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  • omg shut up it wouldnt have been a problem if they had recited christian verses right? in fact it happens all the time in pop culture no religion should have more rights than another

  • well the guy said he fucks mohammed, so he clearly have no issue with homosexuality;), that shit about fucking books sound kind of weird though, like that woman making sweet love with the berlin wall=P

  • It is possible to see reproduction as some sort of goal in evolution, but I personally don't like to think of it as that. More like, the monkeys who had a sex drive happened to produce offspring with a sex drive and the rest didn't and died 🙂

  • It's so easy to make assumptions that go further than needed. I'm not sure if these people commenting with regards to the intro are muslims or not, I don't know why I get the feeling that they are trolls. But it doesn't matter. Picture a state of mind where one floats through life without feeling angst or rage. Nature never judges – when I think of that these comments don't bother me even though I don't agree with them. As long as you're not physically hurt, letting these comments pass is easy.

  • @fariz90 please explain? why can this music not be sampled by western music? even for non muslims (like myself) i find a lot of beauty and atmosphere in Islamic religious music and as artists they have every right to sample it and use it in their own music? Nothing is sacred and if we are all ever going to get along we need to mix our cultures up and blur the lines between religions and nationality, and art it best at doing this! 🙂

  • @fariz90 well, if YOU say it's unnecesary it must be right? -i tried that trick. i mean saying i'm a muslim and then magically transforming into one. didn't see any effect. it's the same with actors in movies and such, they always pretend to be someone they are not. i don't see anything undesirable or dangerous there. what's the problem with freedom in art? i agree with you when you say they didn't HAVE to use the koran, but they COULD and they did.

  • @1happyaua the uneccessary part is the intro,that is not necessary for this song.get it? they can change it with other saying and other rythm and music that sounds just like it. they didnt have to use the sacred word. cause if you're non muslim by saying so convert you into one.its like saying Allah is your god when it's not.do u want that? huh?

  • @fariz90 "unless they're really muslims" -wow, what bullshit! …seriously?
    you say "respect for religion", i say "art is none or what?!" and then it's not respectful to say that there was something "unnecessary" in here. it can also seem offensive to others if you say what you said.
    besides, a human does not consist of 100% religion. that's why you can critisize a really crappy artist and still Not think he has no right to live.

  • Fuck Religions
    It Sounds beautiful , and thats enough of a reason to use the sample
    you guys are idiots , this is obviously bigger than any god

  • Funny how they say they "removed the sample", yet it's still available in this form on Itunes with the original album cover, which they also said to have "removed". The Tough Alliance stood their ground, lol.

  • @bintma – how is it different to recite that line before eating and before singing? couldnt that be another example of how you keep thought and praise of god in all activities?

    seems unlikely their intention was mockery anyway. they probably found some aesthetic value or enjoyment in a piece of a culture that is foreign to them. its closer to a shout-out than derision.

    even at worst, muslims who are firm in their faith should have nothing to fear from the comments of those who don't share it.

  • they shouldn't have use the intro, that come across as offensive to me in the slightest bit.the rest of the song was quite good, the intro really isn't necessary.

    unless they're really muslims

  • (4) To answer your question, for the reasons I have mentioned above, the song writers clearly have nt a speck of respect for other religious beliefs, well at least for Islam in particular, & this song is a base and vulgar representation of their lack of respect. I hope I have answered your question adequately.


  • (3) Then u hear "alif, laam, raa".This is the first opening line of the chapter of Prophet Joseph in the Quran.Keep in mind that Muslims believe tht the Quran is divine revelation frm God(speech of God), so would perhaps b even more sensitive2how its contents r 'played with' than a priest would feel about th Bible, or a rabbi about th Torah.

  • (2) Therefre "rahman" is a type of mercy tht is extreme, profound,&beyond all human capability.The entire phrase is recited bfore a person begins reciting Qur'an. Ppl also say it bfore normal activities,like eating,2remember tht in everything a human does,God should b remembered&praised. To hav this phrase bfore this song is really blasphemous as the former is linked2the transcendent, the eternal, the beautiful, whereas th song is utterly profane-void of anything spiritual or significant.

  • @tjacktjomme The first line is: BismiLlahiRahmaniRahim, which can b trnslated as"In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful". Keep in mind tht th word "Rahman" in this phrase can only b used2describe God-because a human being who has qualities of mercy or graciousness would be considered2 b "raheem", but "rahman" is a word constructed in a special word form (frm a morphology perspective)which adds eloquence&deeper meaning2the word.

  • @bintma Tell me, how does this song "reflect utter and complete lack of etiquette, character and dignity?" I'm very curious

  • respect for all religions is vital. people should repect the sanctity of religion. it is crass, base, arrogant to belittle and mock other faiths. period. this song reflects utter and complete lack of etiquette, character and dignity. the song writers and anyone else involved in this song have only debased themselves.

  • Foundation111

    If you find it offensive then go tell it to the ones who made this song and stop arguing on the internet. It wont get you anywhere

  • -cont.

    What a shame that a simple song can cause such offence when they meant nothing by it.


    Show me a religion that isn't responsible for tons o'death and maybe some day I'll dilute myself one day into one.

    Until then can we just enjoy the music?


  • WoW!
    Foundation the more you fight it, the more you sound like a Muslum fanatic. LOL! This is the internet and this is only a song. If you want ppl to show tolerance towards Muslims then maybe you apply the same when probing the inner cyber world. You can try to change the world all you want, but realistically it's only you, you have control over changing. Anything else is just banging your head against the wall.

    This world is for all of us, love it or leave it.

    -to be continued.

  • The intro means "In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Compassionate" Which is said "Bism Allah Al Rahman Al Raheem"

  • And also where in the Quran does it say that It's disrespectful to be used in music? Go to an Arab country. The Quran is mostly sung around the areas in Mosques.

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