The state of Detroit [2011]

We’re in Detroit at the motor show. This is of course motor city. The Big Three: Chrysler, Ford and GM
are all based here. It’s also the birthplace of Motown, the music. It used to be a very wealthy city
with 2,5 million inhabitants. But now there are just 800,000 left. We’ll show you what that does to a city. This is the factory where
the mass production of cars started. This is where they made
the T-Ford in the early 20th century. This should be world heritage,
history has been made here. It’s not even being maintained. Anthony Douglas
Chauffeur and war veteran.

57 thoughts on “The state of Detroit [2011]

  • this is not cool, for a car lover this hurts alot to see this, see this once famous city for cars to come to this..

  • I hope the toyota factory will look like this in no-time and make "motown" the place on the side of the european cars. Thumbs up for muscle cars!

  • i think what it comes right down to is that there are better places to go. Let it die. Circle of life.

  • Just looked it up; when the city had 2.5 million people, 80-90% were whites. In 2010, whites make up 10% of the population, only 75 thousand people. The white people ran away, lol.

  • I think he said Detroit was shit in the beginning. He's right! And this guy he's interviewing, he wants the Government to give Detroit money for mass transportation. Yeah, let's take other peoples hard-earned money during a financial crisis and give it to them. Can you spell Socialism, probably not if your from Detroit. We will never be able to turn Detroit around, it is gone forever. Move on and just leave it behind. That's what all the people who left did. Worked out for them. Problem solved.

  • Actually, the center of the city is crappy. If you travel around the entire metro area, there's plenty of really nice places too. Not the entire city is like that, at all. And Detroit use to be a very great place before the mid-60's.

  • I am 16, and live in Puerto Rico. The 2 places I always wanted to visit in the USA is 1. Route 66 and 2. Detroit. Of course, as of accustom from Puerto Ricans, my family decided to go to Disney instead (enjoyed it thou lol). But theres a certain beauty in Detroit, old but new, destroyed yet in the process of going back up. I just hope i get to go before the government finish it off and destroys all history of it. lol

  • I live in the Detroit Metro area (big difference between the suburbs and downtown), and I'm not really sure how the city can be fixed.

    Its population has fallen into a vicious cycle of poor education, poverty, and crime. No one wants to move into Detroit for these reasons.

    Now, go to Washington D.C. and you'll see that the center (downtown) is the nicest part of town, and the outskirts are the dangerous areas with high percentages of African-Americans.

  • it is sad to see the steady decline of this once mighty and famous city…. the government NEEDS to do something to stimulate investment, growth and economy in Detroit… this is probably the only modern city of i know of that is in such a rapid state of decline in the modern era!

  • Thanks autoblogger, this was the best motorshow report I've ever seen! No one gives a shit about some stupid concept cars which we'll never see on the road anyway. A piece of car industry's history instead is great!

  • for every 1 person who cares about the city,,,there's 20 more that don't give a shit. Detroit has been left high and dry and left people with a state of hopelessness and desperation. drugs and crime plague the city to the point where good people are more or less scared to help change it. crooked politicians and unions taking every dollar the city has, jobs being shipped overseas or out of town,, its really really sad,,but it all boils down to Greed.

  • @quatlen Detroit may not be the safest city in the world, but it doesn't mean you just get robbed for your car out of nowhere.

  • @mackiechang Oh, I guess your one that can read. This video is all about politics, your just too blind to see it. Just do some simple research and you will see. Unless your a liberal who loves Obama, than you probably prefer having your head up your ass. Search & watch "Detroit in RUINS! (Crowder goes Ghetto)" by Steven Crowder here on YouTube. He presents the facts and reasons why Detroit is shit, and presents it in an entertaining why. Detroit is an example of liberal policies and governing.

  • Search & watch "Detroit in RUINS! (Crowder goes Ghetto)" by Steven Crowder here on YouTube. The video is an entertaining reflection on the Liberal policies, governing & ideology that lead to Detroit's demise.

  • @gerfall Google search "$94,000 BMW Stolen At Detroit Auto Show" it happened just this year. It was stolen right in front of a hotel. This story was run on HuffPost, Reuters & almost every auto blog & car news website.

  • @gerfall Your correct on that, it wasn't forcibly taken. I did read an article where a woman was held at knife point and the assailant took her money and car in, I think, the outskirts of Detroit. Although, I think she was either outside of her car or getting into it when it happened. You would have to search for it. I don't have that on hand. I have not read any stories where somebody is sitting at a stop sign or traffic light and someone comes up with a gun and orders them out of the car.

  • @gerfall That's more of something we see on television or in movies. However, just because it hasn't happened in reality, doesn't mean it won't happen. There is always a possibility.

  • Detroit was once a great city. It has potential to be that way again. Look at the architecture. Its really awesome looking. This could be such an awesome city…

  • @amor49er1
    Why would Canada take on a useless shithole like Detroit?? It would immediately become the poorest city in Canada and no better than those isolated Native villages. The only way you could get them to take the city would be if it came free of black people, then there'd be hope for Detroit to get rebuilt and revitalized.
    With black people? Sorry to say just forget about Detroit ever recovering and becoming a good city again. Yes its racist, but its also true.

  • Deze kolere mongool moet de realiteit zien van de stad, en niet all te positief moet bekijken..

    Detroit is een vuildump van America!..

  • People are being forced to leave, the government comes in demolishes rebuilds farmers fields that black guy is just showing the true nature of our government. Fuck them they used the people of Detroit to fill their pockets with money. I like how he says even I'm moving too. WHat a douche bag.

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