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hi welcome to the video about music videos on this show we already have a few episodes up so check those out but right now we are going to talk with our special guest Lindsey small Butera how're you doing I'm doing pretty good meal thanks for having me no problem we're having Lindsey on because you're a friend of me but also because you are a really great animator you've done stuff like Batman Piderman which is a web series and also TV stuff for adventure time Clarence you have an Emmy it's true I do have one of those pretty good what is the music video we're gonna be talking about today so we're gonna be talking about Clint Eastwood by the gorillas which was their first single and their first music video they ever had I remember seeing it on vh1 let's say that sounds about correct yes and I still remember that like oh this is really cool animation style it's very it's very different for the time there wasn't a lot of that kind of clean super super detailed animation coming out so it felt new it did but it also reminded me a little bit of the Cartoon Network House style but growing up a little bit absolutely definitely lions and stuff I'd had a hanna-barbera sort of a spirit because they were like very comedic Lee designed there's a lot of exaggeration so kind of falls into that Jabberjaw gorillas to explain it to people who are and just like missed that boat have you been in a cave for literally 25 years they're a fictional band they're kind of like the Archies they're kind of kinda they're an animated band they're cartoons they're music videos are showcases for and for the animation and designs of Jamie Hewlett but you might also know from Tank Girl Tank Girl yeah specifically well I want to ask you I want to get your opinion is this well animated yes the the parts that I think I think when people watch it I think oh maybe it's not super well animated it's just because um of the lack of follow through on animation there's a lot of cycles and things like that and whereas the animation and the cycles is extremely high tear very very well done I believe by studio and there's just not a lot of it because I think since is this was their first thing kind of coming out they didn't really have the clout that they have now and animation is super money intensive super time intensive so they were basically whatever budget they had they spread it to get as much as they could so there's like lots of little nuggets of animation that are super great and like a little jarring and now oh wow that's so good but then they redo a lot of reuse there's a lot of things that just stopped short and moving and then our after-effects kind of across the screen I noticed they do a what was probably like oh this is a cool effect that will save us a little bit of animation yeah rock the time back and forth they like kind of reverse the motion and then go forward a little bit mm-hmm and there's a lot of CGI elements in the background yeah that was that was prevalent in a lot of their early music videos actually is the room enter a CGI which can feel really cheap at times but it works for this right I think so because like they're kind of the takes place in a white void which is interesting because it kind of props the characters anyway um and I think that's another reason people kind of write off this kind of stuff is it's cuz it's not so grandiose as a big animated film um but because it's in this white void you can kind of play with a mixed media approach I feel a little bit more effectively yeah so when you do see these CGI like gravestones which pop up part way through the movie you know they they don't look out of place and in fact they're it's like a very exciting they look like they're from mist it's like that level of CGI you know mapping but it doesn't look out of place so I think about that's a pretty cool part of it so let's start from the beginning it starts off much like thriller there's like the big red gorillas font and then there is a quote underneath which I think is from Donna the Dawn of the Dead yeah every dead body that is not exterminated gets up and kills the people it kills get up and kill Wow so true yeah there is a thriller element there is a Halloween I feel this video it's super referential there's a bunch of stuff like from 2d is even wearing a shirt that says T virus on it which is I believe it's a reference that resident you video game and once it gets to all the gravestones and like thunder and like Oh in the thriller monkeys yeah that's the most direct choreography in this cartoon but but it starts off in the white void and then things kind of take a turn when Russell the drummer is floating yes but it kind of becomes del the Homo Sapien yeah becomes the lead vocalist on the on the track he's got a great design right oh it's fantastic it's the best part of the video um in my opinion anyway and he comes back in some of the other videos too so it's like it becomes a sort of like iconic i watch the other one from this album and they also do that the same thing where the band looks like confused that he's showed up and they're in a white space yeah how do they how do they get to the graveyard it sort of pops up around them like they're the the money you see farther away there's a crack in the ground and then the ape hand comes up cuz Jamie who I can't get through in our piece without making a an ape reference the crack look cool that's a digital effect it was definitely CG it looks really cool actually there's a lot of fun use of like bright red in this which I think I assume is sort of harkening to the Dawn of the Dead sort of this stuff yeah it's the horror color yeah absolutely but there's some cool places where it shows up unexpectedly like in the way that some stuff is lit and then later on like the the ape bottoms their butts so that makes me say buddies on your shadow cancer glasses they just kind of come up from the ground like zombies yeah and then they do a Thriller dance dude there's a great animation of the deep coming forward and like they use it a few times so you can see it a few times I actually don't mind it you know in animation there's some times you just want to see something more times cousin is so cool yeah I think the aesthetic of them being almost like paper cutouts on a 3d background kind of lets you get away with a little bit more of that I agree I agree and then it makes it more special to when they do move really consistently and beautifully like there's a there's a sequence with them specifically with noodle running and then she does like a back kick of one of the apes in the face and they do a lot of repeat and going back and forth with that and playing with time there too but just even seeing a full run cycle after you know they're very still and like with 2d you just it's like a lip flap cycle for the singing and like or hand cycle on guitars so to see a full character emotion then and there's like really really good understanding of weight and really fun animation there so it's like the people who worked on it have like huge chops and yeah you know they just kind of had to be a little sparing with a huge test but this much money probably have you watched feelgood Inc recently it's not really recently well but that's a better production really absolutely that's second i'm is that the second album agreement and third that's running the demon days yeah so once the they didn't have for these firsts padam videos that they did which is like you know Clint Eastwood and 1999-2000 which is the one where they're in the CGI car there's kids everywhere it felt like they figured out what they were doing in the first one because I mean when you're making something like that like I mean cartoon bands we I know we were talking about the artsy other earlier yeah but it was like it's sort of a largely new concept in terms of doing something new media like that at that point in time so I do like seeing the evolution of it across time especially across the first three albums so it's really interesting like getting a Plastic Beach like finding the aesthetic there because there's still the nuggets of this first initial stuff where they're living in this white space and it's obviously like not a lot of money is here and they don't have like the same that they have now but as it grows they are still kind of harkening back to that you know that first where they started personally do you actually give a about like the backstory or the war on guerrillas not even at all I know a little bit about it just from I get to watch you know back on a load and feel like go through the gorillas spooky house you're 12 you'll love it it's like yeah it was like a stupid yeah well like Arg I bet you can't easy well Jamie Hewlett I think before you know gorillas came out I mean if you were in super into conflicts and a super nerd you knew about Jamie Hewlett cuz maybe tank are various other projects but kind of bringing that kind of like lowbrow pop art in the mainstream is actually really interesting and it got I turned a lot of people in on to that kind of thing where they've maybe weren't consuming art that way before so even though it's cartoons that kind of opens up a wider lends towards pop art which i think is a really important aesthetic to the band sorry it's it makes it very interesting in my mind the aesthetic of gorillas really perfectly matches the music right the mix of hip hip hop and pop music and British business is very yes yeah can you imagine like what would the cartoons for what's another what's another good band let's say Aerosmith it's a pile of animation if Aerosmith decided to become a cartoon band well it would be like you know one like beavis and butt-head when they do the music video for love roller coaster and it's like Alderaan kind of bad but also kind of good and you're like I like it question mark a little sleazy wrinkly guys like every wrinkle render and some might judge drawings yeah with very backlit with like hot pink that's what I'm thinking for arrows that there are other cartoon bands that are successful weirdly like um but in Japan like Hatsune Miku and stuff is so popular that even in America there's all these new Miku stuff but that's the only other real cartoon band after punk for a little bit technically they did making their own anime they did make their own anime but like all the music videos from that album are just clips from that movie interstellar 5-5-5 is such an incredible feat of weird animated film and like I remember seeing those it was so exciting every time they would come on because there's always like the mystery if you didn't see all of them it was clearly like a continuous story yeah yeah and I like that that's kind of the appeal of guerrillas too is they kind of feel like episodic they do have an episodic element to them there's always like some kind of a cliffhanger feeling like there's something that we're not singing yet that keeps you coming back the recent incarnation of the guerrillas you watched it yeah not a fan no I said it's a meal this morning over text because I was like look it looks like they look like sex robot dolls now well with that description how could you even want to click it well I'll throw up a clip and you the audience can judge for yourself have the gorillas been ruined it's I mean I don't I don't have a problem with the the CG versions of them like them being like drawn John 2d or drawn 3d does it that's not really the problem like because for example when they performed with Madonna it looks fantastic like they did a really interesting job with that and I was really revolutionary and fun but this morning I was checking out some of the new stuff I don't even remember what it was called it was just like they were in a dance club noodle is a lady now but she's very high she was wearing like a little cat suit with cat ears there's a fetishistic outfit it was just a little it's just a little strange we've got stuff for Murdock yes the sexes he's the one with the you know he hits his dick on stuff oh yeah there's a good Murdock dick shot in this every video there's a Murdock dick so yeah it's kind of Moses thing and my guerrillas it's kind of the perfect band too if you want to fall down a hole they have enough music videos and enough like material and there's books of backstory other comics I think they were at some point or at least there's like these big books they're full of illustrations that I'm sure there are comics in them but it's just like all this gorgeous art from Jamie Hewlett and like concept work and talking about like because each album has like a different story to it so yeah there's all this like fun media for garlic yeah so check out the gorillas if you haven't already they're they're they're a cool band they sound great and we'll be back with a different music video next time on the midnight society

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