The Trump Tower Meeting Commemorative Coin 2018

why waste your money on commemorative
coins for events that haven’t happened when you can get your hands on a
commemorative coin for an event that DID? Introducing the Trump Tower Meeting
Commemorative Coin. The front of the coin handsomely displays the facade of Trump
Tower with red, white and blue enamel stripes. The back of the coin features
portraits of all known attendees of that historic meeting. Hearts adorn the edges
of both sides because just like Don Junior, we love it. Impress your friends with
your good taste or surprise a friend or family member on their birthday or
anniversary. Because not all of us have the best memory, the Trump Tower Meeting
Commemorative Coin is one that will help you remember in the years to come that
yes, this really happened. All of this is really happening. If you love the Trump
Tower meeting commemorative coin and want more, you’re in luck! This coin is
just the first of many more original design and limited release coins to be
announced in the coming months. Get ready to commemorate even more things that
really happened!

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