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It’s Chris Duncan here total freedom TV
and today I’m shooting this video and I’ve got this one message it’s been
downloaded everything that you have been told is a lie and I’ll explain why on
this video. So click the link for the full video. Everything you’ve been told is a lie.
This is total freedom TV and my name is Christopher Duncan from Christopher M The number one best-selling author of the freedom business blueprint
and here’s what I need you to know everything you’ve been told is a lie.
There is no school records that really matter once you leave school. You don’t
have to be anything in order to be successful. There are no rules that you
need to follow except the rules that you give yourself and you are total
unconditional love. We’ve been told this lie that we need to be good, we need to
fit into a certain mold, that we need to go to school sit down shut up and that
we need to learn things that we aren’t inherently good at. That if we’re not
good at math we have to learn math and if we see someone else that’s good at
math we shouldn’t copy them in fact they would be wrong to copy someone who
that’s their genius and even though we’re good at Sciences or we’re good at
sports or acting we shouldn’t then go help the math student with that in fact
we should be in competition. We’ve been told this lie about competition. You’ve
been told this lie that you are not a genius. We’ve been told this lie that you’re
not enough and I want to let you know right now that when you realize your
true genius, your true gifts and when you realize that you are total unconditional
love and when you realize there are no conditions to your success and when you
realize that that thing that you’re chasing you’ll have to keep on chasing
it unless you give what it is that you want to yourself right now, you will live
that lie and you will pass that lie on again and again and again to generation
after generation after generation and so here’s what I want you to know. A lot of
people that watch my videos and subscribe which I hope that it’s you,
we’re achievers, we’re successful and I want to ask you this.
When is now the right time for you to drop the lies, drop the excuses and drop
other people’s expectations and step into who you know that you’re supposed
to be. Live with freedom. Free your mind, free your time, free your life. Smash it.

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