The War on Democracy (2007)

wladim Allah is going to enter a new Eva in which there will be prosperity for the people together with liberty for the people the question is why are we supporting El Salvador why are we killing priests in El Salvador yes sir is we're not now you be quiet president christianity is trying to do a job for democracy [Applause] America will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling our goal instead is to help others find their own voice attain their own freedom and make their own way this film is about the struggle of people to free themselves from a modern form of slavery Richard Nixon President of the United States once said of Latin America people don't give a shit about the place he was wrong the grand design of the United States as a modern Empire was drawn on the hopes of an entire continent known contemptuously as the backyard the extraordinary witnesses in this film describe a world not as American presence like to see it as useful or expendable they described the power of courage and humanity among people were next to nothing they reclaim noble words like democracy freedom liberation justice and in doing so they are defending the most basic human rights of all of us in a war being waged against all of us this is Caracas capital of Venezuela one of the richest countries in Latin America thanks to huge deposits of oil the rich in Venezuela live in leafy suburbs with names like Country Club their spiritual homes are Miami in Washington the majority live in what are known as barriers on hillsides in breeze block houses that defy gravity in the past these people have been invisible excluded from their own society today they display the confidence of those who know an extraordinary change has come to their lives this is Hugo Chavez president of Venezuela the voice of the Barrios Chavez and his supporters of 110 elections in 8 years [Applause] he's the symbol of an awakening of people power driven by great popular movements that are unique to Latin America it's no surprise that Chavez with the help of an aggressive media coverage has become a hate figure in the United States because what he represents is another way and a threat to American domination [Applause] all right now Hugo Chavez the criminal speaking criminal government of Venezuela offering the criminal the criminal is a criminal government my opinion in the opinion of a lot of people in our government who go Chavez represents an extreme threat not only to our nation but to our hemisphere he should have been killed a long time whom and anyone who blames other buy it buy it buy anyone want a cup of coffee yes madam elección hearing glazier secundaria do you want a cup of coffee do you want a glass of milk there when a glass of water English let me ask about you personally I mean traveling with you for the last couple of days I've seen a man who is clearly deeply committed to what you want for the Venezuelan people could you describe where that came from Yanis you know very boarding the campesinos he may talk of here in la belleza you're filming your padre the pla calso me powder in my way today hoorah hoorah li mi madre también un abuela Hermosa India camión Eau de amor me abuela m en CE o mucho que aprender de yeah la Solidaridad con los demás el compartir relp an un quando poco con el otro dentro say me feel ejército elekid a minotaur Meza Soldado yeah in a conseguir como leave our medium per se da cuenta de la verdad simón bolívar is venerated in Latin America as the liberator from Spanish colonialism Bolivar believed that freedom only came when people united against all invaders no matter their disguise today the people of Latin America are again rising up against an empire built on an extreme form of capitalism known as the Washington Consensus whole countries have been privatized put up for sale their natural wealth sold to foreign companies for peanuts in Venezuela they've said no more this is La Vega a barrier of a million people Mariela Machado has lived him most of a life she knows what it's like to be excluded in her own country great king el mapa toto Cerullo la casa convenient place Capital idea really hacia para cm area where Z and del gobierno nature and there were no Chavez no no sandy mo in blue even Azusa this is called a mission it's a kind of parallel government designed to bypass the old bureaucracy and deliver real benefits to ordinary people this is raw democracy a triumph of the grassroots today they're discussing the dream of owning their own homes for the first time to opportunity to you know look at you at the net disability era McEntee to lose a tienen la propiedad but a woman in South Paris an El Camino de hecho que por muchos anos yo niggas Sol mi important 16 oh so true they receive 82 low and utility my boy in no Vendela sam la parroquia porque de puesta de otra cosa mccrory a loud one is a co natural barrio soon after Chavez was elected in 1999 Venezuelans voted on a constitution and this little blue book has become a best-seller ever since this is one of a chain of supermarkets set up in the barrios funded by the proceeds of oil here prices are kept low and on the back of every rice and soap powder packet I printed people's rights under the Constitution doesn't really mean something to you to see a lo de que teníamos derecho como quiero true Pharaoh yes take a no-brainer tick you lo new arrow venti tray verdad que no habla de la de la política Nacional de Lacy open vida yo soy esto por lo menos otro new entry Rio democracia rhodesia su trabajo the land to the Metro a block Kamala ha Lincoln son definition SNC arunoda facility Valhalla vida que estamos llegando la Villa de gobierno del pueblo por el pueblo para el cuello I'm associated a included O in the Wallace don't annoy a crucian an enormous area don't the raining of our Lord is my nose for some of his supporters Chavez has not gone far enough familiar obstacles remain from the past a stifling bureaucracy and widespread corruption and although poverty has fallen dramatically in recent years it's far from eradicated when you drive in from the airport at Caracas the one thing that shocks a first-time visitor are the barriers the numbers of poor people why is it in Venezuela which earns so many billions of dollars in oil money that there still is this poverty in spite of all the changes you've made poverty – hola sigue siendo pobres si yo siempre latigo no hair mo sir Rico's nuestro Hetty Vojnovic es a material Fe beard Ingraham Entei claro salir Dara PO brezza in salir de la miseria sobre todo y de beber beber digna mente es lo que tivo no convertido en millinery o el American Way of life no yes or no in bacilli Dada a certain religion poco para por que el tema drop agresa um al que somos muy sensibly y el que no tiene la mayor parte de nuestra lucha de todo via the daily struggle is made easier here 10 years ago this clinic would not have been dreamed of now all over Venezuela ordinary people have free health care many seeing a doctor for the first time in their lives for the first time children of the poorest have a full day at school and at least one hot meal a day they're learning history and music and dance often for the first time and all of this is free under the Constitution the poorest housewives are now paid as workers Ramon you in a Bama stalls no Cooper more company okay there is now close to full literacy thanks to classes like this catering to those like Mavis Mendez age 95 now reading and writing for the first time see if we can move super Nanosuit the Luna cappella mentor I cannot take my hole in palaces ya playin da mucho mas okay new climate and young gobierno no job for a poor volunteer for the way Oh golly like Linares pienso que lo que tarde para super are so moved [Applause] this is east caracas home to some of the wealthiest people on earth and what they call here the middle class I dropped in on John Vinc who agreed to show me around his grand house wow this is such a striking house thank my goodness thank you yes you've been here long have you is this is the family home John think has travelled the world collecting object have you collected all like that the silverware chandelier is that yes that the dead one I brought from Spain yeah this is a collection of dead blue that's why I have them over there so they don't break this is from Peru it's silver but you're you're thinking of leaving yes hmm yes why is that situation of the young the country it's getting they day a day by day worse and so in what way can you in the political way yeah we thought that this gentleman that's now in power that he would change the whole situation because it was a mess yeah but now it's a whole mess John Vince view is echoed by Venezuela's powerful media mostly privately owned it combines banality with hardline and he Chavez politics decision as officials assuming a similar okay so Salim are cont no sense yeah mental control total poor part al estado de la so Sarah boy I mean a number of journalists now say well there is censorship they have been censored how can that be they speak out every morning they have their shows every day they speak out you know constantly against the government every day I mean how can they say this I don't know if you have seen the program and spends Tuesday's looking at these channels and tells it there's no censorship in Venezuela you just have to sit down and see those opinion programs between six o'clock a metronome or evolution Rondo deficit a nasty case oon a second difference see opposite the fundamental meant a collapsing asesina I mean I don't think in any part of the world you hear the things that they say about President Chavez about his cabinet his ministers the governor's the policies whatever I mean it's even obscene in some that in some ways it seems to me that everything including the weather is being blamed on mr. Chavez nobody blames mr. Chavez for the weather because it's the only thing left which still works okay all the other thing fell apart entirely we are talking here 1914 Bolshevik Revolution Russia this is what's taking place here and if you go wait a minute look we're sitting here in your wonderful apartment overlooking Caracas in Venezuela see as a pacifist and and if you're comparing this with the bullshit Bolshevik Revolution there's no there are no revolutionaries banging on your door and none of your companies have been invaded your good life hasn't really changed it hasn't changed dozens yeah but as I said before it is now on a wait-and-see position if I had come today on a two-year contract as at 18 1976 I would fulfill my contract pack my luggage and go because I don't see any more future his critics accused Chavez of building another Cuba of being another Castro and although he recently announced temporary presidential powers that bypass Parliament he maintains that his aim is solely to speed up reform the irony is that unlike Cuba capitalism has never had it better here at the Caracas Motor Show Ferraris and other luxury cars are sold smart restaurants and private golf courses and weekends in Miami are booming what this class has lost is political power over a huge oil economy I think Venezuela because it is an oil economy it's middle and upper classes are very much biased towards the US and the American Way of life in a way they think they are cosmopolitan they don't feel that they are from this country of that country they belong to the world they belong to this kind of a privilege people of the world Miami Miami New York Paris we we adore Miami Miami is our second home we discovered Miami because Tiana formerly was the you know it was a village and we were so rich you know we went to Miami both houses apartments bungalows boats cars everything we got a Manny we were there were so many and so we we are very US minded in the old Venezuela the United States played the part of a mafia Godfather the deal was simple for supplying endless cheap oil the Venezuelan rich kept a large slice of the profits the election of Hugo Chavez end of the deal obviously Venezuela is important because they're the third largest supplier of petroleum I would say that mr. Chavez and the State Department may say this probably doesn't have the interest of the United States at heart we have been concerned with some of the actions of Venezuelan president Chavez and his understanding of what a democratic system is all about today he's a retard Chaka Khan el imperio provide inevitably yahia Casablanca de la mano a Clinton supporter LFO know our you mr. Clinton how are you mr. Chavez de nosotros kitra tomorrow impossible a hacer una revolution sin joker con el Parian impossible in Washington and Miami and the country clubs of Caracas getting rid of Chavez became an obsession in early 2002 secret plans were laid by the Venezuelan opposition with the media leading the attack by Uganda momentum in Quito do every a move elegantly shown in fabric aunty Chavez protesters took to the streets their anger inflamed by the media the campaign to overthrow Chavez came to a head on April the 11th 2002 an anti Chavez protest march was called in the center of Caracas [Applause] what they didn't know was that there were too much as that day the other one was led by Chavez supporters outside the presidential palace known as miraflores the two rallies were supposed to be kept apart but then an extraordinary series of events unfolded without warning the opposition marchers were redirected to the presidential palace by one of the organizers Palacio de la Mancha el Palacio de miraflores people tried to stop the March from changing course but the organizer was having none of it Lisa no divine amandajoy e – manda en tu casa está program mal is about as amid a flood the opposition marches were suddenly herded towards government supporters as they approached the palace shots rang out they were being fired upon by snipers who shot them one by one many with a bullet to the head soon afterwards these pictures began appearing on anti-government TV blaming the shooting on Chavez supporters on a city bridge done with the car gondola service automatically we also sell you million it's okay Yamamoto field however as this camera angle reveals there were no opposition marches on the street below the bridge what the TV pictures did not show was this the people on the bridge are clearly trying to protect themselves crouching down to avoid the bullets of unknown snipers above them and anti Chavez police units below them the people on the bridge were actually defending themselves Anto sarah communist ona dec de combate the control EKU harto adam BM plan difficult to / plan difficult oars within hours these military chiefs appeared on television they to blame Chavez and his supporters for the killings it was all a setup the CNN correspondent in Caracas Otto new-style later revealed that the generals had recorded their statement before the shooting listen the March services management of glorious Valu Muertos yep Aronson paint the military's gentoku from shadows in control championship rescind its approval a chassis and an abort Okamoto a V&O me alone solo myrtana chi y todos de como esta soon the presidential palace was surrounded by renegade army officers inside Hugo Chavez was delivered an ultimatum resign or be bombed one of his cabinet ministers broke the news holy become anything getting evidence to get the formal take that no I get a new CEO Palpatine they're not a museum okay [Applause] the plotters announce that Chavez had resigned he hadn't he was kidnapped the following morning an unelected dictator was sworn in he was a leading business man called Pedro kimono una fiesta Jovie to sa programa quando EU ethylene and super Amadeus or me let me go utility need el comedor e como cathedral Thomas even in our case una cosa más a rocketing my Jacomo this en menos I'm an SEO and we were in Venezuela in one amazing Proclamation democracy was demolished piece by piece say stupenda de sus cargo a los diputado principale hyssop Lente's 10 MP julien taissa cargos allah heat a momenta ocupados al Presidente de mama he traveled el trabajo de como alpha K general de la república Alcala general della repubblica al defense or del pueblo de los miembros del consejo national electoral [Applause] Houdini there lo que si decreto no so no sweat afuera question lo que nosotros vivimos ese momento por que no amo el pasado la prisión a la lucha [Applause] in the united states the broadcast media carried the same pictures and the same story used to justify the coup the Bush administration made it clear it is happy with a change in leadership in the country responsible for 15 percent of America's oil importance Anthony Mason has our report in the end this is what triggered the overthrow of Hugo Chavez armed gangs loyal to the Venezuelan president firing on thousands of anti-government protesters after 16 people were killed and hundreds wounded last night soldiers surrounded the presidential palace at the White House the spokesman of President Bush rather stamped the story let me share with you the administration's thoughts about what's taking place in Venezuela we know that the action encouraged by the Chavez government provoked this crisis the Chavez government suppressed peaceful demonstrations fired on unarmed peaceful protesters resulting in 10 killed and 100 wounded that is what took place in a transitional civilian government has been installed back in Venezuela three years of modest democratic reform had been overturned una alarma que toma de comunicaciones pero esto no voy al ejército de la semana is the only power todo esto y una foto of me you happily Cassio the plotters and their friends had everything to celebrate or so they thought the next morning distraught people began phoning one of the independent radio stations still broadcasting but hope had not gone the truth began to emerge that the resignation of Hugo Chavez had been faked his wife Maria confirmed this in a call to the radio station I see porque yo nunca me and the people in the barrios started to fight back down from the shanties they came to rescue their president you can't decide inside so strong hundreds of thousands surrounded the palace demanding the return of Chavez faced by such people power the army turned toda la fuerza Romana noventa y ocho por ciento de la fuerza model todo el pais areas Amado a'ready tirado Surya al Todd a la constitución be gente para su Allah Allah Constitution de la república Poli Bella [Applause] rode on by huge crowds the presidential guard who had gone into hiding retook the palace and the plotters flame muchacho look police and military attendance room in a flurry invented a system in your mouth for total area I can a Thomas all yeah he's looking ammo I can personally cocktail when you name it cook there immediately given me the Florrick yeah it ok h ow it's a pharaoh now right the gloria brothers oh my god just 48 hours after being kidnapped Chavez was back in power caro-kann approve a Suprema el golpe atado de abril de menos Fujio precision arrow may I borrow 10 sec live a morir el pueblo vienna Solano's los pobres sin armas se fueron por ciento de Mille a la calle por Millhone a pedir por una vida ya pedir que Volvo Chava entonces yamanami que da manha de respuesta es o sobre todo que that he can let todo lo que me quedo de vida I say Pueblo Soviet order of MA necesito so the total of my polling as ordinary Venezuelans celebrated the defense of their democracy some of the leading plotters fled to Miami and within days it was clear that Washington had cast its shadow over the failed coup the Bush administration had gone along with the lies of the plotters we know that the action encouraged by the Chavez government provoked this crisis as the CIA documents show it was fully warned and you all about their conspiracy Washington claims that it warned chavez about the coup this is denied by the Venezuelan government Washington not only knew what was going on it was backing and funding the coup indirectly documents recently released show that the Bush administration channel millions of dollars to the Venezuelan opposition in the months leading up to the coup the money was handed out by its principal aid agency US aid and an organization called the National Endowment for democracy during the the six-month period prior to the coup in April 2002 the US government invested more than two million dollars into financing these organizations that they knew at least six months before we're planning to overthrow the government you're essentially saying post hoc ergo propter hook because it happened I don't stoke I don't understand that just because it happened after we provided support to these groups doesn't doesn't mean that it happened because we suppose four hours of these groups it is a logical fallacy we didn't we propose we would be very open and transparent about what kind of support we provided through the National Endowment for democracy and other institutions in fact the National Endowment for democracy handed out money to groups whose leaders were given cabinet positions in the short-lived illegal regime an official in Washington explained that this was merely part of President Bush's freedom agenda but I want to just be very explicit about this because because there is I think it's very important and it's in in the interest of fairness to understand that the United States did not support that coup President Bush has promised to rid the world of evil and to lead the great mission to build free societies on every continent to understand such an epic lie is to understand history hidden history suppressed history history that explains why we in the West know a lot about the crimes of others but almost nothing about our own the missing word is Empire the existence of an American Empire is rarely acknowledged or it's smothered in displays of jingoism that celebrate war and an arrogance that says no country has a right to go its own way unless that way coincides with the interests of the United States four empires have nothing to do with freedom they're vicious they're about conquest and theft and control and secrets since 1945 the United States has attempted to overthrow 50 governments many of them democracies in the process 30 countries have been attacked and bombed causing the loss of countless lives in my lifetime the following countries in Latin America had been assaulted by the United States directly and indirectly the government's replaced by dictators and other pro Washington leaders one of the first to be attacked was Guatemala one of the small countries of Central America known dismissively as banana republics [Applause] this is Guatemala City as seen from the air people who live in the city dress very much like the people in our own southern states there are many churches and people go to church regularly they speak Spanish of course as most of the more of Spanish descent in fact most of the people of Guatemala are not of Spanish descent they're indigenous Mayan people and very poor in the 1950s two percent of the population of Guatemala control the natural wealth in collusion with giant US corporations like the United Fruit Company which dominated banana growing on the board of United Fruit was John Foster Dulles who happened to be US Secretary of State his brother Alan happened to run the CIA both were Christian fundamentalists who regarded any opposition as the work of communism and the devil in 1950 this man jacobo árbenz became the first Guatemalan leader to be democratically elected by a majority of his people who saw in him the hope of social justice he was the Hugo Chavez of his day what was going on in Guatemala is that there was a democratically elected president in 1950 Jaco Bob and Sue you sought to institute a series of New Deal style reforms in which the state had a greater role in both developing the economy and redistributed wealth the centerpiece of that was a land reform a Ben's was far from radical his land reform policies were modest but Washington was having none of it Howard humph was then working for Allen Dulles as CIA so they said a decision has been made at the highest levels of our government to rid Guatemala of the our Vence regime and we would like you to participate in it you will be the chief of propaganda and political action in what a mall of what the CIA did was mobilize every facet of American pop power didn't just isolate quantum Allah militarily and diplomatically but it used the techniques of social psychology in the nearly year-long campaign which created a sense of crisis in Guatemala what we wanted to do was have a terror campaign to terrify our beds particularly terrify his troops much as the German Stuka bombers terrified the population of Holland Belgium and Poland at the onset of World War two and that's what they did so that the United States could control the economy of Guatemala destroying the dreams of its people we sowed confusion through the countryside and of course we had by this time we had aircraft flying over and dropping leaflets and doing a little harmless bombing a little harmless bombing and a CIA terror campaign cost thousands of lives our bends the Democrat now branded a communist was humiliated strip naked and photograph before being forced into exile Richard Nixon then vice-president of the United States flew in to congratulate the new dictators general Reyes Mundt was to be one of Washington's faces of Liberty during his time as president in the 1980's thousands of people were murdered by death squads most of them indigenous men women and children his guns and helicopters came from the United States President Reagan flew in to warmly endorse the general whom he described as a man of great personal integrity in the CIA we didn't give a hoot about democracy I mean it was fine if if a government was elected and would cooperate with us but if it didn't then democracy didn't mean a thing to us and I don't think it means a thing today the crushing of Guatemala was Washington's blueprint four years later Cuba just 90 miles from Florida threw down the first direct challenge and in Cuba's humiliation as the North American colony a playpen for drug barons and the Mafia Washington would never forgive Fidel Castro and the government aegis we had task forces that were striking at Cuba constantly we were attempting to blow up power plants we were attempting to ruin sugar mills we were attempting to do all kinds of things during this period this is a matter of American government policy this wasn't the CIA Cuba's achievements in health care and education are widely respected however for not bowing to the greatest power on earth the Cuban Revolution has paid a high price a 45-year economic war waged by the United States and the loss of vital democratic freedoms how dare you 90 miles from my country the last 45 years with a different form of government how dare you haven't allowed American corporations to buy you out how dare you continue this arrogance that says that you will never succumb to us don't you know who we are don't you know who these corporations are don't you know your life would be better if you could drink alcohol every day what justified the attacks on Cuba and other Latin American countries was the so-called Red Menace we all know the atomic bomb is very dangerous since it may be used against us we must get ready for it first you duck and then you cover and very tightly you cover the back of your neck your face propoganda like this excused every American invasion every toppling of a government every assassination every act of terrorism the real threat was an orchestrated paranoia in the United States that became a super cult called anti-communism the true goal of the United States government is control and they feel that that if the United States did not control the governments of Latin America then somebody else would and the principle of government by the people for the people other people that is just that's just silly this is Santiago the capital of Chile in 1973 the National Stadium was turned into a concentration camp as a military coup backed by the United States overthrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende the leader of the coup was a fascist General Augusto Pinochet who rounded up a yen day supporters and brought them here a young medical student Roberto neverett II was one of them these changing rooms were used as what when you are imprisoned here they were used as places where people were kept inside here 50 or or more you can see that there was actually no room to move around here even even all these places were full of people sleeping here and there were no blankets or anything even some people actually slept here there were no there was very little room when they started to torch you or yeah what did they do to you then the techniques they used we're beating you especially in the sort of places where it could become very painful with a rubber truncheon and especially the genitals and the soles of the feet and you know the arms and various places over 2,000 people were confined here many of them never to be seen again Victor Jara was Chile's greatest balladeer his songs that celebrated the popular democracy of the government of Salvador a nd he was taken to the stadium where he was a source of strength for his fellow prisoners singing for them until soldiers beat him to the ground and smashed his hands in his last poem ugh 'old out of the stadium he wrote what horror the face of fascism creates they carry out their plans with knife-like precision for them blood equals medals how hard it is to sing when I must sing of horror in which silence and screams are the end of my song after two days they killed him how I was 18 yeah just the fear that you experienced there is that something that imprints itself on the rest of your life yes but we felt it was part of what we were trying to build in this country what they were trying to build was a just equitable democracy that took control of Chile's economy from the United States and its proxies for the invisible people of Latin America Chile under a yen D became an inspiration in Washington President Nixon secretly plotted to destroy the Chilean economy we're gonna make the economy scream said Nixon in Santiago General Pinochet America's man sent in his British made bombers against the presidential palace it was September the 11th 1973 a date that held an infamy and irony 28 years later my wife and our children were at the house and they had a marvelous view of the of these planes winging over and then dipping down and sending their bombs into the money from inside the palace a nd refused to leave true to his promise not to surrender the government for which the ordinary people of Chile had voted he broadcast this last message then he shot himself with General Pinochet in power Washington again denied it had destroyed another democracy we have no contact with any of the people that carried out the military coup and therefore the coup that overthrew Ali nd was done without conduct at contact with the United States a very different story is told by these secret documents in October 1970 the CIA cabled its man in Chile it is firm and continuing policy that a yen D be overthrown by a coup when that happened three years later a US official cable back to Washington Chile's coup d'etat was close to perfect fascism is a word that's often misused but you've experienced the real fear I think so I think when when did you realize that you were installed by fascism when did it manifest itself I think it was it was evident from the very beginning to just the ferocity the sheer brute all that they use the disregard for any kind of human dignity I mean their aim was really to made you into a thing in I think in order to protect themselves because if they made you into a Sikh then they didn't have to have human feelings towards you they dehumanize you from the very beginning once again a Latin American elite was delighted to be rescued by fascism a country has to be well set has to be well run well worked and see that everyone doesn't work because what they don't and that came too close to the dogs this is the one man has been able to hold them I don't believe there's any touching down in this country but did you understand one thing why torture somebody when you can shoot them this is where they tortured and killed them Villa Grimaldi was once a palatial home in a suburb of Santiago under Pinochet it became a place of horror today it's a memorial to its many victims serra de Wit then a student activist was a survivor what was the date that you were arrested do you remember oh yes I will pick up on the 3rd 3rd of April 1975 7 o'clock on the dot so the junta had been in power for about 18 months yes so when I realized you know of someone who what I imagine it was a gun you know my back and saying and said we don't make any noise don't try to run because we will shoot you you are coming with us in a strange wooden tower like this in spaces the size of a dog's kennel people were tortured to death they tell me this room you know they were punching me hitting me grabbing my nipples telling me that I was a whore so they asked me to take off my clothes and they tied they tied me up and then I they can give me electricity now the electricity was all the time inside my vagina in my breasts and then it was going round you know around my body my legs my arms and well they did that you know they would stop asking me questions you know and then fashion me everywhere shouting abusing and then they would go they continue with electricity Duane Clarridge was head of the CIA's Latin American division in the early 1980s she lay the only reason it exists is because of Pinochet at a huge human price human price give me a break the thousands who were disappeared as murder thousands you count on what thousands well I've seen truth Commission's I've seen their names in the cemetery in Santiago you're saying yes thousands well there aren't thousands sir there are thousands each name documented by human rights organizations some of them remembered here on the memorial wall at Villa Grimaldi do you have a couple of friends there like Josh yes yes I have friends mainly people from my training you know I got very same a girl there a Jacqueline ruiji another one Cecelia Lorraine she was pregnant Cecelia three months pregnant when they took her they took another woman Elizabeth the Drecker she was seven months pregnant she went missing as well doesn't bear thinking about it no because sometimes you know I think about what were they feeling you know when they were being killed and wide you know and well sometime I think I said I think too much and I start feeling you know like the pain what do you feel when you are being killed and in such a way that I find it when I find frightened they lick you because you wish you know that you could have done something for them such the isolation you must feel totally I don't know I don't know what do you think really learn very very much alone it was a period in which almost everybody in the present situation regards is a dark time in which the CIA played a major role that's right they may have played a major role in over overthrowing what's his name what's his name was Salvador Allende yeah fine he was democratically elected right okay is that okay don't overthrow a democratically elected government is it okay if it depends on what your national security interests are are you denying that Pinochet caused huge suffering I don't I I you giant by that he committed crimes I agree but it's worth it huh is that what you're saying those crimes are worth it sometimes and unfortunately things have to be changed in a rather ugly way live on a meter on by the late 70s most of Latin America was controlled by dictators including those like Pinochet who are openly fascist all of them were backed directly and indirectly by the United States they sent their henchmen to be trained here at the School of the Americas in Georgia officially it was described as little more than a Boy Scout camp teaching American values such as respect for human rights in fact from these manuals were taught interrogation and torture techniques major Joseph Blair taught at the School of the Americas in the early 1980s the doctrine that was taught was that if you want information you use physical abuse you use false imprisonment you use threats to family members you use virtually any method necessary to get what you want torture and killing kill them killing if there's someone you don't want you kill them if you don't if you can't get the information you want if you can't get that person to shut up or stop with what they're doing you simply assassinate them and you assess assassinate them with one of your death squads this is a death squad in action in El Salvador actually it's the National Police many of whom were trained at the School of the Americas here on the steps of San Salvador Cathedral they're gunning down mourners attending the funeral of Archbishop Romero who was murdered as he said mass on March the 23rd 1980 this man Robert Dobie song gave the order to kill the archbishop major dobersen was Washington's dirty secret in El Salvador he was trained at the School of the Americas according to the truth commission and a whole swathe of human this is where we're going you're wasting my time well that's all bullshit those people all had agendas so it was bullshit that the Salvadoran military were murdering people I bet you can't count more than 200 in the whole ten or twelve years we can count 200 in this one village alone they were mostly women and children systematically murdered in just one day and night in December 1981 in the village of Elmer's ot the killers belong to a special battalion of the El Salvador army trained by the United States there were few survivors look for a star tell me on dope for mis hijos no lost area where velocity really hard yo let's see I can memory dia que ellos llaman nos get that underneath pesos when the CIA kissed a non-metal de las líneas from the notch a Syrian agree personally knows in a deep darkness with my mask yes whose purpose you're taking the stuff from these propaganda mills and I'm not interested what one of the propaganda all these things is true thing and all that there's nothing but propaganda mills do you really think no so they all are they all calling us lying as Amnesty International Amnesty International's right the millet during the 1980s the years of Ronald Reagan in the White House a trail of carnage and grief was blazed across Central America I reported America's war against Nicaragua which had the temerity to overthrow a Washington back dictator Somoza the CIA attack Nicaragua with death squads known as the Contra why did Washington attack such tiny countries because the weaker they are the greater the threat people who can free themselves against all the odds are sure to inspire others what right have you when I mean you the CIA the United States government or any foreign power what right do you have to do what you do in other countries security interests but that's a Divine Right isn't it because all the people that you do it to have no say well that's just tough we are going to protect ourselves and we're gonna go on protecting ourselves because we end up protecting all of you and let's not forget that right all right no I want will intervene whenever we decide it's in our national security interest to intervene and if you don't like it lump it get used to it world we're not gonna put up with nonsense and if our interests are threatened we're going to do it in Guatemala the United Nations described the Washington back campaign against the Mayan people as genocide an American Roman Catholic nun sister Diana Ortiz experienced this at firsthand as a missionary in 1989 after speaking out about the brutal treatment of the indigenous people she was kidnapped in 1989 November 2nd I I was abducted and I was put in a police car blindfolded and taken to military installation in Guatemala City known as the politécnica which still exists today I was taken to a basement and I still remember to this day upon entering the building clandestine prison hearing the screams that people being tortured for 24 hours she was tortured and gang-raped during her ordeal she identified the leader of the gang as a fellow citizen of the United States I came out a totally different person but also with new eyes and more attuned to the hurting the brokenness the the oppression the deceit of my government I've heard people say that what happened in Abu Ghraib is an isolated incident and I have to just shake my head and say you know are we on the same planet you know aren't you aware of our history you know it's a history taught in the classroom about the role of the US government in human rights violations by the late 1980s Washington's policy changed dictators like Pinochet was seen as an unnecessary embarrassment a new and innovative way of controlling nations was launched good morning and and welcome it's good to have you all here to help celebrate the launching of a program with a vision and a and a noble purpose the National Endowment for democracy is just as we've been told more than bipartisan the establishment of the National Endowment goes right to the heart of America's faith in democratic ideals and institutions it offers hope to people everywhere like any new brand it had a snappy name democracy it was largely fake an illusion of marketing and spin this brand of democracy meant that whoever you voted for the policies will be broadly the same and your country's economy would be in step with the United States Washington will be your closest friend or else in the 1990s these democracies in name replace dictatorships in Latin America with Chile providing the model this is the commercial center of Santiago Chile on the surface today everything seems normal modern prosperous to the Bush administration Chile is the very model of economic success a laboratory experiment according to the magazine Businessweek much of life has been privatized there are now billionaires and the rich are getting richer Pinochet fix the country who say the United States no the World Bank says the inter-american Bank says everybody says it he brought about an economic miracle in Chile and I was saying he had the brains for it but he had the brains to hire all these people Chileans who had studied at the University of Chicago who knew something about real economics real economics were advocated by Milton Friedman an extreme right-wing economists at the University of Chicago Friedman was invited to perform his laboratory experiment on the economic life of Chile the families of the tortured and disappeared were silent witnesses without irony he called his experiment shock treatment thank you all very much it's a an honor for me to be here to pay tribute to a hero of freedom Milton Friedman he has used a brilliant mind to advance a moral vision we have seen Milton Friedman's ideas at work in Chile where a group of economists called the Chicago boys brought inflation under control and laid the groundwork for economic success this is the other side of the economic miracle Chile today is a deeply unequal Society this shanty town is just minutes from Santiago smart hotels I tend to see Santi I merely missus empty look Houdini yell k trauma Helen no I'll cancer para nada he come keep a gala Luke on Cape angle our I can complain yeah KK complain d Anya Mantella mama D CK opa-locka mira los ninos they don't diss record in a doe we found this couple living and freezing in the shantytown they're homeless and have a week old baby boy we don't poco within genetic condition van pasado el frío la noche de la noche en para condition Akana Sodra 3 gente que no simplemente no no no Alex Ranchero you know very sadistic chili on our reputation companies Rico chili is a democracy now in theory a complicated voting system splits the vote and discourages real reform it's a product of General Pinochet based on a constitution that's also a product of Pinochet the general may be dead but the power of the military remains it's all very modern the media is safe and many believe it's wise to be silent like the graves of their forgotten compare treats its Washington's ideal democracy logic Tallulah 200 éxito and chile de el punto de vista de aquellas table co un modelo politico-economic oh so she al que todavía perman si Italia do porque any sense eeeh no se cambiado la constitución que imp you soul addicted ora MN o co chanta no no so so no person hablo democracia porkita's a palpable start on man yo see ah decay no Nocenti Entei aqui a luna persecution contra los padres y no es a in chile en toda medical a tina esta pasando es yo creo que lo gente que tu dia sabe que este punto de seguir hace para rent RNR una cosa es yo pienso que el pueblo a despot are Y da da Tata cuando this is Bolivia another laboratory experiment the majority of the population of this spectacular brutalized country high in the Andes have also been invisible until recently the indigenous people the Aymara and Quechua carry memories of a culture and civilization and wealth long before the Spanish arrived 500 years ago they remember how a single hill of silver underwrote the entire Spanish Empire while they became the poorest this is the National Congress of Bolivia until recently the faces here were almost all white the descendants of a tiny Spanish elite which plundered the nation's riches and reduced the indigenous majority to surf them it was a pattern of control repeated all over Latin America the pattern has been broken in Bolivia with the rise of social justice movements of a kind never seen before and his Democratic home is not Westminster or Washington or any other so-called model but in the streets the mines the Barrios the fields governments that defy this popular power this true democracy do so at their own peril this is El Alto the highest city on earth and perhaps the poorest the occupants of this cemetery on the roof of the world are mainly children protected they say by the sacred mountain Allah Manu El Alto overlooks Bolivia's capital of Paz one delphine a priest and a taxi driver has lived here for most of his life it is honorable in Kenya this same interior King Olivia de Luna Norton Adele Alto Akina Trista Margutta I the total typica Stannis's hermanos just mignonette to see her after will hear well as Muertos Gaston simplemente rather be more low-key esta are you inclusive enough Emilia seven you know toda la familia for falta de trabajo por faltered economy three mirrorless Passos see Lavinia no esposa so she hos yield time in 1700 Carlos came as mr. see when I first came to Bolivia in the 1960s El Alto barely existed the million people living here are peasants run off their land and miners made redundant by policies similar to those imposed in Chile infrastructure that didn't make a quick buck was privatized the message was clear sell it strip it or scrap it the indigenous people were scrapped porky mostly windows see auras eco-silver déjenos liqui nacido pero por que estoy pidiendo Lemos por que se tenemos mas por nada no se tenemos Plata or a todo teníamos the spork ECT masu free andum and yet the people here have held together this sense of identity their community in the year 2000 the people of Bolivia's second city Cochabamba fought an epic struggle to win back their most basic resource water from a foreign consortium dominated by the American corporation Bechtel and they won three years later in 2003 Bolivia's power brokers were about to get another shock this is Gonzalo Sanchez de la serda known as Goni he was brought up in Washington his English is better than his Spanish then um here as el gringo Gordon Thomas is against the autumn know it so better be home – Oh baby table spoon of poetic opinion okay that's Lucas when gurney was elected president of Bolivia in 2003 he backed a law that amounted to a fire sale of the country's resources almost everything was up for grabs including Latin America's second biggest gas reserves the und LaPenta sabemos que tenemos gas assisted Indian allosteric stirring hear it in akhira Stetson is tangram listt mientras yo mr. Costa nomicon Lena the MPS la guerra is there in procure most manifest Amasya pero hasta cannot respond the people of El Alto fought back blocking the roads leading into LaPaz Sibiu okay Tennessee dije que no value Namaskar ASEAN la gente es el Diablo care in a hospital as mo Villa Dada's no pero sir said oh yeah como CDC intensity can Gurney's response was the traditional Latin American way he sent in the army to crush dissent scores were shot dead many were brought to one Delphine's church toss messes NHRC estaba aquí los meses estaba aquí los Calaveras los caliber stocky entonces akitoki inclusive los muertos está con cleverly misuk eran las fallas las cuales loss a car only tarantula he had at least apparently Thomas era yet again lucky who the doctor estaba en esta aqui tens of thousands of people poured down into the pass like the people of Venezuela as barriers demanding the return of their president they demand of their country back if the rich and powerful of Latin America had a nightmare this was it the pronto-si vehicle Guanabara news yet or kanessa oh my god own como si fuera algo nani mo party else away Clemente race opera sake para sacar lo I lament Kearney fled to the United States and it's today living in a smart suburb of Washington in October 2004 the Bolivian Congress ordered his arrest on charges of bloody massacre George Bush has said governments that harbor terrorists her as guilty as they are the reduced dose Caridad Stannis hace el Escudo cannot be toda la seguridad this extraordinary mural was painted by Juan Delphine it's a cry of freedom from an entire continent toda mataró para nosotros defend hemos st pueblo de maras este problema con el pututo que defendants nosotros con expression de la vez con el Puno que tenemos manis on the stove and era canister with peril and their contra Conoco does country stats Unidos it is that sonidos lemon very special news contra estamos nosotros porque international chest hace esto you a spoon Amelia important parasu cuando Brahmas c ester's master yes Thomas ah see in 2005 the people of Bolivia took a historic step for the first time ever an indigenous person was voted president in a landslide like Chavez in Venezuela Evo Morales offered a new democracy and a new beginning he's here emotion he todos in peace a mother Jonathan Siravo las fiestas Syndicate a crescendo SATA propoganda todo continente de américa latina El Caribe Priscilla tones or America Yamina Paso record Eno America latina de de Bono's a day at a brasilia montevideo la paz y por toda la de un favored s atado unfair world in Latin America there's now a host of leaders offering new beginnings of course history is crowded with heroes who offer new beginnings the respectability of great power and it's games and deals and plunder always beckon if these new leaders succumb their biggest threat may not be from Washington but from the people on the hillsides in a little tent oh and just like the river ever since it's been a long long time coming but I know Shea's go oh yes it will it's better the sky it's better law I'm coming if you drop an uneasy ho parametrically yes a lucha you know elementary child it's a legitimate HIV hub Rio Hondo commit blow Hamas again and say man you tell him very uh no echo Charlie acuña sotto llegó la hora del gran despertar yo creo que Victor ooh terminabro soy muy Victoriano Victor ooh describe aquella no I nada Tom poderoso como la idea Kuya epoca a legato el imperio americano josephine eleven ponerse al mundo bueno el imperio la ley del agua la de la Justicia the leaf litter me da Mucha Gracia John good to see you again what happened here at the national stadium in Santiago Chile has a special place in the struggle for freedom and democracy throughout Latin America and the world the vow is never again and yet it has happened again at Guantanamo Bay and all the other secret places where imperial power regardless of its democratic pretensions hides and tortures its perceived enemies the questions raised in this film are urgent are the lives and dreams of the ordinary people of Chile like the people of Venezuela like the people of Bolivia like the people of Nicaragua like the people of Vietnam and Iraq and Iran and Palestine expendable with only a few seconds on the news if they're lucky the answer is no and those who see the world through the eyes of the powerful should be warned people are rising from the tyranny and Oblivion to which we in the West have consigned them indeed their resistance is well underway as this film has John I would say it never stopped and is unbeatable somebody keep telling me it's been a long a long time coming but I know Shea's Golkar oh yes it will then I go to my and I say brother help me please but it was up not there's been a law a long time coming but I know Oh

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  • This journalist Pilger has a great method of questioning people with whom he disagree. He let them talk. Other left journalists usually argue with right-wing people, this one just let me talk, so we can hear what they really think and how dangerous they are.

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