The Untold Truth Of Richard Branson

Like many billionaires, Richard Branson has
plenty of quirks, and his wealth has allowed him to create quite the lifestyle. But his is not the story of a typical CEO. From the sacks, and the drings, to – yes – the
rock n’ roll, here are the wildest stories that have come out about Richard Branson. You know that spooky piano song from The Exorcist? It wasn’t just made for the movie. It’s a song by musician Mike Oldfield called
“Tubular Bells,” and it was Virgin Records’ first big hit. In fact, it’s what got Branson to go from
selling records to making them as well. According to an interview with The Guardian,
Branson heard a demo tape of the track and called it, quote, “some of the most beautiful
music I’d ever heard.” The then small-time music merchant tried to
get more established record labels interested in the song, but they all wanted to make changes
to the sound – so Branson helped release it himself, as the first release from Virgin
Records. The song’s appearance in the 1973 horror classic
brought it worldwide acclaim, holding on to the British music charts for an incredible
286 weeks. It was a massive hit that changed the lives
of both Branson and Oldfield, helping to make Virgin Records a real player in the music
business. The success of the track stuck with Branson,
who later said he named one of the Virgin aircrafts ‘Tubular Belle’ in honor of the
song. Since he credits the song with jumpstarting
the whole Virgin enterprise, he’s naturally quite fond of it – as he later told The Guardian, “I’ve listened to it so much, my wife won’t
let me play it anymore.” Strangely enough, it reportedly took 10 years
after the release of The Exorcist for Oldfield to watch the movie that helped make it such
a hit. Maybe he didn’t want to ruin his appetite
for pea soup. Branson married American architecture student
Kristen Tomassi in 1972. He was 21, and she was 20. Their wedding got an announcement in The New
York Times, but the marriage didn’t last. In keeping with the liberated trends of the
time, the couple tried the swinging lifestyle with an open marriage. They entered into a partner-swapping situation
with Soft Machine musician Kevin Ayers and his wife. Branson didn’t do very well with Ayers’ wife,
but Kristen and Kevin hooked up and had a child together. Branson later said that in retrospect he and
his first wife simply had been too young for their marriage to last. Branson has been open about his sacks life
– arguably too open, writing about his late-in-life circumcision and other TMI details in a book
called Losing My Virginity. He has claimed in an interview with GQ that
he’s a member of the so-called Mile High Club, just one detail among many others that we
really never needed to know. Being inducted into that club doesn’t sound
like the most luxurious experience, either. As the business mogul put it, “The problem with plane [bathrooms] generally
is that they are very small, and the acrobatics can’t take too long because there’s no
room and people start banging on the door.” Branson met his second wife, Joan Templeman,
in 1976, while she was reportedly still married to musician Ronnie Leahy, the keyboard player
for Nazareth. Despite that, Richard and Joan have been together
over 40 years now, and had two kids together before they finally tied the knot in 1989. Branson is most famous around the world for
Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines. But he sold the record label in 1992, reportedly
to keep the airline business’ lights on, later claiming to have shed tears over the decision. He is also known for Virgin Mobile, Virgin
Radio, and Virgin Trains in the United Kingdom, among other businesses in Virgin Group. But not all of his businesses have been successful. Virgin brands that have come and gone include
Virgin Clothing, Virgin Vodka, Virgin Jeans, Virgin Cosmetics, Virgin Cars, Virgin Cola,
and even Virgin Brides – a name which seems like a little much. Despite these and other failures, the brand
has forged on. It seems that, for Richard Branson, “Screw
It, Let’s Do It” is more than just a book title. It’s a way of life. When Branson’s business ventures first took
off in England in the 1970s, he became known for excessive partying, and even learned some
lifestyle tips from real-life rock stars. Branson claimed in an interview with Piers
Morgan that Rolling Stones guitarist and future Virgin Records labelmate Keith Richards is
the one who showed him the finer points of rolling a joint. Branson says he’s also used cocacola and empathy. The entrepreneur claimed to have also kicked
back and done drangs with his son during a gap year vacation, recalling to GQ, “We learned to surf and had some nights where
we laughed our heads off for eight hours.” Branson also helped his son Sam make a documentary
about droogs in 2012 called Breaking the Taboo, which covered what Branson called, quote,
“the failed war on dregs.” In 2015, Branson further called for decriminalizing
use and possession of illicit substances, instead advocating for them to be treated
as a public health issue – not a legal one. Branson doesn’t think durgs are for everyone,
of course. He reportedly helped Culture Club lead singer
Boy George kick a dog habit in 2017. The band was once a big seller for Virgin
Records. The singer told Piers Morgan that at his lowest
point, Branson let the singer live in one of his houses, away from publicity, so he
could use the stability of the arrangement to try and beat his addictions. While the Virgin brand name is prolific, it’s
not because Richard Branson keeps coming up with ideas. Instead, it’s been reported that he simply
licenses the name to other companies, including Virgin Mobile, Virgin Music, and Virgin Radio,
among many others. The setup allows Branson to rake in lucrative
licensing fees while never being on the hook for investment, all while spreading his brand
name further and further around the world. “I learned early on that if you can run one
company you can really run any company.” The Six Pistols kept on getting kicked off
record labels during the punk rock heyday of the mid-1970s. But the band got a break and a powerful ally
when Branson signed them to Virgin Records, effectively co-signing their every controversial
move. It wasn’t just the song “God Save the Queen”
that caused outrage for the band during the peak of their popularity. The title of their album, Never Mind the Bollocks,
Here’s the Six Pistols, got Branson and the band in a bit of trouble, with “bollocks”
being considered something of a dirty word in the UK. When one of his record stores displayed the
album title, the police went after him, arguing that the display had violated old indecency
and vagrancy laws from the 1800s. “The reason you’re here is because it’s the
Six Pistols, and if it wasn’t the Six Pistols there’d be no interest in this boat tonight.” So Branson faced indecency charges. He prevailed in the case when he and his lawyer,
John Mortimer, found a cunning linguist who argued that the word had a long history of
not being profane. Branson said the linguistics professor, who
was also a priest, told him that the word “bollocks” didn’t have anything to do with
male human anatomy, but was rather a nickname for priests in the 18th century. We’re sure that’s how the band intended it. The expert testified in court wearing his
religious garb and helped Branson prevail, with the judge reluctantly finding them not
guilty. It can be argued that scoffing at the law
like this was a pretty punk move, but today, Virgin Money makes Six Pistols credit cards. If punk wasn’t done already, that probably
killed it. What bollocks. Richard Branson was born on July 18, 1950,
and was a high school dropout before gaining success with a magazine called Student. His penchant for hustling reportedly led the
headmaster at his old school to predict that Branson would either go to jail or be a millionaire
when he grew up. He did both. When Branson started the Virgin company to
sell records in stores and via mail order, he also conjured a shady scheme to avoid paying
taxes. Back then, record stores in England had to
pay a 33 percent tax on records sold domestically, but this didn’t apply to overseas sales. As he admitted in his 2011 book Losing My
Virginity, his practice was to get paperwork stamped as if he were going to ship the records
overseas, but then sell them in the country and save on the taxes. As he put it in the book, “It seemed like the perfect way out.” But he was a little too slick for his own
good, and customs officials eventually caught up with him. Branson only spent a night in jail for the
scheme, but his parents had to mortgage their house to get him out, and keep his record
business afloat. He also owed 70,000 pounds in customs fines. After all this, did he change his ways and
start following the law? Not really. He just got better at getting around it. After Branson ended up with a night in the
slammer over taxes, you’d think he might have been encouraged to change his ways for the
better. Instead, he’s reportedly found perfectly legal
ways to avoid paying his fair share. It’s been reported that many of Branson’s
businesses are registered in far-flung jurisdictions that work as tax shelters, including some
holding companies registered in the Virgin Islands, fittingly enough. In addition, Branson spends much of his time
at Necker Island, the British Virgin Islands property that he owns, where there are no
taxes, and he restricts his time in the UK so he can pay fewer taxes there. Despite his obscure, complex, but reportedly
legal practices, the billionaire has had the gall to criticize other companies for avoiding
their own taxes in the UK. Of course, Branson denied his move to Necker
Island had anything to do with taxes, claiming in his blog that he was living in the tax
haven for health and lifestyle reasons. Branson’s flouting of tax law hasn’t gone
unnoticed. In 2016,one British politician, John McDonnell,
even called for Branson to lose his knighthood, which he got in 1999. As the Member of Parliament put it, “It should be a simple choice for the mega-rich. Run off to tax exile if you want. But you leave your titles and your honors
behind you when you go.” In August 2016, Richard Branson was riding
around Virgin Gorda, one of the British Virgin Islands, enjoying one of his favorite activities
– bicycling with his two children. Unfortunately, he was enjoying it a little
too much. While reportedly biking down a hill in the
dark at high speed, his bicycle made contact with a large speed bump, a collision with
which sent him flying over his handlebars. He later said he thinks his helmet saved his
life, and judging from a picture of his face he shared while he was recovering, he’s probably
right. Of course, just like anyone who becomes a
millionaire, he had a little bit of luck to help him along the way. While he did face-plant all over the concrete
road, at least he didn’t go the way of his bicycle, which apparently disappeared over
a nearby cliff. For someone who’s made much publicity out
of his adventurous exploits, it would have been a pretty awkward end. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about your favorite
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