The Society Season 1 Episode 7 – 'Allie's Rules' Reaction

here I go Strickland is Joey and today we are watching I'm reacting to episode 7 of the society season 1 reasoning as to why I don't like the drama as I've just had a shower and I I wanted to react to I don't want to wear a fur head to dry mind uh no no no no the society awaits and I'm invested episodes basically four five and six have been great by they've been read and really good the execution scene was Bruce or like that that scene it wasn't the most grim scene of a TV show ever seen but for a team drama and I didn't think they were sure about this would go kind of it wasn't it was just so wigs it wasn't extremely dark I think the way it was acted and I said the way they did that scene just kind of stuck with me for now and yeah we'll see what to do with I guess the next four episodes that we have going on I don't know what they're going to do because we've kind of dealt with the Dewey situation now and there's not really much they can do for Campbell because they let him go I guess are still hurry like he's got a problem but we'll see like saying the characters I'm getting that with now eventually finally sorry so that's a good thing nobody they can just continue to develop for the remainder remainder of this season because no doubt there will be a second season to this show considering how unless it's already been announced but I've not heard or seen anything but I'm going to assume there will be a second a second season to this show so anyway guys episode 7 if you enjoy remember to leave a like if you're new subscribe and if you want the uncle reaction to this episode and all the others for the society and a link to the patreon page will be down below by the time this video is on YouTube all the society should be on patreon as well so yeah I'll be down there I'm on with Twitter Instagram and discord but phenomena friends with my drowned rat hair but I don't I just wanted to watch the society so it's good six months ago we were children six months ago what ha ha ha we and live communally even sweat communally wait has it been it's a 6-1 player this is all according to Cassandra's rules now yeah cuz whole environments change those who don't work don't eat Wow interesting just give it I super pregnant now yeah six months us I didn't explain I'm still a time skip so else manager at the cafeteria says you have a little work in the last three days we didn't know you were sick just let us know when you feel better or not faking gigs it's yours if you take a couple of my shifts a week you get a car one day for every to do you take what are you doing he's still trying that oh I'll tell the guard playing wha wait why Jason and Cheer downstairs for you why do they need to make out there together this this is ours Oh ours because oh my god you to adjust it years there's a problem in the cast Jesus they pit on know what now this is a dream fuck off dream dream dream I do not believe for a second that my guy just killed when yeah she's stubborn honest yeah watching Jason sleep around people feel safe things work they're happy mm-hmm you're putting up with it maybe what I'm afraid of things are about to get so much mm-maybe so new class sign-up sheets been six months I advise sure we would have done something already we've just added an improv class oh and finally I hope to see you all tomorrow for movie night what's the movie thank you Thanksgiving Gordian bean promised me a report on Thursday are we going no you're not going in you want to do something go out a little bit well wants to join me I'm looking for four or five volunteers to come along with me well don't go there was he whose pipe it off not that dial this like even if you find this land who's gonna work it yo everyone is pissing me off Oliver thank you also some others well that was the dumbest thing I've ever said in my life obviously people know look Joey sometimes even off carry the dades if there's hardly nothing if grace gets lucky is that I force people to work in the fields and not modern farming like back-breaking stuff yeah so they don't start fucking as Fonzie I was stalled like planting seeds already in some plane I guess like I said normally know how to do it I inherited your job you're so worried about it why don't you call elections you want the authority ask for them to give it to you that's a terrible idea saturated decent I did actually agree with willful once Wow being an asshole oh yeah into martial arts she's so precious shit oh well oh they're rushed again Myra doc wasn't a joke that wasn't a joke knock next time okay Oh a second is she freaking awesome just testing it you know she just a crazy just tested it I was looking for you you have the last word I get that and you don't ever have to take my advice but don't dismiss me well well dismissed by people my entire life I'm done with that I'm not gonna take it from you okay fair play 500 days of summer see how I got that from one singular frame watch me people are wrong Rainer instead of having Thanksgiving with the same people that we see every day we just pick up our rations and celebrate Oh combo well my mom used to struggle with it too until you know she left my dad for a personal trainer oh great that's right just go easy on him okay you can't just ditch work they're gonna start docking your rations we'll have to tell early your heart is going to dice harder it's important appreciate it yeah all right um I do not have this marriage not in the saw oh no you can't all what he said even though he's caught a cube I'm looking crystal you know look so impressed he didn't there's a 150 I thought of it I want to I wanted to say how are you it's nice to see you how do you like my sign language oh it's learning form dude but I wanted to be able to talk to you you know in your language there is is combusted mmm I sense something that not gonna lie because we skip this part I don't want to skip anything when it comes to you it's a Conda cute it's kind of cute don't even lie don't want to wear something that we couldn't have afforded in the real world well I should say that the thought of one of us could afford it I mean nicely respond to be fair still don't care for the wedding though well I mean I think we know each other pretty well I'll still ship these two as well it's not gonna make this suck any less but it's the rule it's how we survive come on already up we go you don't do your work your rations get cut in half no exceptions feel better put a tick in his actual stuff who cares about turkey and football when we have no idea what's happened to our families to us for that matter yeah that's pretty not really done everyone in our entire universe matters to everyone else oh yeah and we can still love I'm happy to be alive and to matter week I wanna feel ah dude and then I wanted to come back to Jesus I want to come back to the heads come back to Campbell and slit his throat nice there it is a little demon I'd watch everyone like I was outside of a window looking into a house at a family I didn't really know what I'm really feeling all those things they really did miss each other that just eating together made them happy it's like I'll say one of them to so many of I've never felt any of that I never could yeah I thought you hated I do but you don't pumpkin pie everyone simply stop what the I wanted to go and join them all would you own don't know why but it still sucks I don't like next episode on something she oh wait she's gonna be something now and where's the dog like what happened to it did he bury it cuz there would be a body Oh is she cannot poison him I think she's gonna try and poison him are you gonna work no no no oh my god what's him walking now sled to God I've been doing two cops just to be sure I don't think he's gonna like us with some so now twist all of these today oh ok so as you all know we've been working hard to figure out four essential things where we are how he got here why we're here and how to get back in terms of the first question there have been two hypotheses on the table this is Earth and everything else is gone or earth exists and we're someplace else so I think today we have an answer at the time we told you it was a scheduled astronomical event but after looking at some almanacs maybe you've gone into the future because less than present 2024 so what they went five years in the future yes Thanks so now and if you look closer you'll notice that there are no moving objects between us in the moon which means somehow all of our satellites have disappeared what okay does that even mean well I think it means that this earth is in our own it's like a parallel universe almost exactly like ours but not quite not quite just your town I know it sounds scary I kind of think oh she's annoying mine Oh killer Oh max still there I really feel like we've just been given some hope okay no really because I even don't spaceship like okay they seem very happy about this but that doesn't explain how the town is identical to where you've lived before like I can't think just in a random place and I know I mean that I buy okay yeah you and me it's identical I don't gather not question gonna questioning straight to the poison wait really no you have one bite of the dinner yeah well but that see makes no sense oh that's crazy okay Oh somes busy so I'll be gonna kiss can I kiss you that's gonna be the phrase Oh grace yo okay I didn't expect it bolts yes cuz I actually love those thick characters as well as don't lie upon those are just like one of them but most relationships in this show it's actually one where I like both of them like Harry and Ally but they're not together there we go if this actually works out these shocks Oh is he gonna make her eat it anyway now he's picked up on some things what do you we're joining the others let's go no I'm not being fair there's no it's fine I've never had Thanksgiving before let's go show off the pie that you made no oh the one time the one time you wants to go and join me all those dude someone's about to get poisoned no this poison yeah poison her I mean nicely responded there are some students called hurry up was the pie I don't know I'll be going on this one and that she says something oh yeah you'll blow your mind just wow this is gonna be fun it's gonna one man it's gonna one there I don't have a clue how she's gained another one unless she says something but then he'll know I think the best case is probably get caught or seen say boys on the bloody pie because camels are twice he abuses me and then I'm what AG like a that's killed Campbell haha that's like the best scenario because if she just tells combo he's gonna probably kill her and if she says it says it to someone else in private he'll notice so I guess the best case Nora's call scene or they'll be like a Hail Mary and something on happen like are they all look at end of this smells funny and throws it in the bed which will be stupid like that hoop is actually I hope she gets others situation somehow and I hope he's good but we'll find out in Episode eight so yeah though going eyes eyes episode 7 of the society season 1 again a very very good episode it wasn't as strong as it I guess was it five and six I'd say doing the time-skip was a good idea however to start to fall back onto what I didn't liked about 1 2 & 3 which was just having these scenes with stories and arcs I just didn't care about cuz episodes 4 5 & 6 were all about you know cassandra dying who's gonna be next in charge and the execution and chewy and dewy didim with him and Cumberland take it had that nice concise story where there's not bicycles later and they're just you know doing the chores doing their jobs and we've got a wedding to plan and she's pregnant you know the stuff that I didn't care for anyway so it's kind of now now we've got over the Cassandra death and dealing with the murder of that now what and that was my question going into episode anyway I'm not saying this was a bad so he was definitely not bad episode is way better than episodes 1 2 & 3 for sure but 4 5 & 6 I do think was strong because of that whole Cassandra notice the nerd thing however doing this time skip I think was a good idea it's just that thing where it's like half the characters I liked and off I don't like Terry hurries in an interesting place in the moment I don't know if he's still doing Trump's all right I guess you ran out he's just depressed because of the events 5 months ago which makes sense I hope he doesn't stay like that for all of season 1 I hope it kind of comes out of it hopefully in the next episode not you know back to hundred-percent hurry cuz dolls are shaky was a shakeout about time I get where he's still not great but I think maybe they can do it more than will Wayne see they hover they sorry they have a plan to go and see what's out there they said Grizz is going to assemble a team after Thanksgiving so probably in episode 8 and I think that's a good idea we can go you know see them then because you haven't seen them venture out from this town since episode one and obviously they haven't done that students because they said they sent a drone up and couldn't say anything and also the first time they went out there all dead by a snake and died so I was absolutely wonder if I'm wrong so but I do like that they have a plan as well grace learning sign language for some is just adorable those two the first relationship in the show like I said where I like both of the characters I like some I like some since early days and grace is probably still the best character I really like Kelly as well by just calm well isn't the most unbearable character of all time or anything like that I just I just find it a bit boring where Kelly's a really good character so that's kind of unfortunate and then also we have Cumberland I don't know her name we had that whole pumpkin pie situation I knew it wasn't gonna go down the road of him actually get poisoned and dying in this episode I do find it funny that the one time he once go and join people is thought once I just try to kill him absolute joke yeah overall was it anything else like send me up the wedding but he'll it to be very odd a couple of key moments between them too I just I don't love them that much to be honest and then we have the whole Thanksgiving thing which is called and Ally's still being in charge I like that Ashlee group of went on doing a vote to decide who should be in charge because at least then you know what people are thinking and save more people actually rallied behind Ali maybe she would have worried so much about if people were with her or not so I think actually we will quit on that and hopefully they go down not worried later on in the season we'll see yeah thanks watching guys rating to the episode I'm gonna give it a sound anything is great but I still think is really good so I'm gonna give it a seven point nine out of ten just baloney I'd like Sarah don't think was as strong as four five six even I think I gave up everything I've just given this rating higher than Episode four I'm saying more so the story with absolute for him you know the aftermath with the murder I thought was really good this was still a really good absolute so I'm gonna go seven point nine out of ten but thanks watching guys even like you can join them not all the episode down below in the comments and all social media stuff will be linked down below as well as patreon if you want to check out that and I'll see you next time absolute eight coming very close to the end so until that it's

20 thoughts on “The Society Season 1 Episode 7 – 'Allie's Rules' Reaction

  • I love Sam and Grizz
    But the drama that it's in it cause of Sam and his best friend thing kinda annoyed he hell out of me.
    ((I first thought it was gonna be best friends raising a kid together. Not full commitment that they are a fake couple and that his the actual father))
    I just found the drama very avoidable.

  • 14:32 Lexie annoying you to the extreme already… I really cannot wait to see your reactions to her in an a couple episodes time… it gets so, so much worse🤣

  • This storyline is the one i found very dumb honnestly ^^ I mean i get they wanted and hoped to go home one day … But after SIX months they still didn't prepare and plant any food for the future ? I mean it's not a video game Crops don't grow up in 2 weeks lol you ned to plan those types of things .. That's like one of the things they should have done at the very beggining of the series why didn't they do that then ? xD

  • i ship grizz and sam and harry and allie as well!!! rooting for hallie in season two they’re perfect together😍

  • Yeah she would never marry him in real life. She's way too smart for him. I can't understand why you ship Allie and Harry; she even disliked the sex they had.

  • fun fact! the creator of the show is also the director of 500 days of summer!! so elle and campbell watching it was like a little easter egg

  • Helena and Luke getting married is a little weird lol but they're cute together. And the thanksgiving scene leading into the next episode are my favorite scenes because of the anxiety over the pie. Also Grizz and Sam are so adorable!

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