja Gulani was the new person and actually in some disowned you know in some discussions some people said it was your camp that paid wahida to do this so that you introduced him in a big way that is even eclipsing FDC candidate two things just um for starters I actually have a statistical background my first degree was a bachelor of science in business statistics yes at the Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics at maturity and and so I have an appreciation for figures for statistics and I know for a fact that numbers don't lie serious from what instruction MA will tell you something later about statistics that's what my people do lie and they can use now must lie anyhow but but I see instructively is when we looked at this poll which by the way today we are still interrogating and trying to appreciate it better understanding why did you see the thing about statistics is they suggest the answers that are given but why do people respond the way they do yeah so I've looked at the poll bits of it we do appreciate it and we're still trying to understand so why did you gun and respond the way they did assuming that all the I's are dotted or dotted and all the t's were crossed yeah so on a very general note we realize that what's what's really very important is that presidential Museveni has continuously seeded ground without a doubt chance you remember during the Trudeau quite a co debate there's a saboteur has conducted and you can as were asked whether or not the Constitution should be amended to remove the age limit and about 65 percent of them said no they literally say we don't want President Museveni to attend this particular poll by the way 64 percent of the respondents of the over 2000 respondents of this particular survey of dr. Wakita actually professed to be members of VN area however 54% of the same said the president should not contest in 23 so in other words you're happy with the results you've got that's not what I said I am for said a saying we are still interrogating this poll and looking at the bits that are therein and try to understand why did you get at this point the way they did and I've given you some of the bits very okay oh I am coming down below 50 the the magical fifty plus plus one plus one foot the magical 50 plus one vote fifty percent plus one foot I would this worry you because this a perception and a number it's a number of months ahead so would this worry you actually say it worries me is it the first time that an opinion poll has given president him seven who's now presumed to be a candidate two years to the nomination first of all what tacklers who have thought that the president he's going to his goal is going to be a candidate I want to thank them even food for thinking about him one tank that number does it worry me yes it does is it the first time no in the 2015 or 2014 there was a similar poll that was done and gave president you by the same organization you gave president seven thirty eight percent earlier on there was another poll of 38 percent to play Dream seven and thirty three percent which poll to doctor kizza BCG there are many opinion poll pollsters industry in so if you have been in Jersey and you don't know that there have been many multiple pollsters and poor's opinion polls towards election I can't remind you you can go into google and you'll find the one of doctor what kid like he talked about he was 55 so which one was 98 percent if there was one which so is it the first time no it is not the first thing is there are three motives I don't want to believe so but in this town there are many people of different motives I don't want to question the motive okay as someone who has been in products for long I would be very interested in find out in finding out what is it that in spite of the evidence achievements the NRA has recorded over the years that you've gotten it at a trade that an average Ugandan this sample would say no we cannot give you more than 32% okay jungsoo but also it's it's a stage that indeed mu-7 is in delete and with additional work like work it is no you're actually not in the lip if you combine the opposition no no no do you know by how much but i just want to lay the ground we are certainly coming back to you chairman mao interestingly the poll gave you only two percent deeply deeply candidate chairman mao what what what what did it ring in your mind the moment you read it the moment you heard about it it is always important to look at the context of any survey uganda is not a genuine democracy uganda does not have a genuine multiparty democracy even if you give me zero point one zero one percent i'll look at it and say well that's what they are saying opinion polls in uganda useless because eventually there are other factors there are so many other variables rigging state terrorism bribery all those are there for that influence elections if your intention was to bait me into lamenting about my my score I'm telling you you won't beat me but there are things we can do we need to focus on making sure that the ground is level the ground is level we need to preach unity of the forces of change we need to address the concerns of the young people the worst thing would be for the young people to give power to a new government and then the new government disappoints them then you will have yellow vests like in France who are tackling macaron 7yz government has performed very badly these days and whoever is going to take over after seven will be like a mop it's similar you know all the rubbish that puzzle must clean it that's not an enviable job nevertheless this a scientific thing it is the interpretation of Statistics which which matters and the and the and the media has actually not done justice to dr. work he does work ok each of them have been interpreting it from a particular angle so as to celebrate but you are talking of two percent if somebody has 49% that 2% is gold because because you need it even what if I said there is no vote which does not matter yeah was the recent election where was this where someone was quoted because the candidates had a draw and under the 1% candidate had to be talked to in order to get victory I have seen people going to the World Cup on goal difference Ondra bow Salaamu zumba the major talking points and like we saw your is that the Deputy Secretary General of the FDC complaining this was concocted FDC was crying foul more than probably the atom cooked and in some quarters I actually had that some FDC use fought vigorously to ensure that this report does not come out nonetheless it came out for us we want to discuss it what is your view that you express here on on the pole first of all this erroneous for you to say that some youth no no that's bogus you see you cannot stop a report that you did commissioned yes you can't you can't do that you must think in English if you're speaking English the problem we have in this country people think it was so bad speaking English and therefore they miss the point this report was commissioned the report was commissioned the report was authored by an unknown research world international and therefore US is not even to gloss over what happened who did water run what we need to do is to look at the report audit it scientifically fortunately I'm a policy analyst and I understand statistics I know what statistics is talking I am a social sociologist I understand what people say when they say what so I want to tell you chance and the panelists and a public out there that an opinion poll is an opinion poll it's just one opinion and it's appalled as a given time T and for different a specific time a specific purpose and that's what it does so let's let's clock it's a feedback it's a feedback to the communities of feedback and especially when it happens midterm now it's telling you what what is the sentiment up there it's not even a decision it's the sentiment out there what is the sentiment taking telling us it's telling us loo we are not happy okay if you give me time I would if you give me if if I had my day I would choose this way and most likely they are not even serious okay they just they're just talking anyhow under general you are shaking your head towards your former colleague in Parliament is saying is this to trigger some you know good mobility ssin is this one of those things that now that president your party leader has left to start mobilization that we now use you're using this party to say your excellency this area and this area are not good for us let's you know do more push thank you I want to thank dr. Walker than the team for the research they did this opinion poll I don't he take it later the secretary you know one it is meant to trigger discussion though they didn't tell us the intention what will be the benefit and as we discussed now in July 2005 you ganas went multi-party so we are political parties are the biggest players in a DC DC multiple multiple dispensation he was not courteous enough to : political parties to be there as consumers as the biggest players in this product Karina in this country and they and he has been doing it but of what benefit has it been especially in the nurturing and building the multi party dispensation in this country he's looking at his phone to show what's up but he if you if you you never received an invitation because I'm the biggest consumer of this so it is meant to tell me please if you are seated in office get up and get back to to the field but what I want to say as of now this opinion poll they lose one point we went multi-party we have political parties of registered why purge it on individuals why not parties because because because we are in multiple politics they ought to know as researchers that they also have a role to play in a building multi-party zoom in this country so for them to bring that bigger on your shoulder as the ruling party the patent government that you should it should actually be bigger on your shoulder that people must be must be by now knowing that we are in a multiplication isn't it it is not us who commissioned it okay somebody is commissioned it and the results are showing in the videos not patties I would love to say whatever they have given the individual who comes from the patio called FDC it should be FDC because even as we talk now FDC has not yet brought out showed us who their candidate is you know no party has concluded in a process of identifying a candidate from what I know so they ought also to appreciate and understand we are in a multiple dispensation that's one two like they've said before they've never given us they have never given any any candidate and and that candidate well gets that in the in the next elections it has not happened so they ought also now to revise and look at their instrument the methodology to be sure at least to be near the accurate outcome of the of the word of the results especially in terms of political parties not individuals so I want to to thank them that for me that one now tells me get back to lay to the voter go back to the voter leave the blood stain get back to and and get your shoes and walk down to the people that's one to the issue of who that that's why my national chairman has gone out he has not gone out as the national chairman of nreum here he has first of all this came out when already the program was out this program of having so no meetings this had we've done it is because during campaigns not only in 2015 16 even in the previous campaigns they would say you come back to us as government as president CEO erica bottom seven we have voted in leadership you will come back to us when it is time for campaigns we said now we are making three as in July I mean on the 12th of this month me so this may so we took a decision that say go back as a president to the people because it is the contract we made with with these people that made them what you to lead this country go back give accountability and also what has not been done explain know the challenges that they are faced with in service delivery people who are implementing then are a manifesto that is why you see the invitation includes all leaders if it is a chairman or oc5 of Gulu district who is not nreum but his implementing the NR a manifesto is serving the community the president okay I need to come back to the to the issue dr. Wakita just give us run through some highlights that stand out in this in this I want to start very fast first of all by understanding that opinion poll is not not an obvious research you don't just go to McHenry and studied it's a practical experience so when people ask questions for me it is okay it means the people won't learn now opinion poll is not a census it's not going to be a census a complete count of average in the video who live in that country it uses a sample that's one how do we do it we spread the 2,000 int of interviews across the country in each of the village selected randomly only ten interviews are conducted and the purpose to show the state as it is during that period unfortunately people think opinion polls must tell you who they will watch tomorrow so and without based but by first teaching people what opinion and that is very important opinion polls just talk about that pillock consumers say it's for that specific period because everybody was calls an a position when I am here I have a perception that time now that perception can change the reason why electro Commission gives people days and says gun campaign for performance is because then he allows you to go and convince people if you succeed then you get people to yourself okay but remember the elections hadn't started now I go to my first first go to the highway a lot of things that we are unfortunately because these are politicians they are focusing on one but the first question we asked are you registered do you have a national ID and I can be even tell you that confidently 90% of you Ganon's 18 years and above I've got a national ID that's an achievement of Nara that's one two we asked me / do you belong to any political party or are you close and there we got people and this about 55 percent of the total population saying yes we do but look at this we asked them if you belong to a political party which political party over the 55 that we found we found about 64% saying we belong to any Arab we went ahead and asked them you say you are member of any other do you have a national ID I mean do you have a particular and they said yes now all those who say they heard we asked them how did you get the card in the Secretary General is here Haram Zuma is there do you know how their members get these cuts we only found seven percent of Ugandan who have spent on buying a card the rest about 93 94 percent bought these cards free that was a finding we went ahead and said we want to understand this population which political party are you we found that there are very many people who are actually independent you asked him which prophet but do you belong to you have all of these parties somebody says we went in the videos we did not mention any political party the question was which political party you belong and we found people power with the 10% we found any area with the biggest majority now that is how questions in researcher asked we don't lead on now when somebody refer comes and sits and says this and that no I I like professions and I think sector general is is a professional person but like I say what pinyon polls are not taught in class you must practice so asking questions is is okay we asked another question and this is how discussion was since people are discussing about replacement of mr. Sablan in any area if mr. seven for example stood down and say you cannon thank you who'd you be looking at this was a question only two people who confessed area that they are close to any area and there we got Ronald Bucca dog in the first place at 15% we had Rwanda about eleven percent but see the challenge is the victim doesn't know name no no no this works on their own this was on your own 50% of any array members could not mention any other person to replace themself and they said none of that none they didn't they don't know others yes now for me if that is not a finding for you who are in the political field then I don't know what that is how do you compare that with the people the 50 who said they don't want Sevigny to come back I am coming to that we went ahead and asked there's a discussion in the public other say mr. Simon should contest again well others say he shouldn't what's your view and again you have about fifty four percent saying he shouldn't that eight percent saying is should now I want you to compare these numbers we went and asked the question that this is a line of people from Islam seven to two mr. Mao we picked out the political people and we said who of these would you vote for and then you have people tell you in stem seminars that they do if you go to 32 plus five you are close to imagine of error so you you can see the consistence of those guys SATA 2 + 5 you about there you know so if we were ever delivered to establish the reason why parties like my own party FDC and and and my sister sector you know are shocked is because they have not measured if they have measured they would have seen if you move in the population today in your sin and sober you are able to see what you saw in the honest and the honest yet you build see what you've seen that lead it's no doubt about this because wait a minute when I received the results I was in my body I had my computer and my managers came I told him give me the absolute numbers and I got the absolute number at that time we had nineteen hundred and twenty eight interviews and I looked at the average number I run them in the Excel the question was what do we do with this research that was the question because it was a surprise now if me who were you surprised by what you know know you're neutral because you go out there you'll find what you both here and you digest when you are emotionally you you're motionless and you have no feeling yes I said a statistical interpretation is neutral no emotion in that's right they separate you get surprised if you don't know I tell you have known our surprise is and and I want to correct the sector Gino I have done about eight polls in this country the last poll I did was in 2015 15 towards the election what did it show that poll showed mr. seven would get 54% and he got 57 and he got about 58 59 59 no but whatever in research there is what we call the Maginot era if you look at that poor it will tell you there is a margin of error of plus 5 minus 5 now if you sit here and your secretary-general you're saying you issued a different report I met you and after I give you a report good does that good highlight I need us to talk about the issues there there are people who have accused you of being paid by some interests that you very involved okay well as I want to clarify this who funded of course how much did you use the cost of research I'm going today the cost of research is compounded in a number of things one the higher of the gadgets you use each budget costs 25 25,000 per day yes we such world has got 748 for meaning that that cost was not incurred you need a computer to analyze data research wall has got that infrastructure so what do we need it paying personnel to the field yes what we needed was to pay the personnel the field and I can tell you at the time when we're doing this survey we have four surveys running concurrently so I only needed people to go in Kumi kata quick and and Karamoja area the rest of the country I have the team all I needed was to call them at Norview trained them for two days and send them back what was the objective at first the question has been lingering and asked what who is going to do the opinion poll I can tell you I receive calls almost on a daily basis what kind of information do you have so we woke up and we said okay let's give back after all it's not a lot of money movie spending and we did that how much did you use about 19 million you find it yourself yes 19 million that was cash is fair okay but I want to clarify I heard somebody say I had a handle on the competition seconds because we need to declare this raka combi say somebody paid no but Bobby Wade radius but let me say rocker camber is being dishonest and the scene Yunus was the first person I told I gave like a comedy report on Friday and I said remember it's not here though my spell you are my failed intellectual go and go through the report as long as you don't lick it I told him that privilege it now mission the other thing is we we are currently doing a subway funded by Freedom House that survey is on article 26 of the Constitution yes Freedom House has got a project on land rights that is the project I think where you prove it why did you not gate I don't know sixty percent so you say I asked a question you know some of my little friends and have friends across and we you know engage in intellectual discourse sometimes and then one of them was saying you see everyone is being funded by the West this crowd I said so wait a minute wherever he goes then people come out from wherever it is that they are who has paid them and how much have they been paid I think sometimes we just have intellect this honesty yeah so leave this poll and by the way are not necessarily too excited about it wants to be usually you are in a new kid on the block and if you add you have just come and you are being shown as the second you should be excited you are saying we should be excited but just as as the spokesperson on People Power I'm telling you we are not excited you do better are you kidding me you see president seven years kept Ron sitting Brown and then that has instructively been shown and look we would would be very excited if we woke up tomorrow and President Museveni has left power but we are saying if this gentleman sleeps around until 2021 we want to go into our leaders with a weakened President Museveni and then you will see okay Chairman Mao you wanted to bring in some that allegation is ridiculous and outrageous it is and it is an insult with doors research world to say that if you pay them you see no television open if they pay they should that's trying to bank whatever Doyle is saying and whatever raka come by saying is ridiculous because it assumes that research world is so gullible and greedy and susceptible we say we do corruption actually even if somebody paid you because know if I paid you to do a survey for me I want you to get a better picture unless unless opinion polls is now like photography where you can Photoshop you know you campaign posters everybody is beautiful and handsome is also a human research surveys research can be done for different motivations one of them can even be to confirm I think we're talking about integrity of recite because if we are going to look at the first organization that was dared into this field in fact I wish research world had more resources opinion polls should be regular through actually serious organizations like the White House does daily opinion polls because you need to know what people think yes and and then you respond okay now we are here breaking a sweat which may change in one year that was put by dr. Wakita himself and you that if you are honest do you want to say all opinion polls honest or dishonest I think there's a balance of probability that some are not the source a balance probability which is really modern lack of skills or professions in that the tools they use is not adequate to be to give a foolproof result now dr. Wakita alone and the trigger he said if I were an advisor of a marine I don't wish him to be the advice of an Arab though you don't want him to be no no to be recruited as a member yes I would but I'm glad that the course of the discussion he did disclose that his men is a member of FDC but I know for a fact that perhaps in this in carrying this he did not do he did not conduct the poll as an FEC member yeah and I suspect the reason the separation of FDC is viciously attacking the finding is because dr. Wakita is part of the fraction that has disagreed with the doctor kizza BCG and has moved and has been on this show many times on on this platform of NBS many times he is with okay that's okay so it is possible to compromise a research yes that's what I want they listen the viewers to treat to see yes the people conduct will will build in a nice language in a vocabulary but it is possible to compromise research and any other activity like in life it is possible to compromise compromise and in this country we have had many doctor himself as he has mentioned one that into 15 to 14 we had a scenario one of the disrepair that it is independent commission monitor the multi newspaper where an opinion poll was conducted and some results published and the leadership the leadership there was sacked who have also had another instant business of this assembly similar nature where the multi newspaper actually the the words hired by the doctor kizza messages team in true 0:06 to do an opinion poll total to eight to ten to eleven to an opinion poll when it did not capture Oprah represent what they thought it was they you remember the case of Colorado cuto so it is possible to play around with readers and mouse the one who likes saying how to lie with the numbers okay I'm on Robbo Salaam I need us to I need you to with the with the Honorable Justine to touch on the issue of this perception that 60% of your Grandin's think that the country is moving in a wrong direction what we do you think about that coming out of the hole this country is moving in the wrong direction because it got off the upgrade that our grid path and veered off and that's why we are in the position we are in right now we are grid on a constitutional arrangement that has been defiled time and again and so there's a sour feeling among the population that look this is a this is a team that we trusted that we believed that would be different from the ingenuous different from the northerners different from the Acholi is different from the lung it's what you say we would never be anything near them and so you went around the country saying that FDC is split in the middle and you are going to be shocked let's go for a break right now when we come back we will be finalizing those two people I'll come back to the Secretary General but let's take a break right now

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