The Purpose Of Wealth is Freedom

So, you see me talk a lot about money on
this channel. And the reality is you know, what is the point of money? If
we really are to question. I’m sure you watch a lot of videos about money. But
the purpose of money is for many people to generate wealth. Or for me it’s to
generate wealth. But what is the purpose of wealth? Well, the purpose of wealth is
freedom. And in this video, I’m going to be talking about kind of how money relates
to freedom and how we can so often lose sight of that goal. And how I personally
have lost sight of that goal many times. But I’ve made a commitment to myself not
to ever lose sight of the true goal and it’s not making a ton of money. It’s
about freedom. So, the purpose of money for me is to generate freedom really. And
you know… And freedom through wealth. And it wasn’t always this way. You know, I
when I was you know… When I first got it you know started in business, I
was I was in college. And I was just dead broke. And I mean you just… It sucks being
broke. You are confined. You know, no matter what you’re confined from all
angles. You can’t afford all the food you want. You can’t afford to live where you
want. You can’t afford to go where you want.
You’re just confined in so many… Just basic choices in life. And for
me, the you know, not being able to live where I wanted, it really sucked in
LA. Because in LA, you have to live somewhere out in the burbs and you have
to drive really far to get anywhere to see your friends or to see your family
or to go to bars or whatever. And it isn’t a lot of fun. and it isn’t a lot of
fun because you know I remember growing up I hung out with a lot of you know,
there are a lot of rich kids around me. I grew up in an area where there were a
number of rich people. and I I remember they would invite me out to
lunch or dinners. You know, they did invited me out to go to bars with them.
And I remember one time we were eating at a sushi restaurant in somewhere in
like you know Melrose or something. And the bill came and he said, “Okay, let’s you
know, let’s split it all up.” And my portion of the bill was like $85. And I
just thought, “I can’t… I don’t have that sort of money. Like this is all the money
I have right now.” Like… And I didn’t want to I didn’t want to seem not cool by
being like… I don’t have any money on me or you know… My credit card… You know, I
didn’t want to seem weird like that. So, money just… You know, it keeps you from
a lot of situations. And I see that in marketers too. So you can be… You cannot
have enough money but the other side of the coin is you can lose sight
of what money’s for and people can take it the wrong way. And so many marketers
in this industry, you may think John spends money like just crazy. But the
point the actual reality is I am a crazy saver. I put putting all of my money into
my retirement account. I put all my money into savings accounts. I put it away. I
keep it safe because the purpose of it is to retire. The purpose of money is to
put it away very conservatively. Let it earn 4% interest a year and just be
super conservative with the money that you make. So, that it can eventually buy
you freedom. And you figure for each million dollars you have in a retirement
account that you or in the bank after taxes, that you will earn 4% a year on it.
So, if you have a million dollars, you can… If you if and if you can live off of
$40,000 a year, you’ll make $40,000 a year off of a
million dollars. Not doing anything. Not… Nothing. Nada. Zip, zilch, zero. You just
sit back you do whatever you want and that $40,000 a year will come in. Now, you
have 5 million dollars in the bank and you will make $200,000 a year. So,
five million dollars can afford anybody a very comfortable retirement.
My goal is a little bit higher than that it’s 6 million dollars
in the bank tax-free out in my personal name. Now on my company name. In
my personal name. 6 million in the bank tax-free. And I’m not at that point yet.
But I’m getting closer. And that’s the goal for me is creating freedom. And I
believe the goal of everyone here… The goal should not be to buy a fancy car.
This is vain. And that takes away from your freedom. Because I look at it like
this: Every dollar that I spend in an unfrugal way is taking away from my
freedom. My ability to just be a person. And not enough people talk about that. So,
many people lionize spending money. And you know what it doesn’t matter if you
aren’t making a lot or if you are making a lot. You can go broke either way. So,
even if you’re making a hundred dollars a week or if you’re making a hundred
dollars an hour, it doesn’t matter. You should be saving up money because that
money will eventually put away in a retirement accounts or just safe places.
I’m not gonna get into investment schemes here because I’m not an
investment scheme kind of guy. What I care about is freedom. And do whatever
you can to create freedom in your life because that is the light at the end of
the tunnel. That is the purpose. Business is hard. And I don’t just do this for
myself, okay? I don’t just do this for myself. I do this for my kids because I
want my kids to be able to do whatever they want in life. Regardless of if it
pays them money. And that’s how people should be meant to live. You know, I have
a friend who works so hard to give her kids the ability to just play music for
a living. And that’s really meaningful because she’s allowing her kids to just
do what they love. And just be people and not have to worry about all of the
details and the aggressive negotiations or the sales of a marketing or the
accounting and the financing and the negotiating your tax bill. And do you
know knowing all the legal codes to figure out how to save money. Business
involves a lot of work. Managing people, all sorts of stuff. Business involves a
lot of headaches. No matter what business you’re in. I mean… You know what? I like I
like doing YouTube. I love doing marketing. But the fact of the matter is…
Yeah. And I and I hear this BS all the time. You know, people say, “Oh, you know… Do
what you love. Do what you love. Do what you love.” You know what I love? I love
going on long camping trips. I love going kite surfing. I love going skiing. I love
spending time in my pajamas with my family just all lying on our California
king-size bed with my family, my daughters and my dog and my cats on it just hanging out. And the fact of the matter is, I’m never going to get
paid money to just go skiing or kite surfing or camping or hanging out with
my family. Now, sure you could make an argument and say, “Well, you could start a
YouTube channel about camping.” But the reality is then it becomes work. Okay? Now,
marketing is cool. I like video games. Marketing is kind of like a video game
to me. And it’s fun. The reward is great. But at the end of the day, let’s be real
here. The purpose of money is to generate wealth and that is the purpose to
generate freedom. So, let’s focus on freedom. And this is just more of a
somber video. But I just want to give you a counterpoint to all of the crazy money
you see and the money guns. They’re all coming back. They’re going to be there in
the next video, don’t you worry. But I just want to let you know if you didn’t… If you if you think I just spend like crazy, I’m actually very
conservative my money and I hope you make a commitment as well to take back
control of your finances. And understand that that light at the end of the tunnel…
If you… You know I talked a lot on this channel about taking back control
because I believe this is the most important thing in life. I believe our
lives have been sabotaged from so many angles. The average human being is under
so many systems of control. The education system of control, the corporate system
of control, the financial system of control. That brings us down and bleeds
us dry. Leaving us with nothing at the end
of the day. At the very least, I’m going to work my darndest to get my freedom. And I’m
not going to stop until I do. And I’m making ways and I intend to go out into the
sunset. Hopefully sometime soon though. Subscribe the channel, enjoy the videos
and until I’m fully retired which I don’t know how long they’ll be. I’ll keep
dropping major knowledge bombs for you. So again, hashtag take back control if
you are committed. Subscribe to the channel. As always liked this video if
you enjoyed it. If there’s any questions you have for me about how I live my life
and with my finances or anything personal, this is a great video ask that
question about it. aAything personally have questions about, ask it here. And I’d love
to give you some answers. Have a good day.

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