The Senkaku Islands – Seeking Maritime Peace based on the Rule of Law, not force or coercion

what do you know about the Senkaku Islands there was a village in the Senkaku Islands after carefully studying the situation of the Senkaku Islands and ascertaining that there was no trace of control over the Senkaku Islands by another state the Japanese government made a cabinet decision to incorporate the Senkaku Islands into okinawa prefecture the following year Tata Shiro Koga a businessman born in Fukuoka Prefecture least part of the Senkaku Islands from the Japanese government to open a bonito processing Factory and to operate other businesses people consequently began moving to the islands during their peak more than 200 people lived on the Senkaku Islands the san francisco peace treaty signed in 1951 placed the Senkaku Islands under the administration of the United States as part of Okinawa the administrative rights of these islands were returned to Japan in 1972 under the okinawa reversion agreement until the 1970s the chinese government made no protest whatsoever regarding japan sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands for the fact that they were placed under the administrative authority of the United States by the san francisco peace treaty moreover chinese maps and newspaper articles treated the Senkaku Islands as japan's territory as this evidence demonstrates there is no doubt that the Senkaku Islands have been and continue to be part of the territory of Japan

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