6 thoughts on “The Rise of Populism

  • liberals might not call the press the enemy of the people, they call the people that disagree with them enemys of the people(racist sexist ect…)

  • Remember when more people voting meant good news for Democrats. Turns out, people turn out for the people, not corporate war mongers.

  • Historically has there ever been a president that had ties to another country like Russia to the extent of Trump? You introduce race I agree, but there is another actor in this and that is Putin. I doubt Trump is trying to help anyone he wants to appear that way which isn't unusual for politics. Let's assume he is beholden to Putin due to illegally money obtained through various money laundering activities including real estate investments and purchases .
    Populism is about what people choose to care about , something that Goebbels realized and Bannon does .
    This is what is interesting the consumption of "Facts" has never been so fragmented. Entire search engine algorithms are designed so what you see is what you want to see.
    I see liberal links you see or choose conservative links.
    News is a business, so tweet something out and the news without any facts to back what is said picks up a story and stays with it for days.
    The news has to realize it is being played by the president brilliantly. We follow a story about Obama ordering wire taps and the news legitimizes the story long enough to excuse perjury.
    Populism is based on who controls the message and how many people believe the message. To the extent news outlets chases headlines produced by the White House out of thin air ,Trump gets to both change the direction of coverage and prove a point about fake news. So confusing times for the masses of which I am part of. Time proven method:

    Follow the money or potential money. Exxon Russia deal and our very talkative Secretary of State might get you to truth or you can pay attention to Trumps tweets. What is more likely Trump cares about America or he cares about money? Whichever trail that question lands you on follow that until you cannot.

    I think fighting a president who is dangerous is far safer then not. I doubt there will be a point in time liberals will be behind this president.

    Thanks to the Watson Institute

    ..oh well back to programming for now.

  • Funny to have an Indian claim that we shouldn't be Nationalistic. India totally protects its markets from "globalism" by preventing major chains and stores from taking over their merchant-based economy.

    We need to eliminate Free Movement of Capital. Labor is always restricted from moving. The lie of globalism is that it benefits everyone. There are many losers.

    Ashutosh Varshney totally fails to understand that India has very protectionist and nationalistic policies. Ask any Indian citizen about their feelings on Pakistan. Ask any Indian citizen how they feel about the USA…. (Find an honest citizen)


    Here's the quote that really makes you understand how our "globalists" have screwed American workers. Indian scams are plentiful:
    “‘We are not cheating people in India! We are cheating people in the U.S.! And the U.S. cheats the whole world!’”

    The problem is it's our CEOs and Billionaires who cheat the whole world AND the U.S. workers. These jerks in this video say it's the workers who deserve to suffer for the sins of the Billionaires.

  • Wendy Schiller says we can't have the very programs that she enjoyed while she was going to school? This explains how deep the Right-Wing economic Neo-Liberalism has invaded even supposed Educated professors.

    You can't have expanded Social Security?

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