The Two Legends | Making of Thugs Of Hindostan | Chapter 7 | Amitabh Bachchan | Aamir Khan

It’s been 30 years of my career… …and I’ve never had a chance
to work with him. So I used to sometimes sit
and feel that you know… …maybe I’ll never get to work
with Mr. Bachchan… …it’s never happened. So finally this time
we got the opportunity… …or I got the opportunity
to work with him. I was most excited about that. – I think I would like to walk…
– While you’re talking. And it should always be
a hiss of fear when he says… …now I also want to be free. Now I want to stay with Azaad
and want to be free. I have been such a big fan of
Mr. Bachchan all through my life… …and I don’t know if the present
generation would realize… …what it would mean for
someone of my generation… …to be working with Mr. Bachchan. So this is the first shot of my life
with Mr. Bachchan. Most excited. Sir, my first shot with you. Thank you, sir. He’s got an amazing aura about him,
Mr. Bachchan I have to say that it’s been
a really enriching experience… …doing this film with him
and working with him. He’s someone who’s very sharp,
very intelligent… …very warm and generous
with his co-actors. He’s got a great sense of humor… …he keeps the mood very alive
when he’s working. Check, check, check, check,
1, 2, is it coming? Yes. it came now. Aamir himself is a great human. He’s a writer, he’s a director,
he’s an assistant director… …he’s a producer, he’s a cameraman,
he’s a screenplay writer… …he’s a distributor, exhibitor,
marketer, all rolled into one. And at the end of it
he’s this brilliant artist… …so it’s difficult to battle him
in any sphere. …so let’s just keep it at that
and it’s been a joy working with him. I think he knows how much I love him
and how fond I am of him. – Oh it will come at 12:02.
– Yes. Okay. That’s my… – Oh it’s here.
– It came. I should be the first. – Did it come or not.
– Yes, sir. – Okay.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you. Sir, can I please have a photo, Thank you, sir. All the best. Get something done for this film. Oh my god! 500 can be done,
you make it a 1000 crore.

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