the PROS and CONS of UPENN: academics, social scene, campus life & more

welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a pros and cons of Penn University of Pennsylvania I'm a freshman there right now my name is Morgan if you're new here but this is one of my most highly requested videos since so many of you want to know my honest opinions of the school and some of the less glamorous things that happen here since they don't really advertise that out there when you're looking at colleges I'm going to hop right into it and I thought we'd start with cons since personally I like to save the best for last number one not so cute thing about Penn is the consumer culture their consumerism is huge you walk down Locust walk and I think it might be a runway of a fashion show okay designer this designer that I was pretty familiar with different brand names because I have an interest in fashion but I know I've heard stories that to get into a frat for a party guys would be like oh you want to come into my party then then what like brand is this shirt and they like point at the logo and be like what brand is is can you identify that and I know that at 10 1 in 7 students is Phegley first-generation low-income and so they're kind of put at a disadvantage in that situation since you know not everyone has these designer brands everything designer no that's not like a thing in the normal world but at Penn you it's a different group of people there from all different socioeconomic backgrounds and I know I've had friends even I myself have felt like a pressure to kind of keep up with appearances not in the sense of like the pen face like oh I have to look like I'm perfect and I have everything together when inside I'm dying more like I have to have this coat and that bracelet and those shoes and all these outfits to fit in there's just this emphasis on like being a consumer and having like all the goods and all that I guess you could say it's like flex culture but people who maybe don't have the money like realistically don't have the money to buy that stuff they're buying it because they feel like it'll get them friends or make them fit in and I think that's super super toxic like I try to distance myself from that but it's very hard when basically everyone on campus you feel like you're the only one who doesn't have those shoes or doesn't have that one thing I guess I just want to let you guys know like what kind of surprised me when I want in campus and this would be the number one thing now I want to say this is kind of a bad thing but also something that I expected just not to this degree so I expected Penn to be pretty competitive it is a highly selective school so I expected like a lot of people to be you know super smart super driven everything super competitive but this is at another level like I honestly think some of my classes pushed me really really hard you know and I thought I was doing my best work possible but they still don't give grades that I was used to but when it comes to direct competition clubs okay clubs I went to the Student Activities fair and I walked in and I was like oh that looks cool I'm gonna write my email down for that and this and everything and I signed up for a lot of stuff and I thought oh I'll just decide like oh I don't really want to be in those three clubs anymore so I'll just stick to those other ones no they send you an email and they say hey you want to be in our club here's the application so you fill out the application and then they're like oh okay congratulations you made it to the interview round I was like there's an interview round for this club to be in it what so then sometimes when an interview sometimes you get cut sometimes there's like three rounds of interviews sometimes it's like you're just doing the interviews to be a general body member or something other times you might be accepted into the club as a general and then if you want a position you got to do even more applications and interviews and it all just adds up and I had so many friends who they applied to like 20 different things got rejected from all of them I was lucky enough that I was accepted to ones I really really cared about but I didn't I got some objections that definitely hurt but it does teach a good lesson so now what I'm applying to internships or doing interviews for different jobs or whatever I'm definitely comfortable with the interview setting and I know how to speak to my talents and everything so it's beneficial in that way but it was super intense coming in as an eighteen year old and being expected to do all these applications and interviews to be in a club I was like okay and I know so many people that if they don't get into something that they really want to get into and like ruins their entire semester they don't know what to do sometimes people feel like they have no friends which is a very common thing just for a first semester freshman in college but Penn brings it to another level by like making you feel like you're the only person that wasn't accepted to something and it's not involved in something I mean you can always reapply you can always re-interview and everything for clubs and hopefully get in a different semester but it really hurts the first one especially all right so this next thing I'm going to talk about in my eyes is kind of a downside but some other people may be into this if you're into this totally okay if you're not into this Penn might kind of be I don't know it's not rough but it's like uh just annoying hookup culture hookup culture at Penn is super intense people could be like oh yeah my boyfriend I or my girlfriend I I just automatically assume that it's a long-distance relationship or the boyfriend or girlfriend is in high school or they're going to a different college somewhere I would never assume that two people on pense campus are dating especially like for freshmen because I that is not a thing and don't expect just first and foremost do not expect that when you go into college that you will have a boyfriend or girlfriend right away probably not gonna and especially a pad like I don't even I can't even think of one couple like really dating you know or anybody really even I guess exclusively hooking up I don't even know I've just heard of people basically it's like a different person every night or you're not into it at all you know I mean if you're not into it then you're probably like me and I'm just like the only one sitting there being like oh yeah I'm single by myself chilling but also not interested in hooking up with random guys because I don't know not my style if it is your style then maybe you would really enjoy Penn's culture but I also didn't expect that like the majority of people would be like hooking up and then like never talking to each other again type of thing you know cuz then it's awkward because then you feel like oh well can I go to that place can I go to that frat like with my friend here or are we like not allowed to go there because like she got with some guy there that it's like awkward now I don't know cuz usually nothing ends very positively when this happens so maybe it would be it wouldn't be a problem with like things in end badly between people often but sometimes I feel like if I know these two people and I'm friends of both of them but now I like can't hang out with the two of them anymore together because there might be a little bit beef because of like one night I'm just like oh gosh this is too much it's too much drama schools already stressful enough so I kind of just peace out at that point you know next thing I'm gonna talk about in my opinion the dining hall food is just like not that good it might look good and then it just has no taste it's just not made with quality ingredients and the dining plans aren't that stellar because the dining dollar foods are better like at Pratt Houston hall but they always suggest that you do more dining swipes and I don't really vibe I don't know but there's a lot of options so I guess that's good it's just not quality and there are a lot of places around campus where you can spend money to eat and that gets kind of dangerous because that food is actually good but then also all your money is spent on that you get what I'm saying so it's like a financial dilemma at that point like good food that costs extra money or like any food that I basically already paid for with the Dining Plan that was in my tuition I don't know final best thing about haven't that I want to chat about for a little bit is safety I know everyone's experience is different I'm sure some people have felt safe at all times on campus like most of the time yes I feel very safe but there has been one instance in my life something that occurred on Penn's campus that was probably like when I felt most unsafe in my life ever this sounds kind of dramatic but I don't want to really get into the details about it maybe I'll like make a video about it sometime I would say it was kind of a witness to this I wasn't the person in the most danger in this instance there were three people involved other than myself let's just say there was a dangerous person my friend me and another person who was kind of my friend but I didn't really know that well and basically the dangerous person was with my friend nothing bad happened really but something bad could have happened and basically I was the last person who could save my friend from this really dangerous situation and I was so close to it that I felt unsafe and then my other friend who was also enough Senna's didn't really have the calm and collected type of attitude that I had during this situation so it was like me feeling like I'm in a dangerous situation really stressed out and I hated it I like took care of it with the school with like the Dean of my college house in my RA and my other friends who were involved my friends like did nothing wrong it's just like this dangerous person I don't know and then I was like the only person who could like save everybody I just fear that if I wasn't there like something bad could have happened you know which is not a good feeling like in the pit of your stomach so I would say I'm sure this happens sadly at like other campuses even worse like all around the world but it's like okay this is a problem that a lot of colleges have and I want people to know that like Penn isn't perfect in the sense that this something bad really could have happened to my friend so instead let's move on to the pros the good parts about the University of Pennsylvania let's move into it I love this school though I'm gonna start telling you why networking there are always amazing panels amazing speakers on campus it's honestly surreal like I walk by famous people I walk by people that did amazing things so far in their lives and I'm just like what uh my friends people my classmates have done crazy things that's so cool when you're around people who are amazing and motivational it makes you a better person so number one thing about Penn just the culture of success they're the culture of hard work pays off do your best and create something awesome because that's what we're all here for living for a purpose finding a reason for our lives finding a way to make the world better that's what it's all about secondly the classes even though they're kind of hard are super super interesting you're not just taking like some basic English or some basic I don't know science it's on another level and also the class choices there's so many different choices so things I've honestly never heard of before you can study which is freaking awesome it's kind of insane like you can really do anything you want here study anything you want learn about anything you want because there's an option for it there's so many experts in their field that you can really learn so many different things from the best of the clubs now I know I said clubs were super competitive but once you get into them they are awesome it's a great way to find friends there are very like familial clubs so you could have like a lineage it's like kind of like sorority and fraternity stuff like you can have a big in like your med Society club or whatever you can have a little in like your business club or your special showing some of the clubs that I'm involved in we do like a lot of fun activities and you just kind of get to meet other people in your class upperclassmen who you come like your brothers and sisters which sounds really weird but that's kind of what it feels like because you're all like living in the same place and you're all doing the same things and you kind of just bond with them you know so that's really nice next pot truck is a really awesome gym I need to use it more I wasn't sure what category to put this in because it's kind of a good and a bad thing depending on which way you look at it the social scene at Penn I know it's called the social ivy and sometimes like parties are super fun and just the different social activities and social gatherings are really fun but the negative side to it is there is definitely a hierarchy in the social scene like some of the most elite best things to do cost so much money like if you want to go downtown um first of all you need a fake ID second you need to probably tip the bouncers to let you in still because they know they even if you have like even if you're 21 they still want to like make money so they'll reject you and take people that give them money so you kind of always have to put like money under your card or whatever also you have to pay for a ticket to get into this special event because usually it's like a mixer with the club and like a frat or something it's just so extra and a lot of money and I'm like I'm not dropping like almost up it could be up to like 100 or more one night like some people drop hella money I'm just like I can't what's that's insane I feel like it can also be a little bit exclusionary yeah don't tell everyone you have a party and then when people come to it you're like assholes to them because they're not in they're not up to your standard or whatever like and then on the other end like I have people I know I said my friends are like oh if I'm not in like this sorority or that sorority or involved in this or that like I'm transferring what it's not that deep like get over yourselves I know people that they walk in and they they can't hang out people that aren't from like the elites of society so they sense like they're they just act like they can't be here it's not my scene you just can't hang out with poor people or who you can send maybe poor which no one is really freaking poor like it could be just middle-class people you know and they'd be like yeah really not my scene like I really can't be seen here like I have to leave they walk in and like they don't even it's because they don't know one person because all these people kind of stick together nothing against that like it's just it just like makes you kind of look like an asshole you know just say that you have to go instead of making like a whole ass scene like okay if it's not your scene then don't make a scene about it thank you but also it's always fun like it's a fun time at the school you know so the social scene even though there is like this hierarchy image like other elites and whatever whatever blah blah blah it's fine if you just take everything with a grain of salt and don't make everything a big deal super dramatic like you're gonna have a great time I'm convinced like honestly some of these people that are like making scenes all the time about like who's who and who they need to hang out with and who they are like they definitely are having fun okay they just definitely are and I don't know why they're like making a big deal of it and I think it's also like a big freshman thing to do that all the upper class I met literally don't care about this sort of thing so this is just basically this is like a pros and cons it's a first semester freshman at Penn okay I feel like next semester second semester everything gets a little bit better people find like their groups their friends and everyone is having a good time for the most part obviously you know college is perfect but even though there are cons about the school they're definitely pros let's take the pros outweigh the cons so Penn is a great school and if you are considering Penn definitely if you have any questions leave them in the comments down below DM me on Instagram and more go Jones if you don't want to like comment down below and I will get back to you I highly recommend going to Penn honestly one of the most life-changing decisions I've ever made and I love it so I'll see you guys next time thank you so much for watching this video bye

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  • this is SO helpful! really trying to decide whether or not I even want to apply to UPenn and this just was so insightful! Thank u!

  • I’m a freshman in high school but Penn is my dream school. I’ve visited part of the school (mostly the area near Houston Hall.) I love the football team (both the eagles and penn state), I love the city, I love it all. I’m planning to do my undergrad there and then go into the penn law school. This video really hypes me up to go there (when I apply and if I get accepted). None of the cons really apply to me (besides some of the club stuff) so this video is great thank you.

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  • This “consumer culture” phenomenon will be present at any of Penn’s competing schools. Ivy League schools offer some of the strongest financial aid programs. As a result, the campus will have a considerable amount of income inequality.

  • hey i loved this video bc of how informative it is and it rlly gave me a better perspective on penn since I CAN'T WAIT TO APPLY THERE ED bc it so dang amazing lol. could u maybe share your common app or supp essay; it would rlly give me an idea of what penn actually expects from its applicants. if u dont want to bc of privacy reasons thats cool to but thanks anyway


  • Hey great video! Quick question from a Penn '23 pre-frosh: I'm social and people tell me I'm cute, buuuuuuut I'm poor. Will I be able to get into parties?

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  • Thank you for this. It's really helpful. Is everyone at Penn super into consumerism or only a select group of people? Is everyone super rich and stuck up or are people actually nice there?

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