The St. John Family: Alliance Dairies

hi my name is Jan Henderson I'm a Florida dairy farmer our farm is Alliance Terry's located in Trenton Florida which is about 45 miles west of Gainesville we have Holstein cows here at Alliance Terry's those of the black and white cows and those Holstein looks the same if you really sit there and look at any of them their faces are different their spots are different just like Polyphemus looks different so to our Holstein cows when the cow enters the parlor our milkers will clean her and then they'll hang a milking unit on her that milk and units gonna be on her about 4 to 6 minutes that milk leaves the cow's udder and travels through a cooling system where we bring it down to plus 240 degrees and then it goes into a tanker truck from that tanker truck it gets picked up taken to a processing center and then within 36 hours of that don't leave in our farm it can show up on a grocery store shelf here at Alliance dairies we are unique because we have a manure digestion the digester allows us to use the cows manure and produce electricity we use the manure from the cow to make electricity and then we turn around and put that in your on crops and fertilizer which we grow and then harvest and feed back to the cows that amount of power that we are producing is equivalent to the power needed for 425 all year round so we have a nice circle going around where we are using everything we have to be as environmentally sound as possible as a third-generation dairy farmer it's important to me that I know everyday things guys accomplished there at the dairy and it's very meaningful when you leave and you know we got that field chopped we got that many cows treated we got this many cows built and while we're doing that we're producing nature's most perfect food and we're also providing a lot of jobs for the hard workers out there that are doing you

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