The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions in 90 seconds

Enough. I’m fed up of hearing the problems of climate change. I want to hear about the solutions. Because these solutions… They really exist! They create jobs, make profit, boost clean economic growth. They would make sense even without climate change. They are not only ecological, they are just logical. With Solar Impulse, we have built an airplane powered only by the sun. Now we have to make what was possible in the air, possible on the ground. 1000 profitable solutions to protect the environment. 1000 solutions to help decision makers achieve much more ambitious energy targets and policies. You are working on clean and innovative products and technologies. You are looking for investment opportunities. You are seeking solutions that are ready to be implemented. You can become a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. And together, let’s improve our quality of life on Earth. Crazy idea you think? Maybe, but we’ve done crazy before.

12 thoughts on “The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions in 90 seconds

  • Proud to be a member and be part of the global solution. Our water saving system will help with the global water crisis.

  • Bonjour, merci pour vos vidéos. Pourquoi ne voit-on jamais des images de la planète en haut dans vos vidéos? Les seules images que vous nous montrez sont de nuit ou seulement des nuages. C'est dommage et incompréhensible. Il se trouve à l'heure actuelle, nous avons tous les moyens de filmer, photographier, et partager sur un simple clic …. Vous ne voulez pas partager avec nous? Après on s'étonne que certaines personnes commencent à se poser des questions ….. Je ne suis pas "complotiste" juste curieuse.

  • heh solar aint got shit on zero point devices / torroidial field magnet motors and stuff. release them oh global goverments i mplore you ! do it 4 yourself lets stop al this fighting its no longer nessary !

  • Solar to electricity conversion applications were great concepts years ago, now it is a reality with an airplane being powered by solar / remote areas being powered by solar.
    Next step is to scale it beyond imagination and make planet earth sustainable. I am very happy with the formation of world alliance which is a great move to create scalable advancements. I want to Contribute. Looking forward to such opportunities.

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