The Prosperous Coach – A Must Read For Every Coach! (AudioBook)

hey what do you want to do today same thing we do every night pinky try to take over the world chapter one why isn't this working it was 7:00 in the morning it was gray and cloudy outside and it felt almost as grey and cloudy in my room as I hunched over my computer tired and frustrated I've been working so hard over the past year to build my skills as a coach I had done training after training and I knew my coaching was powerful yet as I peered at my bank website in the early morning light there was no arguing with the cold hard facts of the numbers I had almost no money left in my account what I wanted to scream was why why why isn't this working and I was angry because I just received a clear no to the bold request I'd sent to a coach named Steve Chandler you see Steve had a reputation for helping coach has become prosperous some of the most successful and world-class coaches I knew had trained with him so I'd emailed Steve with an extraordinary offer I'd written Steve I cannot afford to attend your coaching prosperity school but if you let me attend for free I will pay you double by the end of the program excited by my offer I was crestfallen to receive his reply rich I want you to be the coach who can create the money first my chest was constricted and my breathing was short because signing up for Steve's school would drain the very last of my savings and yet sensation deep inside of me knew you've got to do this I wrote the check then and there and I walked to the mailbox with my heart beating fast in my chest I wanted to commit I wanted to play fallout for the first time in my life and I dropped the check in the mail and a couple of weeks later I met Steve in person for the first time as I became a member of his coaching prosperity school the numbers don't lie it was just two months later when I realized I'd already made ten times my investment in my own coaching for the first time in my coaching life I'd found a way to look into the eyes of a potential client and have them smile as they said the magic words how do I pay you as I speak these words out loud today I've got a deep sense of inner confidence about my ability to create prosperity as a coach I no longer use my bank account as a way to make myself feel bad or good and I know how to create the income and clients that support a lifestyle I love I attended the coaching prosperity school four times in total eventually became a faculty member I began to lead seminars alongside Steve and then on my own I've learned to thrive as a coach and in this book alongside my coach I mentor and now good friend Steve and I get to share our world with you a coach once asked me what's the secret to being an extraordinary coach extraordinary clients I replied it's easy to say he retorted but how do you get extraordinary clients what I said to that coach is what I'll say now to you be fearless in your coaching and be fearless in how you create clients show your clients what they cannot see say to your clients what no one else would dare to say and you have all the clients you ever desire and this book will show you how it provides you with access to the world of the prosperous coach it will help you increase your impact and your income and do the same for your clients the scene is set in the next section of the book called the miracle of coaching you'll choose your level of engagement and learn to set a high bar for yourself and your clients not many coaches are willing to play such a high-level game so you'll find yourself in the rare air of the world's best coaches in the section called creating clients you will learn effortless and powerful ways to sign clients you love while maintaining your integrity there are no gimmicks or manipulative techniques you will develop assists that works for you building deep meaningful connections that lead to referrals and clients time after time and in the section called fearless coaching you'll explore the two levels of fear the coach's face is the fear within your coaching which is often expresses people-pleasing instead of powerful service and then there's the fear of selling and enrolling clients that typically results in never making bold life-changing proposals and having only uncommitted clients in the section called deep inner work you'll examine and move beyond the deep-seated beliefs the hold most coaches back from success for themselves and for their clients finally the appendix distills the essence of the book into a set of tools you can begin to use immediately to create your own clients this book is for coaches who want to match their skills and talents with the committed clients they serve is for coaches who are ready to be world-class chapter two without a client you're not a coach I had been running my coaching prosperity school for years with remarkable results students learn to sell their services and levels they never thought possible my school was the only coaching school that didn't teach you how to coach it focused all its time and energy on only one thing acquiring your next client my own life was completely turned around by coaching and like a mad scientist who has found a cure for cancer I wanted to give the turnaround back so I began coaching coaches on how to build prosperous practices because a coach without a client is not a coach I know I've been there and how did that sorry state get cured by my own coach the ultimate coach Steve Hardison now I want to give coaches everywhere what he gave me it's not enough for coaches to simply be good coaches if you are a coach listening to this book I want to make you as good and enroller as you are a coach for your clients sake and for the sake of humanity itself coaching can only help civilization if there are clients no one has been coached as I have and now all I have is yours I started my coaching prosperity schools because there was one thing missing in our profession and it was the most important thing of all a coaches ability to build a client list a coaches mastery of the client acquisition process it was missing coaches were all gung-ho about learning to be great coaches they went to schools read books listened to powerful audios got certifications even got coaches who taught them to coach better but the big missing was still missing how do I get a client how do I sell without being afraid sales fear call reluctance money fear confusion of service with personal worthiness all diseases inside the coaching profession many times these diseases were fatal coaches gave up one brilliant coach I know gave up and started selling cars the Centers for Disease Control actually what I call victim centers known as coaching associations put out bleak and troubling statistics about how the average coach was making less than minimum wage a stunning thing meanwhile the coaches in my school were reporting weekly Billings of 3-5 often than $10,000 20,000 in the most recent school reported the $50,000 week and four of my school graduates now routinely earn seven figures a year coaching although when they came to me four years ago they couldn't make themselves sell I think my best student ever was rich livin he was a brilliant coach in my school he was dazzling in the way he could interact with other coaches in mere minutes he could change their view of the world from one based on fear to one full of possibility the only thing missing in Rich's life was income once he got the hang of what this audiobook will teach you he soared soon he was teaching others how to succeed clients and he had a lot of them raved about him they were high paying clients too soon rich and I were doing seminars together it wasn't long before I was actually learning from him when he got up to talk and our seminars I never left the room I just got my notebook out and learned now it's your turn the miracle of coaching chapter 3 to hell with circumstances to hell with circumstances I create opportunities said Bruce Lee I have a career that doesn't even make sense the only way I can describe it is to say this I'm in the miracle business people spend time with me we talk a miracles occur one of my clients is a mother of three when I first met her she was feeling completely stuck because she had this crazy dream of a certain famous billionaire entrepreneur writing the foreword to her book and becoming president of her charitable organization but she didn't know him and she knew he would have no reason to meet with a stranger let alone agree to her requests she kept saying to herself am I just dreaming too big my pushing too far beyond what is possible she sat down with me began to share her dreams and we began to meet week after week she immersed herself in our coaching some days she was sharp disappointed and low in energy as these dreams seemed so far out of reach and some days she would show up full of a sense of possibility and she took steps further and further outside of her comfort zone within a few months she had a meeting on her calendar between herself and the billionaire she showed up to the meeting alert and focused a whole body trembling with energy but she stayed connected with her bigger purpose by the end of her meeting he had agreed to both of the her requests and soon after he flew her out to California to meet Oprah an Olympic athlete I coached was struggling with her blocks around money the voice in her head would say is supposed to be a world-class athlete so why can't you raise any funds you're a loser she was so hard on herself because she lived with the daily frustration of selling calendars in a seemingly hopeless attempt to fund an Olympic bid now she was a beautiful woman and the calendars had stunning photos of her but at $17 a piece she was gonna need to sell a hell of a lot of them to get to the Olympics when we met I dived deep into what she was doing all of this for after a few minutes she began to cry with tears rolling down her cheeks she admitted that this was for something so much bigger than her she had a dream of creating a foundation that would teach children that everyone was capable of olympic-sized feats as she finished speaking she looked up into my eyes and her own eyes were sparkling I told her to tell the world about her mission I told her take all the focus off herself and to place a singular focus on sharing her mission with the world within 24 hours after this single coaching session with me she called to say she'd raised $40,000 of corporate sponsorship I was thrilled but I wasn't surprised a new coach wanted my help getting coaching clients he had a background in medical sales and he was confused because his experience in selling seemed to be irrelevant to signing the kind of high-end clients he wanted to coach in fact he had made just $15,000 in his first year as a coach he had explored creating websites and membership programs and search engine optimization and building an email list but none of that was working for him what he was saying to himself almost daily was when is this marketing approach ever going to work for me the way all the experts say it should we spent time together and I shared with him everything that we teach in this book he devoured what I taught like it was information that would transform his life and then he did something that not everyone can do with powerful information he applied it he invested in becoming my apprentice and dived in deep he worked with me closely week after week for a full year in the course of that year his second ever as a coach he faced many challenges but he stayed in the game and soon began to enroll his first high-performing clients his own clients began to have great successes and by word of mouth alone he filled his practice by the end of his second ever year as a coach he had billed $400,000 in coaching fees in my work with coaches consultants or even small business owners I've developed a reputation for doing one thing exceptionally well my clients create a thrive practice a thriving business by invitation and referral only so although I say I'm in the miracle business what I actually do is help my clients see their world differently because when you help someone see their world differently their world changes when someone sees the world differently they show up differently and they create results that looked impossible a moment before that is a miracle chapter four drop the phony stuff I like to coach people with radical and provocative metaphors I'll use them to wake people up to what's possible when they're willing to connect with another person most coaches waste time communicating without really making a meaningful connection one of the coaches in a prior school Iran had an eighteen thousand dollar month she used to have months that were closer to three thousand dollars but one way she improved her Billings was by ruling out lunch dinner and coffee as options for that first meeting with the coaching prospect those options are from 1950s sales books that say you should first get to know someone socially but the truth is that it actually diminishes the chances you'll land a coaching client if you have lunch with them first and establish your relationship as a social one what should you do instead throw them in the slammer get a small room in a ten warehouse by the waterfront with a single light bulb hanging from a frayed wire in the ceiling and one small table and two metal chairs and go full mossad on them or whatever your version of that would be but you must create a clearing in which transformation has a chance to happen if you just have lunch they will never feel the value of coaching they'll just think you're an amiable affable social person who's fun to chat with but why pay big bucks for that most of the mistakes failed coaches make are of the information manipulation variety lots of marketing and social media posting lots of learning about branding and niches lots of trying to win friends and influence people none of it works ever in the world of coaching because coaching changes lives therefore all the shallow people-pleasing forms of sales manipulation are inappropriate in fact they're off-putting but this is actually good news for most of us who heat that activity anyway coaching is a good profession for people who are genuinely devoted to making a difference in the lives of other coaching is not a good profession for friendship seeking frauds and phonies what is most sad to us is to see a genuine good authentic person spend their day trying in vain to market and sell and manipulate people into their coaching practice because that's how I thought it was supposed to work that is not how it works we will show you how it works Chapter five set your bar high and clear it the coaching profession has a problem that is twofold there's a low bar for entry and a high bar for success the barrier to entry for coaching is now so low that literally anyone can become a coach there are companies that will certify you for free and almost every coach training company promises immediate wealth and success if you'll just sign up for their coach training this means that many people experience coaching at the lowest end of the skill spectrum coaches who've trained online coaches who've done a weekend workshop and coaches have simply read a book about coaching are hanging out their shingles and offering free sessions to tempt potential clients it's no wonder that despite the incredible results that real coaching can generate for clients many people will have a poor experience of coaching but you don't have to be one of those coaches you can be extraordinary if you're willing to put in the time to educate yourself and to turn pro use that high bar for success to your advantage be one of the committed coaches willing to clear that bar chapter six choose your level of engagement we have worked through the years with many coaches who have entered our seminars and schools or who have studied the art of coaching with us we know from experience that all these coaches will end up as one of three distinct practitioners number one Pro coach number two part-time coach number three personal growth coach a pro coach makes her primary living through coaching and it is a good living with a yearly income comparable to the income of other professionals in private practice lawyers doctors accountants etc a part-time coach is professional in the sense that he charges a good strong fee for his work but he has another primary vocation or source of income that sustains him and he therefore does not rely on coaching for his livelihood he simply has clients on the side a personal growth coach has received training in the profession and quote knows how to cope end quote but does not do so professionally their skills still remain valuable tools for whatever work they do especially in leadership roles because good coaching always brings out the best in another person and can be applied almost everywhere people interact none of these roles is better or more honorable than the other we've trained many coaches who have created a great living from their coaching income some now make high six and even seven-figure incomes as coaches several coaches from the coaching prosperity school have discovered the joy of coaching part-time one went back to his first career as a computer programmer another sold real estate and another led travel adventures around the world they created an income with their day jobs that freed them from any neediness around signing clients from that place they were able to create a wonderful second income doing what they love a woman in our first coaching prosperity school years ago fully intended to leave her company and go out on her own as a coach but in the course of acquiring the enrollment skills at the school and applying them inside her existing company she was offered a major promotion into a senior leadership position she loved it and never looked back she remains today happily at the private level of coaching for a coach to fully turn pro a lot of time and energy must be invested in achieving a mastery level of effectiveness for coaches there is no law school or medical school to force them into turning pro they must take it upon themselves to self educate and make the journey but that's the fun part so hang on and see where this takes you Chapter seven or be a struggling coach not understanding the three levels of engagement will result in one thing only a struggling coach a coach who says they want clients but has few or none a coach who says they want a six-figure income but who is afraid to charge for coaching a coach who wants to coach clients but has never been bold enough to invest in their own coaching learn to understand and apply the distinctions in this book and you'll never be a struggling coach here are some powerful contrasts and distinctions that we see between struggling coaches and those pro part-time and personal growth coaches who are thriving the struggling coach wants to coach anyone and everyone they're afraid to ask for money they want to wait until everything is perfect before they charge for coaching they spend their time energy on money on getting the word out they think that marketing is essential in order to assign clients the pro coach is committed to coaching no matter what failure doesn't stop them they're not embarrassed by their mistakes there's no turning back the part-time coach learns to love their full-time job it's what brings in the cash to allow them to do the coaching they love in their spare time the personal growth coach loves coach trainings and reading and seminars as ways to deepen their understanding of life business money health and relationships the struggling coach thinks that because they give advice to their friends they'll be successful as a coach they coach without permission friends family and colleagues and they cannot distinguish between impactful coaching and unsolicited advice the pro coach learns to love selling coaching and they know that cash is not the only way to be paid for coaching you can be paid in experiences you can be paid in relationships can be paid in learning you can be paid in referrals the part-time coach understands that limitation creates value only having a couple of hours a week for coaching makes them more attractive as a coach not less a personal growth coach learns to love supporting their friends and family with their full permission the struggling coach thinks getting clients is the hard part they seek more and more information about how to get clients they want more and more information on the latest newest magic marketing system and they think that they just need to find a guru to teach them the right way the pro coach knows there is no hard part they love the business side of coaching as much as they love coaching the struggling coach tries to please everyone the pro coach serves people and does not try to please them the struggling coach wants to be comfortable they want to be liked their people pleased and they wonder why their clients missed sessions and don't show up on time the pro coach knows that being uncomfortable is the only way to grow and because they create such powerful agreements their clients never miss or are late for a session the struggling coach has huge dreams that overwhelm them the pro coach has huge dreams and takes tiny steps every day the struggling coach is scared to ask for money or to state bold fees because they were afraid of rejection the pro coach knows that there's no such thing as a high-paying client your fees are just a filter for the clients you'd love to coach the struggling coach spends their time creating a beautiful website stunning business cards requesting likes for their Facebook group and sends out tweets on the hour the pro coach coaches their butt off the struggling coach has never invested in their own coach they don't see the message this sends they don't even believe in coaching enough to invest in it for themselves the pro coach understands that receiving coaching is part of their professional development they model the power of coaching by devoting a significant part of their time energy focus and income to being coached by the best coaches they know the struggling coach thinks money is like oxygen the pro coach knows that money is just money the struggling coach think confidence is a requirement before taking action the pro coach knows that confidence is a result of taking action the struggling coach tries to sell the concept of coaching the pro coach sells by giving people a powerful experience of coaching the struggling coach seeks more and more credentials the pro coach knows that credentials are irrelevant because the only question clients ever want an answer to is can you help me the struggling coach is reactive the pro coach is creative Chapter eight love a hard part the biggest problem most coaches face is that they think they're entitled to a career I'm a really good coach therefore I should be able to succeed as a coach the problem is that only fifty percent of becoming a successful coach is about your coaching it's the other 50% that will determine whether you thrive or even survive as a coach the other 50% of what you need to do to become a prosperous coach is what we call creating clients others call this getting clients or even worse attracting clients and most coaches call this the hard part but as long as it remains the hard part you are not going to succeed our motive in writing this book is to have you love this part of your coaching practice our dream is to have you master the art of creating clients our dream is for you to make the hard part easy imagine two boxes the box on the left is what you do the box on the right is the business of what you do the box on the left is you coaching the Box on the right includes sales and accounting and making proposals and bookkeeping and paying taxes most coaches put all their attention on the box on the Left they do more and more coach training they invest more and more money in becoming a better and better coach they love this box and spend money time and energy over here but they did test the box on the right they hate the business of coaching so them it means selling and asking for money if you want to be successful you need to learn to love the business of coaching as much as you love coaching itself and the simplest way to do this is to make the box on the right as similar to the box on the left as possible the moment I began to slow down my initial conversations with potential clients my life changed I didn't realize it at the time but I was learning to love the business of coaching now I'll never meet with a potential client for less than two hours and all I ever do to sell is to create a powerful coaching experience so for me is no more selling there's just coaching which I love there is no hard part my business plan has become one line meet fun and interesting people my attention is on building relationships and coaching people and making bold proposals I enroll my clients by coaching them as simple as that in fact my calendar now has only two colors red and blue blue signifies anytime I'm coaching a client red signifies anytime I'm creating a client I've made the two boxes overlap so much that if you were to observe me on a coaching day you'd be hard-pressed to know whether I was speaking to a client or creating one chapter nine design your preferred lifestyle most coaches give no time to considering the lifestyle they'd love to have three years into a new career they discover that they're working longer hours than before they became self-employed a client of mine asked me to coach her as she transitioned from corporate work into consulting as a philanthropic advisor the first thing we did together was to create her lifestyle she told me she wanted to make Friday's the day she spends with her five-year-old son in her previous job she'd worked six to seven days a week she was determined to never do that again so I had her block out every Friday in her calendar with the label meeting with my Executive Board nobody would ever know that her executive board consisted of just one person a beautiful baby boy she turned down her very first job offer of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars the six months of consulting with a fortune 500 company because they wanted her to work on Fridays the very day she'd chosen to spend with a young son she called me in a panic and said what have I done rich I helped her to stay calm and to consider the impact of going back to her previous life of 90 hour work weeks with no time at all for her child and so she held firm she laughed out loud when a day later the company called her back to meet her terms me I love to travel as I designed my own lifestyle I got clear that I would need to coach my clients by phone in order to have the freedom to travel as much as I wanted and they loved to spend time in beautiful places so when I do meet clients in person we meet in beautiful hotels or inspiring locations if you don't consider your dream lifestyle when you begin coaching you become like the American executive who in an old joke arrives on a beach on a beautiful island the executive strolls down to the beach notices a fisherman rowing in to shore his boat is chock full of fish and the executive asks him what he's doing the fisherman replies I've been fishing because I love it and now I'm gonna have a barbecue on the beach with my friends I'll play guitar and sing and hang out on the beach and then in the evening I'll dine with my wife under the stars that's crazy says the executive you've caught so many fish I can invest in you and we'll sell the fish you'll make a ton of money why would I want to do that says the fisherman well in a few months we could invest the profits and buy a bigger boat and make even more money says the executive why would I want to do that says the fisherman well in a few years we could invest the profits and open a factory on the beach and process our own fish and make even more money says the executive why would I want to do that says the fisherman well with all the profits from that you could eventually retire early and then you could go fishing just because you love it and then you could have a barbecue on the beach with your friends and you could play guitar and sing and hang out on the beach and then in the evening dine with your wife under the stars start to outline your dream lifestyle now don't worry if it seems out of reach imagine your life five years from now ten years who your dream clients where would you love to be coaching them what else would you love to be doing chapter 10 cultivate deep foundations standing at the front of the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica is a magnificent fig tree that has welcomed visitors from around the world for more than a century the trees stunning at over 80 feet in height and with a breathtaking 167 foot spread of branches I love to take client to the hotel at the beginning of a coaching program we sit on a bench that looks directly out of the tree and the view is all inspiring I take time to point out the remarkably thick roots that in many places protrude well above the ground you cannot see the majority of the extensive and deep root system supporting a tree from beneath the ground and this is a wonderful metaphor for how a strong and deep foundation is needed vast to achieve great things in life to become highly successful as a coach you need to master three disciplines one you need to master the business of creating clients in fact to be highly successful you need to love creating clients as much as you love coaching clients two you need to become adept at fearless coaching a willingness to courageously lead your clients in the most powerful way possible three and beyond these you need to be willing to work your own process and do the deep inner work necessary so you can see your own blind spots you can't take your clients any deeper than you've been able to go in your own life

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