The Prosperity Secret

if you're unhappy with your life especially in the money department you've got to hear my story you say years ago I was unhappy with my life I mean really unhappy with my job my money situation I just I gave it all away literally everything I had I gave it away I went out to the desert just like this I took my clothes off and I literally had my 40 days in the desert I didn't even know if I was going to come back alive I didn't care because what I was doing this wasn't working when I learned out there when I was by myself and nothing but the truth of nature changed my life forever I went from being naked in the desert to driving a Ferrari within 90 days I even got two and a half million dollars to make my own motion picture so this is my next thing to you guys the prosperity secret the truth is universal and it's going to change your life forever my very first home ever had no running water it had no electricity it had no phone often we had little sometimes no food twice we were homeless my second home was a converted chicken coop I started with less than nothing I started $10,000 over $10,000 in debt I started as a grocery checker in a grocery store I grew up actually ended up growing up in foster homes and I think I learned real early that anything that I was going to achieve had to come from me I started with with nothing I started from very humble home my family didn't have money it's when you have nothing that you can get anything if things are being taken away from you it's probably because they've been holding you back when you have nothing left to lose you have no more fear and when you have no more fear the world is yours my best ideas ever in the financial arenas have always come and my lowest moment feels like have to hit bottom with a good burn right out I had times when I thought this is it we're out of business we're never going to make it to the next day I knew some people there companies were going to bottom out if we didn't make a change what's really important to realize is that the economy or luck or skill or talent has nothing to do with it I had all the talent in the world but that's not what did it for me the hand not one by the person who has dealt the best cards the hand is always won by the person who plays their hand the best you have to commit you can't sit on the sidelines you can't sit on the fence you can't wait for somebody else to go first anyone can start with nothing and rise to live their dreams despite what the economy is doing or what anybody says if people say it can't be done say watch me in a short period of time I started a company that went from three to ten employees to hundreds to ultimately thousands of employees and then those people report back to me they made 25 million in two weeks it's it's like a miracle it just snowballed and kept doing bigger and bigger and bigger than working for DreamWorks Sony NBC I represented a lot of fortune 500 companies I've made it all on my own I worked five five hours a week this is my home office and living my dream I live in a 17,000 square foot palace I have homes on the beaches of the world I fly all over the world in private jets I don't tell you this to impress you with me I tell you this because I am an ordinary man and if I can do this you can do all of this and more and I want you to people ask me how do you live this lifestyle how were you able to go from poor farm boy to self-made multi-millionaire and it's got nothing to do with my talent it's got nothing to do with my education I'm a high school dropout this is a thing you might say well gosh gosh gosh you get something going for him here it is smarter than the other guy of so many people you talk to they hate what they're doing stop waiting for other people to come through for you the only one who's ever ever going to come through for you ultimately is you so many people are motivated by fear the fear of failure the fear of the unknown the biggest challenge is in order for things to change you must change if you go after money relationships or anything you're just going to push it away it's got to come to you they want some magic pill they want some waving of a hands over their head some miracle there is no miracle the miracle is you created I think the biggest thing for people to realize is that the economy doesn't have to be your economy you don't have to participate in any recession or depression the greatest wealth ever accumulated by any individuals is always accumulated in the greatest crisis nobody has really made during the bad times I set out with nothing and I built everything I had from from absolute scratch and not having you know not having anything to start with most people I think spend their lifetime downgrading their desires so that they come in alignment with what they have working for people it is really a pain in the ass I was compelled that there is more to life you have a choice at that point you can step off and take the action or you can stay on the couch I needed freedom don't waste your dream don't waste one more minute every day that goes by will never happen again the only money that's worth anything to anybody as far as I'm concerned is the money that you've earned yourself once you achieve the ability to have something it becomes less important to you after a while you realize you don't need those fancy things to be happy but it's nice to know you can have them whenever you want now that's freedom so I think the bigger challenge is that we reframe our beliefs about wealth what money isn't about what abundance is and realize that the greatest gift that I have in my wealth is not my mansion it's not my car it's not my jet it's what you do and what you contribute it's not about money it's not about wealth it makes you good or bad it's what you do with that money the greatest gift out of all of that was being able to see how I could give even more we're all just trustees for the wealth you know do we really own anything in this world we come in naked we're going to leave naked the old sayings teach you this right so you know you've got to welcome the sustainability and the abundance into your life so that you can make a difference in this world this is a new world a new way of doing things I never thought I couldn't the laws of success apply to everything not just money and this is the most exciting realization I ever had once you learn this it will change your life forever they're all looking for this elaborate and difficult formula it isn't difficult it seems so clear to me and I don't understand why it hasn't clear to other people I was looking around going well I'm sure everybody else has already thought of this we'd all be sitting around waiting for oh it can't be that easy like I said somebody's already thought of that someone's already tried that it just can't be that easy it is that easy anyone can do that people almost resent and giving me the money because I made it look too easy it will change your life and remember the best ideas for creating wealth are all these ideas that help enrich other people you just know inside yeah I'm supposed to do this 4 to 6 hours a week is about all I like to put into my the work part that's your work week yes it's allergy I can tell you candidly die I've lived a life that most people wouldn't live in several lifetimes I just wanted to be comfortable and I got more comfortable I thought I could ever be you know I love Ferraris I think their artwork on wheels but now it's doesn't seem that important to met it knowing that I could have it I don't really even want it I think this idea that all wealthy people are bad or that all wealthy people are selfish –is is kind of ludicrous what are you worth don't die with your music still in you my desire for you would be that you recognize that you can have all the money all the wealth all the prosperity all the abundance that you want to have and you can still be a really great person you can still take care of the environment you can still live a very healthy lifestyle and you can still have a ton of fun not to mention the fact that it's a lot easier to get important things done when you have the resources to make them happen that's the thing if you're bettering the world if you're contributing if you're helping people that's true affluence when you leave this world what is in your spiritual bank account what's in your spiritual bank account is everything that you have given but you can't give anything if you don't have anything live that dream I've spent my whole life doing that I I don't know how to do it any other way it's not hard do you want the power to really make a difference in the world you

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  • Wow Markus. Fantastic video. I will certainly be using your philosophy with my YouTube site. It's fairly small at the moment but I'm working on helping young and novice engineers and mechanics understand how small engine systems works and how they can have the confidence to diagnose their own problems. I know that I just need to keep up the giving of information help others and grow my channel. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the info. Craig πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  • That man that said it's how & What you do with money is so right. Use it wisely, Give, Share, care, it will come back to you. Which I hope that happens to me soon. Lol

  • Tbh i only want to make a enough money so i dont have to work for someone else and can do what i love to do, i dont want to be a millionaire or have a ton of money, or have a huge ass company, super prosperity does not appeal to me, i come from a farming family and they live off their lands and make their own stuff, im no farmer i work a 3rd shift warehouse job and lucky to get by living alone on what i make, im not struggling but im not really going anywhere in terms of having the time to myself and freedom I want. This life sucks and is boring.

  • Markus and cara you both are amazing inspiration. Please do not stop what you are doing, you are really helping me!!

  • I work really hard everyday and do amazing things, yet where I am just farms the potential of people without actually making promotability or even appreciation of the individual. so I need a change. I'm tired of being overworked and underpaid. if it truly is simple tell me where the door is, where can I go to start that will lead me there? I don't have time for reading when I'm not working I'm sleeping

  • So how does one go about "re-framing" or "reprogramming" our beliefs?
    Its not so easy as people make it sound when you have been brought up in poverty and all your family friends and everyone where you live are struggling and these "happy and successful" people just seem like fictional movie characters designed to make the rest of us feel even more inadequate than we already do.

  • My dream when I come to us to open a healthy restaurant .. I love food and cook
    But still til now don't come true
    So what I did wrong ?!?

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