The Truth – FE / GE ” lets talk sun’s path, and Northern/Southern hemisphere moon observations” #88

The adolescent, as were connect
with a solo home and then do a good
change of clothes a home the day, to talk about it but
the new days of the one shown over some things that’s the than having discussions about in
the back and forth any of the
discord servers and other fires
years in the home freezers the
ho to so what I want to go over it
is that with permission the
topic on everything they all sound sunrise and said the Moon that the labels on the
main reason is because I
opportunity between force and a
couple nights ago in a rational
as the , teriyaki has a better
understanding of those of our
old model that have with our
System Works and most overseeing
the home and it seems odd to me about the
books and I hear of hearing him
a scribe how the globe, works it
was very detailed those actually on point, the
only difference was that than the end of his conversation
he that in the list that that’s
not how it’s then in that’s when it was a big
shock to me like a sums up this one is I really don’t believe that a
lot of these fires is then believe the cells that
comes into full should or he doesn’t believe that’s
what this is that the main thing about how all
this works is this the end are standing at the idea was a little over the remainder fighters are the until the day I they clicked
and I understood all the research all the
observations of experiments call
that that everything we talked
about or miser to nephews tear
in this that all clicked to someone to have of the very good idea that how the System
Works and how occupations work them to
still be a fire for his work on
and I have to step back and
don’t get it that was when I had to step away so when I hear somebody who has
this their E they say the very of a click the way of explaining
the Moon to some that are all the observations them into still make these
claims of them this light doesn’t travel
very far to 1000 miles on to make the
observation that were on the
show clips of other won the
competition at of this conversation between the
home someone else in Japan then someone else must remove
all firefighters though still
having the same observation
began taking some observations
at same t than the description of what
they’re seeing this and that truly the carpool model sheet that’s planes shows in we
can go outside and observe toll
on, do a disservice to the than a gun, plates, go solo firm
in the chrome additional that,
you have a little more of a
presentation types that rate of
thin the home than that in his living I am really am just in the last
time I even bring this up
because this is how some of our
world , and then actually keeping this
tells me and were few test lately that’s been lack of blocking the
success meant that you, Michael they’re not talk about Secor do
not have a slide in October is
rhetoric that has yesterday the plate and listen
to a bunch of grown men and this
is an ongoing progressively
getting worse the plane about the Secor like
their lawyers are terms are
experts , for its first I was told to go
watch reads rhetoric and that
Atty. told blocking time the
Atty. said I can say I can give
lega that’s if you tell me , of Turley said if he corps
flopped the cannot guess what
does need another I don’t care that does not, don’t tell me
should accept for the the need to make sure it’s not
here to see if they chairman
john is our white free, and then
not be less a mystique of that
situ to the U.S. it’s up to set up so
we see lots of GPS the lawn of the pit
so sole survivor they don’t pay
me how you doing looking the wrong signals with john
Watson health Canada Flintridge
in the news server death on the coming off to the was a matrix found on
the AMA gets on the passenger
little bit on just anybody out
and look at just an issue to a
pot the whole range of presentation
about when the conversation had
a few days and the home of the
pro with a massive foreign
missio DC also, the set, the home and
that’s it was a William those of any age was so Maxwell
and that is not home when:
through which is reluctant
society you really don’t get it that’s all bull should and you
don’t need to call yourself a
fighter for to be able to see it
to improving you have to be
convin that checks than your words that will explain to you by
which you think this bull ship this as saying
the don’t get it will I’ll get
what sits don’t need course of the
fighters are to be able see it
all that’s very cheap as an
assistant fire for the home you
make ob then in a new content is overwritten
than just observations and what
we see a show that Carlos of
whether amounts of gold when of
the tr to improving you have two will
see is a difference there things
are deftly provable than there are things that are
of they saw no evidence the problem with fires his is
not based on evidence of hauled that all but if I’m wrong, but they see
that this how easy it is they can show me up the piece of
evidence that shows is not as a goal that
I can show you the lows of evidence of how it
is able to really go into the enduring
here matrix that fellow
firefighters describe what they’re looking at the EPA glow as with 30 describe
this not work of fires
altogether this ordinance that
and the other ones the kitchen
for the ho that no less an issue to see the cousin
is very important to see where
I’m from a string the commission will have that this would sign a job possible that there was on
again what he’s doing is he’s
literally giving you the the the observation that you would
see the year then the agency that you don’t have
to take this as evidence the
home that this is reality of it
and keep saying evidence is
subjecti observations are subjective the evidence that is the look on the facts of
those observations and Joe we
say, is a subjective the home that we’re looking at some are
looking at the Moon at night that are not in every scene like
this happens will not ever so I
put everything like the moon’s the ones up and they will be
observed this is what happens to own the southern hemisphere
and June 1 way that people in the other things
to see if another way , when students or two and that Salinas and it’s it’s
literally just the east on sure to access it I don’t understand
it myself now because the team take this new account
wildfires I think it was
something I was on my mind ever
that in one sided start thinking
about t because of things observations
like this I had always thought the Moon thus to endorse 39,000 miles
away that left me with space node on then I have a fear of a way for
anything to fly in space and are
they and space because it didn’t
make sense for reporting of ea that there’s something that you
can’t refute at noon times up and then we’d see its than we
see it differently than people
in the southern hemisphere tents
am lying you can say, matrix
that that is heard to fire fears that you the same description of
the Moon that is shown right
there to name one , I don’t know how it could be
possible now there are you to believe the Moon is close or maybe that exist that all just doesn’t add up for
the musher and isn’t that one
person this is literally two
fires in general and the home to lease is up and says its
scale from I’d be visible for one overall
Cisco, in the sense that they knew this was for me I
couldn’t in my brain couldn’t
tell her how to put all these
things together and make the
gold in our the home but it’s one of those
things that the home that card
list of our distance the mid this is one of those things a
condo than it has to be further
way off, would finish playing it
because of the very image the
hom tell the guys in 10 said yes,
said happen this is a can’t happen on fighters knowledge and not happen on
fires that is by foreign
possible Joe what we’re looking at right
now is the exactly what that everyone sees Tennessee and Susan same thing the subcommittee says of
someone’s someone else’s fax or someone’s opinion that makes
it the fully truthful day here a
sexy as a shooter question that sold to your opinion than facts those cells to each
other major it’s the home by
police might troops and cracked
to you or anybody for that
matter that much the incumbent solicit
understanding that my interest
is in mind as one might title
says the truth that’s why it
either hold afte know what verifies my interest to fax the alleged facts they
gather up observations evidence
that fact checker and then from
the fact checking and then I’d
get the obvious truth the recall of
impure cultures that I mean it is this how work
is literally how works on the main things that I that, I’m really wanted all
right now is that again they don’t have to listen to
anyone saying fifth closer and the rest of
this is reality of Graham
marchers as marchers that I
believe that the final it to be
a blow this m true that there are few tires as I can say
the earth is flat and that’s
their troops those wrong the only way to find out would
be to gather those that are
again observations and evidence
to gain fax the same building to
aid the realtors not enough
individuals tell when someone like me to its
essence of home they say it said the woman disco to sir said and you say to the touch of the Casey said the evidence is
subjective that the observations can be
subjective that you understand
from looking at the home their perception to be subjected to like that
would take this system of their
home in in his thing the peninsula
center are hammer says as he
does and the facts to be true to that and fasa scary part to have identified as simple as
simple conversation words paid
on the guest understand that
certain observations are the
observa that they then we looked up and this guy
that we observe the sun that we see doing this orders to
do and that it had agreed why
because they’d all that is literally
what happens tires that starting to do this
thing where it’s weird to me as I am not use
to see that wasn’t around when
this happening and other just
completely making up the things
wo on the grim you’re actually
there for this work on the guy
in the fires are says like this in trouble for then in nonpartisan is that he
was talking about how the sun and that’s 1/2 years
that his team of 24,000 most
comfortable, Blau and any gun to
his fighters idea then he can
fully a the stem cells to delay doesn’t
go further than 2000 miles , was that 2000 miles those that the observation that you guys
were here and just now between
two other fires there’s the summer 4000 mile to states that use light when we
can both the chains are
observations were been possible
that is as far as the one of the
fires the seal miles the sea got
caught up in that that went from
2000 to 10,000 to 12,000 the Seiko 1000 Alaskan writer
that it’s it’s very clear than one year and this should
not be taken as gospel a scuffle I did everything I can show you
guys the fires are we’ll show you
that notion of different the only difference is that how are you the onto the
site interpret that they have to come the
realization one of your
interpretation is correct and a few think you’re correct fact
checking that shouldn’t be wrong to assess what we’re looking at
right now that is the northern
and southern hemispheres moans
on server the same time this is
ex this we look if this was the
fires when it’s very very clear there’s simple how this works that one fighters the tercel the Moon would have
to be this year because
otherwise we would see past the
top of it to the though the main thing is that the we look at them and they would be on the CC this this policy this than this that’s planes why we see them
and the way this suit says suppose it’s you can explain it differently,
fires that out completely going
invisible so far or boss facts of the bulls
acceding you make here are
answers the match up with your
observations that’s that’s where it started
to know that make up crowd united steelworkers observations
as much better when you get no
data said that even know him to
try to make these ideas of the realities of how things work
if the stock and that it
literally, just like green said
states, release for us on in in
the or along with a mean observations
on was also a way of Joycelyn situation with a home to some that are shown above the
beach and the home and tend to see that it’s so one of the things
they want lower is that the fact
that the winter , over these things that’s very great difficult to to remember
this as not to try this at many
of the fires are to remember
that all these things we’re
talking tough to work together to a simple than been talking all right now there’s no conflict that in the
else on the talking about the
presence of works with the
system that out if we’re talking
fighters it’s very clear that it
doesn’t work that I just explained how this
hour of seeing that known as a
work of fires this one fighter,
see the exact opposite and is
not just turned because the bulls looking at the same action were both looking at the
same but the Moon is literally
takes so does what we’re going
to look at it differently than us a fix, means station are
right there on me in situations that’s not changing its not
changing its face every day so
far been able to make these
observations and no Brosnahan that that’s
what we’re looking at that foreign fighters would see two different sites
among them and see that as a clinical men face then we would see the backside to the minister Joe again until again ought to
have made an observation and one
observation from southern
hemisphere showings the box of
them th to some will say all its well
it’s much closer look best,
never having ’cause now to
explain what you think it is
that having to is conflicting as the observations are making
this is how simple as this improvement as fires else
come on in explaining how I’m
wrong to use it to be better for the fire 60
mile away while they think about the fact is
actually how it works the force only on the actual history minded, when
the time is in japan’s auto
night to even the folder bubble of the
home that it’s maybe sleet,
times are but on sheet I sent
him and I sent you live and die
on th it seems that all such fires and that trial is expecting the home that is its than it is really
not just that this one situation this problem not ever done
talking about the obvious means
of the home that in many make this
clear the way it’s possible as members
to minded asp in that include how was it possible that me in
the war is seeing this
observation ’cause the Moon is two and 39
miles away and not right on top of the
slick fires is keep saying that she was like fire for
saying what they said they’d see
two different sides or issue was lighter and some
claim was also a file object inside it would see over the top of
that did the looked the way does
that when the plate they stormed
the plane standing up to the plate laying down like it
normally does ms will we be
looking at some of the fighters
and flattening this a reality of that issues with a whole told know that the moonlight that’s a colder and enacted in this small city
has provoked national
grandmother, had someone in
fifth to 24 and that the the literally Jamie of the smiling face
tracker than if it does exactly what I’m
talking about that literally this proves then I don’t you like these
prove the like to use evidence
that this is clearly proof that it does not cause the that you: Moshe lee to ensure find it first, Schmidt the school and get and the old tiff as the second tour below
think us from the free shoot them give up your mom was a
government with the lives of all
strangers of their two to the homes on the east to them and the them and the event actually designed not
to work are sealed the work of
the national forum from share of
the home they sold to guess is that you
point the flair camera that can
mean that will show it shows up
as a heat source that will do
thi to freshly on preferably one of
those high power in a million
Camelot ones that the natural tell me what happens on that in this on its rays are
the reason why does this mean
reflects its light are checks
the sun’s light at us that she
is a , launch address this is the
most people’s minds there’s something going on below
out below the that literally is
for rating at which that everything reflects absent
source of light that collectors and the doesn’t have a clue, tour in in in that and this is
something everyone contracted
themselves and into himself
because it’s pretty simple on
concept o a suit and the someone has a lot of this
project list that so what is it everything
has its rating on your skin, the
eagle them swing for, among the
fastest at home I thought firefighters fought
the moonlight was told that
stress they used to do claim to
sit on that frees again the cold by the public is
happening , makes sense that of whites and that’s the than this and one of the string
of naughty little too soon the the homes they do suggest as a
as a few on that to cement the new upgrade
that are trying to put out its
said that element thing right
now we’re on this ticket to point is a 24.00
or see the five hits knew that
truck to try along don’t get it
is worthless and sent to
continue see a much a reflection of that
is the home they see as you listen to that
person said, seemed to study on
what’s yes actually I am acts
ironic he said, I’m deeply into
lis on GATT is acting can also is a
a they’d be more today at sacking
of the more the the same excuse for firefighters
to two continue on the way Chris on the eve if I showed you
guys you’d be amazed the fact
that I actually am the only like
compounds returning home price p on sale and hasn’t heard about
what’s on I suggest you listen
home that it’s he gives you a very very clear the idea of how they should
think about things not like you
should have to think about it on
one of the digest that opens
open y the services social and jean
would not be known producing she
be a debunking that people from
all low scores because a lot of
pe Jews are ignoring or the wrong dish is not up to par to
understanding as if that’s a home that the city that
is the recovery team and the reason this is a newsletter
this is for everything to the home that, and they constantly that said that if you can the necessity were on that it till I get this person
gathered the smallest of various
sources to their many that there may be
maybe a few duplicates or even a time that genes but I think it’s
a nice message what they say he
may use of the home that the asphalt on the old asphalt and so loyal than half the grass russell’s
one doesn’t seem to ice snow
young and old soul of that going so blind this from
the dead of the rating edits the
function of light office and then the they also that it’s this that needs to be very understood
and that’s the whole operates again
this them reflecting the sun
times race than it does not conflict with
anything less is so far the snow flies that he can keep
that in the that can stop one thing that are make one thing conflict than you’d understand that that’s nothing I’m saying to
fifth inning a sign saying the juicing to yours glance is
the fact that the per than just I was five for certain
quiet and check the home that move on from here that love is all going to
telling the link to win and second to have to
start at about that on the
lettuce edits Wilson said it’s
very clear to get the-facts about
everything they just very
quickly what have I said today than the
strain that conflicts with
anything else I said then it’s on Mauna Lani was all
for the fires idea and see if it
hasn’t called that because I did
this not about your round that as the information you’ve been
getting perceived that a certain way as its are you just not getting it and you need to see that this is
exactly what is on jobless and that I think the jurors and the write-down pressure on one
might check you soon as the
income from you really are due
to the home , back to the report and that is way off the together, and the tough and
care and and that Televisa home of the
conflicts that should tell you something
the home and in like a
settlement move on to another
subject topic and teaching us
even more that their lines as they’re lying they would not be able to match all these things will not work
that doesn’t work this way Joe one does one go into the
homes that distance setup are quick
and that in all to blame, after trying, over the
men’s socks off the server was
signed as if this is actually the conversation I had with the
same people the homes and the fact that it so is one of those things that
wiped it and then , as my mouse works the end that is so what is it just on
governments for a few strings
ago for money came on and did
what was a sin telling me that
the sun then rises than the same manner
as these lights convergence and
two run in in their time I hear this I
make it very clear that’s not possible that is
known for answers to some in for
them and for that matter , in a story line that the never in specially the glove
fires on a collision show that has a guy
that’s going straight away that doesn’t work because of the
no one answers that at all the insular said, it sits in the con misunderstanding or as
complete no understanding of how
the System Works because again
the ongoing issue some were held
the or is it enough that there is
still that the word that is building a
month I think is this whole
perspective that it’s as if
mental view the prospect that and that’s not describing anything is knocked
to the explanation for anything the invisible seen on them for a second definition and
again he says that definitions
not the same names of the very
bottom of the Lewis and this
does the initial in which subject of
par or mentally viewed the BT will you do things in
that room relations or relatives
in ordinance that is yours atmosphere , that’s it for one is the
appearance to the idea of an
office in respect to the
relative distance in position Terrence to your eyes the objects in respect to the
business of the switch to see
which of brain tells you is that
does not give the particular it
doe again this whole perspective
that’s not in the truth is,
explanation for what we’re
saying they don’t understand
what’s continue to losing one does contain user
understand that are not make a
very valid point that all they threw simple observations that
everyone to make every single
day even fighters that you’ll see is this the
winner on the summer that’s the day that can make the
same observation off to make the same observation they and their day out to sun rises up as well as new
pieces said again I’ll make very
clear then again that Al hatch in a
show you a second how I know
this to be true this lonely fighters than extending facing south that removing the witness the
sunrise the assignment in message you
have to call it that come from a distance that star office of Dr. Like the
rest are most that as time went by and it
would be bigger and bigger
bigger than also coming from all
over your left shoulder on it because it’s close to
being as old as a orbit above us
constantly doesn’t change does
not have changed direction so
that w and watch it from the adopt to a large sums for a rounding
that it has a day ends with a
watch and disappear into the
distance over our right shoulder no one has ever shown that
observation that not even fighters are told that and that’s another
thing that conflicts with other
fighters observations that the dozen not a dozen
conflicts of my observations all
say the new bill because it
explains exactly why the sun’s
path appears to be moving like that in relation to us actually being
ever rotating, we know that
because if we were not locating
your station are the obvious above us were once wrote a above this on the Moon and all the
stars that have to be doing this
in the same amount of speed that we would have very much fun
as I can talk and start rules on
the Moon does someone have to
blur itself is again a summing that have to speed up in
slowdown to resolve the year as the Citicorp means of where
it’s at from the greater topics
the work after the dinosaurs that no one does
fight her speech if you can show
me the sun that’s moving twice as fast half
of the year then sold back down the other
half the year I will never talk of how this
again that she can to sun does not speak up for a
slowdown throughout the year to
keep up as today time enough daylight savings
time to time we see the observer
today the mountain daylight that the need that make this clear on the
clear it were to be the way you’re
saying to some of the year the creator and beat the time
for the very long time than the person year it would be
daylight very short that’s not happen sometime we
have these things that these
phones church is the north and
south pole the state 24 hours of
dayli the gate does not conflict with
the cold model than is something that can be
observed that is when we have the 21st
and the northwest of prefer all
sizes have come to the
conclusion that Israel is to
myself: okay t them at the south won that again
sentences with your idea that
this is just 24 hours in the
North Pole semis the suns were
we th that is again everywhere also
the same son than nine times of the six month
so again the conflicts fighters
mod by Friday and does not
conflict with mine nothing has
said it’s all the stuff we can
observe ourselves we don’t need
scientists tells me something
for system did that keep what
they say j gave us their observations that different traditions are
shown to them on my model I
explained how live beyond their
model that in that is not even explainable that the work that being so far
everything I’ve said this system
cells over and over again on
fires pretty simple , not any desires a point now
where anything is said conflicts the waves in the thing
that I’ve just explain that we
observe on a regular basis of them are ranking was
assistant can see from saving
off the home to in this day and I know I’m 1. because one a 1. Tires to stop, come on, the home
was the only show on this and Joe the one that lost money from
this and he was trying to tell
me that home that the suns the suns interception does
change and then than it does so mists of time and sold, and
they won’t tell you can tell
from a to the city after typing for them put some pixels
to prove that the means for the center of
the some changes size as the police have it work with your
system to make this very clear that
this was the newly because of
the gamut is the way from a song then it that an if you’re describing the
fighters that sun should not be itching
to use five and seven pixels I
mean you’re going to lose
hundreds of pixels those that would course of
minutes each and every the
street that I have 150 pixels
and lost that you were to be
quote unquote , and a distance not, not on
below the record, rising that the list of fiber Mac are a
major use this nation and the
better cue cards all hasn’t been the only to buy it if you only did the victory did
nothing just check out just what I said to quit you
think and see which one has to
go of the tape affecting the the second of the automation
picture making unread the basis
that is unless thing is is that
there not, the basin in the
evidenc that you want to assist me how
were all wrong than the reality
of it is we’re not that all the discipline to give analyst
and the lives of town the button for us too much that the car was an initiative and
hear you all are located to prevent other at-a the time of the NT, are there
does the Jose was in the firm in
the home and I’ll make this
clear to everyone before anyone
start that not a NASA I will take you that proved that are unsafe it
as a guy on the fifth then suddenly clear on talking
about the the odyssey coroner all other
craft the home the U.S. it would just think of
what I had to say than that if you wanna I get a few
having it was first told of-the subscribe to the crossover
message that you know what we’ll
see beyond the fish are among
the them a check in the spring is in
Maya , stations those down there to
check out the home the mothers a
readiness is my last memory of
the fifth on the fifth that would years as a
bit , and a thick yet though it’s been the
greatest is as Italian Jews up
with the electrons are a ton the the than in which are saying
earlier movement of a home that that was a sailor about
perspective in NS fashion bottom
up this is the stuff I’ve forgotten
continues perspective in and run
that the convergence and the
U.N. peacekeepers and the idea
an that has a perspective
disappears in the bottom of this
and saying only watch a plane
fly or rocket from takeoffs that we’re going to see them
disappear in the distance , bottom of natural , conflicts with how things work this out the new thing I do now is a conflict that doesn’t
doesn’t mess up anything I like
everything else are they so far
nothing conflicts with the other
but they run over themselves that
the the low deemed it exactly that than it does that all of us consider how to
sell right missing half and I have no air defenses and I are
so where do I don’t know any of
these people level of people are
talking about-run from July wh I don’t know who the hell
watches them to get shots as
they are unforgiving he said he has seen few of those the same day that before cannot
afford before we get before we
did unwanted no no attack and
personal tax, send a fax to the
man was a the long letters to the all- that make any sense the most of it the upper back to the schools that I think that your bad luck that she and essentially a proper to the the use of the bronco the love of the conveyor the many boats that if they are a lot of dress the than a year of a hell of a
moderate gains in the the city’s due to that kid is that is a problem
with that the then-close and direct opposite
of the fifth say enough good
night, crossed and city and the inability to fifth and will then be made the all his problem rob Stephen Ji did this whole thing and it
made all of fires estate in all
of the perspective of the home to use the lens that
that would mean he would have to
use 100 lenses to depict the
different atmosphere and
atmospheric than the reason why atmospheric
conditions are atmosphere topics
have nothing to do with why the
sunrise sunset this is what doe it because it doesn’t we have
the same sunrise sunset
typically the everyday that would have a different
sunset in different locations
based on their weather and the
atmosphere are not the weather
store at so somewhere is superb nominee that half of the those that the the the upgrade the people don’t they needed a job that use of
gray and the one side and they
were actually, you were alone
you wrote your michael’s office
of th the that someone changes said
mushers and overly integer
seconds, but on the idea that
the verve there are very smart buyers as I know because I
talking ideologist just talking
about one bad idea of some 24¢
he started off the deep that
problem that that’s almost unless a happens if they know physical the governors will that’s a bad is happening at
much everybody’s heard before the than one that would review of their annual deal, did he know he I
can tell he hundred he knows
he’s talking about the use of
low that made the SEC moves over to
the fires of weight is that he shouted as a person to start from the tone and we
are numbers issued a upgrade one talk-info-two from
an out than the the that that it’s off to a the only if it all the reader that the they were there that night right
with the whole loaf reminded the
observation with the ball in the
lives of Covington is far bet than in the most important part
is that the fires were saying they see the same face that’s as important as the
biggest part of it that the lesson of new leaders are
beginning to have been duped into the rear
of the dimension of the history
and the plated I play the cop-out-of his if you have soared that it’s so great, I played on
the part where three minded was
talking about the observation
and Baum 80 with the Moon and
he’s to see the same face the name itself skewed but was
to save face house the possible
to mike lee that’s exactly the fifth its back its audacity that he goes from that it’s as clear the decks fired as 247 in a
nutshell right there than it should take into them with controls into junior
incessant talk about them the the data are so few months though the reality that whole of the Bigfoot is actually
possible I’d look in ~ of effort actress was a to 12 care and made five 5th but
decimals things that I
personally think could be still
around that you do when you talk about
it that you won’t offer about it
seriously they were that the fifth the people decide I don’t I don’t usually I don’t count
will put fighters ers’ than the
same on the low as 247 which is
we’re just it’s a buyer’s server
b this then it’s very clear in Idi
deliver, go there I know you
could you had two of Las Energy that you don’t agree with them
they don’t want to hear they don’t want to be the one
the conflict or three guys are
the late dizzy native get the
guy that these are young enough
like than that of us think the fires
are then add a total of five issue
don’t go there because there
that way if you think anything
different in your fire for the
countr that it’s very much and it’s
very clear that fit the U.S. That will automatically appear like you
like your that in that clip that are taken
out of the vote is part of the
land they were told, I think he
owes time depressed someone else then you went the way Geo didn’t
answer the question in the day
of a survey of only about it
that was a jump on about four than that’s the problem and that it the things he purposely do that
too often has purposely giving
every time he would start on
Iraq, Iran and for stalking he
would cloak as a designer this list of
it should read needed to know though we know that doesn’t decide to do that
to you that does the lettuce and I knew I had
never, never heard Geo talk that they know the truth or falsity
of this will confuse me is not a
true for actions are as close to
question everything you brought the other day to use
it because it doesn’t get jumped
on me that your testimony because
you’re not being due out until
you’re the one side was that the
photos are in the junk bonds at
this the same that the fifth and that calls for new people the enough that the BB one thing that they
even a lot like allowed in the
back and forth dialogue of
different opinions that they can literally shut
down any difference of opinion there are those who was the house was crazy was like that of an Exe, Ronald excited as everyone a lecture universe
guide it is light but you don’t
agree is also might want with a
fifth-and 8¢ today is that it’s a market
there does serve with IE 500%
believe everyone deserves
respect until late in the close
at 247 as a their their few people are the
highlights but overall said
places are freezing cold that is
is a one sided battlefield do
not agree yo this worst old was far worse
than anything yet I think the ship the fifth and the fifth that frees me that is the second I realize this there’s bobbitt’s the fifth rose
bowl six months ago they are now starting to do this
the state of technical and will
rob serving in the reality is
that if you say it like, the two fires is that we’re
logged on Nicole if you just do
the simple observation that two
people at least to do than other than just the you’ll get more
answers and are trying to get their not did not look at it I
watched him is still blows my
mind to listen to these two
fighters there’s talk about the observation are
making that makes sense to them they be the fifth because you’re
refusing to realize you’re up serving
something that the globe this
plains the thus is another problem and how
perfect everything is that
that’s called system and that’s
how we noted where we live
because it to like the good and the and there is never name and
I honestly have this or I thought that are sure the majority to reverse
resolution fears on is far below has a guaranteed
now the heartlands the than they’ve been the guy and the idea that the critics of the notice
and this isn’t this literally is
in a lifer guest this question that all this is no one should
be dead than the CS difference of the for me it was that it was those of those that believe it
was well for me it was a belief
that it was a strong believers
trust me it was because I can understand
that what I saw boisterous what
I saw to believe as a and as a progressively
started understand things was
able to these things together
table PC no the fight to force all hole
somewhere in between the two
scripts despite what people like
to do this until this and if
someone’s the goal has a lot of problems
that a call from the mound that
faith and science is very clear
on one of the understand it or
no other others and Allison we
don’t understand why it happens
or sizes and show what happens the O’Dea the but but but but when you
have to say that you can say on one of those
are best for Gresham and science
and they see something we
observe that castro’s figure out that don’t know if it does not
count as anything that we know 100% to be never
changing that it’s important to
note to let it , who the salute the slight changes: runaway it
even more now that they could guide shows me in a
fire for this are the files of the
mustard on sat down and said was that these
observation their observations
we can make to come to a very rational
conclusion where U.S. That some happened for one it’s
very clear fish on the herbal
was like yet, fires has come for
me that’s their right fires and
s that it is there more side by
side test being #aside
observation area on it to take
down the whole though science
has all the mo that I am not III lev letters
they sound observations I was
able to make in understand you
don’t need the dollar’s you
don’t nee that the that the alleged the Biblical of war uses go to pay for 99 them to see a live for phone to set the minorities on by $1000 in
one of about one or months older
ones, there’s a lesson that but it’s
one that will will my dad home backing of like
IE the 30 years ago that surveyor
that might get to learn from the actually had to Seattleites
and are from my concern is
forties and he kept them always service,
serving in a New York then we
came out here for serving should
he have on settings given me so the minute span ESL routing out
the side of the phone that the
fifth and you have a day in the the using one of the Detroit won five of them on
day one that found the chance for mime
and what does that goes around a
set of some efficient than just
the look for antiques, surveying talent as though it is a piece
site from the early 1900s and
then it’s like to cite his lack
of many telescope basically
spend u time of us are roasted as the
fifth that it’s again the small thus only been none can bring
unwanted their day out looking
into the telescopes and that’s
as one of the same now I’ve
commente most bad as you that have the
sun it summarizes the Everett
for the sunset every night clears they are clears my
interview then on the medleys I see a light and
can show said that the contest
because of some looks like it’s
going behind a car rentals and
it’s those at the like will get more recent issue of faith as a
reward for the then I won’t let them do is I’ve
been waiting for someone to 900
that like to know there’s a lot
in that but the like and want your
rate of 3900 that no place the ira’s I have a
camera that I am so much for
actor was deserving of her
daughter is its A that city will the mountains are
amateurs , camera but it’s so that the digest the idea that does more than
amateur can do the runner stand
against so this only things play
with that they don’t ever really
c that has become a member of the
first time I heard you talking
about the mind and that is the
star situation there it was may insist cameras
of those people would know what was that had tried this that the that that II know exactly what they’re
doing as I tested this the fifth look so I would if I
did my camera then I learned that the
contract, is not about school
and click click the figure out
the exposure on another sharp
speed of what the Atty. for a fact that he
will star pictures were taken by
handheld cameras the fifth
taking pictures of stars like to
delega than I can show you exactly why,
then it’s rid of it was bad on
an itinerary like the one that that and I remember how many
times as like let us deal as you
can doesn’t work out a dozen work if
you’re trying to focus on start with a tripod into the
patient’s same time you’ve
almost after remote started
otherwise use for that is not the right to Seattleite all over Tokyu that the call that I you either have
a file that’s called unusable
that certicom the shooters question to you to the those that look as the center is as if
they’re taking correct pictures
and I’m taking pictures of the
innocent images of your folks as the Saudis of what every day for these pictures and that these these pictures are my
picture prove the hell they were
taking their pictures the fifth that this event ID money to
these pages long, if as part of it that though it than that they so polio that this is like a bases were
things that you to pull those of
the cars right than the that will be the father of a
virus to write off the end the year the the then -if that at the home crowd is
actually the nasty over
overnight on greater than the
ones who use them under present
some stuff, and than I did not miss on the
chance alone but that were quick tour of her they deserve the death of issues that seem to end the there were 2% no 22 the gambit they were prisons are they the fifth and then the the the Sur to shoot that the whole year, shoes and if
there’s a confusing and they’re
doing events, not by women or
start fifth that I’m not that term is
the fifth of notes blue that the appreciate the end we can
get in and Time Warner presents
the mail and am a long way to the head of our pass the topic
but I celebrated in under one
else that is the winner of the
still the still are remembering and
talk about the same for
meandering decides to figure out meander as were stoned on fifth
that it was a home that the the the the one that that is excellent than than their own kind it goes
everywhere right up and down and they’re not have that as a huge from fires this
the idea that the fact that we know that the sun and wind up the exact
time of the loss was the system
and the method me know that they be of Co. our summers and wonders how
they work that we know that sun doesn’t
actually move that does that
explain again but they’ll give
me a headache home that the that’s whole logic of that has
to be different than what
sciences is on the dinner stand it was a
starter to Venice are becoming
more and more clear what was
being just thrown out because
reasons them it has an answer to the Los the vacant by gravity for
instance the city’s ongoing face the even
if we know only 1% that’s what gravity is that still a ship turned more
then you know that it ever
really imagine when it comes
down to what we know to say this is the end than that the land that the U.S. Allies I would do that
with him for alleged mafia have
two months that if I wanted the
err, but this e-mail and go into takes it and spend all my back the that it’s the than the Fullerton is like the TV the body can have argument
for Sharma force because she
would have to invalidate one of the troupe
gravity for the one the Grammys the more than half the than I think of the more it that
show is more than 40 being
enforced off the tour De Force them that it would that we are you saying the the the are you saying that the staff used that them do not talk about
singapore’s feel the same that the president does it have
building evidence the daylight at how we in the
plaza that will they shoot out like that
the breed of like the home of an
untold story that the program than double what you said it
sounded more like you’re saying
that then plug it in a plasma Seattle at the unlocked that north orders a day so that’s where does all at once,
fearing another jump all over
his lawyer and that those days, the discipline in
the plasma then having a plasma field there, and those of photons to the wrong
thing that they were there and are not
been given a smiling than your this off as it will depending on which
one is of the three in the
tracks a light and on-canvas and
no arrests have led to the audit that was using the way down in
that I have is that we’re so on the thing is when a nice when
you say that though the firm one after saying he
doing there in the plasma the impasse and field that humidity the Visio are saying that we we
are the plasma that if you say, already works
differently and plasma I think
it just has to feel basically would you put a split you made this may just a
minute ago you said gravity
works differently in a plasma that than in the town feel for you
and try to save or the best moment that the new said it’s a gravity
works differently with plasma
the Alpha, fewer this partisan
thing the dad by Vincent and the other
day that Islam asking, and that the
only really in touch on the
water down the left than I have inherited different,
but for the slow nuclear wars on
fighting it the fifth the I
can’t find that have no clue
viola all this while woods was was
unsure about it is not just a different than
that just the images to a different meaning the mystics are different media
no the rights of its lead and
that’s the difference between oh the fact of the four a force
that I use of force the home vs. That this is planted that he is plus one that that’s the national anthem, what
happens the day that some tentative and then to be that your new terminology this is diverted talking about
something the missing is a nothing is
wrong on the same they needed to sciences for this
Friday same thing but not their than just a the question and the guy
believes that the hell we know
all the proposed an existence or are the titles of the day we
still have yet to tough as the if the the news about the future for a
fifth of this I just updated and
I did the incomes of this I was a
confusing and I’m just now
getting into the car pools and
how those things work, they, they expose on the console and 51 is a particle
we now know of or as a comical we made happen the the the the than half of the though we had to have this much
use for all together and give , now that’s how it works is
Monday or a mime Ide mine looking to
move into a light as if that’s how ours is that the only
way we know these things around
with them that if they have the receive his daughter led the
fifth the end the little as the data that would have the
amount that if anyone the the the half and all the then the the end the end of the tough if if if if if the that you might as you might be in the universe
the crazy than the scenes for an than the color the way I’m the very much visible and very
much visual CIA did I forget it,
because the guy I’m able to it
and they put the image in my
head on to its explain it back in the
fifth at the time to do at the
CIA team, the loan will the good thing is
is on pride in a ditch before
you pass out of the fifth that see the problem I have is that the head of the fermi Tony
the promises I have solarium,
use it as well as if everyone
else, so it’s not the enough to be the one you
want to be using solarium for
all these the games that someone in this area on the
slick the one I think I can do the
tutorial ship with the fifth
after right down to the head and
from noon to 11 the the that this would just move from up the if the the end if the the end that if the if the if the the the the the city and the office had the
tendinitis someone in the valve
on the hungry that and he’s the
home of running going for him than ours the frosty the home that appreciate your
opinion, the reaction in Georgia
strained the help of her time
enjoying the last in the fifth,
I d than the having the actual good
and she conversations arrival
times and the was greatly
appreciated the end of the more
than wel don’t those sizzle the idea of
the whole concept of this issue
being done on the air to the car
bombing on them as flashy sign of good side
wouldn’t there still isn’t as if there’s
no reason to , as soon as he and the ship’s
issue this year on them you just learn as one
colonel besides the fact that
this children than the PPM for it the their bosses that you still do something to
do the same time, then the fifth time the that if that the government on August 23 party that has brought
in from home to enjoy the
presentation of again, go back
and let me tell you presented
that use that I couldn’t go back and look
at them again in a sense if john
consist of enough that you don’t
know because III terms of the
times and the destiny of the
home of his talk about us is a strong
running so that’s the same vial
and in the idea of how things
work of the Des encryption me in on
the home when the idea of C I’m
a fight alive again until the
late tonight to fall licensable
in the dame will have a dell fell down after passes
win a seat in a menu of most
likely see me somewhere the home they employed at here for some
of the road again think you
appreciate, when in doubt, in
the loss of zero the record by the FBI the eye injuries that
integrate on the scene, do a lot
of machines that way where it’s
on to get the level of long st modern, fully slashed opening up
again on that play again that nothing was person’s any
one person that anytime that
issue I have was that’s taking away from what I
want to talk about and then I’m assuming most of us
were here and the home free sure those other guys are talking about it every day
nonstop so that can be a pleasant surprise
when you’re not having to hear
about the home video I was one of the most honest, this
thing out was the opportunity to
41 this test you know that’s right
and wrong with the observations
and they were or what fires is
trying to for time saying there seem worse
happening on as the can be easily explain
how strong their wrongs are
understanding is wrong and they
don’t have to be disrespectful that you don’t just not
necessary on some of us who like
that should show on the two
leaders are now there’s plenty
of launching the look as bottle of wine be
the end of the cane control
until they go home with a
citizen of the Helena, do
appreciate everyon the home every one of them, the
Graham of things to stop
monica’s users, by too much on a depreciating shop and in the
than the inner revelers on the thereby and should imagine,
thank you the home that it’s the only thing I Care
right now about people is respect and then information we get to that elusive goal
shooting times and another car
that had been telling up on one
type of her not to say that that
but that he respectful and most of
the facts speak to the issue at
hand this helps people with
helper cells understand the word
on n the the the end

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