The Speech Every 2015 College Grad Needs to Hear

College commencement addresses often are collections of bromides and boring advice. You know what I mean: Go forth, graduates, and save the planet.
You are the nation’s hope. You have worked hard and learned much from devoted faculty.
And don’t forget to floss and to use sunscreen. Bor-ing. Just once, a commencement speaker should puncture
the smug complacency and cloying self-congratulation on campuses. Someone should give the following
commencement address: Members of the Graduating Class: You who are
about to receive your diplomas should also receive an apology from this university — and
a refund of a large portion of the tuition you have paid. You have been cheated, bilked, propagandized
and badly educated. Your tuition has been much too costly, for which you can blame the
federal government and the avarice of the university. Washington has produced a bubble in higher
education just the way it produced the bubble in housing. Some government planners decided
that too few people owned homes. So the planners decided to force an increase in home ownership. They lowered lending standards for people
seeking a mortgage. This produced a glut of sub-prime loans — and subprime borrowers.
And then a crash. Next, some government geniuses decided that there were too few college students.
So government made student loans and other tuition subsidies easier to get. Of course, colleges and universities responded
by increasing tuition to capture these government subsidies. Which is why the cost of college
has been rising four times faster than the rate of inflation. The cost of college has
increased faster than the cost of health care. There is now well over a trillion dollars
of student loan debt. There is more student loan debt than credit card debt, or than auto
loan debt. Most of you are graduating today with debt. In effect, you are graduating with
a mortgage — but no house. And what did you get for all this expense? A sub-prime education. Today’s students study many fewer hours a
week than students did a generation ago — but they are getting higher grades. This, too,
is a result of government creating perverse incentives. The government money gives colleges
and universities a powerful incentive to admit more and more students. Inevitably, this means
more and more students who are marginally qualified — or unqualified. Many of these
will pay tuition for a few semesters and then leave school with debt — but no degree. Others
will plod along, paying tuition, piling up debt, and eventually getting a degree — but
not in four years. You have seen the T-shirts that read: “College — the best seven years
of my life.” Those of you who majored in gender studies — or women’s studies —
or ethnicity studies — or cinema deconstruction —
or any other of today’s academic fads — to you, I have this advice: When this commencement ceremony is over and
you take off your cap and gown, do not bother looking for a job. Instead, go straight to
the unemployment office. This university did not equip you to add value to the American economy. Soon, this university’s office in charge of
alumni giving will ask you for money. Your response should be: Are you kidding? Instead
of sending money to this university, just send a schedule of your student loan repayments. If this campus is like most campuses, you
have been living in a community of enforced conformity. When you leave, and enter the
real world, you are in for a shock. If this is a typical campus, it has a speech code.
It has forbidden and punished speech that did not conform to fashionable political pieties.
If this is a typical campus, it has used its speech code to teach you that you have a special
entitlement. That you are entitled to pass through life without hearing any speech that
annoys, depresses, confuses, offends or otherwise distresses you. If this campus is like many
campuses, it has a “free speech zone,” a small, isolated, inconvenient space where students
are allowed to exercise their First Amendment Rights. But guess what? Off campus, out in
reality, no one recognizes this entitlement. You are going to discover that the Constitution
makes the rest of America — all of it — a free speech zone. This school has restricted speech in order
to protect your tender sensitivities and to protect your feelings from being hurt. When
you leave this campus, you will have to unlearn the silliness you have been taught here — the
idea that you deserve to be treated as a frail flower. So, graduates: You have been saddled with
debt and bad ideas. Good Luck. You’re going to need it. There. That would be a commencement address worth
hearing. But a university sensible enough to invite such a speaker would be a university
that does not need to hear such an address. I’m George Will for Prager University.

100 thoughts on “The Speech Every 2015 College Grad Needs to Hear

  • the economy just like stupidity racism hate and war is endless, so don't make a bet that useless degrees can't be profitable

  • Yea idk, why would a university invite a speaker like that?

    Like Not only does it attack the university, it adds no real value… maybe if you explained that in high school and scared students to either reconsider college or take it more seriously, not after they graduate with $100k in debt and it's too late

    But it's true, the sky rocketing cost of tuition is taking advantage of one of the most vulnerable groups in America, young people who don't know better

    And don't get me started on student debt, it follows you like a blood sucking vampire

    It's like stealing candy from children… how do you people sleep at night?

  • I think the science of productivity has always interested ambitious people and companies and maybe that should actually be a major

    If you actually learn the knowledge and skills to be super productive, you can make the make the most of your time at school, at work, and in life

    Just my thoughts

  • The government is not that stupid. Their ultimate goal is to get tuition so high,that people will choice free tuition in exchange for the government controlling all of their income for the rest of their lives. Given the government's record,everyone's quality of everything will drop through the floor. The good news is that people will finally abandon their indoctrinated views of feelings being the most important issues facing them,and will have real problems to face. After generations like my grandparents had to fight through the great depression,to give me the opportunities that I have today, I will be almost glad to see these spoiled,entitled, indoctrinated zombies brought back to reality!

  • Every asswipe got a trophy and a liberal arts degree so you can make coffee or ask to supersize something

  • The schools say that they need to give everybody an education according to their personal skills (which is true), but then they treat everyone as if they are extremely smart, when the reality is they are not. Not being an expert in multi-variable calculus is fine, and the trades need people who may not have the book smarts for college but do have the street smarts for hands-on work.

  • no one wants to hear what a RINO like Georg Wills has to say! He shouldn't be allowed to speak on this channel. Go to hell George!

  • schools are more for indoctrination then education, they want a bunch of politically correct snowflakes and dumb dopers.

  • S.T.E.M , history, philosophy, theology,and music are all the degrees we need.Everything else is trade school.My son joined the army and became a master plumber.He makes more than me now and I am a engineer.

  • This is true. It has been 12 years since the last time i was in college. Now I'm back, and some much has changed, and not for the better. I chose to return because I have reached my top potential in the position that I am in. In order for me to move up quickly, with the job experience that I already have. I would need to finish up some college courses to put In a position that I could work until retirement. But being one of the few oldest in my classes. I don't see how the younger generation will make it. They are constantly on their cell phones during lectures and show up to class late. And when it comes to exams they want to know if they can use their notes. I always see a hand full cheating. They are only cheating himself. I know not all of them are like this but speaking on personal experience.

  • I'm a student of trans-gender inter-racial-harmony studies and this speech hurt my feelings! Shame on you, PragerU!

  • This is why I’m not going to college, it’s all cash, no reward. Why should I pay a ridiculous amount of tuition and school loans and student to get what, a sociology degree. Getting a trade beats office work any day! Thank you!

  • This should be shown to every highschool senior. Listen up kiddies… that philosophy class may be fun and exciting… but working at 7-11 flipping hot dogs for 40 years paying off that humanities degree isn't going to be that enjoyable. Google fields that are hiring, like nursing or other STEM fields. Then work hard, and get a good, high GPA. Cuz your competing against all those other people, and a 3.2 often isnt going to cut the mustard. THEN you can expect a good chance of getting hired upon graduation… making respectable money. If you go to college wanting to be fulfilled and change the world while making pottery, or writing poetry, or debating your victim status… then have a good life flipping those hot dogs. I guess people need to do that as well.

  • I Have A Liberal Arts Degree… Just You Wait Until I Make A Response Video.
    All I need is the money to buy a camera.

    and a house.

    and food.

  • Graduating with debt is one of the best things that could happen to a goverment. They OWN you! It doesn't matter which form of goverment you have – when people own you, bad shit is going to happen. 😀

  • Also videoworthy, that colleges (which are soaking in subsidies and endowments) call, email, and snail mail alums monthly asking for money.

  • My university is pretty great and doesn't have any of the things talked about in this video. Good old Idaho :')

  • As an adult student, that has returned for a second Bachelors in Engineering I shall say this.

    Engineering students are some of the most dimwitted, un-creative problem solvers I have ever run across. My gal says 'They're just kids w/o your experience.' This may be true, but when I went through the ringer the first time for Enviro-Design in '04, those people could think critically and formulate a plan on any subject.

    Glad I dropped out early from getting saddled with 64K in tuition alone. Invest that instead and let interest do the rest.

  • If only they gave speeches like these for real once you received your degree or diploma. Got mates in the construction game doing better. Might have a cushier job but a lot less pay. What a rip!

  • Hey guys, I’m a university student actively doing UberEats. I only get paid when I work. Not per hour of doing nothing. I do most of my friend’s assignments and I tend to do the opposite position on those assignments than I do my own just to explore different view points. I understand nothing in life comes free even though I have been privileged in the past to benefit off of my parents, whom I intend to pay back. I will not get married as I have a 3/4 chance of getting divorced and losing my stuff. I study economics. I freely and frequently post my opinion online…. if you have a different opinion I will listen and correct you if you have any inaccuracies and I will not be offended if I am disproven. Instead I will check what you have told me against my own evidence and I will thank you for improving me. And I admit that I don’t do this all the time and should do it more often. I am excited when I work because I know I’m one of a very few people in my generation that understands I am benefiting and contributing to an economy.

    I don’t know everything. I will challenge your views and I am open to having mine challenged, not all the time and I admit I need to work on that. If you are a parent, please raise your kids to have humility and to understand that nothing comes free.

  • I'm a college student right and I know getting done in 4 years for me (not my friends, just me) is impossible. This was deep, real deal. Thank you George Will👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • My diploma and my Journeyman Lineman ticket seem to be doing well for me. I actually got paid to go to school during my 4 year apprenticeship.

  • HS or College and University the could recycle a speech give by Winston Churchill. The never give in/up speach

  • When I was little, I was always told to follow my passions and I could do whatever I want. I always thought "If that's true, show me where I can get paid to sit around and do nothing but play video games." and "If jobs are meant to be fun and fulfilling, why does everyone seem to hate them so much?"

  • I’d like to disagree with this video slightly with regard to the stem fields. These areas are not as described but for most else this is spot on

  • Wow, here in Quebec, my student loan was only 8000$, and yet, my university is goverment finance. Why is it that my debt is so low compared to the major private american universities?

  • 1:14
    You know what Lowering Standards on Private Businesses called??? DEREGULATIONS
    I thought you guys are For Deregulations & against "Big Government".

  • So, if it’s all the governments fault, what about private universities? They generally cost more than state universities.

  • Great speech. So what happened to the fraud speaking, who's tender psyc, was offended, by the free speech of a winning presidential candidate, and real American.
    Or is he just an insider, only acting like the mouthpiece of conservatism. Total turncoat to freedom.

  • I'm glad I went to a very small University. There was no speech code. There was no free speech zone, there was nothing of that nature there. If there was I probably would have been expelled within a year. Why? I'm SUPER conservative, and I speak my mind. I physically cannot put a filter on it. Partially because I'm also a Christian. Out of the 30-40 ish professors I had in my 4.5 years of college to earn 2 different degrees, (I had to take an extra semester in order to get enough credits to obtain something else relating to my degree). And most of the professors didn't argue with my view. In fact most applauded me for taking a stand. The few who didn't like me though particularly my macroeconomics, and writing professors REALLY did not like me. Yet here's the interesting thing they tried to get me in trouble with the dean. The dean actually sided with me! He thought it was incorrigible that the faculty were trying to do something like that to me. But that is my story I'm glad for those that have listened.

  • Actually, i you study, modern foreign languages or classics., then go on to get your teaching certificate, you can apply to schools to teach children- without an appreciation of music, literature or art, not to mention history, it is more difficult to look critically at videos like these. Granted, it is a different system in Britain, but most university courses are rigorous and challenging- people are not offered places unless they have the necessary qualifications or are prepared to study for them. Of course there is always the danger that the prospect of student debt will deter some people from going to university and that only wealthy people who can afford the tuition fees will end up going, which would be a backwards step and reverse the ideal of good universal education. Good academic education is never wasted and for most graduates, employment isn’t the only consideration though that is , of course, essential. There are great benefits from having gained your degree-better opportunities, proof you have staying power, a realisation of how lucky you are, when in some parts of the world, you may not even get a chance to complete elementary school, and so on. This video is so biased and shouldn’t put anyone who wants to study something they are keen on off college or university. At one time, a good, liberal arts education was seen as essential to anyone’s development. In addition to medical, engineering, architecture and nursing degrees. Global companies are not keen on staff who think for themselves and are keen to employ people who won’t rock the boat. By all means be worth employing, but don’t forget to be critical of hiring policies and unfair working practices like unpaid internships, zero hours contracts and poor remuneration

  • Having a college degree proves that you've been exposed to a program academically focused in your profession. This increases the probability to attain a desire professional position. To demand immediate success in your career just after graduating from college, it's a flawed perspective. However; to degrade the importance of higher education it's also flawed. Ultimately it's about hard work, being passionate and ATTITUDE what creates the best environment to become a successful individual.

  • There teaching kids to be Sissy's so when the figure out how the college set them up for failure 😂 they won't come back and kill them .lol.

  • This needs to change at every level. What a scam that's been sold by academics. Governments used student loans as another form of revenue. You have been had.

  • I'm sorry to hear that about most people's college experience. My community college experience (ironic) has been great. I have only had two bad teachers. Education where I go is not treated like a box that needs to be filled.

  • BEST talk ever! Thank You! Broke-minded professors and administrators cannot teach broke-minded students to become Successful.

  • I think this applies greatly to those majoring in areas where you won’t be able to contribute at all to society and thus will find it nearly impossible to get a job in that area. I still believe getting in student loan debt to be a doctor or other useful areas is well worth it bc it’s an investment.

  • When I graduated at the 90s, I thought I was the last batch of graduates worth hardly anything. No way someone is more stupid than me to pursuit a degree which was pretty abundance everywhere. I saw people did just as good as me with less qualifications. How wrong was I.

    So I brought up my kid in a way that having real life experience with society is far more than education. Now, my 15 y.o son have already spent two summers holidays working in different garages, from local to supercar manufacturers. In spare time, he earns his good pocket money by selling stuff on eBay which he heckle from car boot sales. He said he wants to do an apprenticeship with his ex-employer. So far he have learnt a more stuff that schools will never have be able to teach him.

    Education comes in many forms, not only just in schools & colleges.

  • When you listening to these talks I actually make a lot of sense and I would suggest that most young people should take note before making the decision to go onto University to get a degree

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