The Power of Excellent Credit Part 1| Fast Acting Credit Repair | Ep 5

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the value they’re headed by you never fault
Oh welcome to episode number five for all my listeners out there with a deeper
listen I was gonna keep bringing you some great value information things I’ve
learned things I pretend to learn things I’ve experienced you know cuz we all
have a story and our story is something’s gonna be able to help a lot
of people okay so now you’re both here to help build lives businesses and bank
accounts that’s our that’s our number one goal here is to share millions and
value and you know to do this really help individuals today we’re gonna talk
a little bit about credit all right credit now we do have a channel on
YouTube you’re watching on YouTube and you’re listening we do have a channel
dedicated to just credit repair videos I actually have a credit repair company
and you know sending out letters every day to help people and we have a pretty
pretty powerful process when it comes to our our credit repair process so but
today I wanna podcast and here on the writing of all channel we’re gonna talk
a lot about credit let me bring a lot of value over here to this channel on do
tools and build look out for that and a lot of value here inside of the vitomir
ball well you know we’re gonna be doing interviews at credit and you know
leading you over to you know to their process but credit is huge now I know
that we’re gonna say cash is king no credit is king you’re able to get access
to capital to build your life build your business it doesn’t matter buy a house
buy a car and it’s all done through creek and credit is very very powerful
is something I had to learn over period of time because my cred was poor boy I
my my journey with credit didn’t start into my freshman year in college okay
now in my household I’m pretty sure this and Bobby was household close
you never talk about Crais okay and I’m just gonna be honest Bessie in a lot
of you know middle class and low bit of class a lot of you know black
neighborhoods we didn’t talk about Craig all right and I think I heard my dad
mentioned a word credit one time because that my mother that’s for credit if I
had to fix it that was it it was never any education on that and I’m pretty so
now you can can relate to that so I get to college you know house
vo house University pressure on campus and what do they have all over high
street there was a bookstore they’re called Long’s bookstore and if you went
to a house stay back in the day you met laws books so it’s not been torn down
and canvas is beautiful now when I went there it was like Beirut and you know a
war torn to bed the south campus was horrible but as you see you got my
national championship a house table of here
oh let me say that but uh so uh and what have all of campus or up and down high
two were tables to fill out credit applications all right and they had some
prettiest girls out there I would never forget this man I was walking in front
lawns bookstores fine she was dying alright y’all know a dime means you know
what times are she was oh my gosh she was beautiful and and you know they give
you that vacation and give you a t-shirt and you and then you know I’m pretty
sure she got I know she got a holiday at least fifty million times that day but I
got her number and I don’t even I like two dates but after that you know I
found you know it was college house there’s like 60,000 students I believe
it was women all over anyway that’s their story but um and then you
know like Kobe’s later this car from discover car comes in the man $1,500 I
say excuse me and I went ham you know I was there because I was a college
student you know I know you got to pay it bad but you know I had your cause
they give you a break no brakes buddy and it was just it was horrible up until
about 2000 15 2016 while I decide to say hey I
didn’t do so my friend because you know my wife has great credit credits like an
8000 and she could buy the moon or credit she wanted to but I was a
particle farting around and get you stuff together so I started doing
research and you know I bought this $10 program that to another program and it
worked for a little bit but then I already saw them learn about how credit
works and what caused the credit well because with your Chris going down you
know honey thinks you’re pretty how do you get that
stuff off of your credit and once I learned it and I start applying these
things and my life changed I went from a 505 to a 7/10 oh man I know all of you
wanna know how long did it take Marlin eleven months okay
this is this is not pixie dust process it specially what do it the right way
okay now I know there’s a people day and we can do a Chris week 30 seconds listen
you you don’t you do not want those individuals handling your credit okay
but yeah it took me 11 months so from 1998 you know let the mid to late 90s to
2016 I have horrible credit and it should be 11 months to get into where I
need to be where it makes less sense 11 now love you all there’s two looks well
listen if you’ve been messing your credit for the last five 15 20 years 11
months is not too long if you want to have strong ongoing ongoing strong
pretty strong ongoing or all going strong hope it wants a credit it takes
time yes it does you know like it’s like
planned seeds you plant season of spring you have a harvest of the fall now
notice I live a month but you know it takes time and so what I’m gonna do is
kind of go over a couple of things here inside of credit that a lot of you just
aren’t aware of now I’m gonna give you some things that you could do to help
yourself now some of these things yes you up to good a profession you know you
have to get a professional involved in your credit repair process but alone you
can do yourself will you get a professor involved is the type of letters
process they use now I’m gonna give you this I’m gonna do it right now okay
now when it comes to fixing your credit there’s two things that are written for
Mature creme you have your credit score and you have your credit hilt
okay so let me give you the difference credit score is what get you in the door
okay so when you go to sit down with someone and look at your credit score
you got a 680 695 2480 700 768 that’s your credit score and
your score is determined by how you treat your open accounts right your
credit your open credit card accounts your over the personal loans or open
student loans or open car no your open hormone home course their hormones your
open home mortgage open accounts now whether your score determine by are they
paid on time or they never late and what’s the history so let’s take a look
at both of those you had revolving you have installment okay now let’s look at
revolving revolving is credit cards and credit lines and when it comes to credit
card and credit lines what these are the most powerful parts of your credit okay
your credit card your credit lines and your credit card your credit cards are
in a revolving of the most powerful part because they’re the most challenging to
keep under control so looking at any late payments they’re looking at you
know do you pay on time you pay more to pay early and the amount like the the
the limits okay and the history how long have you had this revolving account so
once that account reaches one year old no payment I mean no late payments paid
on time I paid early and the limit is like five thousand or more that is a
positive oh and and the utilization the
utilization of utilization you want to be between two and ten percent that is a
powerful strong account on your credit report and you want to keep it there and
all the way up until like ten years plus okay my wife has some credit cards
Contessa’s nice nice is it that thing is still absolutely
stellar okay so that is on that is revolving now let’s look at this
storming same thing no late payments paid on time
you paid early you pay more and the the amount and installment accounts help you
help your credit as you pay it damn so every time you pay it down it helps your
credit score because it’s a guest then this of this amount is going down but
your credit score’s determine about how you deal with your open accounts okay so
you’re looking to get your credit fix the probe whether especially you having
someone else do it they are not responsible for what you do with your
open accounts so you know cuz I have a lot of closet what’s go what Curtis coil
is not going up I’m Sam low let’s look at your opening
does look at your open accounts well you got two late payments right here whose
fault is that well I missed two payments look that has
nothing to do with the credit repair company or us or whether you decide to
work with okay so now you got a credit score
thank you the door then with then there’s credit health you got credit
score was dishing the door credit health was gives you the wealth that means to
get you the money so remember that that state credit score get you the door
credit health get you the wealth okay so what’s the credit health the credit
health is the go over all these you know individually here the credit health is
different your information they’re looking at the number of increase you
have no late payments charge-offs collections public records all of that
is considered credit health and those will be called credit score blockers
this is was coined by one of my mentors here in the credit game Jesse Miller and
writing Pete those are called credit score blockers they’re blocking the
score so based on how strong or I’m strong alright your open accounts are
well you have credit score blocks too much information too many inquiries too
many late payments Collette sins charge all public records a riot
and those blocked the score now when you’re looking to get your credit things
you are looking to remove the credit score blockers while keeping up with
your positive accounts and if you don’t have enough open positive counts adding
more okay now you can add open positive positive counts by adding awesome credit
building accounts and building them up that means having on-time payments for
at least six months or more or there’s some counsel that you can personally
bear called authorized user accounts now think about purchasing authorized user
accounts that they don’t stay on your credit law alright these are just for a
quick boost when you’re ready to go make a big purchase and you need your your
credits go to look good use your credit hell to look good with some great
accounts but you wanna be careful when how many authorized user accounts we
have oddly especially you looking to go purchase like a big person like a home
they don’t want to see too many authorized use account because they want
to know how you have done with your crib okay so I know I might all over the
place that you need to go ahead list this again it’s all good I’m gonna give
you some good stuff so the goal over paying your credit is to get rid of the
credit score blockers while building what Wow keeping your open accounts that
are positive positive and and if you need to adding other open positive
accounts either that you build up order to buy okay that’s what makes up your
credit school now let’s talk about these credit score blockers and ways to get
these things removed off your credit report okay so before we do that let’s
take a sponsor break real quick you know we we’ve having millions of listeners
and hundreds of thousands of dollars and what individuals who buy sponsor section
here with us to be able to benefit from what we’re doing alright so as falls for
our sponsor break alright perfect so let’s get back to these credit score
blogs that we’re talking about and then we’ll talk about the ways to remove them
alright so first crossbar blocker is having too much
information on your credit report that means addresses names phone numbers
email addresses place of employment when you have too many when you have too much
old information on your credit report it it could cause a little red flag why is
that because this is part of credit health probably raise a red flag well
when they’re looking to give you the money think of it okay
this process thing 50 addresses on the credit report and we give you this money
where are they gonna run to okay they take them to California they’ve lived in
Georgia there’s no higher than Washington State in them in Texas where
they’re gonna run so we’re gonna find them
what they don’t want to pay anymore okay that’s what they’re thinking they’re
thinking that this new accounts gonna be a future missed payment of future
collection of future charged-off that’s why the critical goes down when you get
a new account in your credit report or your credit score goes down when you get
a new inquiry because it could be a future missed son until you make a few
payments they’d let them to show the bureau otherwise that’s what your score
goes down okay so the goal here is to remove that information there’s a simple
letter that you can write to the bureau that says hey this is my Reformation
remove everything else all right and inside of our program we have
something like that that we do for the clock okay um now what’s the second
thing second thing you look at is the number of increase now enquiries are
they don’t they don’t they don’t hurt your crystal a lot they don’t count
towards a lot but they do hurt your credit health and here’s how that hurts
are pretty help if you have let’s say you have five open accounts right here
five open accounts but you have twenty incres all right so what it looks like
to be the individual that you’re looking to get money from bonus that you got
rejected 15 times so why they get reject and that raises a red flag
okay now the thing about hooking inquiries is that anchors are a factual
entry that means somebody had to ask for credit in order for that incra to be
added to the credit report alright so getting these things removed or reduced
it’s a little challenging it does take some time he’s gonna is going to take
left we’re going to the bureau’s it’s also I’m taking levels going to the
actual individuals that put the inquiry on your credit report
okay so it letters going to go to both areas at the same time and after you
know a couple of times in doing that then you’ll start to see those those
entry start to dwindle down now the most you can get the most points you can get
on your credit report from what we increase is 55
all right is 55 here’s why this is the best listen to this all right this is
some math and some and let me take a sip of the Buckeye coffee here 2014 championship tastes like
championship coffee okay here we go it’s fuck oh you’re gonna need 55 points
because here’s why that is a total of 550 different credit scores that you can
have from 350 all with the 800 all right actually 850 yeah from 300 to 850
all right there’s eight this 550 different credit scores you can have
okay so so you do is take 550 and divided by 10% because infants only make
up 10% credit school so the most point you can get so you take 550 times 10% of
55 the most you get in 55 points and it’s your credit score by getting any
number of increasing move it can be won it can be you know all 20 but the most
of 55 okay but the most important thing here is give those numbers down so that
adults with the credit cells okay now what’s the next thing late payments both
bulb all those crazy late payments all right now whose photos plate things
that’s your fault all right so and you hire somebody to
fix your credit or you know you look into yourself those late payments is
your fault whatever caused it to happen alright you know it could be another
thing you lost job you know you got laid off you got sick you just did one pain
right as I damn it and that got making so that’s that’s your fault now do you
think about make payments okay the number of late payments count so and
you’re looking at late payments within a 48 month period all right in a lab and
it cause you know it’s movies I’m moving 48 months so every time a new luck a new
month goes by is another 48 it’s a rolling 48 months okay that’s the term I
was looking for rolling 48 months so so if you have three or less late payments
three of those think aim is in the last 14 months it’s it’s it’s less
challenging to get those late payments removed now they’re not really removed
it’s just that your your your account is recalculated and now we’re showing this
everything paid on time okay now if it’s more than three late payments then this
decision to be made you know though those more than three late payments
could be kabhi kabhi you know try to get removed or you may have to remove that
account and if that counts as an open account when that count updates and
shows back up on your credit there’s a good chance they can show it out the
payment history and without the payment history you don’t longer have those late
payments now don’t they with that is that if you have an account that you
have for like three four five years and it has a great payment history but you
have like six late payments on there well those late payments aren’t killing
you they’re killing you and I would rather lose the late payments I would
rather lose the the payment history and a late payment at the same time like you
can start over you can you know you can do another five years or you can build
that account back up but losing those late payments will really help okay so
now they see our collection accounts oh you know what we’re gonna do collisions
last the next thing is the next thing is charge-offs
it’s so much are there are those could be like a repossession as well to charge
us could also be a foreclosure anything where an account is still with the
original lender it’s closed it shows charge off and there could be a
balance of not being balanced all right so let’s talk about charles off charles
are a little challenge on student council removed because they’re still
with the original lender and most times charles to have a balance pump there’s a
balance owed okay now and it’s sometimes well what other ones well let’s do it
now the zero dollar balance charles are less challenging to remove because
there’s nobody oh it’s just all err to just stick it to you to be honest
I’ll write the credit mafia and those the individual still has that accountant
want to stick it to you it’s sad but there they don’t less
challenging to remove them because my mic here okay I’m good excited they’re
less challenging to remove okay but charged off with a balance are very
challenging to remove and here’s why first of all there’s a balance don’t you
do about that alright second of all is still with the
original lender third of all they can still sue you for the dead if it’s
within the statute of limitations that every state has a statute of taser of
the amount of time a company can collect on the account well they can sue you for
that so you’re doing with charge-offs you want to be careful you cannot stir
it cotton at all to try and do some of this deal and then you know now you deal
with court now you doing garnish miss and things like that okay so let me
careful I know you one can remove but you gotta be careful cuz then you know
that you could stir the pot when you’re dealing with char jobs now they can be
removed but these take time when I told you 11 months to fix my credit most of
that was those last little char cause they were hang it all
Brian yeah everything on the ledger that one to hang up with the pinkie you know
just like you know holding on okay but it was a fight but over the time you
know there’s a good chance you cool alright so that is that which are them
now an account is not selling to us all paid off so if they and their if you’re
challenging or you know you’re battling that charge off and they send your
letter saying hey you oh yeah you all that’s over charge off they say well yes
you over you know because we you’re gonna have to battle that the bureau’s
are gonna send them another dozen cases and hey this person’s battle this
account what say you alright what say you Kevin well what say you Bank of
America Bank Maccabees that I say they always be knocked out now and
we go anywhere but uh but they can’t be remove is just that is this little trick
okay same thing with public records don’t
public records in here as well to public records are challenging because public
records are not only post on the credit report also close and a third basket
posted a third party to third party you gotta want to call
that’s called pacer patient stands for public access to court electronic
records pacer and it’s public record and then we have LexisNexis and LexisNexis
is an information reporting agency that’s all they do is report plug
information and so since you’re your bankruptcy or any public records there’s
a matter there’s a matter of public record okay your public records a matter
of public record LexisNexis has the right not really know
but to post that public record with a composer to the credit girl and that is
absolutely horrible there’s a whole thing that they do the integers so yes
you have the battle pacer you’re going to battle LexisNexis you come to battle
the bureau’s now some individuals they’re able to move remove things a lot
faster based on getting old information remove first based on blocking some
information over at LexisNexis or opting out do you know that’s a whole different
process what that not different but it was part of the process and then they
battle the bureau and then to get that removed but it is about I’m not gonna
lie it’s a battle you could be going to battle them for a couple of months maybe
even up to a year it’s something I’m just gonna let you
know I’ve had clients that we got one who dog we got the beverage to boot off
a two and we’re still on one and that one day they’re back were battling it
out but guess what we’re gonna keep going until we get who’s also looking
for that’s the thing about okay so then the last one talk about is collection
accounts now collection accounts are probably one of the most I’m gonna throw
metal collection as well too one of the most easy to get the credit
report because you have no contractual agreement with the collection agency you
see once that original lender original debtor or creditor for fix that over to
the the collection agency all right they have no right to collect on that money
and there is no recharge agreement to you and that collection agency you
honestly you don’t holding anything you do what you don’t okay even your doing
those letters from a collection attorney’s office is still just a
collection account so if you are paying on a collection account right now
please stop it you owed them nothing nothing at all okay please stop paying
them right now and these and but there are times we are battling or there to
baby battling a collection account as well – okay that’s because I’m gonna put
that one last and medical bills as well because those violate all kind of laws
there are times where there are certain collection coming down looking to
collecting you and you know they don’t they can’t collect in your state and
there’s a letter out there called collection validation letter and
actually we give away these two letters for free we give away a cease phone call
letter and a collection validation letter so if you’re receiving any
letters from collections coming you can send this letter and say hey validate
just brought alright so those are some things that you know airs and your
credit that looked at when you’re looking to get fix your credit and
there’s two things there’s two ways you can fix your credit we have I’m looking
through my window you watched on YouTube what am I looking at right on my window
it’s cars limping down street right now but you can just visit this credit
disputing this credit challenging alright credits beauty Coachella
disputing is saying that this is not my account
that’s what disputing is so we do dispute hey that’s not my account and
it’s pretty words but not as much as it used to because now you need to have
documentation stating why this is not your account
what could why wise you know you said I just feel better hey this is not mind
wise in yours and the bureau’s living too late okay nothing they don’t work
but they’re not as effective effective as challenge letters now telling those
are saying yes this is my account but are you reporting my accounts across all
three girls based on his process called the metro to compliance
I’ll write a message to compliance the process that the bureau’s must follow
and when it comes to reporting your information on your credit report so
when you’re challenging your throwing their process back in your face like
okay you say you’re doing this show it that you’re doing it
can you certify that the way you reporting by accounts is the right way
if not you guys are moving so then the challenging process is so much more
effective because all we’re doing is using something that is supposed to be
doing anyway and throwing it back in their face now right and so there’s a
lot of interest out there that that a program that that offer challenge
letters but but you really have to have to pay for those they’re not out there
like those team twenty on the programs and but most of the vision of Aksum
challenges is can’t sell them they have to go through the actual program that’s
you know you have to actually get them to the program because these are like
proprietary letters and it’s a very very powerful process okay but what I’m gonna
have access to our program in the description area of this this podcast is
going to be a description area of the on the YouTube channel and also we have a
we now have a website we have a podcast website where everything is settled on
the blog there’s gonna be a blog posting types of things up so and then we talked
about in the podcast and the typed up and it’s going to be links to
information that you can get access to for you know credit repair and all that
kind of stuff alright so more the value near here the value near of all this is
you know credit repair part one you know higher credit credit or credit
information part one is gonna be you know we’re gonna add a lot of great
information in here concerning credit I just want to kind of give you an
overview on that all right so more the value here the value of all I want to
thank you for listening it’s gonna do somewhat thank you
watching if you’re on the podcast page make sure you comment down below all the
blog posts ask your questions leave your comments and make sure you click on all
the value around the blog post as well too so I think over listening and we’ll
see you on the next episode you fast acting credit repair,fast acting credit repair that works fast,power of being true to you,power of business owership,power of credit repair,power of debt freedom,power of excellent credit,power of ibuumerang,power of making money online,power of marlon hurd the valuenaire,power of mental health,power of network marketing,power of online marketing,power of success

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