The Time I Became A Unicef Goodwill Ambassador (Day 902)

I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty ready to go home good morning Billy today's an exciting day first of all wearing some noir black nor white to drop off some outfits to my hotel room because I was like I have a press conference day and have nothing to wear this is my just daytime outfit mostly because it is need to be ironed in all of my stuff my suitcases wrinkles beyond fixing I cannot wear any of it I cannot do here is the mission for today have a meeting with some of the UNICEF peeps so right now I'm going to move some people from an NGO called nine is mine I'm gonna take a few pictures and then I have to do a press conference big announcing will happen there then I got a couple hours of Christ I also decide about 90 notebooks on my 90 and then we have dinner and then later tonight we're flying back to LA time all of that I'm a Nicole strong my last days I'm not gonna lie I'm doing a little bit homesick more on that here's the thing right I am just kind of over living out of a suitcase I'm not gonna lie I love being in debt I love the experiences of having the people of meeting and stories I'm learning about but foundation exploded in my makeup bag everything's ruined my lip scrub exploded and my other bag everything's ruined it's just all of my stuff is destroyed from traveling and all of my clothes are wrinkled and dirty I'm ready to go home and we're just we put my bed I love Kyle Kyle loves me but I'm right asleep alone in a bed as well I'm ready to have my own space I'm very ready for that because for a long time I've been traveling and I'm kind of like okay I need to go home to my writing room use my own toilet and just more on this later but for now we got to go to a meeting meeting done I'll sound like four pieces of buttery just plain put onto us there's the most amount of butter I was like a mad mad mad mad at my bad my bad look one with my name is Gayle of chef my name is Pooja Mansell Sania my name is Ahmad myself Raj I love everyone answers in full sentences are so good it was so fun I believe the wonderful people that organization called mine is mine and what they do is basically take an opinion poll about children and if they feel safe around the nation and they get all these statistics and then think about solutions on how to make kids feel safer and what the issues are and they do such amazing work and such a job that came all the way from first time our airplane right yeah yeah how was it never get lost in the beginning but we enjoyed me actually good well thank you for coming to meet me I think it a very good job keep up the good work okay I've got the Nisha made for me the amazing works better than I look in real life thank you very much these 90 books give me those points also according to Kyle just got a notification Americana that our flight for tonight at home is canceled I have received no such update on my app but I just want to be real clear that it will be very hard for me to be positive if my flight gets canceling even I am human and that will really be the final strong allies extent which I'm homesick like it'll be really arms with you Oh like I'm holding back tears I don't know what it is I just woke up some morning feeling like it's like a competition things like a curler waterworks is it stupid things building up it's like all myself is just destroyed from traveling then I'm talking for my cult that shadows can't stop me my comb was covered and stuff explode on my suitcase it's just like I can't I can't so I miss my friends and I miss being around I just can't I can't I can't we're to do great thing I have such an exciting event I so so I'm grateful would be so happy during such an amazing day where I'm such an amazing that plan but I'm human I'm telling you honestly like I am things that require me to travel so now one like this is great but other small events are quite much I want to say well know a lot more because I need a home I need a home aha and I think what took me about the most was that the children are so colossal because of you and our potential and really an opportunity because as an organization we felt we haven't really been able to reach all the young people we need to and we have so facile to living for again to be our food will ambassador for UNICEF Google [Applause] both was working since I was in the tennis ball or photograph or a very like photograph something is kind of following as I have my not telling you're going to break up with something [Laughter] as well and who's one that remember I hit this clock and you fell through a glass table a rope and I perform oh no we're supposed to Iran surprised I am a UNICEF global goodwill ambassador which is a big deal for me that how many there are there in total more like 25 by 25 a few others electing Katy Perry or Orlando Bloom people who are like dedicate Priyanka yet people are like dedicated to going on the field visits and doing what they can to spread the message of awareness and opportunity for Eric and I'm so honored because I am the fur on the first digital prism the digital space to ever be a goodwill ambassador so not only is the first element an honor but it's also like I can steer the reins kind of different than anyone else has in the past we've been traditional celebrities that have communicated through maybe songs or movies or maybe visits I have the opportunity to now be like alright I creatively what can I do in my videos my walls online campaigns even you know in my comedy videos I would try to implement message and put messages into them so I'm just like my mind is just waiting not only to how I can embed messages into my videos and my social posts but also like what other types of content item it cuz I'm like oh I want to make some series of like serious videos that are like storytelling videos they're not comedy and so just like as an artistic person and a creative person my mind is like I can try a new thing to spread your message so I'm really happy about it yay amazing those are the kids were doing so really good one interview down to the point we mentioned to that little boy freedom occupies as you setting up for the grid point phenomenal problems but we don't relax across the phone I've done Tina time custom soon I reviewed six done computing a lot of advantages online rather other videos that sent me into dude dude give it a point that concludes my trip or the units are actually no you have free time or go out for some goofy in a little bit I'm gonna pack for now this is a situation right our flight thousand midnight tonight got delayed in Calvin next morning 11 so clearly delayed by like 11 hours I after all this traveling made sure I could get back home in time for Game of Thrones that's my thing Sunday have a good nerve party with my nerf guns became with those good premiering and this delayed slay would have got me in and I would have missed give those I'm like absolutely not so books new flights they got some news that for helping us out with new flights a college Kelly calling Air Canada to refund that initial flag being like a because Italy 11 hours doesn't work for me anymore I'm standing here it is mother combative gonna give you a palm tree fall before Oslo hands don't you yes when I work the rest yet you already know I'm here I'm here please go down thank you so much Oh amazing okay thank you by which is situation let me know that was painless they're like yo get the refund within one to two weeks thankful okay a candidate first time for everything goes okay honey will want you to hear our last meal in India but I think we'll see in the United Center to taking us out and then we're heading on a plane and our travel because the change is what 24 hours actually it's nine-hour flight or our stopover in Japan and a ten-hour fight so it's almost 24 hours pal because the change yeah and that bird disappearing because China does the India mindful so here's the same way even though my day is not over I have to end this vlog now or else is not going to come out on time because of the traveling in the new time zone the science and the biology and the physics so when your face is on the pillow when it's been three so I think we accomplished much today we are heading back to LA I'm really happy to be going back home and it's going to twenty three twenty four hour journey so when you see me next it will be Sunday because I'm not above tomorrow and the world still grip speed and so we gave it the wrong day just excited about let's see how we did today out on the toilet coffee memory got it thank you for joining us on today when you get back to trash can you're handsome trash can cool so weird you lose your razor also my face is so shiny I look at you right now cough because I can find everything I look like oh my god your neck okay we're delusional where I should go now we'll see you back in LA is excited for more things to come so excited to do justice or my goodwill ambassador role and think of amazing ways that we team super can positively impact the planet and the people that live on it so stay tuned for that and it does amount if you like it subscribe if you like it that's right don't like that yo also in case you livin under some sort of rock and you know I really some Game of Thrones videos link in the description to them if you watch it they'll essentially have five use so I would appreciate if you did if not it's all good not allow you to watch Game of Thrones but you're shot it's amazing and wonderful and a random Raven but all day on Sunday so see you later

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