The Truth – FE / GE ” lets talk REALITY ” #84

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half-life-and home and the end the the tough though it is of people let me
know that U.S. him as a
messenger on this to the nature
and just listen for extremism on
one piece that somewhere, she’s so I do
apologize to you as a takeover and, in a sign of the
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actually making staring me the
right now, and just brought back
started o what people are taking as the
fact that people are using as a reverence for what
they believe an inherently
things work because the two
principals and assist with a
couple of opti literally want to count is to be
one of those lost are making
observations forgets the
conclusion on the bus to this all sides both assume were
rightly both assume that this
will all turn of the same every
time we do it and we know the
century ‘ the phone call that way the home ridge of sewing circle so on the
treadmill and one discussed in
the terms of reality on it being quietly you really doing testing otherwise a week
or is it always decides wise and
firefighters quality stuff that
is not our main goal was to do t also a default of fighters that
because of some of the many
opportunities to invite fires is
out there and the more
importantly that its backlog for Asia that’s always a time out to you
can see your the mall where we’ll have to go
to a large firms to you to stop
his back and forth all factories
and on its tonight it is not good luck in
getting the word that she needed
literally, to a conclusion for
what is happening in and how it
w the same ring of all, tells all
the topic open files on the
masie only do this is the man bashing the other side’s
idea of how things work, to
focus on how those tests can be
done in with the closure
vehicles on the and also my headphones that
wouldn’t so severely beaten the
silent for ½ second skin a
switchover but to be quick easy
sex that: it was like a sitcom syndrome is the lesson here you that Schwartz and the THS or but the that’s my answers to the one 2nd that if the if if the current I will be ready to
hear us the top then the area-network and the end of
the desert and the good or good
on a test of that, so I knew that I
only know I didn’t change over
first is like I had the that
might be to use them to the
phones bu for some reason but if I hear
the past but first a second time
that right away I have in our
power to maybe if that they
don’t, them that some 100% knows that it was it’s like
and don’t need to change an
homage, but at the fifth insert
the them to tell us the typewriter to us by regulating. Because I can
see your the desktop bar bouncer the the season contract again on the the central the old with the Steelers the
fifth set, match with the site the ash and I just thought I’d give the
morning and told told him the total idea of not do not
have an excellent and the like the old the been the source charges that is survival of fire for
friends and the majority of them
are variable shootout that what happens is is timo
spurs the main rival EC nations
of the sometimes that the those
guys that literally make fires
vass NT project at seoul’s I come
across those guys that Congress
and the fires are the best bet
is that a small furry that’s a problem that that it’s been some really
bad guy because the game like everyone says 1000
times was nothing wrong with
D’Alene anything below dinars in
a bad thing to usually wanted to denial in the 0:50 made up a whole new
realities worked really we’re on that its all the advances will present the guy all, go
live date back and forth to each
other as if they need to listen
to us than you’ll see them,
while the data qualified to teach them in their unlikely there are
people here that are but it
ended and body image is very
very clear that clear but he
made a ve than this one is the data
realize that she would we all are starting from
one set then was the phrase that we need to stop
living keno talks on our
platforms that was ultimately that it’s the source part
because they know exactly how
does that is turning them over
the big fires more servers you
haven’t go to know that for the past year
and have their year I have really pressed into the
Neah Bay area raw mode of up to
10. maybe a few months ago it could only the use of our side of first
caller is not basing anything on
reality to the audits literally
think talk go and thus will have them over that
might give she was not talking as a nation meanwhile to issue was like the situation
you talk about now than in to check out and realize
like clear joking what I now read and Chapman and
saying that the Schmidt be letting him
really get to win that the point that comes person like rush
crashes are from IDs is a good
person tell them you at that it will set this would
anybody who has a conversation
that for one suspect right now
that’s what fires are or what
lower the really the only irksome that much time talking than Russia like what you get
what were you the the same goal as the normal person that’s
basically written shatter one that the driver should that just gotten off to running
a that part is the matter too much those the they instrumental back on that of some of that since on one that is often, so we’re all in
the end that if the omits the price it
does make it even easier for
people and the reason and in the schools
for fire to this that mean you talk to your fire
from the talking, talking return
to the dispersal to three talking point where you
get to the home of its intimate personal income
is easier when sums up and I
think I think what I’m trying
seymour’s is the fires are so
set Nor the home the only comment as they should
more than events and singing and
I’m hoping most equal the city’s happen. Is that it on that’s a good topic is the sole
reality on talk about that she goes both ways the
homes that someone’s not willing to stay in reality when the two of
these things that we not that I’m not exported like the audience a that you’re not sure of your own
reality thus a point that it’s not even a a company like taxes, now a month
in a tangle should not happen more on acts like a
Mozart, should a slide in the
address above its housing and the blowers at taco bell for the boulders the money, disrespect on the
ground is the main unsavory to
zero but this is for Zimbabwe
was all about the situation on the Disney that people like
brothers that they are different for this
disease a very smart man teases
stars on TV stars own should or he can go on those routes
seeking the death last arsenic
as I want a rectangle of the
rioting I’d love to talk so it’s
time I a set and you go to someone else’s
platform that, somehow right
around you are tighter platform
in the past people are expecting or
want to hear all that back and forth or the plants for
the than the size of talk switches
where does this smart but he
sounds like he’s not sure about
everything the fifth, they insist to me the point now
where it’s we need to be talking
advancing in that talk or stop
talking on yesterday was a good example
the home when of we’re talking a
matrix the age when ask what he’s
asking questions that he was
making comments and actions
wracked your lender, since
making with all t that issue is that they begin to address the issue
is that sometimes pounds today than 12 would yesterday when I
can honestly about meet somebody
on I would say for maybe there
intoxicated issues of home that that I was U.S. house there is frustrated
on the idea that you come on, then take that you’re gonna be
able to have a one on one with
somebody is, farfetched. I mean right now
this perfectly cooked as well
want this to someone here on the
panel that NASA talk about somet that’s that’s one should die
before, but what would have
talked to some that someone uses realize that your goals there are a platform
talking about something as a conversation going on that either needs to stay of
conversation or it’s been a goal and realize
that, talk it then that’s where she gets weird that is now isolate that the
police were counseled more on I
know I need to. That then I’m going back to what I don’t
wanna do I don’t want to see fires, I don’t want to only talk fires
last week I didn’t think of sales were four shows they
split between talk fires all
that misfires on talking about
the clients of some weather
modificati the cfo like those of the
strange because the consummate being able to
know contains to talk go back
and forth than at no point is
that are we talking reality are
not alw anywhere in the Sunday saying
someone do this because of this that in reality that a body of
fife site to Sunday’s indy that
why we have a conversation the RV show me a son from a
straight line imprint of earth
of the sun doesn’t enhance the
ravens coach and then were yet that they not in G, in the chat said
that in its time to exactly said
john Wiley bowers made the
entire fires may explode that the percent under 1000
things that’s that’s alright
it’s something to someone came
on your right now they said in the daytime this
guy is purple , a clever said we would look at
what they discussed and I are in
despair the old no is now working on a
team always still here to live just the two week ladies on it
too weak right right now but has
no atmosphere pressure than the end of method perfect the
perfect as not only run, server
message from voters found that
should the sunset happened, what I do what you do what everyone
does it into a teen the complete
bowl should then there’s a lot
like those assignments, for
addin you to sell that nothing alive
but he has something like he’s
trying to seize trading on his
head to use the keys the price said
that the teaching roles little
too much at the city’s is someone that I
can see my synagogues are wrong thus he gets something to be far
as is not getting it than that to be the fireside the
ball she said the home they
checks is a good example of
someone like talking to make
that isn’t matrix is it does is it a
skeptic is conspiracy fears to me, livestock about what’s
going on in the government for
doing too well as how the facts
as the other reliever Tim say
anyth I think the fires because than give us an example of it
wants the spec of the more clarified
that is the more fun to attack
was going on was of items are the they and tennis elbow that while
the fifth faith is the devil
advocates the store the mayor’s the fifth the fifth that the fifth of this modern order what I was
like when you settle the fifth
home that ended the session happier
as the muir to example of an some of these things are
tolerable and not in a sense of a one here that’s on people’s brains you
wanna know why this interview
and that’s what we believe that
because ultimately the alternative of
thinking is how we come to new
conclusions about realistic
things was a public has as long as old as long as
you don’t grab the microphone and shake it the fed up for the
fifth the fifth that idea on what the north stars the home did you notice about an hour’s and you know the way
you’re looking to hear different
outlooks on it in a sense they
are regarded sites based on the
righ to fifth will that that’s all
too much to change a title that
should be openly request that the hell are we doing here than what the heck does that
other personal reasons or alternative modes that’s a very very fine line very fine one then we all are guilty of that the incident but left the one that there are that then that’s actually the essence
to time the nine-percent too
much for what they know they are like almost exactly the same
situation where the ultimately
we each got sucked into crop they know over that time and a
temperature of using real say
we’ve learned calling more about earth’s and science than
we did every school they just insane or the home to live in that sense it’s it’s the reason that it’s a big
part of the reason I’m here
today, the reason that it knows
what causes said I was always
on, I the levels in earlier when the
SMS, as always work we want you
purchase of Kansas go on
complete plants source for
molesting them doing that I have
opportunity of the mouth of people I’ve met in
talks Tuesday it spends just as
saying that thing I learned
something from every one Joe to say will the firecrackers as
innocence disappear that does work for me because
the run up to give up learn more
the login questions in a lot
more people are in as other
people h to this time of the it’s what
keeps me solid right here on
when I talk about not want the
fire so much that’s not so much talking fires it’s that pertain
to most that is really got out my own
stock fires every single day but
not interested than for tales, interested in in
let’s make something up and see
if I wanted to solve all the
daily to them and I know that because and
Jose and preacher you can
customize its they do a show every day to
restrain twice a week even just very difficult to have a
topic to stay on topic that is
the grass from the topic Joe to hear fighters and general
the streams every day all day long the progress and in labs are
reality narratives Joe something’s wrong to worse off is that Germany five years, now I did
the slaying of base with fire at
a more basic fires and the rest
of them, and I do now because of ’cause I knew I was like a low
level and makes us why you
saying the desires doing at the
fort lee high of more than in jose’s, add
to the 11 members that you why are blowers entertaining and
allowing chinos to talk where
are these streams allowing George or or what does the guys
at the ought to be all about them
are talking than makes up with a little
flaky order more to make sense to me on that one
of the reasons I don’t like the
disrespect that because I double the
disrespect the had to do with
bull roast and losses not just
call me if I can one settle down there to taking that that
stereotypical attitude and
installing me Netscape is a lost
soul for a long time I sell the
fire had r the way the eye of the upset
with fire from: Bolsa Dr. and
were more blowers the staff at
the foot lot when Bolsa to go
out the will then it in a store and then if the data that II should preface
before because then we are we’re
in the same situation and
elsewhere in realizing it’s a
flat bu to say what that say to others
so it is a different platform so
don’t take as a way that they
are letting him that I mean that but same time by Iraq a
renowned stop when she won the
consolation for the marked the
fifth that assist me on that but again but when you put
a link out there like right now that this provision right now I know I’m not going
to hear time please pull ship
why some people and other global and other psychological
and other thing I have to be
open to what ever comes on that as the enemy to what the other the All-Star
into the fifth that it but this
is in cell for instance on is
another good example the thus are best roof of data that
can check in rio’s accent over
the cramped and no to the
sneakers curve packages for
formal whic the amount of energy into line
of the phrase here that realization is set for mass
me for a formula the Newton
stand that to come to the
conclusion of that eat the ad equation for two
of the measure the curvature
than either stand what you’re
asking for as a musty from AA at
a b that only one able to smuggle this the way of getting absolute than that the day so I maintain five,
and this one should show marked
the last time the legends of the time comes
around on the way for those just
looking and that is that the
schools for everyone: one can
have a the city of the life II, like a good and the
my of the local watch page in
the light the control room of
the charges actually take off
for w the home peas and asking over
over for a long time now with
seek ways for the formula he
wants when these realize it’s
actually very very that it was impossible that can
run on a list that is on the
show you exactly what you would
need to do than used because it doesn’t
work that way that so the forefront figure out the
curvature others from a spots to already looking at no know a way this one does the Jews and the crux of the
switch to start off with all
because their these things we
call all sets of sets are
basically how though this is as than what you
go to this is a two page creation that
explains exactly how to fix
those lawsuits and fix the fishing so you can get an
accurate number that all is the status of
bullies he can do this not that
you have a conversation until
one team uses set back the stop assuming he’s correct though that’s the best bet that the site I decide I know what I’m looking
at that would take me a week to do
this Tyson is not something you need
is the number to find any sense
to me the number of like to
receive even for talking about
right the state’s most best as
relation of the curve popular
than they are not U.S. Their villages, instructor mount
Nothing from do with structure
are not nothing but is not the
same thing for two differen to the ways even giving them
tell the restoration that
anybody thinks it can figure it
out that mock even the best of that that it’s the effects of unaware like
Frances Idei files that are
expecting the one that is your
reason to keep going back and
forth a law it this then end up again was one of the
things that I that a lot? Then the realization
was this the arthur’s death and the ideas
that are not have the least of all our conversation about it on
white and our coaching comments
have anything to do with it the dramatize don’t happen at
the same time every day jokes and the same way for that
answer response to force that
wouldn’t know the reason for
change and tortured sides them
into i that doesn’t make sense it does do think there’s what made you
realize it and I have to
understand them talking about
for our tights this tries to play a part it
does offer insisted us but not
to mess up their cars everywhere
every page has tides so that current its business vision
offers it would be in uniform
stop the test this alert against the
year their types in every direction
all the time is not like they used the west world that
eyes only sway the denial that the Moon tennis on playgrounds then you can check this and the second that on it and you actually
checked as people the golden
oldie tight schedules then look
at the times the sun is going to be in a very
their press box compared to the
Moon and vice versa and here’s
the start when you have those da just the tides then that will be
your Dolby that no cops that’s
all say this isn’t there
something happens and you’ll see
it in that so I guess it home to look
us to really diving catches
paper people are saying the
school doesn’t work that way and
never w , action find that tired turtles of nearly as a jet of them and in Tom Arnold area and others are
in a row and the size of its earlier in its
then-if it’s very clear that the one it says not to
scale to two Jesus Christ than take this is
gold gold advance of the death
so I’m a national geographic our
web site and a was a purse couldn’t login the
second, the goaltenders the home soul wrote that charter flights
and it shows basically how works
though a showing of the men’s as
the Moon does have a gravitati the home to showing out how the
poll would be the again the Moon
is not only organize the on the
equator, the cells the home earth the way to stop
them as to what that on that for Joel home than this image that
are looking at now please do not
be lighthearted this is the fact that the Moon
does some quick at the top of
the fifth some of the tides
don’t only the tank you the AA one I hope they
understand the home so would respond to a perfect
audiences, so you as the Moon to
changes in its orbital path
where boards at the sky or as
miss the price change to that of whether being different
spot different higher time lower
tides the intent is different than knowledge that will happen
right forearm, boral sides
there’s very rare, use a
listener explanation fires trust
me it’s ver than they would happen with a
few places that more importantly
inch exactly doesn’t that it only
happen looks like she places the
world sides a measure to talk
about a talking about home tides
in lakes of tides to that that is a big gap master more you would say in the save lake level of the day so juicy rebels and in
and out like the hour when
you’re that that you begin their pets
the list you show me 247
movement that that is also an ocean bind it
the fifth is there’s just as
little as a whole different
aspect and that’s why there’s
such a big on the title here on the macos
as opposed to lake as a way to
have a current and we are not
for home a whole should our whole body of
water behind it that the net U.S. Electronics push
when waters, back when slow tide
that Stillwater try to move up the jurors when all when you’re
not talking you in on you when
you talk the talk as you know
when Sparta that kind of us and said so much
of the of the home that alleged failings attracted
the home of a six night for the urge is
buying the cake and the eye of my the law that I just as you sound
like the first type of has-fifth the good of the city fox you
have no right to live in a voice calls like
him on as a meaningful we’re in
no liked to see III work in
voices the the lead on the way
you as that the that the sum of the Jose that
fifth that researchers noted as he
does the AA in that has anyone has heard from a
stingray the the day of the kids were snapping have an e-mail address and the
print shack called it the other
ones that had him the fact that when I close as it
was a disapproving on fifth on all he’s a very clear was in his
personal life is his main so the
size of an entertaining and all of the active tides and if you
buy in the fifth off fifth or
had the ball than its openness
for looking at right now it’s
very c assist in the check it to tight schedules or yoder
beach and jacket the home but
they’re very distinct times when
tides happening and why this is just one more piece of
evidence that shows while one
gravity is something that into that you know what is making
what gravitational pull that is
doing what is whether did son’s
organs then yes the old matter the
percent that can’t be ready ready for
his first all the little of the
little economic feel that we
have this address flex it does not
fix the leader does not fix a
seasonally like that that that
doesn’t that same thing it does
flex that would mean that no runs a
massive flux right not to the
polls that it’s for blow up for
the poles it’s on to derrick
Fenner that would have to literally
move around the earth I hold time to do that and again
the Letterman Mitchell is
another fires to conquer sorry
for force field doesn’t work
because it them the same location the South
Pole all and we have this compass is that won’t work this is they were lying and or a mime on northern
hemisphere compass the work the
same everywhere the South Pole
at the wall it works a rise that we know it doesn’t
because there is a sample that
is not located near the north end of the night at one that it’s it’s the game is one of those things
it’s sure not willing to look at
all the actual evidence , but it’s a situation where
don’t care that you don’t just
put into the effort into find
out the than that the Westwood to suggest we
should talk about a list of the stack up against the IE the lab Dame Coach Tom
Watson played their weight would
agree that some of the logical
of two lines on what I did the fifth that then wears a South Pole on the populace close the hole
is that they may well get that
call is for small or not there’s
seconds south pole the Cotate whenever women and to
find out where is a supple
where’s the South Pole ours
resolve a lot there is a South Pole there’s a
South Pole their than the dns is the cake less the Liggett yet
listen to strike fear the same
again tonight unless it there is a ocean by into the
ocean there for anything that
happens compared to a lake which
is in the lower body water policy of the more drastic
seeing Elvis teens call ocean
currents are OK when it will will wear their lives just pulls about it
that you just told us about Joe
I would assume that you did to use that the wires do not meet the
cells so you think it , says bearing the name that is says bearing the name that those are those of rows that the set-up the kid I know that I get out
yet the time but it was funny
though some old DOS-fifth that you actually just to bring
a the fact that the file it that much a row seat
to a taste of what the owners of
the fifth of the dusty that his
be I don’t mind being a
challenge the bench of cars that
the user this lies the young niece of the
talk but here is they are not
running the show I don’t mind to
talk about money she said you ca that this is not the five data
shows you’re not going to write
like you would you please
respect and we’ll be all that this there are none that city board of Uni Star search you need the
others are not above using that
as a problem as a small problem
as a the cake home to so everyone
else understands was going on
you need A model in the two have
observations instead that yet of 811 second 1 second
1 second assist first of all this is a
modest this mushroom so is out
of its mind the that the father of Michael, do
this again Del I made a mistake
and allow him to come if think
any change but that’s my ship
the the than that will pass the that it must exactly one, that’s all
he’s by far that the worst that
literally as the notice what is
the system the start he is of bl the schooling around to search
it up and make of fires and
stupid now office that they put site ers’
team makes you look too bad that
he makes your Europe to badger than these, funny but he makes
your banker he makes the sound
of blocking it because it when
she talks team literally just
every the they know that that is
ridiculous because of back to
the guy is the worst they couldn’t the that it shouldn’t take the chin of the fires are that you ice when of places that
I know the date the fifth and 1 to 1
question of some actual those of the
Montreal and ethics laws came in the Napa I don’t want to make a
lot to be the main issue on
every single string I can only
talk about 20 of all this talk
about that that’s that’s because she
decided that there is the earth
on the issues he knows are not
that he came in here and acted
as out like that when the league
level flights at the many are
the recycled at the same thing
because we first, I want to make
it v the migrate I think I think is
that he is the is Maxwell is
desolate all worst the 100% the
fifth the the way down to meet the other
things that you have to get where to show the tides that
there are no tights and sir
notion that was the belief that the EU
is the sides of a that was among friends are useless others the LAN that should never the team that upset actually
click on its to talk about the
two great lakes and tights that a picture like the one out of the no they do have to consider that out there so they don’t as that I I’m john Lennon, a
political home but the Swedish
Arizona superheated where he was
saying where you resent racial code,
districts around the the stance of it, did for
continued that doctors have won 10 of the
best ever want everyone to know,
let’s see if you actually get
less expensive years and that
was that you are still the same
check instead how Michael runs
fires that a mean bill the stored on after Deng was
this article that after the OK by by nobody
is this a case that the services
that has to be orifices article
and I’ll give you the floor that the date that the citadel care
about not asking for port on the
CD is my question the after this
team goal or you can leave whic the cake shop in tools is done
or leave this a world that’s our goal,
says the change and James and
water level cause additional
forces on someone that worker
and Semit them to write their sense of the soul of the right first OK, and the above to go of it
yet OK the PSE the good and not enough dust,
you have done a memory to
studies indicate that the great
lakes spring tide the largest
times caus them mar the nations are masked
by the great frustrations in
lake levels produced by winning
Interop demo of magic pressure that so enacted saying that the good of sided with soba
actually both right and in the
sense for there to be a tide that he could have to be inside
the needed measurable amount
this that does not reach that
measure will not be considered
in min the fact that does not mean does
not happen is this not enough
for them to read on a daily
basis to give you a special Islam interpreting some are
interpreting from it on but if
you want to do all this while
the great lakes the long line that exactly on long-term long
term that that the that instances of it to report
the home short term variations
long-term durations depend on
the precipitation in water
storage o this changes occur at a rate
that can be measured in feet per
month and in weather conditions on
great lakes may create A the
words that she approved the then- the solution waited for the
states is sending with the AIDS
is that not even a wage base on
which to B several feet, and
many of of the the week and a Sister
Fiedler that the size and your says that the real as the boxes and
your team for wall to each the line of both sites age they
between four and 7 hours as that
this is very similar to the six
top 6 hour time period of time is free, saving for each of the
peso is saying all the students
in these small ways that occur as old as is so sensitive, so if
it goes from before starting on
the west shore somewhere that we
see one of the small ways that saying that the small waves
account for what we think is a
time outs that’s not saying that that
is what the titans the city is saying that you can
mistaken for tides the gap but but that would take the lead out not III don’t get
the third at the polls open up
so we go look at the the land of that, the lead in
the subject is brought about
adding to the bottom preceding
it whole of it will I’m asking you
pull up so he began under stop
the odds stop the messy pull that out as I
don’t know what is he gathered
to let so we can understand you
saying the day will they just let this
isn’t a strange so you need to
calm down, to give the ship to
one star chef right now block until the prom with which are
saying is you as you write your
correct the fact that not true
in a creek in a sense of just
becau to consider a mime title body
water because it’s not that
large amounts to measure our to
measure the event those terms that it than the top of him by biting and
stop that is at what stage will
surely want explained what that
means the good guys allow someone in
this the eyes of the sock was enough
of the biggest hurdle in one
father, or to the falloff of it
as callers to the dodgers are
here and bring nothing to this
so unless the date the right you are on
sale of its that they had to say list and
you that callers saw strong
characters year’s budget, due
respect for one thing that you
want resp the stool questioned as I had no
idea what the term was due to be
asking about explain it that he’s that though that some a job so much are you
gonna see the times forced the
same side of it does happen then why there’s the caucus and
another low that you see that you the day so , sure some that so the nineties that none of the
following other phoenix comments I just
want respect and in the whole
until the show should stop
otherwise he saw that was far
out on the to a topic today on Todd Van
Poppel and the one on to someone else’s on sherry
I’m trying to figure out that
terms of Dick Armey and the best books this so than that and much it that so on Montreal this is what they cannot farmers
get him but that the someone to
talk about the same topic on a
new home as well as looking for the home because as an area
subscribers on the ability to
actually have small tides they
are not strong enough to be
taken into they do as it’s it’s saying it’s
it’s not big enough for not
measurable amounts to the left
than preserve same way a plane
doesn they would gauge the fifth housewife, like adopts the hat on a diet of that that’s
what I need an example that stresses none of this is this identity like to know and
love the point to as a selective
to do so much to get this little
reading why are we doing on cla yeah to like the idea which are
saying in an if I regret that I
I’d consider is no title but is
at a time in London I’d look it
up as then that’s why wasn’t so it’s
the term knowledge, title that
is literally think confusing
you’re not on that aspect of it joked, ongoing something the end of 50 up for the fifth
the fifth will ship out with the tobacco the old sage and all that is the way that’s
the most small waves the data in
the great lakes session that
because that you would
misconstrue time one type yes them they they could you could use a hat
to this would you say that would you say that on the job that may
be that your understanding that
turned on title may be the issue that is like them that the butt yet to get that that’s what I’m talking
about mainly because it does
state that there are times than the end if I was reading it
again my cousin I’m not sure I
had looked up and taken on the
snow tides that they did a stake that there are times in the it
distinguishes between what they
consider died in why they would
consider a mime title this would call a 9 pounds of a
notepad the Moon to sign a penny and it’s it’s
it’s it’s a source that the source fact it’s it’s
that’s their old but when we agree we all
agreed that they then you’re a toll we we know what we read the
whole thing for each eye and as
I find that the whole thing the then Valmont common types of
cards is tights and great lakes
water levels than a guide says
the same stuff is rising and
falling off, but noticeable among some
that are very long. Waves that
moves through the ocean in for
in progress towards the fine
where that city of one on the scissors to find it using
malls, and the home where I come
from the witnesses ocean
progress tours of novels that
for the cl to happen to the great lakes
also the largest eyes and a
great lakes are 5 cm than mostly
impact are impacted by
precipitation that operation and Ross citizens taking your sources
saying that size misfired this
fight Tyson that it gets a kick this is a good life is that it would like to be
the Sally seven years equals
zero tide and yet you’re right though the nub
of thing is is that they’re not
as it as a lake in these are
different as you allow that to 20 foot
swell if read your hat on the chart which are tiny
compared to the sea there yet, the wild, of people in a that would the fifth the fed up the fifth loss of faith that fifth up its the rule that old line up so far as I’m ticked off the call that a ago that is the great lakes
tight times in, type tarts for
this week all said they look out the fifth
while the than the install new that the mustang the link is assured of a senior
Tyler they undone that Salameh seen as
that link you showed that the
great lakes and showing that you
actually sent me the link for th they’ll ace and Wales thus is a writer and says the
chart Australia knew what the
New South Wales that that’s a start a Montreal
the fifth on a suit the Oswald was wrong about
whether to this so it this ticket that is, say the same thing in a
sense of the province that type of that if all this is
something there, it’s the PS , the display of the weird , Alison saint bernard’s the
fifth seed of the god of the CS the toilet staff up everything
fought on I don’t care about the
meeting on items typed in oil
stocks that I don’t care stop
Idah type, charge for all events are
tide Char Lakers led the owes a
debt taken off the screen the how was really hope and Elsie and
should the those special that beyond that to get some
rest is it about men that says mu there are tells
there looking for little flock to see a little of that but all
I did was tight because having
in light of the tides and this
with the tough year if it didn’t know what the hell the Castello the zip in the
update know what you know what you that IIIII
have all on that just wild team is doing the definition of
a circle and the middle are some
reason I didn’t listen and said the the the rest of the pack up my mind
that my that Maxwell board will
surely, that the fifth line, I
don’t think that confusion, but
i they pick one up a bit of a
woman under service on the share
this innocent be something a
mass will not match along that a
natio have ties and of wine isolates
me a link that would have more
confusion to accurate and I say
this is not does it says
different that the title is very
misleading that says the oil and have it was as OK
says OK the whole they have
hefty time tides that difference
for a few seven years on the 20
state the inconsequential that
scientists consider the first
one Bynum, then I mean that’s telling you why they
don’t consider them, don’t
assume tides that the calling of
the saying no tides are too
confusing non title as very important that it is the fifth the role of the year that I love
the look is heard that during a
goodly import lecture that we’re going to the team
tiny tides of the fifth 5th fifth and then Kuala bears are not bears a soda who live stream of it’s
not what it sounds that fifth of the there is TD transporters to know because they are, they are
tides and they are times, like
saying the that gives the exact was to go
serial but you have that the
sales bear the fifth still
sailboat as sole Montreal the user to
reverse for blowing at the top , suffering a the matching money checking with
some of the fifth the internal to find this this happened years now let’s
just the shrubs of one seat to a
record nine titles and no them, find that their
definitions of it so we can get to the bottom of this that that’s of such a call was
console on the contrary than they acted as a force it to
force it to force the meeting this weekend is
right now cost of the fifth inning as nice a guy like there
was really give the U.S. led some I think the
older people live the life the the end if the the back of the opening period of the fifth
the time at the than if it hadn’t been there,
you know that much of a dozen to divide a
fifth of the story of a further all
time travelers than just want a guarantee right now
will tell us it’s Monday like
the ticket from time to come on this and they’re on the tape to
that Barbour officially think that’s really denied the trick
is really denied in four to a fifth the vendors are now the point that point that the nice old man that’s so pointless that father
is all I could get all the
computer was inside the the
fifth those of America that can thus the first, 1930 fourth and fifth of its fifth
death that Scholl rocked the fifth -up piece of the the it’s a that the will to the ceiling on the outs them a car was my first hours in
the nineties are on the fifth of
the fifth item and alarms on the
sunset for the fifth those on school became to this type are generally say
the first car was that really
make that their old single server the home despite an audit of the 77
reference, earth a sore back, why did the fact of
the stockyards would then the that my parents were born in the
early fifties the fifth, and I
was in the fall of speech the
fed chief of staff at old and in up to a avid and the role of the
everyone hears fall are blessed
by futures a fifth of a server farming from
the old they ruled the major roles that day than the one that
anyone in their forties above is
older than the sum of 48 , I hope so the fifth as Ken
Roth Ira Reiner would also the home of john that I am logged talking more
reason and Boyd fifth of the happiest performers , flopping the fifth two lasers that isn’t a that site, and the anti in at
the teaching well herders 1 to 4 uses no way was a way of gas as the one that is all bugs bunny from all
of the bugs, bugs bunny on
lecture I sought than the lectures on Jews on conflicting stories
which was real of the fed and all the stories of sporty the center of shooting Saturday the list Sunday, the guy I just realized that
know what was a member of land
that way because there’s there’s
always liked the wizard of oz at all on
Saturday of adventure was a rush the states will cause is as good
but the few fifth or sixth of useful to come here
in Ventura out of a dozen as a result was the
fifth the frenzy over gateway response
to the winner dropping rock
bottom of that year or the date it does, sports college football net for Ike
it’s how to 45 teams though I’m sorry my bad that I knew there was a read on starting Monday
footballs and should or older talking college again the bad that I went straight to
professed the little like the
street to like professional this
action matters the data that others say which one you have
defended the move them into the realm of
surrounding the date that this
did that today night to close
the cave also can mess up the death of a response to the
West Coast had them the fifth of a live their life, and the fifth and at a restaurant by Kenny I watch
a walk festival that same dollar the mass lead so I hid watching
are much of the Vols those
options for two more than one for all kinds of all origin of the orange bowl, 14 or collagen as you say to zero confuse me like that
1000 sports and the banning of ideas I do have
to watch your chair of the
beloved local and state university at the book as a
singer for fall , because the amount think it should be wrong home and the explain what it
called sell some of the source
of the beat, cowboys. Sri standing in a fight that is
something I never watch or care
about the none have a reasonable and
schoolers on resulting you that they get sick or Iraq and
she actually is also rumored
back because he didn’t have a
line drive the block and the
resin in that wasn’t throughout the area,
where on Dion Sanders 42 and two
retail for terms used to be
right back to me all that all
time there as the visual aspect is DOS is
likened the U.S. and the SMS
like we’re all, should show the rules for Wei Wei there
fighting with the coaches and
all are the one the wide
receiver of a head of Michael
and divide by t the use of his peers five and I
think there are criticizing the the dns so can you get out of
the cave you’re into your longer
rely on some of the fifth loss of the solely to
start talking sports would would only live in the UK
vendor $supply is the Delia said all the talk about that his action: galaxy has held
off then so be sure am thinking can
the same thing the that’s us all back and
eliminated a good idea to start the second
half and the Jews as no formal one car
waiting out that the muscle that
have not felt you start out by
saying that no more cycles than us about formal and the access to this he did Lori says something
about the use a the all cells that fight why they left his
robot insight in motion a bad the fifth up the the the staff that that that the reserve the remaining that the only that they have a minor
leaguer day once, though the those, did that for us to feel
it that way and is listed
happening is that on the
bleeding and blue liquid hardest
of Maxwell ai fifth that ongoing tolerances
will meet the right lane of $2.00 and a
friend of mine anymore the search, called for both the
levels is done this yet read the one place to fifth the commander that file that just missed this is strange
is completely depending on you
guys now that he had a say in the chats that no way of each of the ARI
shown, read that topic choosing
right now II really think that’s what
happened the last argument that
black coffee was to write the
IOC the event that this is the
left them without this week of the process someone
would do that to me it’s the enough that you will see
these as something to say you’re
using brings different topic of the suppression Jesus Christ that the zones that as long as
you know what your self voted them that can are most of its the the the weekend online to talk about
pink Floyd that Mr. That the isolation for running
sports and fifth to soak ourselves and those around them are plenty of
other : that I’m not even more of a
fifth of see how it is the time you because of its
super the lead: the lack of medicine
continues the end the war that if the if the the end the old us you ever talk about from a the surprise by one of the best
thing that ever had to hold canada’s this land
masses this and that say forget
the skyline the items, in the fifth the team only find out it was an
island he was able to locate
observation point is able to do
is go after all those issues were those missing
the masses were those actually
the reason we found out that
draws the line is no longer any,
fir that home this theater leases to Japan to overhear win over came
on-stream right there are fires on this over fires is the center
for money on these also won the
desert or therefore on the
consultancy that of laser test
loss that he’d made it clear that for
one and was a party for all
because again wasn’t even there even though the shooting was all the sake of their holdings:
the fifth the officer, yet that
this problem in wasn’t there
than to say it will be star of
demo them then after that we talked
it over and over said he was
meeting their Joe Arnold that evil some of the
honest that is not they were their five times even
though they’ve only done that was all five times the mass
on the having been fivefold seat as
the last the fifth of the moment
the lease a stop to think about
it the Lawlor bull should they the intent and the Sonoma County
that rely to these people I’m not allowed a few water on
just showing how I know you’re a
liar and said to be different thus have to in a circle city
for a fraction for air mobile IP at least a Bigfoot is
right on this as much if there is the
bush family over a span the Tuvalu lied to you or anyone
else, and only then we just know
that to block for assembled fifth that we can basically the scientific method their
offer your words than we’ve
concluded that requires the read that in every time you talk is
repealed a figure that out on
the table name on it but this
wouldn’t fires in the glow feel
the s can’t assume or you’re right and
wrong the games we can agree that no
gravity Israel or tides or air
pressure what we called off so
this is a free sample of the few
br button with the tiny never
having to a tumultuous one say
something less words than half of your day at that three more secular done so
on and fifth at the toll is the only way we may not
be done less reminded this year that we
may be done but admits in at the
one on one node as the key to
school they live in the chances to the
Airport is blocked the refraction turning my point to remind to refraction does not block
anything fraction is not an object to much friction there a they’d this the sanitation is only two
free money into any other bombs
on but this is for free money
prize for literature on a swastika that he was it continue the
conversation you were walking,
the mother wasn’t going to a
string of the academic came up
with afra the home that family year of ads like to
stick to go inside the left wing
of the fifth so sick that knocked on this as any weld
is all talk to 3 minute and a them to score a season isn’t
known for the tactic of large
sum of the back of a crime to the exhibit of what they live in the U.S. and great
use a stuffy city that you
wonder what else to Microsoft the whole of it will seek the
setup on Macs to rush that
Boeing and the long, will run
December fifth the Gresham a gentle that tank you know what slacken to
them that Bryan Cardillo big
blue the joke the hello to go just blew us for
your economy could not get
ticket promotion back to act with what the hell is
that the line that left the actual or demoted
me why are the odd jobs me out
lab to take a job at a stop to that that’s a double the hear back
for a day than enough to browse the the western growers will to admit some that the fed the end of this painting ready
that was it was one that spared the Oslo that is that it’s and that it then fly to sell books
on the test that not because the
roads but in the fifth the cat weights the fruit , the right way that’s been explained that like that, since August he very passionate about the heat
Wilson was going on but the DC that he runs with a lot
of other people’s ideas of how
worked in the fall for the war ended the than a subtle
son the past much to talk about as ever with are not every time
we had the opportunity to talk
about this since the first time
ago sorted people as the stress
u the 6000 Fremont than ever,
stark is it’s the rabbi someone
that you have them sent discord
and to that now we can’t let that you have your district
are there, but all he has to
show off, basically because of
full of it they can, like because for you
to have done what you did that
needed to have gotten your data
from somewhere that’s the thing going like
this: models and the reason of
all things brought so much for
fires theirs is the fact that
you need there some of those that can’t have the fires
called our fires the version
because of some of your data
from that is very true that the meeting house refuted
because it doesn’t have to enter
a few weeks the U.S. fish oils and there is no doubt there
for help and the tree so sure about which
believes that the senate floors but our
city budget gap that we come to
my conclusion that enough and that included so
when it’s on am going to lose
its reminded golden rule that
all the hangouts for the this court and for some of the
nutmeg alive and choirs will say the right wrist into project
that all times the amount the below the special paintbrush
then you to Brian the test, said that in the dawn
of the Fremont middle village
single layer on then a over these talking points: guess
we won’t talk to streamline
about the sunrise and situation
and also of icy he says there is
no , and I hate saying a word, say
I can prove to you there is most
vocal miles and for good reasons
on with a cigarette lighter th Tennesseans up from there the day and said that he should have been in seclusion them and then I will talk De vries if off the sheet of music on and off the the

3 thoughts on “The Truth – FE / GE ” lets talk REALITY ” #84

  • Gosh, Gleem brought up the old salinity argument relating to tides.

    Does not work, otherwise the Dead Sea would have bigger tides.

    Update your game Gleem.

  • No no no no no.
    "Now, instead of rocking our box with water, we are swinging a bowl with water in circles, making a wave that is propagating by the sides of the bowl countercloclwise. This time, our node is just a point in the centre of the basin where there are no tides; it is conserving the water height."
    No tide at THE amphidromic point, there is a tide away from the point and the tide increases the farther you get from that point.
    Literally took me less than 5 minutes to find and understand what amphidromic points are.

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