The SHOCKING Reasons VAN LIFE Influencers Are Going VIRAL

More and more people are choosing to live in their vans, but these influencers are showing how the lifestyle can be glamorous and Cost-effective don’t forget you’re watching. What’s trending? Be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more social media news daily. If you mentioned van life only a few years ago This is what people might have thought But dozens of influencers are changing that perception by making man life look well cool That only does this Valencia filtered lifestyle look aesthetic and trendy It also looks incredibly cost effective, which is making a lot of people who struggle to pay rent think wait Are we missing something here growing up in a recession has left many Millennials unable to buy homes Like their parents could according to the 2018 US Census Bureau roughly only one in three Millennials under age 35 own a home and of those nearly two-thirds or 63% of them say they regret it due to all the hidden costs and fees that go into home ownership Suddenly the struggle of taking out student loans to get a degree to get a job to pay The mortgage doesn’t seem so appealing in more in fact Millennials and Gen Z both into value experiences over material possessions mix that with the Existential crisis of climate change in a murky soup of mental health decline and you’ve got the perfect conditions for people to want to say at the Kyah Lindsay echoed these sentiments As she explained why she joined the van life movement part of the reason I moved it to the van is because I couldn’t afford to move into a house but the choice to live in a van started out as something I really wanted to do because I wanted to pursue a passion of mine But since then it’s become a necessity In order for me to sustain a lifestyle that I want to pursue in a world where many employers allow their employees to work remotely People have decided to travel full time using Starbucks as their office and gym memberships as their showers I’ve taken almost all my showers in the past two years at the gym and I’ve gotten quite comfortable Maybe just a tad too comfortable popular van light blogger Janelle Elliana shared how she takes advantage of her flexible job by travelling across California right now. I just do like data entry I work for a really awesome company and they have been so supportive of my family journey They’ve really allowed me to Travel and they’re really flexible with my schedule, especially when I was going to school But also now that I like want to travel more I just kind of tell them like what my plans are There’s also the added benefit of helping reduce waste and many of these van life influencers are committed to minimalism and veganism the power of YouTube allows people to check out the lifestyle before they commit to it and it even teaches people how to DIY Their own vans and tiny homes Q&A is for the family bloggers also helps eliminate a lot of fears Ginty fel is a sustainable living vlogger who lives with her partner and two babies in a tiny home and van she vlogs about health travel minimalism And of course their life a lot of her followers appreciate her tips on raising a family in a tiny space and how they keep Their lives as sustainable as possible Good morning, guys. Welcome to another video Where are we where are we living? Ah? Yeah, exactly we are no fuss Yes Please Jacobs told CNN I Started going down that path of getting a home and getting a partner all these things that I thought were supposed to make me happy And I was not happy all the things I was worrying about all the job work deadlines and things that I’d said things that embarrass me or what other people thought I just realized that nothing matters because our time here is so so short and that propelled me into rejecting a lot of things I had embraced previously Emily King and Cory Smith are the couple behind where’s my office now and Cory admitted to CNN that the BAM life blogger space is so saturated. It’s hard to stand out now He said Instagram is largely attractive white people in vans, but even though there are tough days There’s a lot of freedom and rejecting consumption based ideas. He said you can’t have a closet full of clothes I can’t have every piece of gear you want you only have the things you necessarily definitely me But of course living in a van is not for everyone calling for emergency road service Getting some pretty bad news about the van apparently it just needs all everything replaced part of van life is When you when your van breaks on a vacation with your friend a vacation, you have to just go with the flow So what do you think would you ever buck the system and head out on the road? Let us know in the comment section and for more of a stranding head to what straining comm you can also check us out on Roku Amazon fire and Apple TV. Just search for what’s trending

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