(upbeat music) Hey guys, how are you doing. My names Robby, and this is Hair Jordan. – Hi, what’s up? (rap music) – [Robby] This is my buddy
Chris, AKA Hair Jordan. He built his whole home by himself. – [Chris] I decided
that I wanted to be able to travel and still have my work space. So I built myself a tiny house
on the back of my minivan. – Chris is extremely good with his hands. So I gave chris 100 dollars
and 24 hours to put together the ultimate box fort challenge. Before we start, I just wanna say. Everyone go subscribe to Chris. He’s frikkin’ awesome. I can’t believe he actually did this. He put everything together so quickly. Anyway, Chris explain the rules. – Hi, I’m Hair Jordan. Robby and Lonnie will
start in different rooms. But they’ll be hand cuffed together through a hole in the wall. The first thing they have to do is find the key and unlock themselves. But that shouldn’t take long, because I’m gonna drop the
key right in front of them as soon as the game starts. Once they unlock the hand cuffs they’ll discover that Robby
is trapped inside the room, and they have to solve a riddle together in order to get the door open. On Lonnie’s side of the door, there will be a bunch
of colors and numbers taped to the wall. And on Robby’s side,
there will be a riddle that is clearly marked clue. As long as they know what
the three primary colors are, this shouldn’t take long. There’s also a short cut in Robby’s room. If he opens the door I
will give him a hint. But it’ll also send out the guards who will continue shooting at
them for the rest of the game. Which will make it pretty
difficult to think straight, or solve any riddles at that point. The other day Robby made a video running over a bunch
of stuff in his truck. At the end of the video
he ran over a unicorn and crushed the legs. Later when he saw the footage, he looked extremely horrified
at what he had done. That unicorn is going to be the key to unlocking the first lock box. Once they get the lock box open, inside they will find
a remote to a toy car. I have it set up so that as
soon as they pull the trigger, even if they do it by accident, the toy car will drive into
the middle of the fort. It’s hidden, so they won’t see it until they pull the trigger. The toy car will have the
final clue taped to the hood. As long as they can keep
their heads on straight, and work together, this
shouldn’t take that long. I’m kinda worried that it will be a little too easy for them. But, we’ll see how it goes. (dramatic music) You guys have 20 minutes. Are you ready? – Yeah! – [Chris] Three, two, one. Escape! – Lonnie, where even are we? Lonnie, are you, oh there you are. How’s it goin? – How did we get in the living room? – So, what have you got over there? – I got a two by four type deal. It’s not probably those dimensions. I was confused and did not
know what to expect at all. – I got a thing that says clue. And I’ve got a broom, and I’m
pulling the clue towards me. Come on clue. It says, answer correctly
to avoid something scary. – Oh no. – From left to right,
which three are primary? Which three are primary. Like primary colors? Like, that would be like, red, blue. I don’t understand. – I know it’s not green. – Maybe. I’m so confused. – Smart, clever. There was no key though. And what’s that thing
over there on two blocks? – That’s rope, and there’s a lock. So I got rope, got a ball,
and then I got a paddle. – Well there’s a ping
pong ball way over there. If I really put my mind to it, we might be able to get a game going. – (laughs) Oh, man. So yours is, so you have. A wrench, and then we have a paddle, oh. This is so weird. Okay wait, read yours. – So I kinda over estimated
what these boys were capable of. I did not think that it was going to be that difficult for them. – I’m not good at puzzles, nope. – So mine says, to avoid something scary, from left to right,
which three are primary? Left to right. What are the three primary colors, Lonnie? – I would say red. – Red. Blue. – Why don’t I know this? – Okay wait, is there anything that are primary colors in yours? – Dude. – It took Lonnie like, a long time to find his half of the clues. In mine I have a rope. – I have red stuff, everything’s red. – [Robby] Everything’s red? – Yeah, except the wood
and the ping pong ball. – [Robby] Do you see
anything that could be a key? From left to right, which. – Is that a key, or is
that a piece of garbage? – [Robby] From left to right,
which three are primary? – Hey, there’s this thing. There’s a key on the floor. – Okay, oh (beep) there’s a key. How did you not see the key? – (laughs) Listen guys. I dunno, I’m dumb. Technically, I didn’t have my glasses on. – [Robby] Why didn’t you play
with your glasses on, Lonnie? – That’s a good question. I should have. I mean, this isn’t a primary color. But I did find this key. – Oh dude, now we can unlock ourselves. I don’t need you anymore. – Great. – Can you get it off? – [Lonnie] Freedom. – Okay, we’re good. Okay, from left to right,
which three are primary? Wait, can I have mine back? Okay, left to right, to
avoid something scary. So, there’s a lock right here. So rope. Rope is like. Rope is four letters. – They didn’t work together
as much as I thought. Then Lonnie kinda just looked lost. – I play Iphone games, and talk to them. – How would I unlock the code? Oh, there’s another, oh short cut. Everything comes with a price. Open this door at your own risk. So if I open this door, then
something bad’s gonna happen. Oh, so this is a thing that I
have to avoid if it’s scary. That makes sense. From left to right,
which three are primary? I’m color blind. Oh no. So I have a ball. I have some rope. And I have a broom. Which three are primary? – Dude, how do you not see the tunnel? It literally says, tunnel
written right on top of it. – Ball. Maybe four. B a l l. That’s four right? Broom is five. Lonnie do you think I should
just accept the scary thing? – (laughs) Uh, I don’t know. – How’s yours lookin’? Rope is also five. Nope. Huh. – Wrong answer. (bangs) – [Lonnie] Wow! – (laughs) – Are you through the
scary thing, welcome dude. Wait hold on. There’s a thing right here. – What? – Find the hammer. – [Robby] Find the hammer. You gotta find the hammer. – Hammer? (fun music) – [Robby] Huh! Huh! This is so hard. – These guys are idiots. – Okay, I’m just gonna open the door. How do I open this? (alarm) Congratulations you read a clue. Now the guards are angry at you. Look under the chair. I really regret opening
that short cut door. Chair? What chair? Aah! What’s up under the chair? Aah! What’s in there? Do I open this thing? – Honestly, I was just trying to inflict as much pain as possible. And I think I did a really good job. – [Robby] What chair, I don’t see a chair. I don’t see a chair, aah! (laughs) I can’t fit through here. Oh, oh my god. – I was mostly aiming at Robby, because he’s my boyfriend,
and like, you know. – What chair? I’m so confused. Lonnie is there a chair
over there on that side? – Nope. No chairs here, Bob. (dramatic music) No chairs here, Bob. – Yeah. – I think Robby definitely
did most of the work. – Congratulations you read a clue. Ow, my eye! (laughs) Ouch. Oh! It ricocheted off me. Woo, look under the chair to jump off of. Under the chair. What does this mean? Look under the chair. Lonnie, did you find anything? – I see a chair. – When I found out that Lonnie was playing without his glasses, I basically knew I was pretty
much playing by myself. What are you gonna do about the chair? It says look under the chair. – I don’t know what you’re
dealing with over there, to be completely honest with you, but. – Aah! – They’re not the brightest
of people sometimes. – Where’s the chair Lonnie? – I mean, there’s a chair
in the room next to you. – Go to the room. – Oh, am I supposed to go in that room? – Yeah. Are there any colors over there? I was really depending on Lonnie to find the second part of those clues, but he couldn’t see anything. Aah! (dramatic music) Okay, I’m gonna try some codes. – All right, I’ve found everything. What’s under the chair. – Scary. Left to right which ones are primary? Which ones are primary? – Ping pong. – Hey, gamer girl. Do you know the difference between looking on top of something, and looking under something? – Robby, there’s a note on the chair that just says, ping pong. – [Robby] Ping pong? – Yup. – Glad, I’m still stuck in here. – (laughs) That you are. – I can’t, dude. Woo! Lonnie just kep reading
all the fake clues to me. What am I supposed to do with that? – Robby, we’re supposed to just
play ping pong it turns out. – Ping pong paddle. Okay, what about the ping pong paddle? – [Lonnie] I don’t know. – Ping pong. – Ping pong, that’s what was on the chair. – Ping pong. I am so confused. I don’t know. – [Lonnie] I’m still just
looking for a Hammer. – Aah! – After I shot Robby a certain amount. I would try to shoot around
Lonnie just to scare him, but not to actually hit him. – Wait so, am I supposed
to still be trying to get into this room? Aah! – [Tori] (laughs) – [Robby] My face! – [Lonnie] Bullseye. – [Tori] (laughs) I knew Robby could handle
it, because he’s a big, strong, muscular boy. (sad music) – (cries) What do I do? (cries) I’m so scared. I’m pretty sure I almost started crying. – [Lonnie] Do we have any idea
what we’re doing right now? – I don’t know what to do. How do I get out of the door? Did you find any clues for the door? – Uh, no. – Red, blue and green. I still don’t know the primary thing. Aaow! I didn’t get any kind of hint out of that. Look under the chair, and jump off of it. Lonnie, where the (beep) is the chair? – It’s in here. – [Robby] Then jump off of it. – Okay. – [Robby] Did anything happen? – It would appear not. – I just need to see in there. – Oh! – [Robby] Chair and jump off of it. – [Lonnie] Oh! – [Robby] Lonnie. You have all these
cryptic letters and stuff. – [Lonnie] I know, I
don’t know what else to do with what’s in here. – [Chris] All right,
your time is half way up. And there is another
clue that one of you has literally crawled over at
this point, and not utilized. – [Lonnie] It must have been you, dude. – Lonnie, what the heck? – Would you guys like a hint? – Yes please. – If something explicitly
says, it is a clue. Then it is a clue, it’s not a deception. But you have to read it carefully, and do exactly what is says. Good luck. Time’s half way up. – Well, I don’t understand. Lonnie. – All right, so I have a
piece of paper that says a bunch of Doctor Seuss nonsense. – Okay, what’s it say? – It says, I’ll eat all your
change but you won’t starve if you don’t feed me. I’m always there when you watch TV. – Oh, can you send me a picture of it? – [Lonnie] I don’t, I probably could. – [Robby] Send me your picture. – [Lonnie] There you go. – Oh, perfect. I eat all your change. Is it a piggy bank? Is there a piggy bank in there? – Nope. – [Chris] You guys didn’t
listen to me at all, did you? – Woow! – I’m gonna stop looking for a hammer. – [Chris] Do you guys
remember what I said? – Dude, it was really
hard when just everyone was aiming at me. – I feel like nobody was
really shooting at Lonnie, because they didn’t
really know he was there. – Oh, but this isn’t a clue. Oh, so this is to throw us off. So this isn’t a clue Lonnie. Ah! Lonnie what’s all that on the wall? – On the wall? – [Robby] Yeah. – There’s some shapes,
there’s some numbers. – I just need the numbers! What are the primary colors? So we got red. – Oh yeah, okay. So it’s 19, 28, 10. – Oh, I did it! We got it Lonnie. Ow, ow. Okay. God this is awful. Is this a taser? When I got out of that
room and found that taser I’m not gonna lie, I kinda really wanted to tase Lonnie at that point. (laughs) Ah! Wait so you were supposed to tase me when I went through the door. – [Lonnie] I would never do that to you. I thought we were friends. – So I have to tase you. – [Lonnie] Okay well,
this says number five. – This is also not a clue. – [Lonnie] Well that also
doesn’t say it’s a clue. Hair Jordan, you crafty bitch. – Dude. There’s so much stuff here, why didn’t you tell me about it? – [Lonnie] I was trying. – I really think they did a good job. – Okay, I’ll look through here. Wooh! Aow! Ah! What’s at the end of the rope? Where’s the rope? – Oh the ropes in here. – Check the rest of the rope. My PTSD is acting up. Aaow! Ah! – [Chris] So far you boys
have received two clues. You paid a high price
for one of those clues, and you did not read carefully. – [Robby] Ah! – Thank you Hair Jordan for blessing us with your obstacle course of confusion. I don’t know what you’re talking about. – [Robby] Aaah! It’s so scary though. – [Lonnie] Did you pay
a high price for a clue? – It was opening the door. – [Lonnie] Re-read that one. – Re-read that what? – [Chris] Re-read that clue carefully. – Look under your chair, jump off of it. Look under your chair, ah! I got a dart in my hat. So, under the chair. There’s a clue. Lonnie you! Why aren’t you doing anything? – I’m not the sharpest
tool in the shed buckaroo. – So clue. You ran over my legs, now magic is broken. Find me to two wheels
and the box will open. So we need the second wheel. To get on with, ow! Get on with this. We’re suppose to jump off of it. Okay, ow! You ran over my leg, aw! What magic? Lonnie, think about what magic is broken. Ah! – You know, they tried. And that’s important. – Maybe it’s in this balloon. Is it in this balloon? Ah! Aow! – [Chris] Five minutes left, the clue. Talking about something
specific that happened. The chair doesn’t necessarily
have to stay in that place. – Okay, so we gotta get
the chair out of here. Ah! Okay, have the chair through here. Ah! – I can’t help you go faster. Did you run over any animals recently. What’s the leg thing about? – Yeah, after a while I kinda felt bad, because they were kind of just stuck. So I was trying to help them,
and I did cheat a little bit. And I tried to tell them to look upwards. But like, no one was
listening, or looking at me. – At one point Tori was like, pointing up, and telling me clues. I didn’t even look at her, because I was scared
she was gonna shoot me. Maybe it’s a Poke ball. Oh wand. It’s a wand. – [Tori] The magic will open. – So that’s not it. 507. – [Chris] Wrong. (bang) Woo! – [Lonnie] Is there
anything left in there? – (laughs) I’m so scared right now. – (laughs) – I think everyone was just aiming for me. – I would hope that if it
was between me and then some like girl, that he would shoot me. – Honestly, I had a blast. I think I hit Robby a
few times in the head, so that was good. – I don’t think anyone hit Lonnie. He’s like, I didn’t even
know I was getting hit. – It was fun. – [Chris] Re-read the clue. – Who’s legs did you run over? This is important. – The legs that we ran over. Oh, in the run over squishy challenge. Oh the unicorn. – I would have never known that. – Lonnie, help me get the unicorn. You get the unicorn down,
and I’ll do this one. Right, legs. So the two wheels, ow! 707. Did you get the unicorn? – [Lonnie] Where is it? – It’s up there, Lonnie. – No I didn’t see it, hello. Yeah, I asked Hair Jordan later if that had been there all week, because that would have been funny. But he said no. – It’s up there. It’s up here. – Oh. – Look out. Oh, we got it. Lonnie. 507. It didn’t open. It’s not unlocking. – [chris] Is that box one? Other way, other way. – Oh it’s the other way? – [Chris] Yeah, pull it out. Oh, I feel so dumb. There’s a thing, and fire cracker. Okay wait. What do we do with this, Lonnie. Let’s look out here. Is there anything out here? Why is there? This is here. Where’s the? – [Lonnie] This is, seems
like not a whole car. (toy car whirring) – [Robby] What the heck? Final combination one. Wooh! What do we do? – [Chris] You have 30 seconds. – Eight, two what? – [Chris] You still
have not used the taser. You have 20 seconds. – [Robby] Wait, are you gonna tase me? – [Lonnie] Listen guys,
I would never do that. – Aow! Wait what’s the taser? What’s the taser say? – Uh, Robby you have to tase me. – [Robby] Really? – Aow! Oh! Okay, I don’t know how. – Me neither. – [Tori] All the way up and
then you press the button. Turn it all the way up, and
then you press the button. – [Chris] Three. – You ready? – [Chris] Two. – Oh! Did it tase you? – Aah! – [Chris] You guys get
an extra two minutes. But then you’re really done. – Okay, okay. So I tased him. What’s the hint? – [Chris] The hint is, you
get two extra minutes now. – Oh, okay. – [Chris] And that paper
you’re holding is a puzzle. – We have to put it together
to see the right numbers. – [Chris] Hold the paper in your hand. It’s cut up like a puzzle. – Oh. Oh. I feel dumb. I think I’ve figured it out, ah! I put this like that. Ow! Two, eight, aow! It’s not doing it. Aow, Lonnie you do it. – [Chris] Okay, I’m sorry your time is up. You guys did not. You guys did not win. This was a literal puzzle. So the code was 127. – Okay, let’s see what’s in 127. One two, oh it opened. We got this water bottle with the key. How the heck are we supposed to open this? We get the box cutter. Wooh! Woo, we got the key. Lonnie. The key. – I feel like I played a part in this. – Okay, ready? (dramatic music) Ready, one, two. Woo, we did it! And we only had like 20 extra minutes. – [Chris] Yeah, it’s done. – [Robby] That was crazy. Aow, I got shot so many times. – [Chris] I thought it was gonna be easy. – Yeah, that was kinda hard actually. – [Chris] Was it? – Guys I got shot so many times. Look at my back. – [Tori] Lonnie, look at it. – [Chris] Oh my gosh. – [Robby] How does it look? I can’t see it. – [Chris] Oh my gosh. – Is it a lot, or not really? – [Chris] You’re fine. Aow! Oh! Oh my god, that was crazy guys. – Unfortunately, you guys
did not escape in time. You guys were gonna be
awarded with this trophy cup. – Isn’t that literally Lonnie’s mug? – You did not win, so
the mug will be mine. And you guys walk away empty handed. Thanks for playing. – Sorry Lonnie, we lost your mug. (laughs) – What can you do? – (laughs) – They stole my whole
life, believe it or not. – Oh, okay guys. Thanks so much for watching the video. If you liked it, make sure you
give it a little thumbs up. It looks a little something like this, find it right down there. Thanks so much Chris for putting this whole freakin’ thing together. You did freakin’ amazing. This was awesome, I
can’t believe you did it. – Thanks. – Now I gotta make one for you. – Wow. – Thanks so much Lonnie
for helping me escape. – I did my best. – Great job. If this video gets to 10,000 likes I’m gonna make one for Chris. So, like up that video boys. Okay, everyone get over here. If you guys wanna watch
even more crazy videos, you can click right here, or down in the description down below. If you guys want this shirt,
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