The Reflecting Pool (2008) CC English, Polski

We’re back with Alex Prokop, a Russian-born,
Los Angles-based author of “NowYou See It,” a very interesting book about how
the media was manipulated by Communist regimes. Welcome to “Bare Facts,” Alex. Pleasure to be here, Jack. Loved the book, Alex. It‘s fun. And it‘s scary. What, you had to be a clairvoyant to make out
what they were telling you was true and what was just propaganda. That‘s the thing about Communist propaganda:
people knewthey were being lied to. They knew they couldn‘t trust the papers
or, later, the television. So they developed a second nature
for digesting the facts. This picture was originally taken shortly after
the Bolshevik revolution at one of Lenin‘s rallies. To Lenin’s left you see the friendly figure
of Leon Trotsky, one of his closest comrades in the revolution. After Lenin’s death, Trotsky fell out of favor
with Stalin. And this is the version of the picture as it appeared
in Soviet history books. Stalin’s propaganda office simply
airbrushed Trotsky out. This is preposterous and disturbing. I don‘t know how you people put up with this for,
what, eighty years? Knowing you‘re being lied to? Well, there is a huge difference in knowing you‘re being
lied to, and not knowing. If you do know, you find other ways to seek the truth. If you don‘t know, you take everything at face value and
stop asking questions. Which is the ultimate goal of propaganda. We could never get away with that in this country.
People would be up in arms. That‘s why we have a program like Bare Facts. Facts only, and you, the viewer,
can make up your own mind. How many cities did you do on your book tour? Seven. You‘re getting some serious exposure. It‘s good for
you. It‘s good for the magazine. How’s the new place? lt‘s empty. It‘s small. I hate to rain on your parade, Alex, but I‘m not exactly thrilled with your story idea. Why not? Your little immigrant stories are not gonna bring
the numbers the new owners are expecting. What new owners? They‘re buying us out. We‘re going corporate. I want you to take this home and look at it. What is this? A crossover idea. Something to give you
the attention you deserve. Hey, Joe. This is Alex.
Listen, I need everything you‘ve got on the collapse of Building Seven
of the World Trade Center. Yes, Nine-Eleven. Were there any others? Okay, great. I’ll see you in an hour. Beautiful, thanks. There are four best angles of the collapse of Building
Seven. All have been shown on the networks. I made this edit for you of all four angles, synchronized. You did this all in an hour? Well, okay, whatever, I had the footage for some time. But you’re still gonna pay me for a custom job. Howlong have you been into 9/11? Since 9/11. Ok, here we go. Play it one more time. That‘s one smooth collapse. How could this happen so symmetrically? Nobody knows. Why hasn‘t anybody seen this? Everybody‘s seen this. It’s been on all the networks, man. But they only showed it once – live. And that was it. What’s your take on the whole thing? Could there be
something the government is not telling us about 9/11? Could be, could be. But when the Man says it‘s the Muslim Brothers with
box cutters, it‘s the Muslim Brothers with box cutters,
‘know what I‘m sayin’? You know what did after I watched that tape? I went to the library.
And I checked out this little book, which also happens to be a bestseller. McGuire, have you seen any major or even a minor
magazine dig into this story? Or a newspaper? In five years, nobody, and I mean nobody, tried to
contradict the official line. You know why? Because it’s a conspiracy theory. Last year, Mechanical Science magazine
published an article debunking all of the 9/11 conspiracy theories. They disproved all of them one by one. | read that article. It was more like Science Fiction
than Mechanical Science. Sally, send little Jimmy in here, please. I had the 9/11 story on my mind
for a long time. But I could never figure out howto bite it. Then, the Mechanical Science piece came out. It was effective, for a big fat lie. But seeing the tape gives me an idea… Hey, Alex. I almost didn‘t recognize you on TV
the other night. They made you look good, man. Jimmy, tell Alex what you dug up on
the Mechanical Science article. It was researched and written by the cousin
of the Homeland Security Chief. Okay. So the article was a piece of propaganda. We are at war, we need propaganda. Did you hear what you just said?
Jimmy, did you hear what he said? Never mind what I just said. You‘re upsetting me.
You‘re also making me nervous. Actually, I agree with you, Alex. The United States Government has been paying
the Iraqi press to publish propaganda pieces. This is nothing new. Okay. Here’s an idea. Compare-contrast the 9/11 Report
with facts you dig up. Jimmy here is the best fact checker we‘ve got. If you screw up, he‘ll catch you, won‘t you Jimmy? Let‘s see if the official story holds up. What do you say? Yes, this is he. Oh, hello, Mr. Prokop. Yes, I sent the tape to your editor. And she said she would forward it on to you. That would be great. I’ll see you tomorrow. Why me? I‘m not a writer. I‘m not ajournalist. l‘m nobody. I‘m just some guy with a theory. I don‘t deal with theories.
Especially conspiracy theories. Just look at the facts, then. You already looked at the tape. You must‘ve liked it, or
you wouldn’t be here, talking to me. Who are you? A family man. | used to be a family man. My daughter died on the plane that crashed
into the North Tower. I‘m sorry to hear that. And you don’t believe the hijackers were
responsible for what happened that day? Not the ones we were introduced to by the media. Let me make this absolutely clear to you: I do not believe the government
is responsible for 9/11. I didn‘t say they were. Don‘t you think your personal loss may have skewed
your perspective a little? Mr. Prokop… Alex. Alex, I just want to know what happened that day. I‘ve done some research. A lot of research. Please take a look at it. If you still think it is just another conspiracy theory, I promise you‘ll never hear from me again. I want to know is who really killed my daughter. That‘s all. Cooper checks out. His daughter did die that day. Did you know that the families which accepted
the insurance had to waive their right to bring any charges against our government? And he turned them down. He went off the deep end for a while,
can you blame him? His wife left him, he sold his business, what was it, some
Internet start-up thing. Anyway, he‘s not a nut. I‘m really impressed with his research. I can tell that so are you. I‘m impressed, just not convinced. You don‘t have to be. All I‘m asking is that you
hit the road, knock on doors, feel things out.
See if the Report really makes sense. Is that how you see me getting the attention
I deserve? As a conspiracy freak? C‘mon. You just did awhole goddamn book
on media manipulation. McGuire, America is not the Soviet Russia
seventy years ago. It‘s been five years since September the Eleventh. Today, you can‘t get an honest piece of political
reporting done in this country. You want to cover war, they tell you where to go,
what to write. You have scripted meet-the-press comedy routines. The White House press secretary is a former
Bare Facts reporter, your buddy Mahoney is a mouthpiece for the
government. It‘s not about 9/11, Alex. It‘s about why we cannot have simple
questions answered. And if we don‘t ask those questions, they can
appropriate an event like 9/11 to match anything they
want to do: as an excuse for war, as an excuse to walk
all over the Bill of Rights. Show me another democracy, where people‘s phones are tapped
without a court order. Alex, the corporation is taking over next month. They don‘t want controversy. This is probably the last chance we can do
something solid, something for keeps, before we turn into the Ministry of Propaganda and
end up like your father, misdirecting public… I‘m not my father, McGuire.
Don‘t bring him into this, please. lt‘s cheap. You want objective reporting? I‘ll give you objective reporting.
But no agenda. lf there‘s one person who could convince me that 9/11 was just some horrible terrorist attack,
it would be you. And it would make me very happy, believe me. Two weeks is an awful short time for this. Take Cooper with you. He‘ll point you in the right
direction. I‘ll pay his expenses. You forgot Building Seven. People want to hear about icons, not footnotes. That‘s where the story is. 8:46 am. An alleged American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767,
crashes into the North Tower between the floors 93 and 99. Hundreds of gallons of jet fuel explode
inside the building. 8:52, New York Fire Department arrives
to begin a rescue mission. When you entered the North Tower lobby,
was there any damage? All the marble paneling was blown off and
all the windows were busted. The government explained that the damage was caused
by a huge jet fuel fireball coming down the elevator shaft. No, no. That wasn‘t it at all. Wanna help me with that? In fact, there were no signs of a fire,
no flames, no soot. Just a lot of debris. It looked like a bomb went off. A bomb? That‘s what it looked like. Much later, we were on the way down, we must have
been somewhere around the second floor when we heard an explosion, underground. Somewhere in the garage area. It was strong. lt blew the air up, we could feel it on our faces. An explosion from below? Directly below the building. lt sent this huge wall of dust up the shafts,
we were choking. Then, directly above us,
we heard another series of explosions, like someone was setting off charges, one by one, and the floors started collapsing, bam,
bam, just like that, pancaking on top of each other, we ran down to the lobby, got outside just as
the whole thing started to come down. Did you tell about these explosions, underground
explosions, to the 9/11 Commission? You bet I did. Other guys did too. How come it‘s not in the book? Our testimony was not allowed to be included
in the final Report. Why not? Firefighters were the first people who arrived
there and the last ones to leave. You guys eye-witnessed the whole thing. Like I say, our testimony was not released to the public. Maybe you should ask the Commission. I tried. They don‘t want to talk with me. Wait a minute. You have people telling you, firefighters telling you they‘ve heard charges go off
under the goddamn building. You wanna tell people those buildings collapsed
because of some underground explosions? That‘s not what people watched on television. You wanna take on a myth, you gotta have some
evidence, you gotta have facts. Then go check out Building Seven! I‘m telling you where to go next.
Isn‘t that why you drag me here? Listen, I appreciate what you‘re doing. I couldn‘t do it without you. You know that. But I have to deal with things that people remember,
like the Towers, like the Pentagon. How about the Commission refusing to include
the firefighter testimony? You‘re gonna dismiss that? No. That is good stuff. That‘s going in. Do you have anything on the Towers?
I mean, before they collapsed? There is a guy named Alonzo, who worked for a bank
in one of the Towers. He knows something about a power outage that
affected security. See? l like that. Thank you. I can work with that. The weekend of September the Eight and Ninth,
l was working in the South Tower, database mostly, for an investment bank, very hi-net. Port Authority gave us notice they
were gonna cut our power. They were gonna upgrade network bandwidth
for WTC computers. So what happened was, basically, by cutting power,
they rendered all security cameras inoperative. Not only security cameras, all security systems, including I.D. checks,
were down for the weekend. But you’re not sure this was also true
on Tuesday the 11th. No, I’m not. But they had people coming and going,
they called them “engineers,” in and out of the tower all weekend long. Port Authority had people with no I.D.
walking in and out of the tower two days before the attack? The “engineers” had all-access. God damn it, I told them not to put onions on this thing. You‘re not afraid to go on record with this,
Mr. Alonzo? No, I‘m not afraid.
I don‘t give a damn if l loose my job over this. I was there on that weekend, I saw those people
and l saw what happened on Tuesday. l know there’s gotta be a connection. And I tell you one more thing.
You go and look up a place called Securasec. You look those guys up good,
and you‘ll get some answers. Securasec? Securasec provided security for the World Trade
Center. You go, and look them up. Securasec. Right here. The client list. This is bad. Anyway you look at it, it‘s bad. This is the World Trade Center. Here are the two hijacked United Airlines planes. And here‘s the Dulles International airport in Washington
from which the plane that hit the Pentagon took off. And here‘s Securasec, providing security to all three. I can’t believe there is no mention of Securasec
in the 9/11 Report. Holly Shit! Holly Mother of… Well, you have your answer why Securasec is not
mentioned in the Report. Look who‘s on the board of directors. Now we’re getting somewhere. Yes, we did provide security to Dulles International
Airport, World Trade Center, United Airlines, as well as to a hundred other sensitive locations. We have an ongoing security contract with
the Department of Defense. I don‘t understand why you focus on these
so selectively. Don‘t you find it at least a bit coincidental that two of the planes, one of the airports,
and one target where all your clients? I mean, what are the odds for that? We are not in the business of odds, Mr.?? Prokop. Alex Prokop. Mr. Prokoff, we are a large company. On any given day, if something goes wrong
in this country, the odds are something, as you put it, would’ve gone
wrong for one or more of our clients. This is the business we‘re in. But would you consider what happened
on September the 11th, a huge lapse in security on your part? Mr. Prokoff, I‘m a PR person. My job is to make sure people want to do business with
us, not to scare them away. Has there been an investigation into the connection
between Securasec and the attacks? No. Why would there be an investigation? We‘re going around in circles, aren‘t we? You‘re the one who’s doing the driving. Okay. The President of the United States‘ brother was on
Securasec‘s board of directors. You‘re casting a wide net here, Mr. Prokoff. The President‘s brother left the company a year before
the attack, as you well know. So, why would there be an investigation? As far as I know, every piece of metal from the WTC came to four yards in Jersey. We‘re the biggest one, so I guess we got the bulk of it. So you had FEMA and FBI going through the debris
right here? Oh, no, they wanted to do some investigation
right there on site. Then when they shipped it here, they told us
not to have anybody touch it. They saved about hundred and fifty pieces for
independent investigators. That was nothing. Maybe 0.5 % of the whole thing. 150 pieces out of like a hundred thousand tons.
What happened to the rest of it? We put it on barges and shipped it off. Where to? I think China got the bulk of it. China? You shipped all the evidence from the biggest
crime scene in US history off to China? What evidence are you talking about? It was scrap. All scrap. Barges of scrap. Scrap metal is Jersey‘s biggest export. That‘s why we call it the ‘Junk State.’ Why would China want the WTC scrap? They make Coca-Cola cans out of them, or something. What do you think people would make of this?
Drinking soda pop out of World Trade Center scrap. It boggles my mind that nobody cares about this stuff. What are you scribbling there? Little checklist. Here. One – underground explosions in the Twin Towers
precipitating the collapse, Two – president‘s family provides security
for objects of the attack, no investigation, Three – tampering with evidence from the crime scene. Easy now, big guy. So far we got nothing more than
a series of coincidences. Tampering with evidence is a federal offense. What kind of government is breaking its own laws? It makes the terrorists look like patsies
in some much larger game. Exporting evidence to China, Jesus Christ.
You couldn‘t make this shit up. I need to find something about those buildings. What kind of structure they had, what kind of design
they had, anything. Professor James Ballard is the man to talk to. Teaches structural design at Cooper Union. An expert on steel beam hi-rises. He‘s building his summer house
in the Hudson Valley right now. And you know this because? Because I‘m the man. No, really. How do you know this? He has the best website on steel beam construction. I used it in my research. World Trade Center was the most advanced structure
of its time. They weren‘t just building two enormous skyscrapers. They were erecting monuments to the ingenuity
of the human mind. Each tower was specifically designed to withstand
extreme wind pressures as well as the impact of the largest passenger airplane
at that time, a Boeing 707. 767 is a larger aircraft. And faster. Yes, but not by much. And all calculations still hold true, since the engineers
overestimated a potential impact. What about the burning jet fuel? Jet fuel burns at 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Critical temperature for steel
is three times that amount. It would take hours and hours of critical temperatures
to even cause steel to bend. Even then, it doesn‘t shatter to pieces, like we saw
on September Eleventh. It might sag or bend, but not crumble. No steel-frame building has ever collapsed
due to a fire until September 11th. So the jet fuel from those planes could not have
damaged the hollow steel shaft? What hollow steel shaft? The 9/11 Report states that each of the Twin Towers had
a hollow steel shaft at the center. That‘s absolutely not true. Each Tower had huge forty-seven steel-beam cores. The largest, most durable in the world. Kind of like this one? Yes. The Report is simply downplaying the design
of the building to support their own theory of the collapse. It is like saying the human body is held up
by a bunch of veins without even mentioning the spine. So fuel fire couldn‘t have damaged the core? It is a mathematical and physical improbability. What about the impact of the plane itself? The core and external structure is like a mosquito net
against a door. It’s like mesh. You can puncture a hole in it, but the overall structure
stands firm, solid overall. It’s a beautiful design, way ahead of its time. Professor Ballard, I have a thermal report here
that states that Ground Zero reached its highest temperatures on
September 21st, ten days later. How is this possible? Yes, I remember this. The temperatures exceeded
2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Jet fuel burns off in about fifteen minutes, and there‘s simply nothing in a modern building that can burn at such degrees. Especially not after ten days. How do you account for this? One plausible explanation is a thermite reaction. What is a thermite reaction? Thermite is an extremely powerful incendiary agent.
It produces extraordinary temperatures. It also can cause steel to break and shatter. Which is why it could be effectively used in
controlled demolitions of tall buildings with steel cores. You have two identical buildings hit by
two identical airplanes, right? Right. But the second plane misses the core
of the South Tower, and, basically, just hits the corner.
Most of the fuel explodes outside. So the structural damage was quite different
from the North Tower. Exactly. Yet, the South Tower goes down first. It was hit later,
and its core remained intact, yet it goes down first. North Tower, which suffered much different damage,
collapses half hour later. What makes two identical structures with two radically
different types of damage collapse in an identical way, in less than two hours,
straight down into their own footprint? Professor Ballard mentioned controlled demolition. But all the evidence has been destroyed. So for anybody to suggest that the Towers were
control-demolished is just speculation. By the same token, to say that the buildings collapsed
due to the airplanes is bullshit. Which is why you have to check what happened to
Building Seven. The 9/11 Report doesn‘t say anything about
the collapse of Building Seven. Mr. Pierce? You two alone? Yes. I don‘t have a lot of time. Mr. Pierce, could you come out of the shadow?
We can‘t even see your face. What I‘m about to tell you, must, and I repeat, must be
dealt with in utmost secrecy, do you understand? I understand. Yes, I understand. There is a vast conspiracy going on, right under
our nose. This is huge, it‘s so huge it‘s gigantic. Could you please get to the point? 9/11 didn‘t happen the way we were told. It was a military operation involving state-of-the art
technology – holographic technology. They had remote controlled missiles covered with
holographic screens, and they projected images of the passenger planes
onto the missiles. Thank you, Mr. Pierce, but we‘ve already, we‘ve already
looked into the holograph issue, and I just don‘t think this is really going to work
for us at this point. I‘m sorry we‘ve wasted your time. Don’t you think there is no technology for this? It goes back to World War Two! Jack Kennedy‘s older brother died in a plane crash with a remote controlled drone. He couldn‘t see it, because it was invisible!
It had a holograph of the sky over it! Next time you get a really hot tip, please verify your sources before you drag me
into it, okay? Sorry, Alex. The guy sounded legit. He‘s been calling me for weeks. How did he get your number? I don‘t know. Victim family services, maybe. He wouldn’t tell me what he had. Just that he was
Defense Department, an insider. Sounded like a completely different person
on the phone. By the time I‘m done with this article, this is exactly
what people will think of me. A complete lunatic. Either that, or you’ll get a Pulitzer Prize. Good Afternoon, Ms. McGuire. I‘m Agent Abbott
of the FBI. This is Junior Agent Hill. Agent Abbott. Junior. What took you guys so long? Please, have a seat on the couch. We have information that one of your reporters is working on an article
pertinent to the 9/11 events. I guess it‘s pertinent enough for the FBI
to pay me a visit. We are conducting an internal investigation into
the intelligence failure of 9/11. We would like to cross-reference your sources
against our database… And make sure no compromising information is being
released to the public. Compromising? Compromising to whom? To national security.
Compromising to the current political climate. I know, I know. The climate is tough. We are in the process of reorganizing our intelligence
network. There are certain holes we‘d like to patch up. Why don‘t you talk to Alex Prokop? He‘s the writer. We would prefer to avoid direct approach. It could be misconstrued as intimidation. And how would you characterize this conversation? An unofficial request for cooperation. And if that fails? We could issue a subpoena. During Vietnam, General Westmoreland sued the media
over a report on distorted intelligence. Did he win? They settled. Yes, they settled. But the story still ran. It would only be sensible to postpone the publication
until we get our facts verified. Fifteen years ago I was writing an article on the vaccine
the military was using during the Gulf War. I wrote that the vaccine was killing more soldiers
than the enemy did. My editor got a phone call from the Department of
Defense, and ten minutes later I didn‘t have a story. The veterans are still dying, and their kids
are being born with seven fingers. Mr. Prokop‘s article is coming out in two weeks.
I‘ll be happy to send you a complimentary copy. Good day, gentlemen. Professor Ballard was correct. No steel-frame building has ever collapsed
due to a fire. Not until the WTC 7 went down on September 11th. That’s right. Now, look at this. Building Seven had very small fires going,
on lower fioors. Very little structural damage,
no airplane impact, nothing. Somehow, seven hours after the second tower
came down Building Seven goes, zoooom, all the way down, straight
like an arrow, shredded to pieces, steel beams and all. Can you play this again for me? Look at this. Do you really believe a small fire could cause this
perfect collapse? I don’t know what to believe. Anyway, we gotta run. We have a show to catch. What show? We’d like to see a PBS documentary from 2002,
called “America Rebuilds.” It’s one of our blockbusters. Do you wrant to watch the whole thing,
or should I just cue it from the money shot? I remember getting a call from the fire department
commander, telling me that they were not sure they
were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, “We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe
the smartest thing to do is pull it.” And they made that decision to pull and we watched
the building collapse. Pull it? Can you back this up to the moment when he says,
“Pull it?” …and I said, “We’ve had such terrible loss of life,
maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.” Am I crazy, or did I just hear the owner
of World Trade Center saying he controlled-demolished Building Seven? I told you it was a blockbuster. To “pull” a building could mean a lot of things. When you separate a section from a structure,
you pull it. When you say you take down a railing from a bridge
with cables, you pull it. But you can say “pull it” when you mean to bring the
whole building down. I suppose, yes, yes, you could. According to public records, the tallest building
you ever demolished was the Detroit Central Store, which stood
450 feet tall. Yes, we were quite proud of that. It took you three months to investigate the site, plus another four months to prepare plans
for demolition. That‘s seven months right there. On top of that, it took you three weeks to place
the explosives, is that accurate? It takes enormous amount of planning
to bring a building of that size down. You can watch it on our website. It‘s quite a spectacle. I have. The building collapses straight down
into its own footprint, without any damage to the surrounding structures. You may say it‘s our trademark. Is it possible somebody could‘ve rigged
the 47-story Building Seven with explosives in ten hours? That would be rather difficult. It wouldn‘t just be difficult, it would be technically
impossible, right? To rig Building Seven in one day and pull it? That would be impossible. What do you mean by “pull it?” I mean “to bring it down.” I‘m glad we agree on this one, Mr. Minugs. One last thing. When the Government contracted you for the clean-up
of Ground Zero, after 9/11, it took you just ten days to submit your plans and then
you just started digging in. How could you do that so fast? Weren‘t you concerned not just about the human
remains, but about destroying evidence? Mr. Prokop, I don’t think I like what you are
implying here. I think it‘s time for you to leave. Hi, Berman. Yes, I can talk. I took a little vacation. Doing the nature thing. Colorado. A few miles up from Boulder. You wouldn‘t believe the weather.
I’m out biking every day. By myself. Just needed some time to think. What’s up? The judge did what? Listen, Berman. It‘s been two years
and we have not gotten anywhere. Maybe it‘s time to change our strategy. Maybe we should be getting some publicity. I‘m not gonna jeopardize anything. This is not just about my family anymore! It‘s about what they‘ve done to our country!
I wish you would understand that! Ms. Bauer, l just watched a PBS documentary
in which Mr. Silverstein admits he asked the NewYork fire department
to pull Building Seven. And I just spoke with a demolition expert… The phrasing of that remark mislead so many people.
I‘m sorry you‘re one ofthem. Mr. Silverstein said, and I quote: “We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the
smartest thing to do is pull it.” End quote. Mr. Silverstein recently went on record recently to
clarify what he meant. By “pull it,” he meant to pull out
the contingent of firefighters. To pull the operation out of the building to prevent
more casualties. Yes, I have seen that clarification, too. However, according to the Government, and I quote, “There was no firefighting in WTC Seven.” End quote. So let‘s reiterate, shall we? If there were no firefighters in Building Seven, why did
Mr. Silverstein ask them to leave? Someone here is not telling the truth.
Is it the Government, or is it Mr. Silverstein? Mr. Prokop, I‘ll be happy to direct you to one
of our lawyers. They‘ll be happy to clarify… Yes, I know, you have a very persuasive
team of lawyers. Is it the same team that sued the insurers
of the buildings? They managed to convince the Supreme Court that Twin Towers constituted of two separate
terrorist attacks? One for each Tower? So, in the end, Mr. Silverstein collected
two insurance payments instead of one. What was it? Five billion dollars? That‘s a hefty chunk of change for a property
he‘d bought only seven weeks earlier for 3.2 billion. Thank you for visiting, Mr. Prokop. I wish I could say it was a pleasure. Thank you for your time, Ms. Bauer. Have a good day. Building Seven had to be rigged for demolition
in advance. There is no other explanation. And, by extension, so were the Twin Towers. The symmetrical way they collapsed,
the shredding of steel, the pulverized concrete, the speed of collapse, which was close to freefall. All of these are trademarks of controlled demolition. But the science magazine said the building collapsed because one of the load-bearing
corner pillars caved in. Then the building would‘ve toppled to one side. It would’ve been a partial, asymmetrical collapse. But you saw it go down with both sides
perfectly parallel. There‘s no sign of one side pulling the building down. Listen, before I tell the world the building
was control-demolished by its owner, I gotta have some solid evidence, okay? Silverstein‘s confession on film is as close
as I‘m gonna get. But they put so much spin on that,
it may not amount to much. All evidence is destroyed by the government. So the only thing you can do is to find out what purpose a demolition of the building
would serve, right? Listen, I could use a day off. I gotta take a trip upstate. My ex-wife lives a couple of hours North. It‘s her home town. My daughter is buried there. Take as much time as you need. I didn‘t know you got married. I didn‘t. But what you gonna do? How’s your wife? Still messing with those lab rats? She split. What you gonna do. You‘ve got balls, Alex. I should‘ve followed up on that story.
I don‘t know why I didn‘t. There was pressure from the top.
l just had the kid. I don‘t know. Kids are always a convenient excuse. You‘re the only one who‘s written
about Building Seven. You know, until recently I didn‘t realize how difficult it is
for us to say something different about that day. So you‘re the one with balls, Corley. Building Seven is just the tip of the iceberg.
I should’ve followed up. Don‘t beat yourself over the head. You did enough. Listen, in your piece, you said the CIA had
secret headquarters in Building Seven. But that was just a front
for another government agency. What was the other agency, Corley? If the CIA asked me not to divulge it in the article,
what makes you think I’m gonna tell you? What about the Office of Emergency Management? What floor was it on? You mean the Bunker? The Mayor’s Bunker? He had bulletproof windows installed on the 23rd fioor.
Who the fuck would shoot up the 23rd fioor? The windows were designed to resist winds
up to 200 miles per hour. They had a perfect view of both Towers. This was no Emergency Management Office. This was a Command Post. A Command Center for some major operation. Like September 11th? Are you saying they were running the show from
the Mayor‘s Emergency Office? C’mon! Building Seven got orders to evacuate
before both towers did. All the civilians were gone by the time
the South Tower even got hit. The CIA, the FBI, and the Secret Service.
They all had their offices there. The mayor couldn’t even get into his bunker. He had to set up a makeshift command post
down at the end of the block. So, who was there? You had these G-men all morning, running around, watching the destruction of the two towers
on the 23rd floor behind their bulletproof glass. What were they doing? Enjoying the show? Once the Towers went down, they quickly left. Seven hours later, Building Seven
was a crumble of dust. Chew on that, and when you finish swallowing,
you let me know, Alex. And now, if you excuse me, I got a little monkey
with a wet ass. Take care of yourself.
And don‘t do anything I wouldn‘t do. Thanks, Corley. I picked up yoga again. It‘s really helping. Paul. You promised me you were going
to put this to rest. If you don‘t care about me, you should do it for your own sake. Every time you call me “Paul,” I know l’m in trouble. It‘s different this time, Maggie.
We‘re getting really close. You were close last year. And the year before. Paul, I know you can‘t accept that September
was a tragedy. It was what it was. But I can, okay? Every time you call here, on her birthday, every time you come here, and tell me how old she
would‘ve been, how she had every right to live… Like I don’t know that. I don‘t want to hear it.
I don‘t like hearing it. Remember in the beginning when we used to wrake up
and think it didn’t really happen? That Sarah was still at school.
That she was still coming home. Because we never got to see her body? If you never see the body,
you can never really be sure. I did get over that. I know Sarah’s gone. You know how l did it? By finding out everything I could about that day. By reading, researching, asking questions. It’s not just about Sarah anymore. It‘s bigger than me and you and Sarah,
and all the other families. It‘s about much larger things. Nothing is larger than my child. I don’t have a story, Cooper. I can’t prove any of this is real. Hi, Jonas. What‘s up? They‘re saying what? I have no idea what this is about. This is ridiculous. That‘s right. I have no idea. Okay, I’ll talk to you when I get back.
A week or so. Thanks. Jesus Christ. What happened? That was my lawyer. Someone is suing me for plagiarism.
They say I plagiarized their book. Did you? Listen, I don‘t have a story here. Do you understand? I can‘t offer my opinion. It‘s not an editorial. Without something linking all the coincidences,
I got precisely nothing. Nothing? You got the President‘s family involved. You got firefighter testimony on explosions
below the buildings, and controlled demolition… It‘s he said/she said, Cooper. Nobody will buy my take on this,
because I‘m an outsider, an immigrant. I don‘t have the right to say these things. America‘s been good to me all these years,
and now l‘m gonna bite it‘s hand. I‘m gonna rip the fucking arm? I don‘t think I want to do that, Cooper. Not like this. Wait a minute. You have as much right as anyone. And maybe more reason. What do you think it means to be an American? Forget being a journalist. This is your country now. You took an oath, right? When the truth is somehow unavailable,
we have to find out where it is and expose it. Otherwise you may as well roll over and fall asleep. And the next thing you know, we will be living
in your Soviet Russia. What is it with you people? Everybody keeps telling me
America is turning into the next Soviet Union. C’mon, man. Get real. Where are the gulags? What about Guantanamo Bay? There’s lot of poor bastards there right nowsince 9/11,
rotting their guts out without due process. C’mon. Let’s go. There’s something I want to show you. What? C’mon. Do you know what this is? I‘ve never seen this statue before.
But I know all about Katyn. What do you know about Katyn? When the Nazis invaded Poland
from the West in 1939, the Soviets took that opportunity
and attacked Poland from the East. We put thousands in concentration camps, and killed most of them in places like Katyn. Ever wander why it is we never heard about that? It was kept secret until the fall of communism. Precisely. A historical fact was kept from the public.
For fifty years. Thousands of people died or were executed. This monument is here so that fact… I get your point, Cooper. You know my father worked for
the Ministry of Propaganda. It was part his job to keep facts like Katyn
away from the public. He had a huge archive. Let‘s go to Washington, Alex. You‘ll have what you need to finish the article. Here, the next batch. What‘s wrong? I‘m sorry, but I just don‘t think this makes any sense. What doesn‘t? Alex‘ article. Did you find something that doesn‘t check out? No, no. Everything checks out. I double-checked everything.
I‘m kinda anal about that. I know that. That‘s why I put you on this job. Well, that‘s where the trouble is.
Everything checks out. And why would that be a problem? The problem is… The problem is what Alex is saying, I mean what he is implying, is that the terrorists were patsies,
the planes were just a decoy, and this whole thing was planned way in advance
by some secret government agency. He is not saying anything like that. But the facts he is finding are suggesting
that such a scenario is plausible. But that is so far out there! C‘mon! The US government planned 9/11? That‘s just so… so outrageous! Nobody‘s going to buy this. You have a degree in Political Science, right? Governmental Studies. Close enough. Remember that day in your history class
when you learned about the Reichstag Fire? Who did the Nazis blame the Reichstag Fire on? The Communists. Why? To gain more power in the government. Very well. How about the Gulf of Tonkin incident? The Navy fabricated the attack on a US wrarship
and blamed that on the Vietnamese. So we went to war with an innocent country. And we stayed there for ten horrible years! Eleven. See this gas station down there? It services only the Pentagon crowd.
It‘s not open to the public. Look at the upper corner there, on the awning. What, the security camera? What direction is it pointing at? The Pentagon. Not just the Pentagon.
It‘s the section that was hit on 9/11. So they have it on tape. Who do we talk to? Nobody. There is no tape. Five minutes after the attack, the FBI shows up
and takes the tape. No one has ever seen it. I mean, no one in public. So why are we here? We‘re here, so that you‘ll knowthat whatever
hit the Pentagon, is not what they say it was. See that hotel over there? Same thing. Five minutes after the attack, the FBI shows up
and confiscates all tapes from hotel security. What are they hiding? Why haven‘t we seen the tape? There it is. The hardest, sturdiest, most impenetrable building
in the country. And what do we get? A passenger plane manages to fly for 40 minutes
undetected, while the nation is under a terrorist attack, and penetrate
the most heavily guarded air space on the planet. Is there something you‘re not telling me? What do you mean? You know an awful lot about this whole operation. You know more than anybody I spoke to.
You have access to some files that are classified. And you probably know more about me
than I know about myself. You‘re one helluva researcher, Cooper.
Even for a grieving father. Don‘t get me wrong, I appreciate what you‘re doing,
I appreciate your guidance. You know that.
But I just don‘t see how you could possibly… What are you trying to say, Alex? Who do you really work for? What‘s the matter?
Your Soviet paranoia getting to you? You tell me. Okay. There is a lawsuit. I, and some other families who lost relatives in 9/11,
filed a class action lawsuit. We hired a team of investigators, and basically what
I‘ve given you is from our findings. Whom are you suing and for what, exactly? We are suing the President of the United States,
the Vice President, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Defense, the National Security Advisor,
and the Director of the CIA. We are suing them for the murder of my daughter and
every person who died on 9/11. You‘re suing the United States government
for perpetrating 9/11? Technically, for “failing to act and prevent”
the murders. We are suing them under the RICO Act. Isn‘t that for mobsters? Yeah. Alex, I didn‘t tell you about this because
I can‘t have the lawsuit mentioned in the article. My lawyers believe it would jeopardize our case. So, basically, you‘re using me to win your lawsuit. C‘mon. You could‘ve said “no.” Yes, I‘m using you. I‘m using you because there is no court in this country
that would take this case. At least not for a very long time. We need exposure. We need you to bring this story
out into the open. And then what? The Pentagon itself has hundreds of security cameras
pointing in every possible direction. Hundreds. Outside and inside. So how come, with all this surveillance, with all these
cameras, what we get is this shit? That‘s all they released to the public, man.
Five lousy frames? This is exactly what fuels the conspiracy theories.
This secrecy they‘re creating. Listen to this. This is about the pilot who flew into the Pentagon,
Hanjour: “He wanted to train on multi-engine planes,
but had difficulties because his poor English.” And then this: “An instructor found his work well below standard
and discouraged him from continuing.” It goes on and on: “poor piloting skills,” “His instructor described him as a terrible pilot.” All this is in the Report. And then we have this little contradiction: “As a former pilot, the President was struck by
the apparent sophistication of the operation and some of the piloting, especially Hanjour‘s high-speed dive
into the Pentagon.” It‘s just like the book says. Hanjour, the one I trained, was a terrible pilot.
I don‘t think the guy could even drive a car. He barely spoke English, barely, so it was very hard for the tower to understand
what the hell he was saying. He didn‘t understand half of what I was saying,
sitting right next to me. But the Report says that Hanjour was the most
experienced pilot in the group. His skills impressed even the President. I said it on record before: Hanjour, the one I trained, was a lousy pilot. I wouldn‘t trust him with a kite. Can I ask you something, Ms. Koenig? Of course. In your opinion, in your opinion as a pilot, could someone who’s never flown a jet plane before, perform this maneuver? This is the Pentagon, right? The plane comes in like this, flies right over
the Secretary of Defense office, then makes a very sudden, sharp and steep
330 degree turn, flies 12 feet off the ground for half a mile, 12 feet! and rams the very section of the Pentagon
that is under renovation. Most likely, a maneuver like this would put the plane
in a tail-spin or a high-speed stall. The altitude drop is much too quick for an airliner. It would be extremely risky even for an aerobatic pilot. For Hanjour, it‘s a one-in-a-million chance.
It would have to be a fluke. There is just too much of luck involved in this scenario. No air defense, no scrambled jets to intercept you, and a miraculous maneuver by a lousy pilot… What about that renovation thing you said? That too. The section of the Pentagon that was hit
was under renovation. Which is why so very few people died. Out of all the sections, the plane manages to go
right into the one that’s empty. Direct bulls-eye. What are the odds of that? Why is the entry hole so tiny? This is 16 feet wide, if you compare it to the figure
of the fireman. The Science magazine says the hole is 75 feet wide.
Honestly, I don‘t see it. I don‘t know what was in that renovated section, but after the crash nobody could find the plane inside.
Or outside. It vaporized. Give or take a fewpieces the agents ware hauling
around with their bare hands, like props. The official version was that the plane was
virtually liquefied as it went in. That‘s why the debris is so hard to find. But somehow they managed to identify
most of the passenger DNA? lf the plane resembled liquid,
what punctured the exit hole? A ball of hot plane juice? The science magazine explained
that the exit hole was caused by one of the landing gears going through
at a great speed. Okay. So the plane is liquid,
except for the landing gear, which manages to punch through six walls
of reinforced concrete, makes a 12-foot exit hole, which is almost as big as the entry hole
for the entire plane. That‘s one nasty landing gear, alright. Enough with the sarcasm, Cooper.
It doesn‘t take us anywhere. Maybe it was a plane, maybe it wasn‘t.
Maybe a missile hit the Pentagon. We don‘t know. But we still have four hijacked airplanes
to account for. All these people died. Yes, they did. Well, maybe we should really look into what exactly
happened to those flights. Let‘s talk to the FAA. No. I want to talk to NORAD. Thank you for meeting me here on short notice,
Major Fredericks. It‘s a pleasure, sir. We at NORAD are always
forthcoming with the press. There‘s been a lot of confusion regarding our role
on that tragic day. As you know, we rely heavily
on Federal Aviation Administration to provide us with data on runaway planes. Here‘s our updated timeline of communications
with the FAA on 9/11. As you can see, there are long gaps between the moment
they lost contact with the four planes, and the moment they contacted us. To put it quite
simply, their response time was negligent. Frankly, Major Fredericks, I‘m not really interested
in blaming the FAA for the failure of 9/11. I‘m sorry, I‘m trying to quit smoking. Would you mind taking a look at this, please? The squares, obviously, are the cities under attack:
NewYork and Washington, DC. The circles are Air Force bases with planes on alert. All these bases are part of the North-East Seaboard
defense system. They are all under NORAD‘s command. Is this map accurate, Major? Well, yes, these are our bases. I‘m glad you agree. I got this from NORAD‘s website. NORAD put fighter planes on alert 67 times
in the year preceding 9/11. Clearly, the system worked. Once you noticed a plane went off its course,
you scrambled your fighters. 67 times in one year. It‘s a foolproof system. Well, apparently you underestimated your fools
on September Eleven. Somehow the first fighter planes were sent out
8 minutes after the North Tower was hit by Flight 11. And that plane was off its course for half an hour,
heading toward New York. I told you, the FAA failed to communicate… Major! Even with the FAA being unusually slow
in notifying you, you still had time to intercept the other three flights. Take the Pentagon strike. Why the hell didn‘t you order fighters from Andrews? It‘s right here, 10 miles away!
They would be there right after take off! You have two confirmed terrorist attacks
on New York City, and you don‘t even attempt to protect
the White House or the Capitol? We scrambled jets from Langley… That‘s 130 miles away! Besides, those planes were flying
at 25% of their top speed! What the hell is going on, Major? Mr. Prokop. Why are you really talking to me? You have an answer for every question you ask. I‘m not going to sit here and listen to you
attacking NORAD. We are not the fall guy here. On September 11th,
NORAD was conducting War Games. We were training for a possible terrorist attack. I know this sounds very suspicious to you, but,
trust me, this was just pure coincidence. A very tragic coincidence. You guys must‘ve been having a lot of fun that day.
Everybody was playing games. First, you have FEMA setting up
a terror emergency game in Lower Manhattan. Very convenient. Then you have the Air Force running their own
War Game involving a hijacked airplane. And then there is the CIA running a drill on a jet plane
crashing into an office building 4 miles from the Pentagon. All of this on the morning of 9/11. And then there‘s you guys, at NORAD,
playing checkers. Tracking Santa Claus. How many games is that, Major?
Four? On a single day? There was a lot of confusion that day. When the emergency calls came in, no one knew
if it was part of the Game, or part of real life. It was tragic, but, I repeat, it was pure coincidence. No bookie in Vegas would take odds on this, Major. Somehow, I still don‘t believe you actually failed. I don‘t believe the greatest air power in the world
could fail so miserably and so conveniently four times on one day without someone
giving you an order to fail! You‘re beating around the bush, Alex. It‘s nice to see you debunk the Commission Report,
but it‘s not enough. You forget to ask the essential question:
Who benefits from the attacks? You gotta say that, man. Not just imply it.
Simply say it. Why are you so afraid to say the Government
set this up as a new Pearl Harbor? Because that‘s what it was. The best case scenario is they allowed it to happen. The worst case scenario is
they fucking masterminded it. It goes all the way to the top and you gotta show
they had a motive. I‘m not a lawyer, Cooper. I‘m not going to win your
court case for you. I report facts. If these facts help to bring some people
to justice, great. If not, fine, I‘m still just dishing out the facts. Well, use the facts as evidence! Jesus H. Christ! There‘s more than enough evidence of a Government
conspiracy to murder American citizens. It boils down to just a handful of people in charge. You‘ve heard about
the Project For the New American Century? I have. What about it? Well, back in 2000, in their manifesto,
these Neo-Conservative lunatics wrote that a new Pearl Harbor would help
galvanize public support for more military spending and economic expansion
into Asian and Middle-Eastern markets. I‘m talking military-backed expansion. A war, Alex. A congressional-industrial-military complex whose sole mission is to secure America‘s economic
dominance in the next century. Global dominance. Okay, okay. Who exactly is behind this
New American Century project? More then half of the President’s staff. The same people named in this lawsuit. All signatory. What about the President himself? The President doesn‘t matter. Not with a cabinet like this around him.
Not with this Machiavellian Vice-President. On 9/11, the Vice-President was
the acting Commander-in-Chief. He was in charge of all federal agencies
involved in the attacks. He called the shots. NORAD, FEMA, Department of Defense, you name it. Stop. Stop right there. I can‘t beat people over
the head with this… hypothesis. I have no room for speculation here. When people read this article carefully,
a fuller picture will emerge. That is a fucking cop-out. No picture will emerge unless you paint it for them. I‘m not gonna turn my article into a piece
of propaganda for you, Cooper. Yes, facts were suppressed, yes, evidence was destroyed,
and testimonies ignored. But I can‘t accuse the government
without direct proof. I can only imply. Listen, my piece is coming out in 24 hours as it is, unless you give me something that proves
what you‘re saying is true. What if l can get you to someone on the inside? Inside of what? I just got a call from the publisher, and they will not run
this story in the next issue. So it has to be now, before the masthead change. I really need more time. I can‘t push the print date another day. So, this is it. Besides, there‘s nothing wrong with the story.
It‘s making everybody cringe. Which is always good. I‘m about to talk to an FBI agent. How did you get the FBI to talk? Long story. I need an extra day. Get something tangible. Okay, McGuire. I really need more time. Fine. 12 hours. If it‘s not on my desk in the morning, we‘re running it
the way we have it now, whether you like it or not. I‘ll have it tomorrow by 9. How did you find this Agent Bennett anyway? She found us. Her testimony is one of the strongest points
in the case. She really put her ass on the line. And the FBI is letting her talk just like that? Only because the 9/11 Commission asked her to testify
for the Report. I don‘t recall reading any testimonies from her
in the book. That‘s because they didn‘t like what she had to say. Alex, she‘s the key witness in our lawsuit. My lawyer would kill me if he found out
I‘m letting you talk to her. You cannot reveal this source, do you understand? The British MI-5, the Germans, the Jordanians,
Moroccan intelligence, even the Mossad wrarned us about large-scale attacks, imminent attacks, on American soil. In late August and early September, the Russians
warned us twice about terrorist pilots training to crash airplanes
into specific targets in the US. Why weren‘t these warnings taken seriously? They were. Everybody, including the 9/11 Report, is saying
there was a failure of intelligence prior to 9/11. There wasn‘t. We did our job right. We do have the best intelligence in the world. The problem is that once that information gets passed
on to the upper echelon, it becomes a tool. It becomes a political commodity. Ms. Bennett, is there a proof
of suppressed communication between the street agents and the headquarters? That‘s not the real problem. The real problem is that, even with
all of this confusion, the information still got to the White House,
and they didn‘t do anything about it. Are you saying that the ultimate decision to suppress
all intelligence came from the President? There were several memos going directly to
the White House, warning about the attacks. Nobody knew exactly when and how, but we all knew
something was going to happen. Are there any copies of any of the memos that the FBI
sent to the President? There were several memos. But the last one, the one you want,
was from August 6th. You wouldn‘t happen to have it in your files,
would you? Mr. Cooper should have a copy of it in his documents.
It‘s part of my deposition. I can‘t get it. My lawyer does not know
I‘m speaking with you. I have a copy in my files. Would it be possible to get a hard copy by
tomorrow morning, say 7 am? 7 am? Alex has a deadline. I‘ll have a courier send it to your hotel. I would really appreciate it. Thank you. Can I ask you something else, Agent Bennett? Yes? The President and the National Security Advisor said that nobody could‘ve predicted the planes being used
as weapons in such fashion on 9/11. Knowing what you know
this is an outright lie, isn‘t it? I‘ll tell you this much, Mr. Prokop. In August 2000, the Pentagon carried out an emergency
drill of a hijacked airliner crashing into the building. The place was such an obvious target, they used to call
the Pentagon “America‘s Bullseye.” They even had a snack bar in the central courtyard
called Ground Zero. But even NORAD insists they were taken by surprise. This is a NORAD training manual
on terrorist emergency. Look at the page next to the last. The hijack scenario. When did this come out? June 2001. Like I said, everybody knew the attack
was imminent and specific. Anyone who tells you otherwise, they lie. There was no failure of intelligence on 9/11. There was a deliberate failure to act. So we‘re done? We‘re done. How do you feel? I‘m tired. There you go, Ms. McGuire. Good evening. Welcome to Bare Facts, America.
Jack Mahoney here. You know, the last thing I want to do is give
a bunch of free publicity to idiots, but this time it‘s different. This time, it‘s personal. The Sentinel. This time they‘ve gone over the edge. I‘m talking about the September 11th article,
which was just released a coupe of days ago, and created a huge controversy in the media. Well, we did a little investigating on our own,
and it turns out Alex Prokop, who authored the article,
and who‘s been on this show before, has just gone off the deep end. So we are calling in our noted expert on such matters,
Dr. Benjamin Katz, the author of the definitive JFK assassination book,
“The Lone Gun.” Dr. Katz, thank you for coming on Bare Facts once
again. What do you make of this Sentinel article? Well, Jack, this is really an example of irresponsible
journalism at its worst. This is right up there with the Holocaust denials and
the Moon Landing conspiracy theories. 9/11 is a day of infamy in American history,
a national tragedy. Now, to be fair, the Sentinel article raises questions
that we all have, including you, about those events, but rather than focus on the evidence provided to us
by the 9/11 Commission, they go after minor players, so-called “experts”
no one has heard of before, cave dwellers, essentially, to match their theories
to a hearsay. We found out that the August 6th Memo, this infamous
memo, is simply what? A forgery? Is that right? That‘s correct, Jack. The White House was very upset over that one,
justifiably so. In fact, they are now suing the Sentinel for defamation. So it wouldn‘t be much of a stretch to assume that
most of the reporting in the article is simply false. When the key “evidence” they present
is based on forgery, you can safely dismiss the rest of it as bunk. You knowwhat the trouble is
with conspiracy theorists, Jack? They can‘t accept the fact that large things can have
very simple explanations. Mr. Prokop declined our request for an interview.
No surprise there. But we do have Ms. Georgia McGuire, the former editor
of the Sentinel, who commissioned the article, with us, she‘s live from Los Angeles. Ms. McGuire, thanks for coming on Bare Facts.
How do you feel about all this? I feel the witch-hunt has begun. I don‘t know how you can dismiss the entire article
because of one memo… Because it was a fake! The memo came to us late in the game, and there was
no time to verify it. It doesn‘t change the fact that what it says it‘s true. If you compare it to White House records,
which the Sentinel’s lawyers just did, it says the same thing: the Administration
knew the attacks were imminent. Memo? You know, I once got a memo that said Princess Diana didn‘t die in that car crash. Is this a news show or a comedy act, Mr. Mahoney? Alex Prokop is being sued for plagiarism
in relation to his most recent book. Do you, or more correctly, did you hand out the toughest assignments
at the Sentinel to plagiarists, Ms. McGuire? Alex Prokop is not a plagiarist.
The lawsuit is simply part of a defamation strategy. And whoever faxed us that memo
knew exactly what effect it would have. It was the most Rovian thing I‘ve ever seen.
We were simply set up. You know what your problem is, lady?
You can‘t handle defeat. The story is a bunch of bull!
Just go ahead – admit it! Why are you so afraid to talk about the facts of 9/11? Because there aren‘t any facts!
Don‘t tell me about facts! This is a bunch of crap. You legitimize it by calling it investigative journalism! Maybe you should let the viewers decide,
instead of feeding them your opinion. I‘ll give you my opinion right now – Shut up! Don‘t you tell me to shut up! When you were doing traffic reports in Akron, Ohio,
I was dodging bullets in Beirut! Stan, cut her mike, that‘s enough. Don‘t you have a shred of decency? Cut her mike! Thank you. You know, when someone comes to your house
and spits on your floor, you throw them out. Ben, I don‘t know if they are just naive
or simply stupid, but, in my humble opinion, they do
just as much damage as the terrorists. The more nonsense comes out of the press,
the harder it will be to find the ultimate truth. But the core facts are unassailable. Nineteen hijackers crashed four planes that day. Nothing, nothing will ever change that fact. You‘re absolutely right. Certainly not a second-rate journalist
like Alex Prokop, whose only book, as it turns out, is a plagiary. Mr. Prokop, I have this to say to you:
Go back to Russia. We‘ll pay for your ticket. Thank you, Benjamin Katz, for your expertise.
I hope to see you soon. Pleasure as always, Jack. This is Jack Mahoney. The program you‘ve been watching is Bare Facts, where you, the viewer, can make up your own mind.
Good night. Berman! Why did you hire me in the first place?
To win your lawsuit. Did I tell you not to get involved with the press?
Yes, I did. And where are we now? Precisely nowhere. We‘re not even back to square one.
There are no squares. You blew it, Cooper. You blew it for yourself,
and you blew it for all those other families. And, thanks to you, my firm is now under review. So please, spare me any patriotic nonsense,
because it‘s over. We had a chance, a tiny chance, but we had a chance
to see this lawsuit go through. Now, there is no chance.
So goodbye, and good luck. You know what? Even I don‘t care anymore who was
really behind 9/11. If 9/11 didn‘t exist, they would have to create one. And maybe they did. And maybe we all did. But it doesn‘t make any difference now, does it? Alex! I know you‘re in there! Open up! This is far from over, man. It‘s only just beginning.
Don‘t you know that? First they laugh at you, then they fear you, then they
attack you, and then you win! You can‘t quit on me now! You can write for other magazines, we can do a blog! People have to know what the hell is going on here! Come on, Alex! You can write a whole new book. We‘ll publish it.
We‘ll publish it ourselves. I need you, man! I can‘t do this alone. I have a new lead. It‘s solid this time.
I swear to God it‘s solid. Do you hear me? It is solid! Alex, I saw your car.
Goddamn you! Open up!

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