The Story of Duskwood (Classic to Present) [Lore]

Hello everyone! Last time we covered the story of the plaguelands
and it seems like you all are not quite done with the spooky stuff yet as the next request
made is for Duskwood! “Where the undead walk the land.” Not always known as Duskwood of course, once
it was a beautiful land like Elwynn Forest, Westfall and the Redridge Mountains, a land
called Brightwood. Bright skies and peaceful woods. While the kingdom of Stormwind prospered,
its population grew, small towns spreang up in the surrounding area like the town of Grand
Hamlet. By the time we get to experience the story,
we see that the noble family of Ebonlocke have quite the ruling hold over the town. Lord Ello ebonlocke is the mayor. His daughter Althea Ebonlocke is the commander
of the Night Watch, the local militia set up when Stormwind pulled back its troops after
the king went missing. Their might be a connection too Kanrethad
Ebonlocke, a name most warlocks out there are familiar with as he’s part of the Council
of the Black Harvest while within Karazhan we see the spirit of an Ebonlocke visiting
a party housed in the tower. This is from a time where the corruption of
the guardian Medivh was still a secret. Not only did he hold the immense power that
comes with the job of guardian, he also had the spirit of the dark titan Sargeras within
him. It was that corruption that lead to the opening
of the dark portal and the invasion of the Horde, but it would not remain a secret forever. Confronted and defeated, the guardian died
in combat. It had been many centuries since that had
happened, and never before had one been possessed by demonic power. Medivh’s death had drastic consequences. Fel energy exploded outward from the tower
of Karazhan, turning the surrounding land into a dangerous, thorny blight. The regions west of the tower – Brightwood
– that would become known as Duskwood as we know it today and home to some of the most
tragic and dark stories that warcraft has to offer. Yet not all of the land is dark and spooky,
right in the middle we find the Twilight Grove where thousands of years ago the night elves
lead by Fandral Staghelm had planted a branch from the world tree Nordrassil. That’s what seemed to have saved this part
from the corruption while the tree itself offeres a direct connection to the Emerald
Dream with its corruption known as the Emerald Nightmare. This is why in classic you’ll see Lethon
here, one of the four dragons of nightmare. A corrupted green dragon, a raid boss, waiting
to be taken on by heroes. But not just dragons stay within the emerald
dream, we also have the slumbering Worgen. Once they were night elves experimenting with
their druidic powers. Taking it way too far by embracing their pack
form. Although powerful, it was incredibly hard
to control. More often then not we’d see the druids
strike out at their friends and loved ones. A ritual with the scythe of elune was meant
to give them control over this, instead it just pushed them further and the worgen came
to be. With a bite able to spread their feral madness,
Malfurion Stormrage saw no other choice but to use the scythe and entrap them within the
dream. Eternally slumbering and causing no further
harm to the world. Fast forward a few millenia and the worgen
would be called up once again to fight against the demons. Velinde Starsong, sentinel and priestess amongst
the night elves, was put on the task of clearing their forests of demons. She discovered notes about the scythe, holding
it in her hands she receives a vision of chaos. The worgen battling the satyr. By focusing on the artifact, she’s able
to not only communicate with the worgen but also bring them into our world. For a while things were fine, the worgen did
what she hoped them to do until she figured out that the Worgen no longer needed her to
come out of the dream. They no longer fully obeyed her wishes and
knowing that Archmage Arugal was also doing research into the summoning of the Worgen,
she decides to travel and seek him out. the scythe of elune is incredibly powerful
and more forces wanted to get their hands on it. The worgen most of all as it was used against
them in the past and they had no intention of returning to the dream. Velinde eventually figures out that she’s
being followed and tries to hide away at Roland’s Doom. The mine would end up being her eternal resting
place as the attack from the worgen lead to her dropping her torch, igniting some dynamite
and bringing the mine down on top of her. She failed in her quest, failed in her duty
to her people. The worgen run rampant and the Scythe of her
goddess is lost to her. Jutting out from a pile of rubble in the mine
it was pulled free by a man going by the nickname Jitters. Pulling it free turned Rolan’ds doom into
a place of vile death. If he had know what would have happeend, he’d
cut off his own hands to keep them from grasping that rune-carved wood. But regrets will not change what happened. After the scythe was freed, a change rippled
through the mine. The worgen fell upon them from everywhere,
clawing from hidden holes at their feet and dropping from silent perches above. Half their men fell in those first panicked
minutes. The rest, including Jitters, tried to flee. As he ran, he saw so many of his brothers
taken by tooth and claw, heard so many screams cut short or gurgle to silence. For all he knows, he’s the only human to
escape that place. After surviving the flight from Roland’s
Doom, and losing the scythe in the process, he hid within a barn owned by a man named
Sven. For a few days he stayed, never letting anyone
know that he was there. From his hiding place he observed the family
that seemed like good, loving people. Sven would leave his farm to travel to Darkshire. He kissed his wife and smiled to his children
and promised to return soon with toys and sweets. The poor man. That was the last time he saw his family unmutilated. From Deadwind Pass the dark riders rode out
in search of the powerful artifact they had sensed. The dark riders were once merchants foolishg
enough to try and sell the corrupted guardian some fake artifacts. In retaliation he cursed them. Forces them to forever scour the world for
actual magical artifacts and bringing them back to Karazhan. Very similar to the nazgul from lord of the
rings and not undefeatable. In the comics they were taken on, even losing
some of their stolen artifacts and even in game during Legion they played their part
in 3 different artifact questlines. Apocalypse, Ulthalesh and the Scythe of Elune,
all 3 lead heroes into Karazhan where they took out the dark riders leader Ariden and
claimed their mighty weapon to use it in the war against the Legion. But back to the story. The mother had no idea about the artifact,
all the same she tried to lie to the riders, tried to keep her children safe. A bold and dangerous gambit, one that might
have payed off if the riders did not possess magical means of uncovering the truth. The artifact was not here, the family inside
was useless and infront of Jitters eyes, they were slaughtered. He cannot describe what happened next. It is clear in his mind, but even his wretched
soul cannot put to paper the events of those next few, grisly minutes. I can only write that Sven’s family was killed. And soon after, Sven returned to this grim,
deathly scene. Such grief was in him that I was afraid to
show myself. And so afraid was I that he would find me,
I fled from my hiding spot in the barn. I do not know where Sven is now, but I pray
he will, some day, find peace. Easy for jitters to say, he wasn’t the one
returning home only to find their entire family slaughtered, ripped to little pieces. And Jitters making his escape didn’t go
unnoticed either. Sven Yorgen recruits heroes to help him figure
out who that shadowy figure was he saw the night his family was killed. We track Jitters down, get our hands on his
journal detailing the horrific events which puts us on the path against the dark riders. Sven has seen them before speaking to the
wizard Morbent Fel at the Forlorn Rowe. A well known necromancer and an ally to the
dark riderrs. Not an easy target to take out as he has dark
enchantments to protect himself from physical assaults not to mention the undead guarding
his home. To get to him we’ll need to be properly
armed. All the way in the wetlands is a sunken ship,
its cargo lightforge iron. A precious metal, for items crafted from it
strike with holy truth. If we are to face Morbent Fel, we’ll need
such a weapon, we’ll need the Morbent’s Bane. The dark casters magical protections are struck
down, but the necromancer himself is no easy foe. All the same, he’s brought low and a small
bit of peace is given to Sven. The dark riders are stil out there somewhere,
but atleast Morbent Fel has been defeated… Still, just a peaceful life would not be Sven’s
fate. Somewhere along the way he ends up getting
bitten by a feral worgen which gives him the worgen curse. Thankfully the worgen of gilneas have traveled
to Duskwood to help out those that they can. Those that haven’t lost their minds fully
to the beast. Even Jitters helps out. The trouble he unleashed upon duskwood, the
guilt must be eating away at him so he does what he can to try and make it right. A worgen we capture to try and save turned
out to be Sven. The rage that takes hold of him as he remembers
has jitters has done. Bringing the worgen to duskwood. Leading the dark riders to his farm, hiding
while they murdered his family. EVERY SPECK OF SUFFERING IN HIS LIFE IS JITTER’S
PATHETIC FAULT! He wants to kill him, the beast inside screams
for blood, but letting Jitters go is going the only thing seperating him from the beasts
now. Slowly with immense effort he regains control
of himself and decides to focus his attention not on jitters but rather Morbent Fel again. Despite heroes of the past striking him down,
the necromancer has now returned as a lich, spewing forth his darkness upon the land. This time we thankfully won’t have to travel
across the world trying to find a weapon to strike him down. We can rediscover the weapon we used before
and hopefully end Morbent Fel once and for all. While we’re at Ravenhill, which was actually
a proper town once upon a time, we can’t leave the cemetery without talking about Mor’ladim. Known to most as that anoying rare that sneaks
up on you, suddenly ending the life of unaware adventurers, the tale behind this undead is
quite tragic. Mor’ladim or Morgan Ladimore as he was known
in life, was a great and noble knight who fought with Archeus in hand for the defense
of the innoccent, the poor and the afflicted. At the age of 32 when was broke out in Lordaeron,
he was called to the side of the legendary Paladin Uther the Lightbringer to fight against
the orcs and the undead. Leaving his wife and children in the safety
of his home ,Morgan left for war. The years passed and the war dragged on and
Morgan would witness many horrific events, including the disbanding of the Paladins of
te Silver Hand. The death of Uther and the spread of the plague. The only thing that kept him from the brink
of madnes was the knowledge that he would someday be reunited with his wife and children. By the time that he got home again, he found
the land completely transformed. He asked the people about his family, but
none could give him the answers. A priest in Darkshire, as the town was now
called, said that he might search the cemetery at Raven Hill for a gravestone. Against his better judgment, he decided to
stop by the Raven Hill cemetery. For hours he walked hours amongst the gravestones
and then he saw them; a small untended plot amongst the many with three small gravestones. A feeling of dread washed over him as he approached. Morgan brushed off the dust of the most prominent
gravestone to reveal the name on it. Simply carved upon the grave, letters spelled
out his worst fear. Lys Ladimore. Beloved Wife and Mother. In blind fury he started to strike the gravestone
with his blade screaming in rage. Something snapped in our once noble knight
and when innocent attendants of the graveyard tried to restrain him. Tried to call him down… he murdered them
all. When the rage had passed and realization crept
into Morgan’s mind, he took his belt knife and stabbed himself through the heart. But a death so dark, a mind so tormented will
not easily find rest. He lived on as one of the restless dead striking
down any unfortenate enough to walk in his path. We’re asked to find him and return with
his head, but turns out that Morgan’s grief and despair over the loss of his family might
have been a bit hasty. His daughter still lives right here in Darkshire,
one of the night watchers and it hurts her deeply to know what happened to her father. Perhaps if we bring her family ring to his
grave. Perhaps the spirit of Morgan can cling on
to his daughters love and find forgiveness in the Light…or atleast no longer haunt
the innocents of Duskwood. Another resident of Duskwood might be far
past forgiveness though. In the northeastern area stands Manor Mistmantle
and all those in town can tell you the dark history connected to this family name. A story that starts out bright enough. Stalvan Mistmantle left notes and letters
detailing his journey in life. How he ventured to Westfall and set up a lovely
school in Moonbrook to teach the local children. The defias brotherhood, the state of events
in the region had him forced to abandon his post, right into a job as a private tutor
to two children. Giles, A rambunctious boy and a challenge
to educate as well as Tiloa, a seemingly exceptionally smart girl with beauty he can not help but
notice. Supposedly the Lord has arranged her marriage
for next year. Despite knowing that, Stalvan can not help
but read the situation entirely wrong. He writes ‘Never have i felt the way i did
today. Whilst assisting giles with his history lesson,
Tiloa was outside tending to the flower garden. After a few minutes she came inside and placed
a scarlet begonia in my open palm and smiled at me in such a way that my heart felt as
though it was trembling within my chest…” “…most certain that she shares the same
feelings for me now. She even placed her hand on mine this morning. When she smiles, her eyes light up like glittering
diamonds. Unspoken words pass between us, I can feel
her in my pounding heart and heated veins…” Heated veins soon turned sour as Tiloa has
a suitor, holds hands in public nonetheless. She just sees her tutor as Uncle Stalvan,
a nice old man. ”Old! At that word my cheeks flushed with heat. I am but a few years older and yet she betrays…..downward
spiral of despair. First she mocks me and now she is engaged. The ungracious charlatan was pretending to
love when truly she desired to hurt me all along. A black void lurks within me now and it grows
with each waking moment. The blood i shall spill pales in comparison
to the tears I have shed…” Once the gruesome deed was done, Stalvan retreated
to his family home in Duskwood and stayed there until the darkness crept into Duskwood
and consumed him. Heroes were asked by Madame Eva to check out
this stalvan character. She has mysterious powers and sensed her granddaughter
to be in great danger. This premenision leads heroes on a trail all
the way to the manor where they end his misserably undead existence. Then with the cataclysm his brother Tobias
Mistmantle comes to town to figure out what has happened. Nobody really wants to talk about it so we
recover the records on Stalvan, bring them to Tobias who then checks out the manor for
himself. Seems that being taken over by rage and fury
runs in the family as Tobias carries the worgen curse. He gets the answers he’s looking for, his
brother truly is a monster but for him…that choice hasn’t been made yet. He still has his whole life ahead of him,
whether it’s that of a monster or a man is up to him. So far heroes of the world have been helping
out those trying to live their lives in Duskwood or those trapped in their undead curse. Their kindness or search for gold can do a
lot of good, but not so much when dealing with Abercrombie the Embalmer. While pretending to be an old man, he has
run around and do all kinds of chores. We gather A ghost hair thread which can be
used in thousand different ways from binding evil spirits to sewing life into inanimate
objects. This is taken from Blind mary, a poor spirit
that tore out her eyes with her own hands just to not have to look at her monstrous
banshee form. Some zombie juice made from Rot Blossom to
keep him warm at night, best be careful with the stuff, it’s so strong that it could
raise the dead. Some ghoul ribs to make an effigy, a kind
of scarecrow to scare away to other ghouls and finally a crew with herbs that he lost
while running away from a band of ogres. You know, simple chores for simple heroes,
nothing out of the ordinary. If only they knew the Embalmer, the name told
in one of their children’s stories. He was a kindly alchemist, driven mad by the
death of his wife, Eliza. To restore her, he used dark magic to place
his own heart within the bosom of his dead spouse. This did revivee Eliza…but it cursed her
with a hunger for human flesh, forcing the Embalmer to keep her buried. His heart is his power and we’re asked to
find his wife’s grave, retrieve his heart, and bring it back while it still beats. Doing this will let the powers over her be
broken, but doesn’t exactly stop Abercrombie from using all those materials gathered to
create the one, the only… STICHES! “So much playtime make stitches hungry!” Stitches wants to play! From Ravenhill to Darkshire, Ebercrombies
gift for the mayor walks his own path and very much like Mor’ladim, you do not want
to get in his way. How many poor noobs found their end by this
random butcher walking around. He became such a legend that they added him
as a hero in heroes of the storm and even too this day people are fooled by the hermit
into helping him create the abomination. You’d imagine that the people of Duskwood
would make him leave at some point, but no such luck. He even sends stitches JR to pet battle in
draenor’s garrisoon and stitches JR JR to pet battle in the dalaran tournament meaning
that even after the cataclysm, Ebercrombie is still around. And even after the Cataclysm, the troubles
and darkness for duskwood and darkshire are far from over. During the Legion rogue artifact questline
to obtain the Kingslayers, rogues uncover that the people of Darkshire have joined a
cult called the Veiled Hand. Allied to the demons, they set their eyes
on bringing down stormwind. Only a few select members hold their ground,
huddled together in a little house. The rest of the town is taken by madness. Carving up dead bodies, sacrificing the innocents,
Commander Althea Ebonlocke seems to be leading the charge and we make an attempt at her life. “We will not be stopped”
“The herald has promised us freedom and respect. We will not be denied!” “You will not interfere, the legion will
rise!” One that she’s able to escape from all the
way to Stormwind. The city guards aren’t exactly happy with
the rogues showing up but they don’t care. The cult and the legion must be stopped so
Althea is tracked down, interigated and killled as well as this herald they mentioned, saving
the city and obtaining some nice artifacts to go with it. And that’s the major story of Duskwood so
far. Seeing its history, seeing the stories that
have played out here, one of the darker areas you can find yourself lost in while adventuring
through Azeroth. Can’t wait to see if they’ll ever go back
here and continue the storyline, for now though…thank you very much for watching everyone! By all means, let me know in the comments
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