The secret surveillance state – the end of our freedom

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won’t miss any new videos I post. In a short documentary by the conscious
resistance we can follow the events which led to what has become a
surveillance state in which the elite are trying to have full control over the
population. Those in control are keeping people in line with unnecessary rules
policies and punishments, but what you probably don’t know is that they are in
state in a state of fear themselves they have no real identity, only the image
they create of themselves and they are very much aware of the fact that their
only source of personal power is very fragile. Believe me, they don’t feel whole
and healthy they don’t have the self-esteem to build anyone else up and
make the people who work for them feel strong and capable. That’s why they need
chaos and fear in order to control let’s look at the documentary immediately following the attacks of
September 11 2001 President George W Bush promised Americans that he would
exact revenge on those who would dare attack the empire w’s program of shock
and awe gave the American public an upfront look at what the US military was
prepared to do to the enemies of freedom and democracy on September the 11th
enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our country the bombing of
Iraq was only the beginning of a larger conflict that the Bush administration
dubbed the war on terror our war on terror begins with al Qaeda but it does
not end there it will not end until every terrorist group of global reach
has been found stopped and defeated the war on terror did not end the physical
battlefield the US government was determined to do about all possible
terrorist activity and in the process roll back as many of America’s
hard-earned liberties as possible only 45 days after the 9/11 attacks the US
Congress passed the infamous USA PATRIOT Act Congress passes a sweeping new
anti-terrorism bill as the International hunt continues for the terror known
simply as the Patriot Act the full Orwellian title is the Uniting and
strengthening America by providing appropriate tools required to intercept
and obstruct Terrorism Act October 26 2001 President George W Bush signed the
Patriot Act which gave law enforcement broader authority to investigate and
prosecute suspected terrorists the Patriot Act dramatically expanded the US
government’s abilities to monitor emails and landline phone calls and allowed
access to voice mail through a search warrant rather than through a
traditional wiretap order today we take an essential step in defeating terrorism
for the first time US government agencies could justify gathering any and
all information on its enemies when we examine the state of civil
liberties in America in 2018 what we see is the advancing tyranny of information
gathering that has come directly from the Patriot Act and the security related
bills which preceded and followed it the bulk of Americans communications are
now scanned monitored stored in a database and analyzed for signs of
terrorism the NSA has even built a giant database in Utah to handle all this data
Big Brother and big sister are listening through an array of devices if you’re
trying to remain unmonitored this is what you’re up against in modern America
cell-site simulators aka stingrays a stingray acts like a cell tower decoy in
what’s called a man-in-the-middle attack it tricks cellphones into thinking it’s
the nearest cell tower phones connect to the Stingray and police can access a
range of personal information but they don’t just get intel on one phone every
phone nearby is forced to divert to the Stingray calls are passed on to a real
cell tower data scooped up stays with police automatic license plate readers
audio recording devices aka gunshot detectors click hidden cameras and
microphones in public thermal-imaging planes and drones we now know that all
this technology is used to collect data about you at all times
we know that the surveillance landscape today far exceeds even the limitations
of the original Patriot Act the Patriot Act was the catalyst for the national
security tech complex to do what it does today whether or not it was the original
intention the Patriot Act paved the way for the government to gather all of your
data without your consent constantly across all devices whether
you are connected to a so-called terrorist activity or not the Patriot
Act is the foundational legislation upon which the military-industrial complex
has built legal justification for direct cooperation between government employees
directors of private tech and intelligence companies and military
officials the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought by
the military-industrial complex the potential for the disastrous rise of
misplaced power exists and will persist we must never let the weight of this
combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes we should take
nothing for granted only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the
proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of Defense with
our peaceful methods and goals so that security and Liberty may prosper
together there are many other steps taken by the US government and their
misguided war on terror which are rode away at the Civil Liberties Americans
were once afforded the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency known as DARPA
is the government agency responsible for all the exciting and terrifying emergent
military technologies Dianetics is developing gremlins technology for DARPA
to shape the future of unmanned airborne operations the warfighter is
increasingly counting on unmanned systems and contested environments to
counter the rise of threat technologies Kremlin’s is here to address these
demands in January 2002 DARPA established the Information Awareness
office an agency with the logo featuring a pyramid with an all-seeing eye looking
over the world with the motto CNCs potentia or knowledge is power the
creation of the Information Awareness Office brought together several DARPA
projects that focused on using surveillance and data mining to track
and monitor terrorists and other threats to u.s. national security in November
2002 the New York Times reported that DARPA was developing a classified
tracking program called Total Information Awareness or TIAA it was
intended to detect terrorists by studying millions of pieces of data the
program was designed to create huge databases to gather and store personal
data from emails social media and credit card records phone calls medical history
and online history without the need for a search warrant the Electronic Privacy
Information Center says the goal of Total Information Awareness was quote to
track individuals through collecting as much information about them as possible
and using computer algorithms and human analysis to detect potential activity
the man behind TI a was Vice Admiral John M Poindexter who was the national
security adviser in the Reagan administration who was convicted in 1990
for his role in the iran-contra scandal Poindexter’s conviction would later be
overturned by a federal appeals court because he was granted immunity in
exchange for testifying about his wrongdoing
Poindexter later argued that the US government must be granted even more
powers than were given in the original Patriot Act public criticism of the taa
program would grow so loud that Congress was actually forced to defund the Total
Information Awareness program and the entire Information Awareness Office in
2003 or so they thought despite the defunding many Americans
suspected that the programs were still being developed only under different
names using different agencies this fact would later be confirmed by Edward
Snowden’s leaks of 2013 for those paying close attention however it was known for
at least 7 years before the Snowden leaks that the government was looking
for ways to gather as much data on everyone as possible in 2003 lawmakers
voted to shut down Total Information Awareness a program that developed
technologies to protect terrorist attacks by mining government databases
and the personal records of people in the United States the program was halted
primarily because of privacy concerns but also because its main advocate was
John Poindexter known for his involvement with iran-contra scandal of
the 1980s it now appears the project was stopped in name only and that TIAA is in
fact continuing the National Journal reports dia was moved from the
Pentagon’s research and development agency known by its acronym DARPA to
another group which builds technologies primarily for the NSA the names of key
projects were changed apparently to conceal their identities but their
funding remains intact often under the same contract in 2002 a consulting firm
called Hicks & Associates reportedly run by former defense and military officials
was awarded a 19 million dollar contract to build a prototype for Ti a finally in
2013 even the magazine Scientific American was forced to acknowledge that
the Total Information Awareness program never ended Edward Snowden had made it
perfectly clear by that point that Americans are now living in a
surveillance state one guy sitting in front of a monitor can track with
precision an unimaginably large number of people for the first time in human
history it’s both and financially feasible for governments
to track and store nearly complete records of our private lives
unfortunately the Patriot Act and Total Information Awareness were not the only
attempts to strip away Americans rights and the name of fighting terrorism you
might have never heard of the Patriot Act – but in the years following the
9/11 attacks it was synonymous with an attempt by the Bush administration to
seize even more tyrannical powers in February 2003 the Center for Public
Integrity obtained a draft of unreleased legislation by the staff of John
Ashcroft who was the Attorney General at the time the draft Act was known as the
domestic security enhancement Act of 2003 or the Patriot Act – as it became
known at the time of the release of the text the bill had reportedly only been
seen by a handful of people the draft of the bill was immediately criticized as
an expansion of the already invasive powers granted to the Bush
administration in the first patriot act the American Civil Liberties Union
outlined some of the most egregious changes proposed in the Patriot Act –
for example section 301 2 306 would have created a terrorist identification
database a DNA database for suspected terrorists a few of the other changes
proposed by the domestic security enhancement Act of 2003 include one the
government would no longer be required to disclose the identity of anyone even
an American citizen detained in connection with a terrorist
investigation until criminal charges are filed no matter how long that takes to
current court limits on police spying on religious and political activity would
be repealed 3 the government would be allowed to obtain credit records and
library records without a warrant for Americans could be extradited searched
and wiretap at the behest of foreign nations whether or not current treaties
allow it 5 lawful immigrants would be stripped of their right to a fair
deportation hearing and federal courts would not be allowed to review
immigration rulings now I know you’re hearing this and probably thinking well
surely those are legitimate acts to take against a terrorist those laws would
never be used against me but you have to stop and consider the fact that the US
government is the one that gets to define what exactly terrorism is and
what exactly terrorist activity is in addition if their aim is truly to fight
terror why would they be keeping the secret from the public at the time The
Washington Times noted Democrats said the strategy was to sneak the elements
of the bill through Congress without presenting it as the next installment of
the Patriot Act so that’s what they did instead of trying to pass the act as a
standalone piece of legislation most of the provisions were snuck into other
bills that were guaranteed to pass one provision of the Patriot Act – that was
quickly adopted under a different name has to do with a government tool known
as National Security Letters the Patriot Act vastly increased the use of National
Security Letters a tool that is used by the federal government which allows them
to force telecommunications companies to give customer information without the
use of a warrant or a judge the National Security Letters are typically issued by
the FBI to gather information from companies when related to national
security investigation this information can include customer names addresses
phone and Internet records and banking and credit card statements the NSA also
requires employees who have been questioned to be silenced via a gag
order which prevents them from notifying anyone that the government is invading
customers privacy in November 2003 Congress voted in favor
of an intelligence bill which expanded the use of National Security Letters by
redefining the term financial institution this allowed the US
government to issue National Security Letters and subsequent gag orders to
insurance companies real estate agents the US Post Office travel agencies
casinos pawn shops car dealers and other businesses whose quote cash transactions
have a high degree of usefulness and criminal tax or regulatory matters one
of the darkest elements of the Patriot Act too was codified into law in 2011
when President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act the NDA 2012
included provisions which allowed the indefinite detention of American
citizens without trial or charge and language very similar to the second
Patriot Act indeed much of the plans of the Patriot Act are now common
activities of local state and federal law enforcement the bulk of American
communications are now scanned monitored stored in a database and analyzed for
signs of terrorism there is one more element of the surveillance landscape
that we have not yet explored the government is not the only player in
their surveillance industry private companies also produce
surveillance technology and sell it to law enforcement and government agencies
including the Harris core with stingray cell phone surveillance tools vigilant
solutions with their massive network of automatic license plate reader cameras
l-3 communications who produce everything from police body cameras to
the device that can see through walls geofeedia is social media monitoring
online surveillance from Palantir and media sonar and so on but there is also
another player in the surveillance state social media and online companies like
Facebook are tracking our activities and collecting information every day
millions of people around the world voluntarily sign away their privacy and
Liberty when they download the latest trendy app or game without reading the
Terms of Service these agreements often give these
private companies access to your camera your contacts your images etc we must
take an honest assessment and ask ourselves if we truly value privacy and
if we do does keeping that privacy matter more to you than downloading that
new app or game millions more are volunteering their information including
likes dislikes location relationship status fears hopes frustrations and
personal secrets by using social media platforms namely Facebook and Instagram
most concerning is the possibility that Facebook executives may have had close
ties to CIA venture capital firm in-q-tel publicly in-q-tel markets
itself as an innovative way to leverage the power of the private sector by
identifying key emerging technologies and providing companies with the funding
to bring those technologies to market in reality however what in-q-tel represents
is a dangerous blurring of the lines between the public and private sectors
in a way that makes it difficult to tell where the American intelligence
community ends and the IT sector begins to of the names that come up most often
in connection with in you tell however need no introduction Google and Facebook
the publicly available record on the Facebook Inc you tell connection is
tenuous Facebook received to 12 point 7 million dollars in venture capital from
Excel whose manager James Breyer now sits on their board he was formerly the
chairman of the National Venture Capital Association whose board included Gilman
Louie then the CEO of Inc you tell they can
action is indirect but the suggestion of CIA involvement with Facebook
however tangential is disturbing in the light of Facebook’s history of violating
the privacy of its users around the time Facebook was launched a similar
government project was coming to an end life log was a project of the
information processing techniques office of DARPA designed quote to be able to
trace the threads of an individual’s life in terms of events States and
relationships with the ability to take in all the subjects experiences from
phone numbers dialed and email messages viewed to every breath taken step made
and place gone DARPA contractors stated that life log software quote will be
able to find meaningful patterns in the timetable to infer the users routines
habits and relationships with other people organizations places and objects
ultimately the project was abandoned amid the same fears that rejected the
Total Information Awareness program and the Patriot Act to is it correct that
when John Poindexter’s program operation Total Information Awareness was closed
that several of mr. Poindexter’s projects were moved to various
intelligence agencies I don’t know the answer to that any of the other panel
members know this the press has reported intelligence officials saying that those
programs run by mr. Poindexter I and others on this panel led the effort to
close it we want to know if mr. Poindexter’s programs are going on
somewhere else can anyone answer that mr. Muller I have no knowledge of that
sir any other panel members senator I’d like to answer in closed session that
was Michael Hayden the former head of the NSA
saying he’d like to answer in closed session being questioned by Oregon’s
Senator Ron Wyden does this mean that the CIA and DARPA created Facebook no
not necessarily but it does show the similarity between these products and it
should put a sense of caution in all social media users and to be honest
government’s already mined social media all of your data anyways last summer the
NSA director was at a conference and he was asked a question about the NSA
surveillance of Americans he replied and I quote here the story that we have
millions or hundreds of millions of doses on people is completely false so
what I wanted to see is if you could give me a yes or no answer to the
question does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds
of millions of Americans no sir it does not not wittingly there are cases where
they could inadvertently perhaps collect but not not wittingly in the end we the
people may have already handed the government and their partners in private
industry all the information they need to control us study us and manipulate
the masses for one reason or another most of the public has rejected military
developed government-run spying platforms in favor of similar systems
designed by corporations who are happy to share their information whether we
are speaking about government surveillance and invasions of privacy
corporate spying and intrusion or voluntary self reporting of private
information we cannot ignore the fact that we are living in a state of
complete and perpetual surveillance we must ask ourselves what if anything
privacy is going to mean for the coming generations who are being born into a
world where surveillance is normalized and privacy is a relic of a long past
era will you stand up for your right to be free from search questioning
monitoring and molestation or will you stand by and do nothing as the last
signs of privacy and freedom are stripped away from us the choice is
yours thank you for watching this is the conscious resistance with Derrick Rose Thank you for watching stay tuned to the channel by subscribing, goodbye

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