The Trinity of Prosperity | Ep. 322

hey this episode let's talk about the prosperity Trinity hey guys Randy gage here want to welcome you to another episode of prosperity TV and I'm gonna talk about a really intriguing Trinity for prosperity but before I get into that I do want to thank you for last week I challenged the lurkers we have thousands of people who watch the show on various channels and never comment so I got in your grill a little last week and you guys really came through so I appreciate all the comments and I hope you'll keep that up because I just it cannot it allows me to do a better show if I know what's on your mind what helps you the most what didn't help you questions burning questions that you have and I think there's a lot of benefits from connecting with the other people here in this community on prosperity TV and for you guys listen on the podcast you know that I put up the audio of this show every week when we put up the video so what's the prosperity Trinity well the old standby mind body and soul so but that's almost a trope it's almost a cliche I mean you hear my body soul so much what does that really mean how does that really apply to prosperity Wallace wattles said there's just three motives we live for we live for our mind we live for our body where we live for our soul and ice I think there's too many people that just live for one of those and they don't understand the importance of all three I remember somebody shared an Instagram account with me bodybuilder workout guy hey check this god I mean it was unbelievable I have never seen a better physique on a human body not 1/100 of an ounce of fat just the veins almost showing you know 18 pack abs I mean just amazing right so I found him like okay what's the workout tips what's he do to get in and then he he he did a video and I listened to the video and I was like this guy is clueless he was just this vapid narcissistic guy who just like to look at his body in the mirror and that's his whole life was that existence so even though he I guess we could say he's living for his body but he's not doing anything for his mind he's not doing anything for his soul it's empty and we've got a live for all three so what does that look like I think for the mind the most important thing is we've got to to feed our mind positive counter-program you can't help it you're getting programmed with negative dysfunctional limiting programming 24 hours a day seven days a week so you got a counter program against that so that you develop confidence you have belief you have a a healthy self-esteem the body I think too many people they're neglecting their body you can see I mean I literally just finished my workout and I'm doing this show before I hop in the shower I wanted to get this show done with you you've got to do cardio every day you've got to do some kind of strength resistance training muscle development training a couple of at least three times a week because your muscles all atrophy as we get older and this becomes real really more important you gotta eat healthy you have to do and healthy stuff and I just think we have got in we're in such a bad shape in the world to the in the developed world okay I get sub-sahara Africa and all that but come on UK Australia United States Belgium Netherland all the Ireland all these places wirel ins in the UK okay or is that northern I okay so but I mean we're the most overfed but malnourished society in human history the heart disease rate is off the chart heart attacks off the church obesity off the church we have to start living for our body and it isn't about being a bodybuilder it's about being energetic fit and flexible okay so it's not about and when I say live for your body it's not about being a bodybuilder or looking like a magazine cover it's being fit energetic having the flexibility it's like being able to live your life and be able to enjoy the things that are important to you and then finally living for your soul right you need poetry in your life you need flowers you need love you need relationships maybe it's medication for you it's having art in your life but make sure that you're you're taking time for that because we can be really busy with our work in our business and then schedule in our workouts and then we forget this soul stuff so mind body and soul that's the Trinity for manifesting a life of real prosperity [Applause] hey thanks for watching if you're not a subscriber please hit the subscribe button so you get the show every Monday you

18 thoughts on “The Trinity of Prosperity | Ep. 322

  • Randy, interesting show once again. Only man's composition is Spirit, Soul and Body. The Soul houses the Mind, Will and Emotions of the human being. It is important that we care for each part of our being. Have a great day, Randy.

  • Our mind, body & soul is under constant attack every minute of the day. It's a constant struggle to do positive things that are going to help us keep the three together.
    Great video as always RG. BTW I'm a lurker most of the time as well.

  • all that we have in our soul and in our mind is refleclted in our body…the health of the soul and the mind is very important

  • GUILTY!!! I've been a lurker since 2000 something, since your Randy's Rant's days. The number 1 cause of failure…BINGO! That's the one for me…also 2 and a little of 3 4 5.

  • Good reminder 😉 I Read this in his book. Being vital in all three areas creates the balance we need. Listening inside ourselves will help us to get it better done.

  • You right Randy, now we don't have to run after our food and I think the body is left behind. Even if we are fat we like a sunset or sunrise what it is for the soul, also we read a book time to time. But our body it is not in the best shape what pull down also the mind..

  • Agreed! Can't just do strength or cardio, YOU NEED BOTH! And you have to eat healthy! Oh, and get proper sleep…and drink H2O!

  • Thanks Randy. Enjoyed this one. B.T.W. I'm also one of those 'lurkers' virtually not missing any of your Monday morning messages to me (I live in NZ so I'm way ahead of you guys in time). Thanks for making the weekly commitment to put this show out. Very much appreciated. Peace.

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