you are now listening to the Lance curve show the boldest spot on internet radio they are fought and we today continue to fight because we're not sitting down where we are fighting the fight is never over only that a lot of us don't recognize it but we've been pushing and fighting hard to reach what we act right now because we did fighting us and that's what I said is the other day I said it is the saddest thing for me I don't know about for anyone else because there is no test that has been brought upon the black woman the black man the black child there is no test that has been brought upon you that you will fail you are a goal and you believe you are dirt the finest-quality goal but yet you believe that you are dirt because there is no other nation on earth could withstand and come true what we have gone through as a people and still survive so tell me that you are not the finest-quality go because how do you process go when you find gold in its raw form you must put it to fire in order for heat to reveal itself because what is gonna happen is the gold is gonna float to the top and then they did this the dross is gonna go to the bottom that means stuff that is no quality okay so your twenty eight karat gold and you don't know that believe in that you are dirt the silicon you see you see the big and a lot of us wouldn't even stop and think because we get caught up into the gadget the gizmos and everything else that is going on but the reality is when you really stop and look at it and you say what does look at what has happened to our ancestors when you start to really look at some of the slave narrative and see even the pictures the hangings did this did that and all the other things that has happened and how they did women and how we think as men and this is what I go back again because the black men as black men we need to get it together and I'm talking including myself because the reality is the black women is always trying to protect us but we don't realize that we don't realize that because the fact is that now when your wife sometime don't want to Dubois Street she know that you might not come back home because of the police and the way the system set up they break the black woman to break you and me this is what I'm saying that's why when I when I when a sister have our son she tried to protect him even to the point some time a lot of our boys become a sis's so to speak because the fact is because it's a protection mechanism that that kicks in because she knew that the moment he go out there and and display any kind of man would what the system is going to do to him that's the reality that we're not seeing so yes the black woman is always protecting the black man but the black man is not protecting the black woman because sometimes we are in we are in so much ignorant and darkness because a lot of us a lot of us has not learned anything so we grew up in this ignorant frame of mind we might see your father beaten our mother and we are saying to herself listen women need to be beaten they you thinking like why is this man abusing this woman why is this man doing this you don't think of breaking the cycle you think of continuing the cycle because to you the ignorance is locked up inside of of us and we are not acting in a question because nobody teach us to ask question and that's why because they know that if you don't break the woman because the woman is the most important person in society but the European flip it around and us and make we think that the man is the most important thing in society if you look at a lion pride who do they hunt it not the male is the female they know how to control and get the prey the male is the protector yeah well well look here look here look here look here it is the biggest tool it is the largest tool of the enslaver because once a person have the mind exactly this is what I'm saying is that's what I said when I tell people and I said I'm gonna change my name entirely why because people look at me why go through the trouble I said why not because the moment a person plays is named on you or me John Peter Paul isn't that the way they say a man will take a woman the woman change our name and guess what you are the owner for now that's what the system tell you now if you sit down and look at the situation and measure it out okay like I said a lot of time our wife started a lot by the time actually do way more than we do me you will go out and we do hard physical work but usually when you around the house if you watch your wife she never stopped working okay it's a reality you know look here I have to deal with realism because like I tell most people a lot of men say I didn't grow up with a father I didn't grow up with one but you know what the mother that I had I always will speak about her maybe we don't agree on the things that I am aware of because she's still in the belief system which I'm not but I'm gonna give credit where credit is due I've watched this lady raise four children single-handedly okay and discipline them do everything that is necessary to bring them up right and but the thing that I am most thankful for I was in a village setting I grew up in the the way you grew up in Africa in a lot of ways because everybody knows you within 20 square mile wherever I go in that 20 square mile everybody knows who I belong to what family I belong to and anyone that is older than you could discipline you back there that's how it works so what I'm saying but my mother was the main instrument of discipline okay when my mother said to you I'm gonna discipline you boy you better beware and if it's a month later you didn't escape it's what I'm saying but what I'm saying to you is that we can find excuses to say why we are not a certain way but the reality is what I'm saying is we as men black men need to go back in our thinking reservoir and we gotta shed all this European mentality and the European mindset of how we think that's why now even a lot of reggae music I don't listen to them anymore because the way that it describes women you know you know I don't ascribe to that it talked about you know the girl and you know they is this most of the music is this is about this sexual way of looking at women and if you if you if you learn as I said to stop living in your lower self and look at our sisters in the way that it's meant to then it's a whole different relationship you develop because now you can sit down with a sister and have a healthy discussion with a sister without thinking that way yes exactly so but the reality is that this this European because they will have sex with anything anyone doesn't matter what it is who it is that's their mentality that is never African mentality even when you look at Africans and then people think about you know they will say well some African married how many wives why does African man used to married how many wives a lot of times is not enough men took because life is important for hit to continue so they look at it at a whole different level from me you everything we think about feelings and love and all these things that's what we learned from the European because we don't even know what is love you see what I'm saying exactly we don't know exactly all right tell us something funny you know what I tell people I said my mother never told me that she loved me my mother never I have never heard those word for my mother and I don't need to because all of the things that she did in raising us as children tell me everything I need to know you see what I'm saying is now sometimes I will hear a sister saying and and sometimes your sisters talking together and there was it oh you know my husband Nick buddy he don't dis and he don't that and he don't tell me he loved me and whatever whatever and the other sister will turn and so on you got a husband that go to work everyday he come home we cut the yard he makes sure you know you have everything you you need and this that and the other and want and the sister we said but yeah you know say you need to hear it and I'm saying to myself why do you need to hear it when he's showing it this is what I'm saying is because of a world that you have been brought up in and that mentality that they have enforced upon you by their imogen what they put on TV what they put in books for you to read and so when you read these things and reinforced them in your mind a lot of times you're not thinking that you're doing that but I say and this is my thing I said can you heat food and tell me that it doesn't affect you just like some people said I watch TV but it doesn't affect me you're lying to yourself it's what I'm saying you're lying to yourself because I said the funniest thing is sometimes you watch people who watch certain show and their behavior started mimicking the show and they don't even realize that that's the funny thing about it you know I haven't watched TV in probably close to four years and I don't miss it I don't miss it this is there's one in my living room sitting there and I'm telling you it's just a dust collector but I don't think I mean maybe I should turn it on and see what's going on I I hear more than what most people hear that watch it because you always hear people talking about what's going on and that's how it's always been how people used to learn before you get a television people talk the newspaper somebody says this him and you went there and they keep passing passing passages exactly not communicating with each other but do you realize that what these people are doing they set up the means for you really not to communicate anymore because everything is a text okay I often say another watch and I noticed this I don't eat in restaurants but sometimes you know I might have a meeting with a client they say okay let's meet at Panera Bread and discuss this and I will sit there and I watch these people and you will see six people sitting around a table and everybody have a cell phone in their hand doing this no personal conversation is taking place so I said one day you know most people gonna get up and they find themselves can't talk anymore they're gonna be because exactly the controller is taking away your skills to communicate and to think and the reason you yeah yeah your vocabulary is becoming is shrinking your brain is shrinking because you are not feeding it with the information that it needs they tried to rush into Africa no they're not trying to rush my brother they dear let me tell you something when I first went to Ghana my brother I have never seen so many white Jesus and I've never seen so many Church seriously I mean there's churches and I mean these churches are big and some yes and sometimes you will go to a village and and that's why I said it's just to see that the mindset of the people how they have these people in a lot of them in a tunnel you go there and the village is not in the best of condition but you will see this church and the church is nice pristine and huge you see and you will see their bill in these months sometime they had it on to these churches because these preacher in Africa is also trying to go into the megachurch business it's what I'm saying it so these are the things what is happening but as I said the black man until the black man learned to stand up and realize what has taken place with him then nothing is going to change because the fact is now when we recognize and give because again if you go back to Africa it's not the man who choose is not a man who choose the choose the next king is the women who chooses the king okay and that's from ancient days but here women didn't always have the right to vote it was always the men who had the right to vote and you had to go with it susan b anthony and women's suffrage and right for women exactly exactly that's a flip-flop right that's what I'm saying the African women they had these things they they were in charge of things that's why you know the people think that the Queen Mother have a lot of power you see people don't realize these things we don't realize and recognize these things so those are the things that we have to come to and we got to go back to that's why I keep action people what was Africa before colonization what was Africa this is what I'm saying it you have all these queens like queens being Anaya and all these different Queen these queens used to go out and fight actually literally carrying a whole army behind them so the thing is that women had power you see that's why Queen nany that they had in Jamaica was so powerful because she was not just a quitting but she was also a spiritual warrior this is what I'm saying is these women had didn't know how there was well-trained military trained so they had these disability disability has been taken away from our women and now that's why when Sierra's our ally write the book what is the war between the black man in the area the black woman there was no war this is only what the system created and fabricated against African people so until we move our self from and recognize these things I said no no no no no no we don't we never had no war you create this among us you had a war with your woman are your woman at a war with the white man because the white man didn't give her a no privilege she was just treated like dirt all the time African woman was never treated that way exactly so that's why I said we need to go back before slavery because slavery is not where we started from we've always been here we've been here for millions of years but the reality is that we don't recognize these things because who taught us these things no system has taught us these things so where we go back we'll go back to the root of the tree where we come from to get educated in who we are that's the only place to find it because this system is not gonna do it for you this system get everybody else to try to trample on you that you will never come back to your glory this what I'm saying is but as I said now they see that things is flipping and flipping real fast everybody's running to the door of Africa and say oh we want trading partner with you now because they realized if all Africa come together what the hell are they gonna do what the hell are they gonna do that's why you have the African ambassador still in Africans in America and in all the Diaspora you need to start to invest in Africa because we want you to help to build the infrastructure you are the children of Africa you have all rights to it and that's why we are inviting your home to come here and help to develop Africa so if the fact is that now when these people come to the doors of Africa you can determine if they come in are they don't know that's it yeah you know so the table have to turn sometime because these people think that it's gonna continue that way but the funny thing is whatever you sow you're going to reap right they know their day is coming they know it's not that they don't know they just hope that that they don't live to see it well now let me ask them cuz everybody can't go to Africa what can we do what can they do work in the black man on the back black woman do here boots on the ground here in the US or or or in the Caribbean or wherever they are well what we can do here is a coming together as a people what I'm saying is that all of us came will it let's say take upon go to Africa but what we can do is invest in Africa right because you take your money from here and you have to get with the right people while genuine you have to put research into things not because a company say I'm pan-african and I want to go develop Africa you have to see people who already put in the work and there's actually a lot of African American you know the born Africans in America and in the Caribbean that has moved to Africa for quite some times because we met quite a few of them they have business there going they have all these different things and there is lots of investment there that can be done such as things like solar people are that's that's the next thing for the future is clean energy and when you think about a place like Ghana you only have to season the wet season and the dry season you always have sunshine so invest so here's my question because now I'm a plate that was that right most of our people haven't been taught to balance their checkbook properly so the few of us who may know about investing in one or two things we don't want to invest in our next door neighbor and our blood brothers they live down the street from us why would I go invest in someplace all the way over there I never been out of no time people don't people don't want me I'm not from there one give my money over there for well you see that's my education community and as I said that's why I said you know when we started for instant road to restoration as I said the first thing we have to do we have to restore the African line we have to restore the African mind we have to get our people to start reading the his three of Africa we have to start teaching them the history of Africa we are the ones that also have the teacher of people survival skills because as all Africans you supposed to know how to survive most of us here that born in America because like I tell people I'm an African that was born in Jamaica I am claiming my rite of passage and that's why I tell people every Indian listen if they tell you they are anything else but an Indian they claim the rite of passage Chinese the same thing they claim the rite of passage everybody claims a right of passage except us once you start to because you if you don't claim your ancestors they're never gonna claim you it's what I'm saying because that's why we are so disenfranchised because the fact is that we are disowned in our ancestors when you sometime talk to even a lot of Jamaican a lot of we call ourselves Americans are black Americans we call ourself that but that's not what we are and so first thing we would say I'm not African I don't want to do nothing I don't want to have nothing to do with Africa I don't know but how can a tree stripe without its roots if the tree does not have any roots how can it strive you take up a tree cut the roots off what have you done to that tree it's dry wood we have been separated from our roots and until we accept the rule then how can we be a tree that is your foundation is like you take this house off its foundation and you put it out there without the foundation and you expect the house to survive when a hurricane or in the storm it's not going to happen so that's why I said the African mind need to be restored until we restore our people that's what I said no matter how much you give to African people if today you should give them reparation as you said rightly so if you don't know how to balance your checkbook what are you gonna do with that money go out and buy Jordans welcome by Gucci go out and buy Louis Vuitton I whichever one you want to call it are the most expensive Nike and the most expensive car next thing you know you give back all the money to the system so that's why I said the African mine need to be restored until we restore our mind and see ourselves as a true free people because it free your mind you will free yourself that's why I said self-love is rebellion because when you love yourself you are going to repel against a system that is oppressing and keeping you down so when now you open up your mind and start to reason away from the system and start to say you know something because eat most of us all our lives something is said well something isn't right here but we don't want to check it out we don't want to check it out we don't want to look into it we find every nice to keep us keep us away from from just being in some silence sometime just to sit and reason exactly exactly what being labeled exactly exactly like what I know that's my point you see it's innate you will sometimes see a person and they are being questioned about certain things and you could see it on their face that they want to say but they just choke but you know like I tell them you know I says most white people even though they will watch the videos that I do and they will see me and know me they're not gonna approach me they're not gonna say anything to me because they know that I know who they are I know their history and I know what they have done and so they can come to me with any argument that I cannot refute there is no argument because I can tell any one of them I don't care what position they old come and sit at the table with me and at the end of the day I'm gonna show you that this is who you are and you can't refute it it's what I'm saying it's like the ones that say today I have nothing to do with slavery yes but the money that you borrow to buy your land the money that you borrow to buy your house the money that you use to start your business it's all enslaved money so tell me how you're not involved in slavery and not just the money the systems that are in place and how the systems are put in place may get favorable for you to purchase come exactly at four percent into exactly the purchase Mattox percent exactly our ten percent is that right when I go down to the car dealership I get a different price from you okay because it's fixed in place to suit you so what I'm saying is that that is what we need to realize now say look we have we have give this place free investment free money and everything else now if we don't look at it and say you know what yeah I really need to start thinking about the motherland what's going on there you have the richest continent in the entire world that's why if a person look at you until you say Africans are bad deep I don't give their religious are not why would the Creator take the worst set of people because that's what everybody label us at and give them the richest continent in the world if you are the worst why would you be placed in the best exactly good question you see and that's the thing that I say to people think because they have you in a state where you're not thinking and that's where they'd love to have you once you start thinking for yourself okay just like the other day when I heard the Iranian president this woman was interviewing him and this other guy and she was making some so accident some question and making it like okay he said let me ask you question he says okay so you guys want to make it like okay you want to determine something to do with like about what what was the exact word I don't want to misquote what he says but he's like they want to determine that everybody else should live a certain way but he says basically if you neither make it a boss so if if you eat right so if you're telling me about all these things that is going on in Africa are you saying that they're not happening in Europe me are you saying that they're not happen in there mmm so you basically that's what I said these African leaders need to put themselves in a position that they can start saying to they can start saying to the arm can I have a little bit of that don't think they're solvents to the arm to these American we will have no trade deals with you until you stop utilizing our sons and our daughters you see yeah that's what you have to do you have to put yourself in the driver's seat and for me at our people as long as I'm here I'm going to speak you don't have to like me I don't care it's what I'm saying I love myself and that's all that counts you know we have the mentality and as I said any day we can look in that mirror and say to ourselves this is who I am this is who was created for my mother and this is I'm happy to be I don't want to be nothing else or anyone else you see that's the place that we have to reach because if we don't reach that place then we don't always have issues so you know it's the it's the reality and we have to deal with it but as I said most of us don't want to be with the true reality of things because the fact is that yeah we are living a life that's are alive that's everything is that the point that's the point and then that's the point if you realize that everything you've lived is alive or must most of it what's the truth here we go and that's a whole – the hard part right here 60 70 80 years old why do you want to look for the truth you see you have to have a crutch you feel that you have to have a crutch to hold on to you don't have any lemon right yeah yeah but that's the point my sister you just made a very great point right there we don't want to admit that we have been living a life that was hard for me I think that in 20 in 2010 1 2010 some grown-up down with my grades my grades had me down like weed great great energy back great I think I was 13 different medicines Wow and I thought leaving the bed I kept saying I'm doing you know what is it that I did wrong I don't understand because this is not you know what I'm supposed to do why am I here and I kept hearing you have everything you need finally one day I got up and I said at my kitchen table with the laptop yeah and I started with my medicines yeah I started researching all the different medicines looking for the country manual that there's side effects that all of that stuff and before I knew it I was down into the actual research that was being done by doctors and scientists around the world while conditions and I'm reading the actual bodies and it hit me before you know it my thing is this is all the line yep this is a plan it's a plan that they're intentionally hurting destroying people and I don't know at that point I don't know what the endgame was right but I knew this is Wow and I'm just sitting here like gosh what do I do with this information what do I do with this and that this is it was a major major thorn in my side Israel yes and over time I finally began to start to speak yes you know share it little by little and you know again so I've realized that I'm living a lie and I start to tell people and what happens this one doesn't want to talk to you and you're crazy that yes and you're a government that we says your conspiracy theories you don't and then and and and there's one change in my dad not only like that I don't want to eat that you all I want that I don't want that no it's something no it's not okay look at the label look look yeah yeah yeah just really so yeah yeah you don't want to give up your lie it's easy to see with the luck yes just pretend everything's okay yes definitely because how much can you do to make it justice anyway even though once you acknowledge that it's a lie and you find the truth how many more people are willing to own up to the fact that it's a lie they were willing to take on the truth and change the lifestyle of mine and possibly change the trajectory of what all exactly exactly most are not willing and that's the sad part most you know it's easier to to follow what does they follow every everybody into here Vincent did stumbling Clinton when you stumble into I was it you followed the crowd or something yeah out of being a leader whatever the thing is you know the thing is you are absolutely right but I'll tell you the funny thing is that all of us as I said when we came on this plane we came fully capable of leading ourself okay we just allow the system to dump us down to leave otherwise because it's all a belief system if you don't believe in it it can't work you see what I'm saying this but the belief make it work this what I'm saying that's why when I open I Tel Aviv I don't believe in Jesus so Jesus don't work for me the reality is that now I get up and I know every day I have to go out and produce okay but I tell people I said look here to my the time that I used to be in religion when I I could say that I've read the Bible and I've studied the Bible and during this time I said stepping away from all of that coming into true knowledge and looking at the Bible through a whole different eye and in this Bible where Jesus says anything you acts in my name you shall receive so how is it that I gotta go out and work when you said anything he didn't say anything I work for but anything you acts you will receive so I shouldn't be working then I should just be action and I'm receiving because you say I'm your son on my disciple of yours so why is it right so why is it that I still have to go out and work if I want a house I don't just call on the name of Jesus and say I want a house and people said Jesus gave on my house when did he give you your house when did he give you when did he assist you to get your house he never put anything there the reality is that if if you just stop and think the minister in the church are the person that is running the church are the persons that are running this organization the fact is that you are the ones that are taking care of them you are the ones that are giving them the big house not Jesus not any God in the sky but you are the ones that are given them all of these things to make them live the life that you are continuing to perpetuate and it actually causing your own suffering to turn on our food to eat this is what I'm saying so you help in really the system to continue on the path money and something happens list if you driving down the street and you by chance have a flat tire or something oh she does God paying you back because you didn't pay your time you know I have people right now that you know when I was going through what I was going through I know a lot of them is saying yeah God is teaching him a lesson because I Jesus is teaching him a lesson because he's saying he don't believe in Jesus you know Jesus is trying to bring him back to you know as an and I laugh because you know the funny thing is like one of my cousin said to me he says he says you know they call me kids when I was you know most of my family call me that he says guys he said I don't know nobody that know the Bible like you okay and how can you know what you know with the Bible and now you're telling me that you don't want to have nothing to do with the Bible so I ask myself in the Aqsa question when I was growing up what did I have to compare to the Bible see you had no comparison and that's why I tell people even in Jamaica a lot of rest affair and I'm not telling you that they are not intelligent but intelligent in does not make you smart because you leave religion how you grew up in religion you leave it and you became a Rastafarians but you took the principle of Christianity with you because you're still quoting from the Bible you're still talking about your 12 tribe or whatever tribe are this amount of tribe are this is you're still believing in the Bible and if I come to tell one of them now so look here this is where your Bible come from okay it's not an African book many people keep saying that especially these eboo Israelites yes there's things that relate to you and I in there but it's not an African book because it's not it's a book to trick and control you there's codes in the Bible that you need to see and you need to know how to break them look here look here when when these people get together to put this book together and I can tell people every Church I don't care if you Muslim seventh-day Adventists Jehovah's Witness will call it whatever your all underneath the Catholic Church you're all underneath that and all these people your ire are key they go to to meet with the Pope under the cover of darkness or whatever when you are not there you are not seeing okay and you'd think that you know but as I said let me ask you tell me which President of the United States has ever become president without going to visit wrong okay so you have to realize how the sister one and all of these things that we are not realizing we are African people and it's the Roman Catholic Church that institutionalized slavery this the enslavement of African people was came right down to the Roman Catholic Church well it started with a Muslim about fifteen hundred years ago okay they start moving you know taking people out of Africa so lay in slavery slavery as begin as has actually been happening over fifteen hundred years it's not just yesterday that it's been happening but the realization is that we as a people need to come to the point that we have to stop it nobody is going to stop it for us nobody's going to change it for us we can't look to nobody else it's what I'm saying so when you get up every day now you have to decide within yourself Who am I what am i are my a follower am i a leader and Who am I following because if you follow in somebody else wherever they lead you that's where you're gonna end up if you get up I guess a lot of times you get up and thinking like okay this is what I'm gonna do today okay because you are leader you you you scope out things already even if you have a business if you have a job you scope out things and you say this is what I'm gonna accomplish today you might not get the whole thing done but you know I met a brother he's from here was born here move and living isn't living in Africa for like 25 years now and his name is Nicky O'Shea and Nicky O'Shea said to me he said look here my brother I'm gonna tell you something he says every job that I've ever done in America he said the white man he showed me the job but I'm the one who teach them how to do it no sirree that's that's what I'm saying if you as an African think just think when you earn a job you are the one you decide how that company run but you don't know that you the one that they depend on to train because they don't know okay nothing the plan you have the plan look here I seen it all the time let me tell you this I work in the pool industry for 19 years okay and all these owner of a pool company okay they tell you their bill pool but they don't before they hire you to dig the pool they hire you to be the guy will steal the pool they hire you to shoot the gunite in the pool they hire me to come and do all the finish work on the pool okay build the waterfalls and do this and they have a plumber that comes in so they most of them if you just turn and say okay go get take out the machinery and we'll build you see the white man is always walking around with a clipboard and a pen okay because all these doing is stealing your knowledge stealing your knowledge all the time yeah because we kill the entire what we don't realize is African we build this entire world we build it you go to European cities massive building from back in the days Hoobler African people black people build them even the slave dungeons in Africa who do you think be limiting the European mainland they were built by your own hands and there is where your ancestors hand up in the belly of this place that's the reality that we need to see that these people didn't build anything they use the African knowledge every step of the way against you and the whole world come and use the same knowledge against you that's what I said they have no culture none of these people have culture they don't that's why I said I'll tell you and as I've said many times and I've seen it and it's been and I can prove the white man is not a natural man he's not and the reality to prove to you that he's not show you I will get two babies one white and one black and I will play music and see which baby's going to dance without you taking at the school let me tell you something none that don't know you no no but but every time I and I've seen these are things that are weakness I've seen little black babies just two years old three years old us dancing like they're no tomorrow and I hear the white the white mother was said to say today that a black lady what what school did you you you take this taken to learn how cheat they learn to dance like that that's what I'm saying I said school what school because we are people of nature look in the trees when the breeze blow what does the tree does they dance they move according to the natural rhythm of life anyone that cannot move to the natural rhythm of life is not a natural person okay there's no modern artists garden here is what they're looking for Oscar this was natural life nature or is God there's no good when they create that today right but that's what I'm saying they create that into a systemic Kingdom for them to control you so what I'm saying is no because we are people of nature we are innate when it comes to nature we know how to live with nature we never tried to destroy nature what I'm saying is again as I was telling this brother one time I said if you look at how these people operate they go to fish they wanna kill everything they go and they aren't down animal for sports black people are Africans you don't hunt for sport if you hunt is to feed your family anything you do even when we plant we try to work with nature whatever these people do if you look now as I said ninety-eight percent of food in the supermarket is genetically modified food if you are a natural person why would you do that why would you do that it has no bed the food has no benefit to me and you it really doesn't and if you look within the past 25 to 30 years us as a people we get sicker and weaker from eating this food that they created which is not a natural food so you're going to get more cancer you're going to go to all of these stages and your body is going to break down because you are not intimate natural things of nature if you remember when we were younger all sitting here and we were eating natural food instead of all this this garbage that they feeding you with now you are strong why do we say out the holder people there they're 90 years old a hundred years old and you look at them and you think you see them you see the the strength in our elders because you see they wasn't putting all this fertilizer and all this chemical and changing the whole concept of food drinking out this soldier and all these different things that these people are created in lab you see what I'm saying you see exactly they're making as natural food as possible so the sick the sickness not is coming is not coming up on you but what I'm saying is the more we eat food the seedless grape seedless watermelon and all these are the things that you're not reading a label we're gonna have all these diseases and who if you think from the days of enslavement and carrying disease in Africa and and who carry diseases in all these indigenous place and kill off all the indigenous people the same European people okay Lee's aside that's what they have done that's the history I am mind um no but no but that's not any I am my doctor your own exactly more so than anybody else you know when I when I was in the hospital the other day no meaning did this one there likes me um hey you know they're coming the room you know they think that you know they come and they see a black guy you know and it is a roster failure and you know you don't know nothing and I start talking to them and say listen this is my health this is my body I determine what go inside here and what don't okay and so you might have a way to say okay you need this I said no I don't need that that's what you want to give me okay so a lot of times people will tell you what they think is best for you know you don't know what is best for me you don't know really oh I'm feeling unless I tell you this is what I'm saying so when you can tell me how I'm feeling I said yeah that's exactly oh I'm feeling then you can talk this one I'm saying but the reality is again I said we are spiritual people because you are a spirit dwelling in flesh exactly my point because why because he's not just looking at the physical he's dealing with mind body and spirit that's why he can tell you because the thing is again you're dealing with nature and he's from nature and he's dealing with everything of nature that's why he can go out there and he can tell you I go and I talked to the herbs and they said that I shouldn't you should use this that on the other he literally talked to them because people will tell you you can't talk to a tree I've talked to trees I had trees that is not barren and I tell the tree I said listen if you don't start there and I'm gonna cut you down and guess what happened the next season it is full with fruits what I'm saying is my brother talked to nature and it would listen because you are from nature and when we learn these things and learn to apply ourselves go back to the natural state then guess what what can they do to you why do you think we keep coming back even though they try to wipe us off they try to genocide us you cannot side nature because he's gonna come back and it's gonna destroy you that's what nature is nature is God because what I supposed to go through our church to God you gotta create you who will hurt he's he's everywhere and in everything so that's never said there is no no money no God didn't disturb that church school to learn to teach you about God no but really actually when you think about it yeah you know only back in those days they have special priests that go to serve the school like in Africa and back in Kimon and sometimes you have to spend fifty years in a school so if there was spending fifty years to become a particular kind of priests how long did you think they live this is what I'm saying is Africans was living to be two three hundred years old without any issue or any problem that's what I'm saying is because we live with nature and as long as you live with nature and that's what I said when you listen to your higher self and you follow you I yourself how can you go wrong you can never go wrong that's what we haven't been paying attention to but anytime we get to that place where we just any time that first answer that always come to you if you decide you're getting up and walking through the door and it said to you do not leave stay stay and if like I said if you sit down to do a exam and and you ready know this stuff you know it within your higher self you know all the answers and so anytime you sit there and you can and and it says your spirit is telling you you just cross and see what happen you get 100% you thinking how did I do that your higher self already know all the answers you lower service to self doubt it's what I'm saying it's the snake all at the second-guessing so when you in the state of mind where you're dealing with your higher-self you realize none of those are think that is trying to come in it's important so you block them out it's what I'm saying so this is space and time that you have to it you have to reach but you have to declutter your mind in order to get that particular species of time because if you don't declutter if you don't remove all the garbage that was placed there that is blocking you up that you can't think you came for yourself the pineal glands need to be cleaned you need to be be calcified because of all of the crap that they have been using the to pace and all these different things that they are giving you to use to calcify you by native lands and one of the thing that you know to say that if you want to clear your pine needle and start getting some natural chocolate not this garbage that they sell it get some natural chocolate get it in this natural of former state as possible and you feed on that and see how clear you become in your thinking you become so sharp in it because if the if the real high cannot define what the picture is that is being taken because like I said we make a mistake and we said these are eyes these are not eyes a lot of time you see a artists draw something with one hi is telling you something right in the middle here they are telling you something that's why you see these cartoon characters and you always see them with one hi and you not paying attention you see it but it's telling you what is really important you have one eye you have two limbs and all these lens do is take pictures and the real high define in everything because that realize processing things and looking at things I'm telling you this is what it is this is what it's not that's the real thing this one I'm saying that's why as African people we are so creative because we have work in pioneer 11 you have a direct connection with nature they don't because they come to a process of splicing are genetically modifying that's how all these other people come here they didn't come here to the natural process that you and I came here our ancestors they didn't came through that process that's why they tell you the Garden of Eden go back and read it and think about it why would the Creator then you talk about create create this man not a woman he created this man and then he have to go because he shot the parts and have to go put the man to sleep to take out something out of him to make a woman okay the man right so if you look at nature nature doesn't teach that because nature show you everything in pairs nature shows you everything impaired everything came together the female is in everything and the female play the most important role in most things in nature it's what I'm saying is so it that's what we have to go back to us African people to realize that that's how it work nature is our teacher not not European cockers I know but no you don't have to close it now and everything will die it's what I'm saying women if you look at this I'm saying it in nature it's innate you look at the dog it has some pups who take care of them the father is the father there you see what I'm saying is if you look again in altering the birds some birds more than will feed the young but if most of the mother is job to take care of that young to grow it to that point that it can take care of itself what does that tell you how important the role does your female play why do you think white supremacy break the black female again to come back to the circle to control the black men because if he can't control her he can control you but that's what we are not seeing because we follow and fall into the traps that they continue to set for us because we are not critical thinkers we are not people who are stopping and we get caught up with every human schism that they come with to keep us in this in the cycle to be like kind to the woman like the one tomorrow give them one stings because the one is like the one they try to in like in America here they try to do everything for the woman even everything they will try to provide a wheel where she can above skelos yes they will try to give our food everything right big man oh that's the point that's what I'm saying to you because they want made they want that mother to break that boat especially that boy and also to keep the daughter in line if you are dear as a father no you gonna say no no no my son ain't gonna be raised like this my son gotta be a man he's gonna be a warrior this is what I'm saying is but they don't want that so that's what I'm saying is so we have to become critical thinkers as men again as black man we have to sit down and we have to figure out why we are in this continuing cycle and it's only you can break the cycle because you have to catch up on what they are doing to you and decide no this ain't gonna continue I'm gonna change it dynamic exactly exactly no matter what even if and four years for generations already we black women and black men have been at each other's throats yes it comes a time when we have to call a truce you have to say I'm sorry exactly I didn't talk to you I wait I fell for the trick of the powers that be and I'll do right now and I humiliated you and I miss yes and everything that I could have done to hurt you because this is what they put in my mind do you forgive me very well then the same thing the guys have to say yes to the women yes you know what we left you we're just honored you yeah we made you all kinds of bitches and whores we put you in tongues and all this stuff when we parade you on TV and we throw money at you and we degrade you then we make you less than than a dog yep I'm sorry yeah and no longer will I accept that no longer will I watch it no longer will I put money in it I'm gonna do it we'll do it etc guys gotta stand up exactly because if you don't do it god yeah yeah guys if you don't do it they're not gonna respect to theta except when do you stand up and make them respect your women really not gonna let you disrespect their women all right exactly that's that's the point that's what I'm saying so we gotta stand up for that principle that's why I don't believe in laws because law is the subjugate man I believe in principle the principle of nature never changes you cannot change the principles of nature okay they are put there and there is always there that's why when you're a principled person you need to change what do you need to change about yourself because if I tell you I'm going to do this tomorrow I'm going to do it because I'm a person of principle none of law law is to subjugate and to control you see so I'm not into that like I said I'm from nature so I'm going to do it Nature's Way you know but anyway guys each other but that's what I'm saying all right you know as I was remember the last time we all gathered here afterward to restoration we always here we sat down we had this conversation right and what were saying how long have we known each other but yet we could come together and we could have these in-depth conversation that nobody wanted to leave everybody was comfortable everybody was it's like you know this is what the powers-that-be do not want for us as black people to cable to come together and converse and figure out how we should put our horn priorities together and build back our ordination and build up and strengthen our own people but they they don't have the means to stop it as I said they the Information Age came about and they thought that it was going to work only to be a benefit but you see the ancestors is always making sure things is turning and the universe is always turning so the reality is do you think that the scale unbalance is going to stand balance forever you're wrong you can see so that's the reality and that's what we have to realize that we as a people yes we might sit here in a small group with five or four of us but how much small groups are sitting in around tables at this point and doing what we are doing so what is that same to you is a coming together it's a call enough for people we just have to realize that and we have to do what it takes because just these little things here what is it doing for us it's building trust we know who we can trust for me we can trust after a while because you start to weed out you start to really see in people and you got you got to see the people who really have skin in the game and the people who have skin in the game they will stand up if you know like I tell people for instance doing road to restoration what are you there for what purpose are you here to serve are you just come into the meetings to sit there are you coming because you want to play a role you come in because you want to volunteer to go and help your brothers and sisters to go and build a garden where you all can feed yourself from these are things that we have to commit to that mean is skin in the game so showing you will Ness to do and as I said if we just think about putting an hour away from that thing called television are two hours and go work in the garden tell me how much better you feel tomorrow are tonight even before you go to bed you feel fulfilled because it's nice when I don't know about anyone else but when I put something in the ground and I watch it grow I think one of the greatest feeling that I've ever had is watching that seed coming out of the ground and to eat and you know what I'm saying you know you just imagine when you you know like I remember I have a few mango trees at my house okay I remember when I plant those mangoes I had them I mean Lance can tell you the size of these mango trees right now but I remember when I had I put them in pots when I start catching these mango trees are huge now and they beer a lot well my point is that you know to see these things come from where they come here right like I plant these banana trees in my backyard and you know a few months ago I had a nice bunch of banana in my backyard you know to watch these things manifest themselves you know I got a little banana sucker I probably was about that tall one of them and I think man this thing is fighting to go now this thing is like way up here and ready to you know put out bananas again you know but it just to see that manifests itself this is what we need to teach our children if we were teaching our children these things and let them realize how important nature is and how important it is to plant things and grow things we would be a different people already but I'm saying it's not too late instead of yes you will you will find the right people yeah and that is way up here you know I haven't said I mean I give them I know I give thanks because as I said you know for me it's a very humbling experience you know when your ancestors can use you to help to to bring your people into the light it's a privilege an honor for me to do that so you know every day I wake up my payment is to see our people come to this kind of reasoning to come to this kind of things where we are thinking for ourselves we want to do for self because we have the ability if we take other for our skills animal resources the old world believe it or not will disappear the rest of the world will disappear if we take if we just take our own outlook we know all our creativity because nature's taught us how to build everything just like the birds build their nests we were taught by the best so we can get up and build anything we want and people are always relying upon us as African people to be building okay because as I said even till today none of them can say how the pyramids were built but I tell them all the time I said we didn't touch a stone we did not touch a stone we did not put a finger on the stone that's how powerful we are and we don't know we have no idea how much power we have within us that's why these people they hate us they despise us they get everyone else to hate and despise us because the fact is that they can never be us no matter what they do they can never bu and when one knows that they can never be you they're gonna do everything to destroy you and that's why you need to know something is terribly wrong with the system because that ever turn they're trying to destroy you if look at them also what are they trying to do with nature isn't they trying to destroy nature isn't they trying to pull every resource out of the ground ask yourself why why would you do that why would you do that do you know that after a while you know if you allow nature most things that is in the earth will manifest themselves to come to you instead of for you after go and disrupt the herd to get it out there this one I'm saying is so the thing is that you just have to learn if we weren't born in a world where these people are trying to remove all the natural element why are you pulling them out to the hurt and storing them someplace what is that telling you they're trying to destroy you they're trying to destroy nature so what I'm saying is that's they take in the eros in some way they gonna yeah exactly so that's what we have to do keep the connection yes yes absolutely so my dear brothers and sisters much love much much love much respect and all of that put together you know my brother yes indeed you know so they said well you know but you know other things make sure to check out the boldest blog at Lantz curve calm and follow storm on Twitter Facebook and YouTube under Matt's curve [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


  • MIGHTY WISDOM that's priceless from Brother Kwaku ! ! My Bronze Skinned Folks, we're AS PRICELESS AS GOLD that has been put through the fire, and we don't even realize it. OMG, wow ! ! There's definitely a HIGHER POWER that's speaking and revealing itself through this brother, because he drops nothing but DIVINE KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, & THOUGHTS.

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    The BLACK WOMBMAN is God's gift to man and the creator of the origins of life!👩🏿‍🦱

  • Women R the first teachers! A nation rises as high as its Women and Great Women is more valuable then Gold! I love the commentary🤗❤️

  • Its so worth researching African history and the Spiritual System in Africa before the interruption of colonialism and imperialism. That's what I seek to understand better and practice incorporating it into my everyday lifestyle. Not the garb, but the indigenous spiritual practices

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  • The book is about the Identity of The FEMALE Genesis 1:1, 1:11, and 1:27 who is NOT the wo-man the book Clearly States that "She" shall be called wo-man WHY Because "She" came out of "man" What Man? Genesis 1:25, 2:7, and 3:1 who are the same Beast/man of the Earth, Tiller/man of the ground and Beast of the "Field" Genesis 2:4 to REVELATION. A-dam had the First Recorded Transitional Surgery and nobody NOTICED, what did Adam's Surgery produce? Eve-L, Help-meet, Help-meet Who? Thee Son(S) Of/Related By Blood God? Who by the way went in to NAKED/Un-Clothed Adam's daughters and gave "Them" Coats/Clothing Of SKIN.

  • The Bible/Babel is NOT a Book of Religion although the way "We" read and NOT Comprehend it can make "Us" Re-legion ourselves to the Enemy/Beast-man.

    The Old Testament/Creation ONLY goes from Genes-is 1 Through 2:3. Then You Get a New Testament/Creation at Genesis 2:4 Not ONLY a New Testament But A New god (LORD God?).

    Like the Social Security Card has two numbers but "They" Never tell you how to Benefit from the second so is the Bible/Babel. We have been taught to Read it through the New Testament.

    The Title of this Video "The Woman Is The Most Important Person In Society" Well The Bible/Babel "Say" the Same, But Since We Be-Lie-Eve that We Are Englishmen/Women We Trust the LANGUAGE, But the Bible Says ALL Language has been CONFOUNDED 🙂

    Let's take The First and Last WORD of this Book according to the the Roget's International Thesaurus 6th Edition: DEFINITIONS For IN and Amen 🙂

    IN: Welcome, First, First Ever, Soul, Virgin, Maiden (A-dam?), Engender, Baptize, Inner or Interior Man, Wear the Crown (WOMB?), Cogent, Legal or Lawful or Rightful Authority etc. (Lilith?)

    Amen: Welcome, Come Forth, Happen As Expected, Join or Identify Oneself with, True to the Spirit, True to Life, True to Life, Legal, Lawful, Law, Real, Is Real, Binding, Unfalse, Cogent, Create, A Self-Evident Truth, etc. 🙂

    i.e.1:11 Thee Fruit Tree Whose Seed/Son(S) Was IN, It Self i.e. Bone Of My Bone Flesh Of My Flesh, I Female (Wo-man?) Create Thee Male Child 1:27 aka. Jesus, IN My Own IMAGE.

  • All Hebrews are not African we were scattered brother simple as that! Hebrews come from isreal we were ran out by the edomite's sword and we fled into Africa but they turned us over !

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