The Window Cleaner of the World Trade Center (2001)

In the field of window cleaning, Roko Camaj had literally reached the top. He washed the windows of the World Trade Center: New York’s tallest skyscrapers. A job with a dizzying view. Almost two years ago, he told me proudly about his work and his building. Since the attacks, I regularly thought about Roko …and then suddenly I saw his son on CNN at a shelter for concerned relatives. Roko washed the upper floors still by hand …and he was on one of those floors Tuesday when a plane crashed underneath him into the tower. His father had told me about the dangers of his work. When in 1993 a bomb exploded in the building, Roko was also at work …and his son is sure that just like then he can again be proud of his dad. The CNN reporter is deeply touched. And I think of Roko’s last remark.

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