30 thoughts on “The Village Green Preservation Society Kate Rusby

  • lol brilliant song and fun accompanying video but the line is "Antique shops and billy heads" not billiards as the video shows. A Billy head is an old English drinking vessel with a face on the front

  • hi there, thank you so much for putting the title of the show in your video description. <3 google wasn't helping me at all and i was hoping to find it online, thank you so so very much and i hope you have a good 2019!!!!

  • every time she says Donald duck it makes me laugh. poor old Donald. tehehe yeay strawberry jam and all its different varieties rock!

  • How sad that years after adding this to my liked videos, i return to find that accusations of racism that have now dominated and monopolized the comments section of such a lovely version of a wonderful song. John smith is either a: a troll. b: a cultural Marxist or c: exactly the kind of immigrant that doesn't deserve the freedom or sanctuary of the British nation or people.
    Celebrate our culture, strawberry jam isn't racist, don't engage the troll directly as he doesn't deserve your engagement, be proud to be British, polite, bourgeois, and beautiful.
    yours truly in despair,

  • Many, many thanks to John Smith (presumably an alias) for some of the funniest, most unbalanced joyless racist waffle I have ever encountered. The man is an absolute genius to find something offensive in a song that is a bit of light-hearted fun. Thank you so much for brightening up my day, although I strongly suspect that your own world is somewhat dark, being that far up your own jet-pipe. You are, Sir, a comic genius in the old English ethos. Congratulations, and long may you write such great comedy. Britain is proud of you.

  • Well, I find it funny and a bit amusing, good humorous poke in the ribs sort of thing. I suppose that one could say it makes fun of traditionalism, but perhaps it has a bit to do with Grant Wood, the American artist from Cedar Rapids Iowa, who also satirized a certain sort of person.

  • Blah blah, bickering with strangers online has been proved to cause cancer in laboratory animals, (picturing an angry rat on a lap top). I quite like this girl, I wonder, is she seeing anyone?

  • Thanks for making the video: I couldn't make out all the lyrics and your pictures helped me understand and enjoy the song.

  • It's crazy how some people just seem to get music and can come up with such amazing and downright genius arrangements of songs like this. Not just anyone can cover a RAY DAVIES masterpiece and have it sound just as good as the original!

  • The fact that so many people seem to miss the satire here is utterly mindblowing. This song is making fun, how on earth can you miss that given its origin?

  • Hi Kate Rusby Fans! We have the wonderful Kate performing live in Worthing 19th September, for more details click the link: http://bit.ly/KateRusbyWT
    Subscribe to our Youtube channel by 1st August for a chance to win her latest album "Ghost" 🙂

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