The Rookie: The Final #12

Hi Thomas. I’m worried. Morning Lasse. Good morning Thor. It’s a big day. A big day yeah, and beautiful day. Fantastic. You’ve been looking forward to it? Definitely. You think we should hit a couple of balls first, see if the swing is still there. Guess that would be a good idea. I’m taking your bag. That’s perfect. Wow – lots of people! And they are all here to watch you. I don’t think so, I don’t hope so. So we’ll do our warm up now. Then you’ll get the speed of the greens, there’s
a putting green over there. We’re gonna get you to hit some bunkershots. And just in case you miss the green, we’re
gonna hit a couple of chips. Better safe than sorry. Why have you put everything you got in the
smallest pocket? As you told: just everything I need. I’m worried. I heard that! I just gotta remember to relax. I’m sure you’ll be very relaxed once you are out there! Don’t you think? No I don’t! Lasse, when I was at your age, I qualified to
a tournament called the BMW Championship. I’m telling you, I couldn’t feel my legs on the first tee. You’ve gotta stick to your routine. Gotta put the best swing on it. That’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt somebody! That’s perfect Lasse. That works. I hope there’s not a thousand people queuing
up for an autograph. It’s gonna take a while. Sorry I’m writing like a ten year old, if that’s OK? He’s ten… That’s perfect! So this is similar to the greens on the course? It’s gonna be similar to what they are like. That should be OK. Shall we go and do some chipping now? Lets chip. Have a go with a couple of chips. Nice contact. Alright a couple of bunker shots. I think you wanna maybe… Maybe not hit that guy? You know what – he thinks you’re a pro, otherwise he wouldn’t be standing there. Well at least that’s something. Have a go. It’s out. It’s out The Rookie is ready! The Rookie IS ready! A lot of people around Lasse. Oh yeah! You shaking? Right now I’m calm. I was very nervous at the range. I don’t know why actually, cause I’ve been
at the range a million of times. There was a lot of people around. I’m running out of excuses now. No wind. No rain. I could always blame you… It’s just a big fat “no cameras” sign. There are more people here than last time. It’s gonna be awesome. You’re wearing your light pants, that’s optimistic! Hi Thomas, I heard you where a little nervous
on your press conference? I’m very nervous. Yeah, me too. Are you guys ready or? Yeah… Good luck. Thank you, you too. Should I tee it up for you? Yes please. Fore, FORE! Sorry… Alright, let’s get up and down Lasse. Good luck guys. Thanks, we might need it. It was a little bit too far. Yeah… I guess we need to move a few people, right? It’s for your own safety guys! And again Lasse. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Thanks for the match. Great fight. Nice job Lasse, now we’re feeling better! I started out saying, that golf was easy. I have changed my mind a little bit – I have
huge respect for all of you guys playing at a professionel level. I’ve enjoyed it and I’ll keep playing golf,
I came down to handicap 30. So I’ll just like to ask, if you’ve followed
my progress? Yeah, I’ve watched the videos. You’ve had a good coach and have been working hard. It’s been interesting to see your progress. I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed it. And now you can go and play golf without all
this pressure. Yeah exactly. Good luck for the tournament. Thank you, and thank you for today. Should we go and have a drink in the clubhouse? Definitely a drink! So Lasse, are you pleased? Yeah, I think it was a good experience. You where nervous. Very nervous, yeah! It was a nice two-putt in the end. I was better at putting than Thomas. On the day. Don’t you think we’ve deserved a beer? We definitely deserved a beer! Cheers – and thank you for.. My pleasure. Over and out…

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