The TRUTH About the UN Migration Pact | Radio Europa #23

good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome to radio Europa episode 23 I'm joined live tonight by Laura hello I'm Boris the field arrows ah hello hi guys so tonight we're going to spend some time discussing the sinister reality behind the united nations migration pact followed by a bit of a Q&A audience engagement session so before us before we start I'll say as I always do that obviously we rely on supporter donations to be able to keep bringing you original content and whilst we don't like to ask you for money if you do want to donate a small amount then the links to PayPal extreme labs and that sort of thing are in the description below for you to do so and it would be greatly appreciated right so now that's all out of the way let's get on to the the meter what we're going to talk about which is the migration pact so I know Laura and Boris are on with me tonight have done a bit of reading about this and we're pretty much up to speed and we've got some good points you want to talk through a bit Laura can you just give the listeners a bit of background as to what what this what this is all about and then what what stage it's out at the moment yes certainly sir hello everybody and so the UN migration path the full-name is the Global Compact for safe on delay and regular migration or the GCM it first kind of passed them was finalized in June of July this year but the members of the United Nations are going to Morocco next month in December to and sign it to sign the pact and all it is basically it I'm not sure how in depth to get about it but it's it's just one of those rubbish documents it's all kind of like migration has always happened and it's beneficial to us diversity is a strength not sure who actually still believes this but it's very kind of our well iam and it talks about things like we want to eliminate all forms of racism xenophobia and discrimination we want to be able to penalize people for hate crimes we want to trim the law enforcement so that they can they can penalize people for basically speaking out against migration it's just completely cracking down on it it's also blurring the lines between refugees and economic migrants which is a huge concern for people because there's an unlimited amount of economic migrants and the weather it reads it sounds like you're not allowed to criticize that anymore so you can't use the argument of okay black set people that I flew you are it really is blurring the lines between them and it feels to me like the United Nations know that everybody's against mass immigration I mean just to give Britain for an example ever since mass immigration started in 1948 the public have been overwhelmingly against it but they just want to ignore it and they just want to silence people so that they can't complain about it and that's kind of another view of it Merkel has come out and defended it she's supporting it so that should tell you everything that you need to know about it I'm not actually sure what macron has said about it but lots of countries have come out and rejected it and saying that they won't be going to sign it next month so obviously should I lift through the bullying mom are we gonna get that in a bit yeah well you might as well go free yeah don't say who's who's refused to sign it yeah okay so obviously it started with the United States and Donald Trump said we recognize every country has the right to set its own immigration policy in line with national interests and he said we respect your policies please respect ours so Donald Trump is kind of leading the way but hungry Victor Orbin as we'd expect he's completely against it the Czech Republic Bulgaria Poland Austria they're very fiercely against it they're saying that migration is not a right I believe Australia are also against it and Israel shaaka no often bothers for Israel because they're against as well and Croatia we're against it but they've now changed their minds and said that they will accept it it's totally I don't think we've had a firm decision from Italy yet but I mean if something has anything to do with it that I'll guess they'll be saying no as well and but yeah that's kind of where we are at the moment countries like the United Kingdom we don't know what's going to happen I mother Teresa mayor will probably sign it because she's just weak but there is actually a petition going in in England if anybody wants to sign it to say that she shouldn't sign the pact yeah that's that's kind of it that's that's another view of we're laughable yeah so yeah it's been around for quite a while hasn't it and as you can tell by the short amount sort list of countries that have refused to sign it it's got almost unanimous support from Western governments but I draw everybody's attention to something that's quite sinister in it so Laura mentioned that it alludes to hate crime legislation and things like that so in the in the book that objective 17 on page 24 it says that it basically says that they're going to try and compel national governments to enact implement or maintain legislation that penalizes hate crimes and aggravated hate crimes dadada targeting migrants so whilst this is not a codified legal document in the sense that the United Nations don't have the power at the moment to compel signatories to abide by it however as we know where these documents they tend to find their way international law pretty quickly and it seems to be implying the new hate crime legislation drafted by the same suspects will be put in place to accompany it borås Croatia just as a bit of a site issue tell us a bit about that what's going on there because they would against another fora and what was going on yeah well that's a kind of our thing you know we we jump from exchange we tend to be extreme like that much like that game lady dance thing was you know we were leading we were oh you guys are doing well and the first off but we got the first call and then in the last 10 minutes it falls apart you know weird well Don came by the way anyway that's a sideshow what happened here is well people people don't understand our political system so they think that when our president who's the most well known figure when she when she said that she would not go to sign it a lot of people seized on that and thought oh that's the president leader of the country so her saying that she's not going to the Tamara cash to sign the convention that must mean that Kershaw it's taken well unfortunately that wasn't the case the the case is that the president's in our republic is more of a figurehead more of she doesn't really have much institutional power the power rests with the prime minister on the red wine college and he he and the government decide what to do and they decided to had to accept the bloody agreements and just the reason why they did it is because well Frankie that's the nickname we'll give him in Croatia he is it's basically an Yves dude uric rat and a bit of a globalist so you know it's funny because when you talk to the average person in Croatia there they are completely completely against migrants or anyone coming but yeah our government is completely divorced from what the other person wants sons yeah persons experience yeah I think I think that's probably the same in a lot of Western governments because everybody's been quite quick to pledge their allegiance to this deal and I think they it's like their view migration in a very abstract term they don't they don't look of real-world consequences they just think they just see the words on the page and in principle think oh it's a good idea it sounds nice we'll support human rights and all the usual Trobe that they've wheeled out since 1945 and I think that's probably the case with your government as well and that they see this in such abstract terms and they don't appreciate the the sinister undertones behind what's been put on paper because it's wrapped in the language of human rights so on that now I'm gonna draw attention to another bit and objective 17 to wear it it commits signatories to promote independent objective and quality reporting of media outlets including internet-based information by sensitizing and educating media professionals on migration related issues and terminology investing in ethical reporting stances in advertising and and this is the important bit and stopping allocation of public funding or material support to media outlets that systematically promote intolerance xenophobia or racism now those are very broad definitions and you could be looking I mean that that leaves scope for instance to say newspaper X doesn't toe the party line on on this issue so we're gonna harass and cajole the the advertisers and you know then did the shops that stack it and we're gonna put newspaper X out of business so you know Laura I mean I don't know what you think about the media implications but it does seem to me that there's some sinister undertones there yeah it just seems to be getting worse and we've talked a lot about shifting the Overton Window in our direction but we think we sometimes forget that they're shifting it in their direction as well and stuff it doesn't seem shocking anymore because they do it so often and I just wonder how far it's gonna go I mean look that somebody like Nigel Farage for example who's pretty kind of normally friendly by a standards isn't it if he criticized massive aggression would that be too far would they want to shut him down and but yeah they it's very kind of flimsy words so eliminate all forms of racism or xenophobia and discrimination I mean discrimination that's the dodgy word because if you if you like spoke out against mass immigration about the class that's discrimination but surely nobody supports mass immigration I just think the words are so loose that they can they can do anything with it but the part that scared me the most was where it says train up the law enforcement to be able to penalize hair crimes because we've already got talk of mini you are me as well it just feels completely are William like they're just completely shutting down on us but one bit which is hilarious says that they're still committed to freedom of expression whisk a little bit how can you say that we're gonna silence people for criticizing the things that you don't want them to silence but then at the same time they account like you care about freedom of expression yeah I can imagine that the people that they will give funding is obviously going to be like you know we know the people that control the media and the messages that they went out there but then they then any media that's opposed in that they're just not going to get funding anymore and then if we if we top off with things like that even mean ban and the censorship that we're facing on social media YouTube Twitter Facebook everyone's just been suspended from everything I just think it's going to become more and more difficult as handlers answer to say what we want to say yeah that's definitely true and especially if this sort of documentation becomes law in in our countries then it's really going to make it's really gonna put the squeeze on free expression against migration but you alluded there to the meme ban and and there might sound a bit weird to some people listening but or you might know all about it but we'll see the meme ban so I don't know very much about this so I'm gonna hand over to Boris it's sort of related is about freedom of expression and the spreading of information on on the Internet so Boris can you tell us about the main ban and what's been going down we read it today or or in the last few days so the mean ban is what we call it but it's real name is article 13 and it's still in a sort of process of being accepted by the EU so it passed the first round of negotiation was accepted by the EU and apparently there's a second sort of second set of policies and rules and whatnot that they have to all agree on before it fully gets ratified and starts being used but basically what it what it does is it makes its it makes it impossible for people to use copyrighted material in any way in their videos and also what was it there was that and there was some sort of tax tax for advertisements so the way they if you put any kind of copyrighted material even like two seconds of some popular song like a popular a popular example that's used as the spasiba the famous song so if you have two seconds of that for example article 13 mandates that you take down the whole the the whole video so 20 minutes of content let's say and it gets struck down for two seconds of copyrighted thing and so what every company would have to do is manually go through every content creators videos articles podcasts anything and everything and check if they have copyrighted materials and if they do then somehow filter it or get people to not do that and as you can imagine that an impossible task because what was it I think some 5000 hours or something like that probably mayor so so yeah so what what's probably gonna happen is they're gonna just rather than go through everybody's content they're gonna just block it basically aren't they yeah yeah exactly that's the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki she said that that is what they would have to do there's no way they can go through everyone's content unchecked so in effect they will just burn videos that do that in the EU which means that any Content we will be able to see in the EU would just be videos from giant corporations so I mean that that's quite concerning really because I don't think people when in the article 13 stuff went around I think everybody was fully aware of the ramifications of this because yeah so yeah so what because what you're basically saying based on the information is that in the European Union the only videos you're going to be able to watch on YouTube is that the nonsense adverts published by like Costa Coffee or you know the sound bytes from Sky News or or whatever you need content equipments are so I mean what's the that that could have really serious implications especially I mean if you just think of a meme like Pepe the Frog or something you know technically there's a copy right there isn't that yeah basically so so they'd have to block all that stuff in the EU so you know you can imagine a situation where we get our internet access is gonna be like worse than Iran or China or something because yeah it's it's just a prove content um yeah well that's scary um what what's happened we read it because didn't haven't I tried to raise awareness about this oh yeah yeah exactly read it they ran a huge campaign on the day that the information broke it was like two months or give humans more now but the information initially broke when all the articles about came out and when we officially turned up the mean man and so reddit they all run a huge campaign to raise awareness and some petitions to get P to get cousins to stop and to not accept it and so what they did today their latest effort is mmm-hmm they restricted access access to people so you can't use reddit in the EU they restricted it and so most people couldn't use it today for set amount of hours and they did that in an attempt to show people what the future will look like if they don't stand up or their rights their internet freedoms basically it's called the petition that's going around it's called save the Internet so if you type that in as a hashtag anywhere you can very quickly get to the big talking points the big the big videos about it and everything like that yeah I mean that that's because that's what they're trying to replicate what it would be like if these sorts of measures were implemented and you know if you guys listening want to want to imagine what the future is gonna look like if we're not careful when you you'd normally go on twitter or youtube and watch videos or whatever put your technology away for a day or restrict yourself to only going on mainstream media websites and don't be a twitter imagine imagine like like only being able to see MTV or the news channels or I know government channels that that's basically it any sort of independent content world by its nature have copyrighted material so and all of that will get bad so yeah and and just just on a broader point on that they say this is what the European Union is really about because all of these measures are lobbied for by the big news corporations whose market is being is being eroded by independent media and freelance journalism and this is what a law is all about is they have big lobbyists in Brussels I mean you can look another dessert they've got I think like thirty thousand big corporate lobbyists stationed permanently in Brussels and they reckon that 75% of EU law is as a result directly of lobbying from these big corporations now what they do and they do this not just at the media in the internet but they do it with like at everything from tobacco to furniture production all this nonsense and what but especially with the media and they basically lobby for measures they don't care about freedom they care about squeezing out the competitors so they want to make it impossible for you as an independent journalist or whatever you call yourself an Information Awareness razor or whatever they want to make it impossible for you to do that so they pull these copyrights bans and all this nonsense in the wire so that these people have total saturation of the market or to themselves you know that's what the Internet is going to look like in Europe in the future in the very near future if this if this stuff isn't averted I just wanna I just want to sort of bring that back to the migration Pat and Laura ask you about this because there's a particular point in the migration pact literature about basically saying we need to educate journalists to say what we wanted to say and it links in with something that Breitbart reported on a few years back that George Soros basically has a fund where they send would be journalists these like I don't know what you'd call them boot camps for journalists where they basically get programmed you know like this is what this is how we want you to talk I mean this if you think of that our article 13 and then the meme ban and then this migration part this is all coming together to basically it's all going to come together at once to make sure that there's only one line spread on the end on the internet or in the in the television media about immigration how real or do you think that threat is well I mean I know we keep saying it over and over again but it is like 1984 is that and it's getting a bit kind of boring and repetitive hearing people saying that book it's just so accurate and it's it's scary the amount that they tried to control what we see and what we think or what our opinions are it's just non-stop propaganda in fact this is what my last video is about that which and on topic live the conversation has also been censored by YouTube for being controversial and are offensive even though it didn't break any rules and and I think yeah just think that relentless I don't think they'll stop and if anything I think it's the the positive that we can take out of it is that they see as a as a threat and I think we're having an impact even if you just look at like the influence that we had on the presidential election in 2016 I mean people like what Trump elected didn't Twitter and I think they do see as a threat that's why the trying to silencers but yeah I'm not really sure else so I I just think I'll end up pushing it underground because we have the truth on our side and we're the good guys so we're not just suddenly gonna go all right yeah we'll start reading The Guardian and watching the BBC and change our minds that's not going to happen all these people are gonna have the same opinions that they have now and I'll just end up pushing it underground and so they'll just make it worse to be honest because it worked out for the other yeah that's what I think will happen and I think that once you wake up and once you realize what's going on you don't go back to sleep so if they think that they're gonna bully people into changing their opinions it's not going to work and but yeah I just think it's gonna as I mentioned if are they they're shifting them some wind in their direction too and they're just gonna get worse and worse and worse I think and the language in this you and migration parks the whole is article 18 then you mean it's just it's scary really yeah and I think I think what you said is correct that the likelihood is that this doesn't actually change opinion if anything it hardens opinion in the other direction which is good for us so you know every every cloud has a silver lining as we say in England I so I think it will have a radicalizing effect but it you know it creates that forbidden fruit feeling about an idea which is is gold dust you know if you want to if you want to make a book and overnight bestseller the best thing you can do is ban it because then everybody wants to read it so whilst it's not ideal because it makes showing information difficult I would say in in one sense bring it on because like Laura said we have a lot of truth on our side and now if you make our ideas illegal you're going to just make them sexy for one of a better word and people are going to be drawn to it so I just want to I just want to deal with some things that people in the audience have said so somebody asked I can't quite remember who but somebody asked are they trying to jail people in the UK for watching far-right propaganda online short answer yes the former I'm secretary servitude government proposed I think it was like a five-year mandatory prison sentence for the Rick I think they defined as the repeated watching of far-right propaganda of course they didn't define what that was somebody else has asked what can we do to make a positive impact in the real world Boris I'm gonna put that one over to you because you've probably got some good ideas about this so what can people do to make positive impact in the real world particularly in the context of fighting against these international gangster agreements by the United Nations exactly well okay so at the eternal question well we have to one thing we all should focus on that's sound corny but it's really true we have to focus on self-improvement we have to focus on becoming as non dependent on the state as self-reliant as possible that means that means quite a few things of a break down so it means definitely try to avoid any kind of debt debt makes you a slave I know I know that the world right now revolves around debt that's our whole monetary system is created on that but yeah leave that aside just do not go into that for any reason any reason use cash always have cash on hand do not go into that that's one big thing another thing is get into shape be in shape you have to be in shape your body is a weapon and uh strong body means a strong mind there's the saying so it goes if you have a strong body you are but a weak mind you are an egghead if you have a strong mind you know that was a pest homebody and the weak mind you are meathead if you have a strong mind but everybody you're an egghead but if you have a strong mind and a strong body well then you just ascended so that's the goal that's the second thing stay in shape another thing and which is definitely a thing that we have been consistently losing these past few decades is create local communities so great organizations speak with your friends because your neighbors get into local groups contribute to the community forge those connections and become a person that others can rely on and also foster that in other people so that you can all help each other are that those three things they sound really simple really easy but it's the little things that count it's always the little things to do what else what else well another thing that can help us in the political sense is try to get into local office you don't have to there's this idea that people have of Glorious Revolution and fighting in the streets so the future is just too uncertain the trends as they're going right now they really suggest that so just in my mind the best one of the best things that we can do is why not have contingencies is in place why not trying to put people in positions of power so that so that there is local power that we can use to hug change yeah there's a song those are some ideas that well certainly and I think that that point about political power is important because at the end of the day I think people lose sight of this but the primary purpose or the only real purpose of any political activism is to gain political power if you're not out to gain political power then why the hell you bother because that's the point that's how you change things is through political power so you know at some point somewhere somebody's got to talk about office and standing for office or whatever means you you go through to get to that I think there's been a few other things said in the in the comment section while I'm just reading through can I just remind everybody hit like and subscribe if you haven't already because it really does help us bolster our numbers for these and last week's live stream is quite a success actually and we've decided to do it live again tonight somebody had okay I'm gonna just put this to Laura because there's a bit of a broad jokey question here but a serious point so somebody asked why is the world so fucked up right now but you know there's a myriad of answers but on the issue of what can we do in ourselves to make a positive change to this world that is so messed up right now Laura I just thought I'd give you the opportunity to add your your to Penofin there because it's an it's an important topic is a question that Boris just answered sorry about positive change did you say yeah so I'm sort of giving you the same question but with it with an emphasis on you know more generally with the problems of the world today yeah well basically like why is the world unbless take that it is now well I guess I guess we could get into things like cultural maxes and then the frankfurt skill but that's a very very deep conversation and maybe one for end of the day in fact maybe not one for youtube at all but i just think that we have a strong powerful enemies i think they control our allah and without education systems our media our banking excuse me and I just they they just have to get us out there I mean we can go into a lot more depth about it but I think everybody knows that the advice I would offer to make a positive impact on the world would just be to live your life the way that you profess it you do online so I think we have a lot of people that talk about true additional values and you know what into very big happy white families and things like that but then they actually die so that is something that you should be moving towards in your real life if you're not there already you should have a plan and you should be thinking that's what I like to do because we need to and I think Baris made a really interesting point about rebuilding communities and becoming self-sufficient so if you can get away from the sphere as much as you can and be able to stand on your own two feet then obviously there's not a risk of you losing your job if you do get docks and you've like kind of attacking you in other ways because you are relying on the stair they can take away that power from you because they're not giving you it in the first place and I think one thing that I always talk about quite a lot as well is just helping out local community so do me shopping from the local butchers rather than going to be massive supermarket chains and things like that there's quite a lot in that way and also just to reiterate what Barney said about being the best version of yourself reading is important I always try and read for at least an hour every day exercise is important and taking time out for yourself because it can't get back appealing quite often when you're reading stories about migrant milk and children and stuff in Sweden so I think it's important to take time away from that and just just me time really whether that's you going out for a woman or you and join some music or whatever but you're no good to us if you completely black pill and you're bringing other people down all the time so I think it's important to try and keep spirits high as well that's why I'd say yeah I'd definitely affirm all of those points I think I actually think that last point is is as important as the rest that you know I've known so many people who have been involved in this political activism and they've just got so depressed with it or that they've had to stop because it just makes it can make you suicidally depressed especially if you really care about this so I think that you know it is important to keep yourself positive keep yourself happy by just step away from it all for a bit you know moving on slightly Leandra Martinez in the chat asks please honestly is this a religious for an economic war now that's a really interesting question because I don't think it's either I think it's a it's an ethnic war where certain groups have gained positions of power to enact tribal revenge perhaps and religion and economics are just weapons they're just tools you know you think of big banks big business Islam they're not really they're useful idiots for the people who wanted who were fighting the war that they're not really they're not really the culprits in and of themselves they are just useful idiots in my opinion Boris I don't know what you think about that just briefly on the question of the Leandra asked about religious war or economic war sure well I didn't really agree with what you said that it's a bit of both but what I would out to that is well take a look at our our economic system for one because money makes the world go around it's it's it's a were dependent on in this world so take a look at the economic system and then take a look at the those on top the the globalists the corporatists and they come in all shapes sizes religions and all of that there's globalist everywhere there's nationalist it's not it's not quite black and white but the problem is the general problem in the world is that wealth wealth tends to in this system wealth is accumulating in the hands of the few and the gap between we call them the 1% but yeah you know the really really rich of the world and the average person is always growing because of the system and so one way you can look at the this whole story that has been unfolding since 2015 but since far longer than that – it really kept talked in 2015 in Europe at least one way to look at it is that the powers the P let's call them they want they just want more they want more their greed can't be satisfied they want more money more wealth and one way to one great way to make that happen is by destroying borders destroying identity destroying history culture everything because one of people when people doesn't have a history one they're much easier to control when there's a million groups in one small place rather than one large cohesive group it's just divide and conquer at that point so yeah yeah the thing that's there were very good points ok I'm just looking in the comment section as you've we've been talking about this and there's a lot of there's a lot of people hypothesizing as to who the 1% are here we're paying the persistent usury interest repayments to lots of treble brackets parenthesis round numbers this is yeah I think I think you guys are pretty cleared up on this stuff I've got a side so we've had some more questions and comments in in there but as we had another one from niandra what happened with the Europe of South America Argentina Argentina is fascinating i was listening to a lecture by david irving earlier and he talks about how one fateful appearance on an argentinian news station with a presenter who's he had like some proper south american name like Gonzalo rodríguez but his original real name was like Epstein or something and this got his entire speaking tour shut down so you know while I don't think they're immune from the problems any more than we are they might just have a better racial balance sheet but I don't think I don't yeah exactly I don't think they're immune there's another question which I wanted to look at in more depth and bring Lauren on this so I'm not gonna read our last screen name because I'll probably get us banned off youtube but somebody asks from the UK can we win a spiritual war when the spirit of the West is broken wow there's a lot in there on Nora what do you think I was happy yeah well I think that what spirituality is something that we're completely missing and it's something that I've been thinking about a lot over the last year or so because you need a higher purpose you need something to live for whether that's religion or whether that relational pride I mean if you're white racial pride isn't allowed is it at the moment that one's kind of out of the question but I think you need some sort of direction otherwise you you're likely to fall into a trap of living around the nihilistic lifestyle and look how powerful Islam is and look how committed they are to each other and their religion and their family and we can actually learn a lot from that and I think that because the number of Christians is dropping in England on a regular basis every census comes out it's a little smaller and smaller percentage of the population and atheists are a larger a percentage of the population it's missing isn't it that that spirituality is missing and I think it's something that we need to look at bring him back don't get into the Hulk Christian versus pig and event because I mean I was christened when I was a bear but it went to church until I was about 10 years old and then just kind of abandoned it I'm not an atheist but I I'm not going to never had religion in my adult life I mean I I would get married in a church and you know some of my family got to church and stuff but it's missing and I think it's missing for a lot of people and so it's an interesting question I think it's something that you could go into in quite a lot of depth but I think that we do need that spirituality and if you would have asked me that question a year and a half ago I would have said that it wasn't necessary but now I'm not willing into arms yeah we are we are missing it we are missing the higher purpose what do you do you think I'm interesting well I think this is a good question because I know you briefly related to the Christian pagan debate and and that's a probably one for another day we probably need a referee or something but these can get quite heated but I think the most important thing I would say on this is spirituality because this puts a lot of people our spirituality doesn't mean you have to go to church and be a god-fearing Christian or you know dance around the Maypole or whatever you don't actually have to do any of that stuff if it doesn't if it's not natural to you I mean if you want to great but if it's not natural to you don't pretend to be something you're not but you can have spirituality without following the Christian teachings or you know pagan writings or whatever you can have I don't want to call a humanist spirituality exactly sounds kind of wishy-washy and human rights language but you know a nature-based spiritual view that sees the divinity in life and and purpose and a reason to to do the things you do without you having to you know go and professed Oh whoops I think he cut out there for a moment you know what I was gonna hey sorry dude did I cut out yeah yeah your mic cut out think sorry about that I don't know what happened there oh yeah no problem you want to go on on no no you carry on I don't know where I got to so you kind of hard sure sir so no yeah I agree agree with your point but I what I wanted to say is I'm Catholic so just to get that all out of the way but um no you don't have to be Catholic or pagan you can be simply spiritual and you know my view is we can all work together we're world pro-european we all want our people to thrive and survive and you know that's that's what we have to that's what we can rally behind at the end of the day so but on the note well if our spirit is broken as you say you know there's some big words yeah and if you look at it if you look at general trends in the world actually atheism is going down but that's those statistics are skewed because that's a global sort of projection it's not just a look at Europe the situation in Europe is a bit more tenuous because 80s are they're actually sort of losing numbers – it's been a small increase in a small increase in the number of Christians what the worrying part is is the increase of Muslims and so it's interesting if we if we just look at our adversaries well and it means to be honest for a moment and see how they all rally behind that religious fervor and so you know that's something we can use as well it's not for nothing that that the faith their faith in their face is so such a unifying aspect but then it's something that we because of our nature you know get into philosophy just Nietzsche and Faust something that we because of our nature have fallen but sort of lost because Europeans we we question everything we yeah it's it's something that we have to look back on and you know the church isn't destroyed the charity isn't destroyed paganism is even making a comeback so if you can be be spiritual it's it's more comforting than just being an atheist because you know most atheists even though they feel liberated there are unhappy because they've lost something they really have either it's a connection that pagans say to nature or to a higher power or with us to God but they have lost something so try try in your own time to think on these things and to re-establish a connection to something greater than yourself it really helps to get you through the tough times yeah and I think somebody before I go on can I just check everybody can hear me yeah like Jack everything works yeah everything's good I won't say testing 1 2 3 then but I think I was listening to some think that Nick Griffin recorded when he was a lot younger the other day and I agreed with what he said but basically you can't and somebody alluded to this in the comment section that you can't just you can't infuse people to win a war I'm talking like a you know a meta political and cultural war not literally guns on the street but you can't infuse people to win any kind of war by saying oh but X group commits this amount of crime per capita and using just static you know facts and statistics and logic and reason will only take you so far to get over the threshold into real infamy and superstardom in the field of political achievement because that's of course what you're aiming for you have to aim to create an earthquake otherwise you know if you shoot for you shoot for the clouds that's boring shoot for the stars you might get somewhere but anyway if you if you want to if you want to achieve that then you need some kind of spiritual possession you need some spiritual dimension to your to your belief system that is still it's still coherent but it has that spiritual edge which is which is good so we gotta give it a commune you mean that Higgins go to Valhalla and they die Christians go to heaven there's an atheist code they go into a black hole of nothingness that's over so Boris do you know much about evangelism because somebody in the charts asked what do we think about evangelism and to be honest I don't have the foggiest so if you do do then help me out well I'm not I'm not really an expert on on all the to me evangelism is such an American sort of sex because in Europe there's three big there's three big sort of differentiation in the faith this Catholicism obviously the best then there's orthodoxy and that there's partisans doesn't I don't know I'm not quite well-versed enough in it to give up to get a satisfying idea well I guess your stoner more than than idea just looking at the comments to see if we've got anything else we can we can discuss well everybody's been busy oh yeah yeah one thing one thing I just thought popped into my head yeah yeah I think they are quite actually quite a big sort of segment of American Christians and one thing that has made the rounds and that's been a gigantic propaganda tool especially in America and it's the reason why evangelical Christians you know when you see the white people especially Americans having fervent support of the State of Israel they have that because they read the something called the Scofield Bible and it's a version of the Bible in which the guy who wrote in Scofield he was a thing I'm not quite sure don't take my word for I think he was a Zionist and what he focused on in the book is how the Jews are the chosen people and you know which they are in the Bible but he just hammers at home all the time and most of them don't go to Christians read that Bible instead of serve a regular Bible like King James Version that's that's really that's one that everyone should know but yeah it's a great propaganda Torrance the reason why it's a big reason why as much support among Christians in the u.s. yeah so I think evangelical Christianity in America has been quite damaging to their national interest so yeah I think objective you can say that just looking for the charts and people talking about Protestantism and the Puritans yeah the Puritans definitely suspects jps rose because they you know Cromwell led the band of Puritans who allowed the userís back into England which had devastating effects what else have we got to look at discuss your ideas about well so we said we spoke about in real life activism last week I'm just speaking in response to a question now somebody's asked for somebody asked us last week and we outlined a few ideas that were looking at but you know we are primarily and in we are primarily engaged in the information war there are other groups that do very good in real-life activism and we don't want to step on anybody's toes so we you know we don't want to join an already crowded market although when wouldn't rule out in real life actions in the future let's have a look Protestants red proton right wouldn't it be better to make high-quality youtube documentaries like tea chair sent it you know yeah that it's about finding the time to do stuff like documentaries because we're all all of us who work with defend your Oprah we you know this isn't I mean we all have day jobs like 9 to 5s and stuff and we just we just simply don't have the hours in the day to work on massive projects like documentaries we don't have that luxury at the moment but if you know a right-wing version of George Soros who wants to throw us a few million then you know put us in touch and we'll well get on this documentary straight away we we are basically Batman but without the money yeah we're definitely how do you guys feel about the Chinese takeover an invasion of Australia so this is something really interesting because I speak to some Australian people and basically the Chinese have bought up most of Melbourne and they are colonizing it economically just like the Saudis and the Chinese are doing in London actually Laura sorry but I haven't brought you in for a while do you know much about the Australia situation with China doesn't matter if not but just just check him sorry about that well you know it that's it doesn't matter but basically the fact is that the that's very negative and I think some people on the right can kind of idolize the Chinese sometimes and okay yeah they don't like Muslims but other than that you know their political system they have a shitty political system and they're the most oppressed slavish minded people in the world so I don't yeah it's I don't think it's really a model to emulate I can I can add to the Australian yeah she questioned a few if you want some some clarity on it though what was it yeah yeah it's it's not just that they're buying up Melbourne as you said not just economically but a lot of Chinese where migrants basically have settled in Australia and the their population there is growing and it's and it's a strange thing with them because even when they leave their country and they leave that system behind they're still very loyal to it and even there's a very good interview people are interested in this specific topic of the Chinese takeover Australian red-eyes when our great friends of red-eyes they have an interview Lama did an interview with a Australian shooting Chinese man and it's very in-depth but basically the Chinese they will look down even on their own kin and outside countries who do not support the government at home so they're very you know that idea of cultural and ethnic identity that's like to a two-part site and see cultural and ethnic the Chinese don't just want the ethnic want they they also want the cultural one so yeah there that collectivism there's is it's really powerful yeah so I don't think that would ever be anything to celebrate our odds somebody's asked what have we got here so somebody's asked just chatting what do you guys think about Shinto Buddhism Buddhism is okay Shinto is really fascinating I love I love the Japanese religion I think it's it's really interesting and the globalist fear the samurai exactly exactly but that you know what they do with shrines and things is really community oriented really they really value their amazing yeah exactly so it's definitely something interesting somebody's put it doesn't matter if religion is cobblers or not my kind of does actually I think if you if in a few years time people realize they've been spun a line they're gonna hate you for eternity so you know you should always aim for the truth as you understand it I believe I know lawyers put it in the chat but just just to we're just going to shell for a minute now we're looking for some more sub 75 to go for a thousand subs we're only a young YouTube channel so we're building slowly so if you haven't hit like and subscribe already please do now because we really appreciate it and I think your your name comes up on the screen it's just like William has served or something like that so yeah please everybody go and do that also oh okay this is the last question we're going to look at so no more because we've had quite a few but so have a good day with a Pikachu picture I like that picture by the way I used to love Pikachu and I was a child but have a good day mask why don't you partner with some youtubers and put their videos on your site and push them on your social media it could be a win-win so Laura I know you've been doing some work on YouTube yourself lately evil as you mentioned before you've already had a run-in with with YouTube's diversity moderators or whatever the hell they are what do you think about that idea so maybe if we were to partner with maybe some bigger channels and open your channel as well and you'd get increase the traffic that way what do you think well I don't think any youtubers would want to put their videos on our channel because then that would take away traffic from them and views and engagement likes and comments and stuff from their channel but we can share videos in articles we do do that sometimes there's a few articles where we've linked to YouTube videos actually because I think they embed within the articles and the play quite nicely and I mean it doesn't it does take quite a long time to make a video the three that I've made and put on my channel my last one politically about 12 hours to make and so it's not as quick and simple as as one might imagine it is and what we do we do want to move into that area and make our own videos what we've suggested we do is if we've got like a really cool news article like there Victor album just something in Hungary and the fertility rate is increasing then we can make that article into just a very quick like three to five minute video because then you're reaching those who like to read and those who like to watch so you reach into different audiences so that is a direction that we want to go in I've been thinking about doing it I think I could probably make a quick kind of five minute video based on an article in about an hour so it's probably something that I could do after work but we haven't got shot and I think that that will probably bring new people over to defend your answer because as I said not everybody likes to read article some people get all the news from YouTube so that's a suggestion but I don't think other people would let us put their videos on our channel because as I say it's taking their traffic then isn't it yeah definitely and but on the subjects of what we do with YouTube we obviously in the past we did our first 21 episodes of Radio Europa as pre-recorded podcast last week we did the live stream and it was pretty successful and we just did an audience interaction and this week we've done sort of like the podcast half of the podcast live like we'd normally do and then some audience stuff afterwards so it if that's been successful so far we're still trying to get a sub count opened a few account out because it's not easy at the moment on YouTube with the current climate of censorship so but we're doing our best and again please hit like and subscribe because it really helps so I think that's all from us today because we've done our podcasts a bit with the UN migration part and I'd say to everybody please go and look that up because it's really sinister and make sure you're lobbying officials in your own countries too to get the hell out of this because is pretty sinister and thanks again to the audience that engage for this tonight so right thanks for joining us on this I hope you've all enjoyed it and like I said at the beginning if you want to go back and look at our previous episodes and that we pre-recorded they're all out on YouTube and SoundCloud and on our Twitter and of course if you'd like to keep us doing what we're doing and bringing you new and original content on the website and through the podcast then links are in the description below to donate thank you very much if you do and that is all from us good night everybody

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  • I don't think DE eventually branching into activism would be stepping on toes. G.I. refuse to address fundamental issues, i would respect that decision if they didn't also regularly counter signal people further right.
    Regardless, there are other options available. DE could look into building a think tank or even just an IRL network for Nationalists to do activities and forge links culturally.

  • I think Boris should be more aware of his mic distance and a good night's sleep might help too. He lacks enthusiasm which made him pretty hard to listen to tbh.

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