The Quantum Healing Technique for Healing Past Memories (Powerful Healing Process)

this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
the quantum healing technique for letting go of past memories and really
letting go of blockages as well I’m gonna show you exactly how to apply that
so that you’re more easily able to let go of what doesn’t serve and start to be
and live the life that you prefer welcome back another video my name is
Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness in this video I’m gonna be
sharing with you that quantum healing technique that you can apply that can
help you in a way start to heal past experiences now this is something that’s
going to be kind of rooted in the understanding of parallel realities
understanding that the only moment that does exist is this moment right now you
see we’ve never actually experienced the past because when it was the past it was
the moment now the moment now is where it’s at and when it will be the future
it won’t actually be the future it’ll be this moment right now from just a
different point of view but the way we are wired to think is in a very linear
type way there’s a beginning there’s a middle there’s an end and what happens
is because we have that kind of belief it keeps us perpetuating similar
experiences over and over again especially because a lot of times what
happens is things that have happened to us in a past so if there was some type
of memory of something that happened in a moment that that memory happened what
may have happened is we ended up deciding and saying to ourselves even
subconsciously this is Who I am or this is how I have to be in order to
really get what I want in life or this is how I have to be in order to shield
myself from bad experiences so that a lot of times happens at very
subconscious levels now the thing that quantum physics shows us is that the
only moment that does exist is right now and the other cool thing that I’ve been
learning is understanding that in this moment right now we connect back to past
memories but what neuroscience also shows is that anytime we remember a
memory what we do is we take that memory out of the memory bank we observe it and
as we observe it we change it a little bit then we put it back in the memory
Bay when we’re done looking at it so
initially what happens is every time we do that we change the memory little by
little and eventually even though we may have thought about it
thousands of times or hundreds of times it’s a completely different memory than
what actually happened because it’s been overlaid with our beliefs and our
opinions about it so what is good about that well the good thing is knowing that
what you’re remembering about the past may have been totally different than the
way that you remember it and maybe the story you’re telling yourself just
doesn’t work anymore maybe the story you’re telling yourself
it continues to weigh you down you know on average we think about 60,000 vii
70,000 thoughts a day and of those 90% of recycled the day before which means
if we’re thinking of past experiences every day if it’s something we regret if
something we feel shame about that gets brought in to our current reality we
keep creating the same emotions therefore similar things in our life
manifests because we are resonating with those kind of emotions so the power of
this understanding of this quantum healing technique is the ability to heal
our timeline because even though we think that that time that happened in
the past is set it’s not actually set we remember it so we keep recreating the
energy and the momentum of it but the cool thing is is as we change in the
present moment we also change different pasts we have different paths where as
we change in the present moment in the same way there’s different probable
futures as we change our present moment energy now so the past and the future
are not as set as we priorly thought that they were that’s something quantum
physics is showing us so in this video that’s what I’m gonna be sharing with
you is how to heal that timeline how to change it but at the same time how to
process the memories and forgive yourself forgive other people to let go
of the energy that comes with that memory the reason I think this is
important is because a lot of times we think we just shouldn’t be thinking and
feeling the way that we are and because we think we should be feeling
differently we create resistance and that resistance continues to perpetuate
more and more of that emotion that was something that a question
somebody had when I did my talk in LA a couple months ago they said they were
feeling a lot of resistance about some things that had happened and the advice
that I had was to let it be okay that you feel the resistance let it be okay
and if you let it be okay the paradox is then you let go of the charge of that
energy and that I could tell really helped him that was kind of like a
little tweak in his mind he’s like whoa yeah that’s something I could do that’s
something I think we can all do and that’s something I remind myself up let
go of the charge of things being positive or negative and as I let go of
that charge or I let it be okay that I feel one way or the other the resistance
goes away anyways so it’s kind of like magic it works really well so let’s get
into the quantum healing technique now that were six minutes into the video
almost so this is what we do first off there’s two parts to this the first off
is actually going to be just clearing the energy it is just clearing the kind
of momentum that may have been built up from what has happened so this is where
we’re gonna use ho-oh nope oh no I don’t even know if I’m saying that right but
many of you guys have probably heard of this this is a Hawaiian type healing
modality it’s something that a lot of people use it’s really it’s known for
being something that’s very powerful and there’s four main parts to it and the
first part of it is you say simply I’m sorry you think of the memory of
something that happened and you think I’m sorry now you might say well it
wasn’t something I did to someone else it was something somebody did to me it
doesn’t matter you say I’m sorry because what you are becoming aware of is that
everything in your life we must start to take responsibility for everything that
happens in our life because unless we take responsibility what happens is we
put the power outside of ourselves and we cannot change what we do not own so
even if something did something to you come at it from the place of I’m sorry
because you’re aware that there’s an energy pattern that’s associated with it
and unless you forgive yourself or unless you forgive somebody else then
that energy will remain charged even if you say that person did this to me that
is remaining charged so say I’m sorry make it like you’re talking to your
higher-self I’m sorry for letting this pattern run myself out for so long kind
of like you’re talking to your higher self and you may be talking to other
people you may be talking to somebody that maybe you did something to so this
is what you do you say I’m sorry and then the second step as you say please
forgive me please forgive me this is with the awareness that first
off let’s talk for a second about forgiveness what makes it so much easier
to forgive people is knowing that people always make the best decision they can
with where they are with their level of consciousness now I don’t mean that in a
judgmental way like oh you’re a lower level consciousness so that’s probably
why you are doing and making those decisions being mean towards people but
in general everyone will make decisions from their own point of consciousness of
their justifying their own mind so maybe somebody stole from you and they stole
from you in there a good friend of yours like why would they steal for me well
they may have been out of place where they believe in scarcity they didn’t
believe in themselves maybe they needed something and they felt pressure from
someone else maybe their spouse or their girlfriend other boyfriend to do
something so they felt like they had to take something that you had now I’m not
saying it’s okay but what I am saying is that unless you forgive that person you
may carry a certain level of resentment inside of you that will then leak into
other areas of your life so let’s heal that now so what you do is you say
please forgive me please forgive me because then you’re taking the power
back even though it may have been something happened to you please forgive
me for thinking this for so long for for having this kind of energy within my
body for going about it telling myself this story over and over again now the
third part is called just simply saying thank you now thank you this is where
you have gratitude you have gratitude and you say thank you and knowing that
it is done that it is something you’ve let go of thank you thank you for the
experience thank you for the learning lesson that came along with it just say
thank you thank you for what you’ve learned thankful for how much more aware
you’ve become whatever it is just say they
q and as you say thank you you are starting to more so vibrate and let go
of that vibration altogether now the fourth part of it is you just say I love
you and everything that you experience in your life is a reflection of your own
consciousness we are all connected we are all one I know this is a very deep
idea but when we start to realize this we realize that everything is love and
that by holding love away from certain people or certain things or even
ourselves because of certain experiences or things that people did to us so we
hold our back our love from them we create separation and that separation
creates patterns and that patterns create something that continues to run
itself out so that is the modality that you can use to heal the prior experience
now let’s get to the quantum healing technique part of it
that was part of the process the reason I explained is because this next part is
very powerful but I do at the same time believe that we must work through the
emotions and forgive in order to really let go of the pattern I don’t think
otherwise it seems like this quantum healing technique I’m about to show you
just a band-aid you just put a band-aid over it this heals and then what this
does is allows you to take the pan date off this has allows you to really heal
in a powerful way so what is the quantum healing technique this is what we’re
gonna do what I’d like you to do right now and we can do this together is think
of a memory you have of something that has happened to you something you’ve
done whatever it is something you want to heal a past prior experience now
realize that that past prior experience that you’re thinking of right now that
that there is a version of you that is in that reality even though it seems
like that happened 20 years ago that happened five year or ten years ago
whatever it is there’s a part a portion of you that exists on a timeline right
now that is not healed there’s a person there’s a version of you that is
resentment or that had to decide that this is Who I am they had to not talk so
much they had to not express themselves because of something happening or
there’s some type of energy that they’re carrying around that version of you be
aware of that now realize that you continue to think about that over and
over again and in the present moment you create more and more of that resistant
without even knowing it just subconsciously so because of that
because time is not as linear as we thought that it is and because every
time you pick that memory bank out and you look at that memory from the memory
bank you change you to then put it back in this is what we’re gonna do we’re
going to let go of it and realize that whatever situation you experienced you
can let it go and you can start to change the memory it’s just simply as
you look at that memory you’re wiring it into your brain neurons that fire
together wire together so every time you think of it you’re wiring that memory
and so that when you think of it you consistently go to that memory that you
remember so this is what we’re gonna do have the awareness that that version of
you exists right now connect to it heal it through the whole nope oh no that we
just did but this is what you do you start to realize and you start to think
of an alternate type experience that could have happened you start to think
of something that happened and instead of whatever happened you start to
realize in alternative so maybe it was like when you were younger maybe your
parents told you a common one as parents told when I was growing up as children
our event to be seen and not heard so get in trouble if I could I got
family dinner or something and talking talking like a family a whole bunch of
family around and you start talking about something and get told to shut up
and remember that you know that’s something that is easy to remember so
there’s a part of me if that were me remembering that what happened is that
version of me exists right now and it’s not healed yet
and maybe at a certain level I don’t express myself because of that one
experience so what do you do well what we would do is we would look at that
situation that scenario and what I would do is I would look at it and then see it
happening differently so there’s it’s been wired so much that that’s the way I
see it right talking at dinner somebody says stop talking you’re meant
to be seen in that herd why are you talking why you expressing yourself
so instead of that instead of that memory being wired over and over again I
start to remember it differently I start to think of it like I was laughing about
something somebody looked over and smiled and I realized that it’s cool for
me to express myself the exact opposite and maybe I put in a little bit of
detail there maybe I put it what exactly was I talking about
I was joking around about something that happened in school I was talking about
it I laughed everyone else laughed and it
was a good experience and I felt good for expressing myself so now what you do
is you look at whatever memory you’re thinking of I just gave you an example
of something I just kind of pulled out the thin air but whatever it is see an
alternative happening happen that is even better and then what you do is you
make that brighter and brighter you imagine it with the sounds they’re
sounds getting louder and louder you imagine increasing the senses of what
you feel imagine you taste what the air tastes like if you were at the beach or
something whatever it is you make that visualization more powerful and what you
do is you run that through your mind as if you were in the experience not like
you’re watching a movie as if you’re there and you remember it over and over
again and every time you remember it like that what you do is you wire in
that new memory and that becomes your new past in the present moment that
becomes something that over time you will begin to wire that in it only takes
about four or five times of remembering it and then go back to the moment and
think do you relate to the old memory again you may find that the old memory
has been every time you pull that memory out anyways it changes anyways might not
change it even more why not allow yourself to really change it and get
some positive effect out of it and choose in the present moment to change
so that’s what you can begin to do look at that memory change it the way you
prefer some lesson you can learn from it and then run that through your mind a
couple times a day and let yourself let it go let go of the old memory run it
through the positive way that it reinforces think about it over and over
again and then simply know that as you go forward you have literally changed
your past timeline you have connected to your past in a completely different way
this I think is so powerful you can really let go of any patterns you’re
carrying with you at a certain level you could let go of the Karma of what you
put out what you get back but if you’re resonating with some level of regret or
some level of resentment towards someone else you can then really just let it go
and from there you’re gonna create new patterns in your life of things that
change in a very powerful way so this is something I think that you can apply
towards any memories that you have that you don’t prefer that’s why I also I’m
not just put it as a band-aid where you just change your timeline of things that
happen to process it work through it that’s why honobono works so well you
can work through it and allow yourself to feel it and you could heal and
forgive for within you and then when you go to this technique it works so
powerfully now if you want a guided meditation that will help you to raise
your vibrational set point because when you raise your vibrational set point
it’s easy for you let go of the lower emotions I’ve created a free guided
meditation that will help you to do that you can see at the top of description
box below it will help you to raise your vibrational set point so that you let go
of the stuff that no longer serves so that will help you condition this in a
very powerful way now at the same time what I’m gonna be doing is I’m gonna be
doing more live Q&A on Instagram so if you want to have your questions answered
if you want to interact with me and more of a deeper way so that we have more of
an interaction I will also put my instagram below so that you can follow
me there and I look forward to connecting with you there as well so
with that being said I hope you guys enjoy this video feel free to like this
video if you guys like and subscribe if you have already hit that little
notification here so that you can see the daily vids that I do and other than
that as always peace much love namaste

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  • Hey Everyone! Here is the raise your vibration meditation that I mentioned in the video. I think you guys will find it powerful and effective. You can get it here ➡

  • i feel n ask always why they did this , why dont they feel the pain they r giving me .. n that cycle started .. i used this method .. it works n i really fell good too but … again after few days same things repeat with same person .. i m really fade up with my mind .. its like a fixed pattern

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  • Thank you Aaron, you really triggered a profound revelation in me with this video. I am grateful that this message of yours found its way to my experience and inspired such an invaluable pearl of wisdom. I wrote it down and I will be happy to share it if appropriate. Namasté
    Alvaro, Guadalajara Mexico.

  • The event that you recall as a past memory exists in, and only in, your neuronet inside your head. When you remember you recall what you stored as simple information. The event and the information of it is Neutral. It is you that consciously or unconsciously imprint it with the negative feelings and emotions. The Past is gone, it no longer exists in your reality. Your reality is your Present Moment and the event is not there any longer. Only in your brain as a remembrance. It no longer has power in your Now. Thus it is only a matter of rewiring your brain with different information.
    No matter what actually happened or not happened in your past. You are who you are here and now regardless. Stop giving your power to memories of past events or even worse, to the subjective interpretation of past events by the person you used to be back then. You are a different person now and those events are gone. It is you that in your ignorance choose to give those memories the power to influence your Now. When you realize this, there is no excuse to continue to contaminate your Present and your future potentials. That is a belief to let go of.
    Your divine Power lies in the Present Moment no matter what the past may have been.
    That is so liberating!
    Thank you Aaron. You are a great teacher!
    I bless you.

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  • I arrieved to this video because of "quantum healing technic" being in the tittle, Dolores Cannon invented a Quantum healing technic through hypnosis, so I was actually looking for that technic, but this is cool too, thanks !

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    Laura Valentina

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    I was glad to see how to heal that memory

  • Aaron
    I understand the 2 steps
    I am sorry
    I Forgive you
    I love you

    2.Change the Association with the old painful memory

  • Thank you for this. I carry a lot of past negative memories and experiences, mostly at a subconscious level, and they have really caused me to build walls around myself to protect me from those things ever happening, but what that's done is cause them to keep happening. I was teased a lot as a kid, and my first love cheated on me, which made me feel like I wasn't worthy of love. I became distrustful of others, who had never done anything to me, and it kept me separated from them. I need to start doing this and start to let go of those negative memories and replace them with positive ones. I subscribed because you seem like a genuinely great person who really "gets it". Thanks again for this information,

  • I give myself permission to be healed. Then, reliving the memory I would like to change, I say to the memory " I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. " My ego based conscious mind will fight against that (read resistance). Quantum Touch is powerful
    and effective.

  • In ultimate reality you never experience "now". Even with the Kundalini impulse fully operative, moving at such speed as to dilate perception, you are only capable of perceiving what has happened, never what is happening. Matter emerges only in the past. Reality is constructed of memory.

  • Love it I practice Ho'oponopono for over 3 years and it really works. Please practice. Love you Aaron.

  • This actually sparked a huge revelation for me. Through watching and applying the practice here I’ve realised, what if we could change our memories to the point where everything negative in the past was erased and we only remembered the positive version of those experiences? If we are multidimensional beings living out a potentially infinite number of timelines then why do we keep reverting back to the static negative experiences that only reinforce lower vibrational states? The same way we choose to manifest our future I believe we can alter the memories of the past and more rapidly accelerate the future we want through this process. This is so incredibly powerful and words cannot express the deep level of thanks towards you Aaron, hope you feel it through universal love ⭐️⭐️ 444

  • Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted studies that prove this to be true. In case anyone needs fact vs faith. Its with ice crystals. Look it up 😉

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  • I’ve done the visualization techniques and changed my memory of something sort of accidentally. I didn’t realize that’s what I did until hearing this. However, what about death? I’ve lost two children 25 years apart. My son was killed just two years ago. How can I change that memory to something positive? I wasn’t on the road side where his body was found, still breathing yet I see myself standing there looking at him. I was at his bedside, when I had to tell the doctor it was ok to take him off life support. As much as I want to remember him alive, all I see is his lifeless body laying there and his head broken.
    Thank you for your video.

  • I started doing this about two weeks ago and I’ve hardly slept at all since then. Has anyone else experienced this? At first I thought there was something wrong with me, but now I think there’s some very right with me! What will I do with all this free time???

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  • Hi! Could you please tell me in what point quantum physics shows that "the only moment that exists is now"? I would love to see the literature supporting this, since as far as I know, it is totally the opposite. Given the consequences of special relativity the "block universe" interpretation is necessary, which completely contradicts your statements since there is no "now" or "present" in this interpratation. It is just intriguing since nowadays everyone puts the word "quantum" everywhere to sound more catchy. Cheers!

  • “Neurons that fire together, wire together!” I think it was good ole Dr. Joe Dispenza who said that. He’s the best person to listen to for a bridge between neuroscience and spirituality.

  • “What you resist persists”, something therapy has taught me! This has loads of parallels with what I’ve learnt in my transactional analysis sessions with a psychotherapist. An interesting different look at it!

  • Yup, all of us just imagined & projected our Present (aka only) moment beliefs/interpretations/etc upon an experience that basically never even took place as we Presently recall (aka changed during our accessing it from our "memory box") it supposedly had.

    Memories of how Mommy Dearest terribly mistreated us are merely elaborate misconceptions & accumulations of prior Memory Modification's (every time we access memories we change it just a little) our bumbling buffoonish selves Science! has exposed us twisted/distorted waaaay out of proportion!!!

    Mommy Dearest didn't really in truth ever put out cigarettes on our skin with a smirk on her uhhhh! Silly buffoonish us with our terrible memories (as Science! revealed) just got it all wrong!

    Embrace New Age dogma's accordingly: each of us individually is 💯% responsibile for our Present Moment Life Reality..other ppl & circumstances had no-thing to do with anything you find distasteful ("Blamer!!!!") your present reality is ONLY a reflection of YOUR own thoughts & feels like Gregg Bradden & that The Simpson's looking chiropractor turned alleged miracle worker prophet preach.

    A boy who grew up on a farm in the middle of a wilderness born to religious fundamentalist fanatics who taught him that he & they..their family.. were one of only two human families left alive anywhere in the world and that all of humanity besides them were dead after a cataclysmic event (take your pick).

    These fanatic parents instill terror in this boy, telling him from the day of his birth that diseases, unexploded weapons, & literal monsters like demons lurk beyond their property. For good measure, these crafty parents had installed numerous deceptions along the property's to reinforce the lies they terrorized their boy with..human skeletons & so forth. One day, they actually allowed the boy to go off on his own, and they sprung a trap unto him to terrorize him even further into believing their many lies they told him in order to limit his sense of possibility.

    It works on him. He marries the other family's morbidly obese daughter, who shortly thereafter tragically dies of a heart attack while complaining to her family she is "being abused" by her husband's incessant pleading with her to lose some weight..

    So goes his life, until age 64 when he sees an airplane and later pieces together the puzzle.

    Of course his memories are probably all made up about what his family had done & he should just get over it. He has no legitimate reason/s to feel angry at his parents. Anger towards others MUST be let go of. Forgive your enemies who intentionally harm you again and again who also enjoy doing so.

    PS- this satire is not meant to imply that the "healing" of this video by Aaron is fraudulent or cannot work. I am making a point or two about the absurdity of several New Age tropes.

  • My favorite video so far! Loved it, felt it.. got it & I wanna Thank You!
    I don’t know what or why… But thought I should share.)

  • This is a powerful video aaron! Thankyou so much. A powerful thing to do is have a picture of yourself as a child on your mirror or in your wallet and think to yourself, i would never hurt this child or say anything mean to this child so why say negative things to this child as a grown up now? Helped me to be kind to myself and move me along on my self love journey.

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  • if we take responsibility for everything that happened to us this must mean we were the ones who created it. I can't take responsibility for something unless I am the creator. Which leads to the question: why don't I remember doing it, why was I not aware I was creating it ? Who really did it? Was it me or my subconscious mind ?

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  • Went to war and burried childrens that were dying form cold, hunger and sickness for 3 months. I just can't think
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  • Now you are both seen and heard and healing so many people. I was always told to talk more and be more social so I'm quiet and introverted. I have to force myself to get out there but at the same time I can just happily live by example and see the changes happening around me and for me. We are all alchemists when we use the power of the Universe.

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