16 thoughts on “The savagery of socialism – Dr. Yuri Maltsev

  • You ignorant fools that think pure capitalism is the best, just take a look at the migrant caravan that it's comming from CentralAmerica to the US to see what predatory capitalism has done to.other nations.

  • …excellent video – very informative and so fortunate to have this perspective from such an intelligent man who lived within it…

  • Anyone in doubt about these horrendeous ideologies,watch the movie Prof. Yuri recommends."The Soviet Story."I am speechless at the pure evil of these misguided so called humans thinking up these ideologies and the pure evil of those perpetrating them.

  • Capitalism is the savage. Wars, exploitation and Imperialism is its legacy. A society run for the people and not for profit is socialism. The USSR experience is its own experience and did have some successes and some failures, but in the end regressed back to capitalist tyranny.

  • Churchill was a puppet of Jewish power in Britain and perpetrated the deaths of millions of American and British soldiers in ww1 & 2

  • Cannot the camera man point the camera at the speaker and the presentation? Does anyone has a video from the other camera, so I can see what was on the slides when the whole room was laughing? At this moment I can only see some bald blacka guy and he wasn't very funny.

  • Socialists sometimes contrast the young humanist Marx with the evil older materialist Marx. Apart from any other analysis, if you just look at the personality, all i ever see is a juvenile afraid of becoming anything. At the end of his academic career his mind was still a scattershot. He couldn't complete volume 3 of Capital so started mass amounts of study.

    He seems like a spiritually arrested, mentally ill person to me. No pragmatic ethic or sense of what's good and worth pursuing.

  • The socialist argument that people are bad and lazy and greedy is actually an argument against socialism.
    Even if people were not bad and greedy and lazy,putting them in government would make them so.
    That argument is actually proof that anarchism would be better.

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