The Society Season 1 Episode 8 – 'Poison' Reaction

hey guys food flinders Joey and today we are watching and reacting to episode 8 of the society season 1 so we're on develo finder so I might just dive into it but no we are on the cloak cliffhanger with absolute 7 with the whole pie that's being poisoned I guess you could say with a breeze or leather and yeah didn't really go quite as planned with Campbell being killed by it and now it just kind of sat on a table waiting to be eaten so at the moment I'm in a bit of a crossroads where I'm like I want them to be able to get out the situation without some Hail Mary but then I'm like if no one dies or nothing really happens a bit then what was really the point so something's gonna come of this and I just hope it kind of picks up straight where I've said 7 left I hope it didn't do like humble more plates or I'll subscribe that and she's in prison because they wouldn't do that but yeah I see what happens and we only have up this episode we only have two episodes to go so I'm still going to try and finish it this week is Friday as all recording this so I'm gonna try and finish it this week we'll see what happens but absolutely guys if you enjoy munted leave a like if you're new remember subscribe if you want the uncut reaction to this episode and all there was for the society that will link to the mater on page will be down below as well as Twitter Instagram and discord but my friends Oh they ever pick Estrella Vegas good day don't like cuts of the wedding or something if he's like oh okay that was just cream we good supposed to scream hey I'm thankful Farley not eating pumpkin pie something I was we did I'm gonna marry Luke yay it's gonna be the first wedding in the new world so great they can wait till dark awaiting milestone no sir it's gonna be or some random currently says that I don't deserve to celebrate oh she's going just don't cheat on someone oh shit oh my god was she eating a soup II thought you hated pumpkin pie why she just haha wait once what is she so Evans proper paestum soap you know I guess if you live in a world like this anything's for me yeah can we see could we actually watch something crazy so even prom yo dude this is just crazy oh my god let's chill out because my quads are killing me and I believe let's wrap this up case why this it either improv you just free and I to know what's happened she's an odd anyway why she can ya do it yourself this is a joke that's enough what was the point in not those since they all got that Toria not because they don't like Ally that's it don't wait do I do you wanna bring Alexi in talk to her say what what that she's not allowed to say anything that makes me mad just kill her so it would it not be so damaging if they just have like one slice I guess yes that was like everyone just kind of like one slice so everyone will be fine don't speak therefore they're your Piegan you try that again very well making another pie oh they try to try to poison immediate these two actually gonna kiss mouths just don't I just Falls to write months in the entire shine boys can you still know whatever what a day no don't fumble now was busy no no okay well I mean if we get married in this world and then go back to that one would we still be married yes oh yeah yeah I think how is that even a question right now Campbell's gonna catch on oh god don't look good dude go oh my god Jesus just fucking pumpkin pie Tommy King died all right brother calm down my god this is real did a wave get up it was just down the pie you just don't gonna be cool no pregnancy problem oh my god I think you really have to go only recovered in an instant Oh God okay well well we have to choose something please don't calling Gareth it's your baby okay no you just say what up no no no no no really happy for you guys unbelievable just no go ahh sticker oh my god don't piss me off why do the others pretend is his kid just just go and tell him you're going along with it arming a virus no I don't think so because people are getting better too fast poison poison poison you know maybe so Sam you're you're the dad no this is Tom I didn't think this would be the actual story why would someone poison a dish with no idea who's gonna eat it you think it's just a coincidence oh please don't even a Bobby basically terrorism what would be the point what's the point of any term basically cover the safe for sister to know she wanted to poison come get any food someone else cooked anyone we need to control the food supply better it's a little poison the water start a fire how do we stop that it's so annoying thought that going over all this stuff from the we knows an audience it's not as big as I think it is Harry help you make the lemon bars Harry he never leaves his room the best of you take him out a little early so they're like medium rare you know yeah thanks for him we're not that desperate there's still lemon juice in the food stores haha why are you doing this why the interrogation it's not just normal food poisoning alright thank somebody put poison in a dish oh his come we'll gonna pick up on that what did you put in the pie huh just a frozen crust take a look around he knows because he told her eat here as well I tasted the filling it was great mm-hmm it's not safe in the covert is oh great what time is it you guys left me in the dark forever no shots all Pisa no first you have to tell us something we don't know I don't like a bush you don't poison upside my period and I'm bleeding through my dress please get Ally she'll let me change and then I will talk to her nope no no do not leave me alone with Clark miss not even the hard stuff on you you want to change change fucking kidding me do it now it's kind of fun nope Jesus let's talk about Thanksgiving I made a pie okay that's all Jesus just tell him I find this so stupid I wouldn't just tell him okay that's all it is because she seems to think that you guys are together like a happy couple or something I'm talking to who you are so we're gonna do Sam Chris is always tears in his officers secret married gay dudes from the dinosaur age we're gonna sneak around just I like Grisons some I do but this whole dramas not telling him because he thinks his friend al had the problem with her even if she did so wha his bris he's not gonna tell anyone I thought she was gonna die if she died no what does that come from no that's a dong he's been obsessing over her for months and and now it loves Ali apparently that makes no sense I mean now forward because then she can maybe find love of someone else and pop a bad ship the human Ali diapers and raisins yes I'll stay with you I like hot even been marked but it's just a bit frustrating oh yeah hurry exist get dressed yeah I already stopped doing something now because in this place that I want they I can think of one thing God Mary so I know she thinks that we'll look Sally we just straight back with Harry and her talking I got my period and they made me change in front of him I'm so sorry that happened okay what are you gonna do about it yeah sure Thank You Milly it was basically torture Ali they didn't torture you are they ain't gonna give a fuck cut your period she says you tell me what you used for what yeah he knows he knows you want to get away I get oh you're afraid of me everyone's always afraid he thinks to try to kill herself Sam is it good actor he's okay with it that's one big name for her okay well how do we know it was poison I know I've added so many rules which I was gonna drop I've asked you to do so much so I think that we should have a vote I think that we should elect America's honor is that way it's an odd number in case of any ties I'm running for mayor anyone else who wants to run and just sign up sweet I like the idea I said one will set it should be good also how shit what is it to sleep with Cathy and then be like oh yeah actually on the point I'd do I should think on the lovely this is done this isn't doing it it's in quit it it's a very cars it just these two characters she's buzzing she's got a crush on forms it's kind of cute but it's not really because I just don't Bahamas yeah okay not the worst card of all time or anything or Pomeroy the worst character in this show book okay there we go guys I SAP sewed eight of the society season one decent episode I won't again once as strong as the middle portion I think this one Pete in the first kind of was at 10-15 minutes when the whole poison Samaria was going down definitely pink there and then also went downhill from there but it did yeah it kind of did because it wasn't this strong it's the first 15 minutes when everyone was being poisoned they're trying to figure everything out and then it just kind of went a bit again all over the place with this Sun Gris thing like those two are great together but this whole like drama is oh I can't tell him that I'm not actually the dad it's just you it wouldn't you wouldn't do that in real life no way I get yeah I'm not telling everyone maybe because your friends ask you you know is keep a secret but telling grace just tell him to keep his secret and then you two will be fine herbs and sword she won't mind she'll understand shortly so fun that day but the drama that's a bit forced I think Simon gryszek fantastic ever and I like their scenes together in the first half the episodes but you know they're just talked and stuff of them there soon they tried to force that drama sails no life and no no it just felt like to wait I'll look a happy they are but oh now that's taken away from you this it's just another glass to resolve it over the next couple of episodes very forced and just not needed it could have been resolved in one conversation by son going oh noes and I should not kid I'm just saying that too so I thought I think grits can keep a secret like it seems like you trust him so other than I maybe please trust me and then there was something else here that felt a bit forced with the drama oh yeah will and Kali either slept together and then suddenly it was like oh I guess I'll go back to hurry them and you obviously love Ali so that's that there's just feel like no will and Ali have zero chemistry but so did Kelly well so I'm still with that idea and if seems like they're doing it because they're stuck together whatnots back together but you know he's cuddly not to worry and it's the dice already doing this no bad episode I think it was still way way better than episode want to have three still not as good as four five and six but maybe on the same level as episode salmon because at first I felt like the last 15 minutes that the last episode were really good and then the first 15 minutes of this episode were really good so I'm still when it goes seven point four I'll turn I think I'm sure I gave the last episode but I think it's around the same no I gave the last 107.9 actually the eggs it didn't hold time skip stuff as well I'm gonna give this one a seven point three Alton no storms last one overall thought the first 15 minutes were really good so yeah over the buzz thanks watching people I can enjoy them before the episode down below in the comments all social media stuff down below to watch I thought I need that until next time for the most absurd lapse a nine piece

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  • Regarding the Allie-Will-Kelly thing, thank you! Will's been all about Kelly since Day 1 of the series and hasn't been interested in Allie romantically, then through the magic of writing, all of a sudden he realizes Allie is the one. I despised that plot point.

  • Ahhhh next episode is the penultimate episode and Netflix still hasn’t renewed the show for a second season 😤

  • Will suddenly having feelings for Allie came out NOWHERE! I would rather see Kelly/Will. And I want more Harry/Allie.

    Elle was an idiot for eating the pie herself. She should have just told Allie what was going on, I dont understand. She annoys me too.

    The married couple = boring.

    I dont get why Sam wouldnt tell Grizz what was really going on with his friend? I am assuming the father of the baby is someone like Campbell or Campbells father or something crazy like that. And thats why she wont tell Sam.

    Please dont put Kelly back with Harry!

    I totally agree, the episodes are just okay. I like the series but mostly for the potential of it because right now they are sort of slowish.

  • i want sam to grizz as well but i'm not shocked sam isn't telling him about the baby cause he promised becca he wouldn't tell anyone even if becca probably wouldn't care if he knew

  • When Campbell confronted Elle about poisoning the pie I don't think he was thinking she made it to kill herself and get away from him, I think he knew she made it to kill him but he didn't care b/c he's happy they're both fucked up/lowkey psycho.
    Also even if Sam told Grizz the truth about the baby they would still have to hide their relationship from everyone else since he's supposed to be with Becca. And I don't think Grizz would want to do that anyway since he's been hiding who he is his whole life.

  • Also let’s just take a moment to recognize Allie fucked up. Like doing nothing shouldn’t have been an option. If they act as the police and get away with harassing and assaulting anyone they want then what’s the point of them? What happened to Lexie was definitely harassment.

  • It makes sense. He made a promise to Becca. We know Grizz is great, but Sam just met Grizz. Like how shitty would it be if he goes back on his word to his friend forever because of a boy he started talking so little ago?? And he can’t tell Becca because that would be outing Grizz and Grizz hasn’t come out to anyone yet. Is a tricky place.

  • Hey have you ever heard of Cobra Kai? Theres 2 seasons with 10 episodes in each. You should react to it, it's an amazing show. It's a YouTube exclusive btw.

  • Hey, I watched you react to Stranger Things, and I thought you’d like to know that season 3’s final trailer was released last night. I’d love to see you react <3

  • This was relatable because I also screamed at the tv every time someone said something stupid, which was constantly.

  • When I watched this episode I didnt necessarily think Elle ate the pie to get out of it/avoid suspicion, I thought she was hoping she would die. I fucking hate Lexie but the guard and Allie were both trash towards her in this episode

  • Will and Allie makes perfect sense. They have the strongest bond on the show. In the early episodes, Allie clearly liked him and told him that he was family and gave him a place to live. He was always there for her and always made sure she felt safe so that's why he slept in her room. She shared that she wished they could just spend a day together hanging out and he agreed with that. So that showed they had a strong friendship. He realized how much she meant to him when he was close to losing her. He also, hadn't pursued Kelly for a while as she was getting over Harry and had friendzoned him.

    I agree with you about Grizz and Sam the drama over their relationship is very weak and can easily be resolved. I hated Allie's reaction to Lexie's abuse that was the only huge mistake she made in her leadership role.

  • I’m so invested in this show and I’ve only seen it through your reactions, haha, so idk if this actually fits the characters personalities or not but Sam is in such a tough spot if he does want to figure out how to tell grizz the baby isn’t his. like if he goes to Becca and asks to tell one person because he’s in a relationship, becca will want to know who it is to know if she could trust them, which would out grizz. but if he goes to grizz and asks to tell one person about them being together, he would have to explain why which would reveal Becca’s secret. he’s in such a tough spot and I’m anxiously awaiting your next reaction to see how it’s resolved!!!

  • This episode is one of my personal favorite episodes because it really shows Elle's character progression

  • Elle ate the pie so no one else would be poisoned by it but she could've "accidently"threw it on the floor and stomped on it?

  • the thing about sam is that he is literally ned stark levels of honourable (honestly one of the only characters with good morals in this show), so the whole point of him not telling anyone is that becca is his best friend and he made a promise to her, and he is ready to sacrifice his happiness for her. it's not about keeping secrets but rather that he doesn't want to betray her trust. plus, the fact that becca is literally the sweetest makes you feel so bad for her in this situation…

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