The Strife Is Actually CRAZY! – BO4 Hardcore Multiplayer!

yo yo yo what's going on guys it's your boy Bodie Kirk you're welcome someone call of duty black ops four and today I'm going to show you guys how crazy the strife pistol is in hardcore it is so much freakin fun to use actually you haven't even played this game for like two weeks I've been taking a massive break from it because I've been super sweaty on it lately so took a pretty long break but now ups didn't do that now we're gonna jump into some hardcore domination and we're gonna see what we can get done hardcore Dom let's go but if you guys were wondering this is not a best class setup or anything but here's the class I'm using you don't really need red dot but I just kind of prefer it red dot suppressor long barrel lateral you don't actually really need a long barrel either but an extended mags and we actually need head shots which is what kind of what we're going for but it's just so much freakin fun to use like actually okay I almost dropped a second nuke with this goddamn gun this is freaking awesome I think I got my kill chain with it the I got a kill chain finally I got it with this gun yeah I've choked two nukes have three brutal zone only one nuke add some fort this is actually my first game known to week so hopefully I can do pretty good I still remember how to play call duty obviously I'm gonna see see what we can get done see what we can get done is our desktop turn on desktop new audio this map plays super slow though the only problem let's go let's go this guy this bulky this kind of spooky okay have to wait a million seconds and I didn't gamely start I feel like I got like juice time from call of duty modern warfare 3 right now I don't know if it's in my don't work for – I don't remember I feel like I'm just hauling ass right now but I put light weight on I must've damn light weights fast there's one count it it's am always right there here we go getting close to streaks already there is nice for Dinah no and all we got the straight team – nice that wasn't even camping I was just manipulating the spawns as they call it I know how to play ah see end up and that's against master prestigious – that guy's gonna shoot all my shit down that was an insane kill oh my god don't get turned on like that bro beans okay hey strike team they're gonna get some wax bonds now I just watched them spawn what did I say Trey team probably out of bullets here let me call this and yeah I told you told you they were gonna get wax bonds I can't believe that guy didn't shoot two down my shit I'm knocking call that in no dude oh damn I fucking died that sucks damnit man right on the second set of streaks that stinks Emmet can't connect again Oh what you spawn there sucks it fuck I'm literally carrying you guys what're why are you killing me what are you doing oh they shut down my second chopper okay now I didn't call it in okay you'll get him strike team I cannot believe I watch that guy spawn still that was I was insane I don't understand like ah damn I wasted it fuck god I'm so pissed I died there I could have been close to a new kind of girl but my strike team was going off so I probably wasn't as close I think I was but still I didn't see like any medals this wait oh I thought I was gonna show her I spawn kill the fuckers I think they I think yeah it was right there next I literally watched that guy spawn in my iron say I cannot believe it that fucking happened that was that was the highlight of this game that was fucking crazy no I think they were gonna just like their bow to get some wacky spawns guys spawns were directly in my iron sight I show that something it's gonna mean what the hell that the same guy just killed and he spawned over there as now where I expected anybody to be honestly let's try out this I see our one time actually no that's totally disregarding the point of this video and I like free Headey they're gonna jump down in a minute no goddamn it I knew it I don't know why I picked that they're reading me like a book ah shit I just looked at my radar as soon as I walked in there I was not expecting anybody to be in there these kids are getting the SH monk dongle right now hold on back now a guy over nurse tawny oh I just hit my team damn it why are they in our side of the mat are they all going on the outside or what oh man that's where it is that's Ruiz can kinda figure it out trying to break this game spawn trap for our team that now they're doing exactly what I was doing and it's hard to counter white armor Jesus again Rob the wing man why are you trying to trip cap give all that garbage they get like a tack shop or something that I'm gonna be so pissed this wise stop playing hardcore sometimes I could get the strut I'm so fucking killing you and you're gonna deserve every second of it I don't remember who it was I think it was this guy right here though fuck you dude I am so fucking done with teammates gotta be shitting me right now oh I'm dead yeah second I checked my left make sure there is no one there I got clapped fine sixty-two kills right now these kids are literally eating it I could have dropped a hundred if honestly I dropped a hundred if I didn't die off these kill streaks or if I didn't choke in the first half all right Oh another one damn it take a look at the team doing absolutely nothing but then again they're getting nutsack that means probably pretty hard for them to do something when I'm stealing all the damn kills down low and I'm dead are you kidding me that drone went all the way around me a dingo for my teammate in the corner put it show 65 and 12 like I said the pistols a bit of a monster but then again so is everything on hardcore but you can just control it so well in it one hits for so long that's so good the tiger shark is actually another really good gun as well but hopefully you guys enjoyed this pistol frickin shreds it's it's so much fun dude it is so much fun and I think we got a decent of headshots like six or seven which is like not too bad when I'm not actually going for it see right there I only got like tier two I haven't even played this new half of the season thing yet but see how many hit let's go look at our medals if they fixed that hopefully and we were on 15 yeah yeah I'm not as worried if I was on ruthless I'd have been a little bit more pissed off is if I was on ruthless I probably would have had a relentless excute we got a quad feet apparently but I'm pretty sure that's because of the strike team so I'm not counting that really but what else do we get where was it oh yeah I wanted to look at the headshot I only got five I'll take that that's not bad for now we're about halfway done with this gun but as you see I'm like sweating my ass off with it so it's so much more fun but hopefully you guys enjoyed be sure to drop like don't first absque ribe and come back for some more call duty black ops 4

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